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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on PC
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Frank arrives at a picnic with Courtney. She lured him outside saying they need to find a video game of Neil's. He told her until she told Joe about Neil's parentage, he's not interested and starts to leave. She grabs his keys and drops them down her shirt. Courtney sweet talks and Frank reluctantly stays. He repeats his demand about either telling Joe, or giving him his keys. She throws his keys in the pond. (Okay, when was Neil well enough to be at a pond in the cold, to leave his video game there?) Later, a wet to the knees Frank says he couldn't find the keys - Courtney apologizes, she says she meant to throw them in the bushes, but her aim is bad. He picks her up to throw her in the water, but she reminds him of the baby. He says he'll wait until the bay is born - then she's going in. He told her no more romance, and she turns her back and pretends to cry. She says she just wanted them to spend some time together. He says the problem between them cannot be solved by a picnic. He says he'll walk home and starts off. Courtney suddenly falls like she hurts her ankle. He returned and asks where it hurts, feeling her ankle - she keeps telling him to go higher, until he figures out she isn't hurt. She told him that it's obvious he can't help caring about her.

Scott shines his flashlight on DV's prone body and takes his pulse. He goes outside. Lucy runs up and Scott told her that someone was shooting at him. Lucy, then Kevin and Eve arrive, telling Scott they thought he called them there. He denies calling anyone. Kevin thinks it sounds like something DV would do and Scott told them that DV is inside with a bullet in him. Eve sends Lucy to get her medical bag and went in to check on DV. Scott calls for an ambulance - the sirens sound almost immediately. Taggart runs in with gun drawn. He told Eve to stay with DV and orders Lucy and Scott outside. He asks what happened - Scott told him that he found DV that way. Joe arrives with the paramedics and went in. Scott and Lucy tell Taggart why they are there. He wonders why they didn't call the cops and told the quartet (Eve and Kevin came out with the paramedics carrying DV) they need to come down to headquarters.

At the hospital, DV is wheeled in to see the neurologist, Dr. Jones. Karen wonders if Scott might have done something. Joe doesn't think he would. Karen notes that it's ironic that she may have to save the life of the man who tried to destroy her family.

At the police station, Taggart confiscates Scott's gun - noting that Scott has a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Scott points out that his gun has been shot and there will be powder burns on his hand. He also points out that if he had shot DV that DV would be dead, and Scott wouldn't have hung around and called for help. Kevin agrees with that. Taggart told him that if he shot DV in self-defense, now would be a good time to admit it. They tell Taggart that DV had a lot of enemies. Taggart takes Scott's gun and heads for forensics. The trio try to reassure Scott that he'll be cleared, but he thinks he has something to worry about. While Scott tries something on the chalkboard for Eve, Kevin and Lucy talk. They're glad to have things cleared up between them and Kevin says he'll miss Christina. Kevin returns to Eve and Scott went to Lucy (I think they were playing tic-tac-toe.) Eve tells Kevin about visiting her soms grave and he hugs her. Lucy told Scott about DV calling and saying he knew Christina's mother. Scott tries to downplay it and told her to keep the call to herself since it could be seen as a motive for murder. Taggart returns and told them that DV is awake - he's going to the hospital to see what's up.

Back at the hospital, Joe told DV he was shot in the head. DV doesn't want Joe or Karen as his doctor. Karen told him she has good news - her grand- father is just fine. She vaguely threatens him and asks who shot him. Taggart arrives and ushers them out. They reluctantly leave. DV told Taggart that he's not going to make it through the night but he needs to tell Taggart who shot him. Later, out in the hall, Karen wonders to Joe what it meant that that Taggart left without saying anything. She wants to know what DV said, Joe is trying to calm her. A nurse rushes out - DV has lost consciousness! Joe and Karen rush in - DV is unresponsive. Karen worries he lied to Taggart and now will die before telling the truth.

Back at the Police station, Lucy mentions a cut that Scott has - he says he snagged it on a nail. Lucy and Scott and Kevin and Eve talking about going home. Taggart comes in - DV said Scott shot him. Over all their protests, appeals to common sense, and talk about what a liar DV is, Taggart arrests Scott because of DV's deathbed confession.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

At the police station, Lee has just bailed Scott out. Taggert says he thinks Scott's guilty; Scott told him he's glad he's not the judge! Scott wonders to Lee how, after telling the cops all these months and them doing nothing, he's guilty. Lee says they'll prove he didn't kill DV. He suggests Scott not annoy too many people in the police station. Lucy comes over and asks if Lee is okay. He is and they talk about the charges and how to beat them. It's gonna be tough. Scott could spend a lot of time in jail. Scott says at least he'll be spending Thanksgiving (T-Day) with his family. They leave.

At the hospital, Karen approaches Gayle and asks about Scott; she's very worried. Gayle told her Lee bailed him out this morning. Karen says Scott's not a killer! It was all DV! Gayle says Lee will prove that to a jury. Chris excuses himself into their conversation to ask how Lee is doing. Gayle thanks him for asking but says she's surprised he even cares and leaves. Chris comments to Karen that it's a tough crowd. She responds that Chris being nice means Chris wants something. He says not always altho he did want to ask her a favor. What makes him think that she'll do anything for him. He told her it's for Julie, her friend. He tells her he tried to do something nice for Julie and it was misinterpreted and now he can't see her. And how does this concern Karen? Julie is her friend. He asks if she will give Julie a message for him. She is amazed and repeats that he wants *her* to be a messenger for them? He asks if she'll do it, please, for Julie? Karen asks what he did and he told her he bribed a guard to let him ride along with Julie to the hearing. She says that's dumb but he told her he just wanted to boost Julie's confidence; they really do love each other. If Karen won't help him, then help Julie, her friend. She says Julie *was* her friend. Chris say Julie still cares about her and talks about her all the time. (Did we miss that?) Karen says she has been thinking a lot about her.

At the Firehouse, the whole family is getting ready for T-day. Charlene says she's going home but Lucy convinces her to stay a while longer. They reminisce about when Lucy was young and all they had were processed turkey sandwiches. With Charlene staying, Lucy's world is perfect and the whole family has a lo to be thankful for. Lucy hasn't had many of those perfect minutes. (Updater's comment - why do I feel like it's about to crash?)

At the hospital, Chris and Matt (with a bad cough) are doing paper work. Their conversation turns to Chris' concern that Matt is working too hard and to the detriment of his patients. Matt is defensive especially when Chris brought up a near-fatal mistake Matt almost made. Matt told Chris to go chill out with his psycho wife who has killed more people than any over-worked doctor ever has. Chris told Matt that if he were doing what Matt is, he'd expect Matt to tell him about it. He says their patients expect the best. Joe interrupts their argument and reminds them of where they are. Matt says to tell it to Chris; he's got rounds. Chris told Joe Matt's behavior is dangerous and Joe disagrees. Joe told him to let it go, find something else to do and move on.

Karen is at Ferncliff to see Julie who is surprised and pleased. Karen asks if Julie killed all those people. Julie says she is glad Karen had the courage to ask. She says no. Then why did she confess? Greg Cooper brainwashed her and made her believe she had done it. Karen says a lot of people who cared about Julie were hurt and confused and some are dead now. Julie brought up the night they took Jake to the Recovery Room. It's a pleasant memory. Julie says she thinks about all the friends she lost, including Karen. Karen told her part of her is praying Julie is telling the truth and half is wondering if it's all a game. Julie says that's fair. They chat a while longer and part on a good note. Karen remembers Chris' message and told Julie to listen to a certain radio show that night.

Back at the Firehouse the holiday preparation continues and it's a happy family scene; Scott has Christina in the kitchen making an apple/pumpkin pie even! Serena asks Scott if he's going away again and says she wishes he didn't have to keep doing it. He explains and reassures her as best he can.

At the hospital, Matt sees a woman at the elevator and thinks it's Ellen, He's wrong. Joe and Chris see this and Chris asks if Joe still believes Matt has moved on. Chris leaves an Matt and Joe start to talk. Joe asks if he's okay and Matt asks if he's been talking to Chris. Joe says no but he's looking at Matt and he looks maxed out. Matt says he knows his own limits and stalks (okay, he would have) off. Karen enters and greets Joe and Chris rushes up asking how it went. She says it was nice and jokes that she didn't give Julie his message - she did. Chris thanks her and exits. Joe is a bit upset that Karen saw Julie and they discuss it. She says she honestly thinks they are in love. Joe is amazed She calms him down by explaining it and they hug.

Julie, in her room listening to the radio, hears Chris' dedication to her and the song "Crazy" (Patsy Cline). Chris is listening too.

At the Firehouse, Serena has finished some of her T-Day creations. Charlene takes Serena out of the room and Scott and Lucy talk. He's telling her his conversation with Serena when the doorbell rings. It's Lee telling them that the bullet that shot DV was from Scott's gun.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

After he learned that the forensic tests revealed the bullet that shot DV came from his gun, Scott was more convinced that DV was framing him for attempted murder. Lucy desperately wanted to believe in Scott, but she was unable to gloss over the fact that Scott had tried to kill DV once before. Later, Scott began to feel the walls closing in on him when he learned that a DNA test was being run on his blood to determine whether it matched any blood found at the crime scene. As Eve continued to wrestle with feelings of guilt over her son's death, Kevin took Eve to her son's grave to say a final goodbye. Later, Kevin and Eve returned home and learned that Victor and Mary were throwing the Scanlon Thanksgiving dinner at their home. After Chris caught Rachel contemplating pulling DV's plug, Rachel assured Chris that they didn't need DV's help to free Julie.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Tensions rose at the Scanlon Thanksgiving when Rachel arrived and Courtney decided to bring an alienated Frank as her guest. Courtney later surprised all of the guests when she publicly announced that she had feelings for Frank. Frank was happy that Courtney wanted him, but said that if she continued to keep the secret of Neil's paternity, they couldn't be together. Meanwhile, the Baldwins attempted to set aside their worries about Scott's legal troubles and spent the holiday together as a family. Scott vowed to make the most of his relationship with Lee in the coming years.

Friday, November 26, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles did not air.

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