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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on PC
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Monday, November 15, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Courtney told Joe and Karen they are dating and she wants Frank to stay. Joe scoffs at the idea, but Karen believes it. Frank leaves anyway. Joe runs down Frank's sins - Courtney defends him. Joe says he doesn't want Courtney to get hurt. She replies that they have no idea how good Frank is to her and follows after him. Joe and Karen talk - Joe worries that the fact of Courtney carrying Joe's child and dating Frank will confuse Neil. Karen asks if it's really Neil he's worried about - he assures her his feelings for Courtney are over. Joe says it's just like Frank to try to take over his role as father - Karen assures him that Frank will never take Joe's kids away (while I smirk on Frank's behalf.) Later, Frank returns (though he says not to stay.) Courtney apologizes for not telling Joe the whole truth.

She asks him to have patience until the time is right (and when Karen is not present.) Frank is not happy. She tries to distract him with kisses, but it doesn't work - she told him that he knows that she never gives up and she'll get him back.

Victor says that the virus laden code has been stopped. Lucy worries that if they detected the virus, Eve may never see her son. Scott decides to go to DV's office, Lucy went with him (to load the virus directly). They talk about how good life would be if DV didn't exist and they talk about DV keeping Eve's son from her. Suddenly, Lucy gets a strange feeling of death - that someone is going to die.

DV told Eve that her "son" was a psychic projection - and she betrayed her friends for it. She demands to see her son - he told her their son died at birth and she killed him. Eve thinks he wants something more - he told her he has all he needs. She begs him and he told her now she knows how he felt when he learned they had a baby. If she had com to him and told him about the pregnancy, he could have made sure she had the proper prenatal care. He repeats that she killed their son - she calls him a bastard and attacks him, yelling that she'll kill him. Kevin arrives in the hall and rushes

in and grabs her. Kevin wants to know what DV did to her. DV wonders at his concern for his ex and mentions Lucy and Scott's apparent reunion.. He asks if the breakups were real - and says it's hard to know what's real and what's fake. DV repeats that the boy was a psychic projection and invites them to search the premises. Eve doesn't want to believe that the boy isn't real, Kevin tries to gently tell her that DV is telling the truth for

once. Kevin calmly told DV that this is far from over and he and Eve exit, stopping in the hall to hug. Zorin comes in and told DV that the code contained a virus. DV seems surprised and asks if the safeguard worked. Zorin told him it did and wonders what to do next - DV darkly says he'll take care of it. Meanwhile, Scott and Lucy arrive at the office. While Lucy flirts with the guard - Scott jumps him and knocks him out. The secretary returns and they tie her up as well.

Eve told Kevin that she knows by the hurt in DV's eyes that their son is really dead. She wonders how she missed that and Kevin told her she just wanted another chance and DV used that. Kevin is very sweet and understanding, telling her that DV opened an old wound. Eve thinks the wound is now so deep that it will never heal, and that her son is really gone.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

A jubilant Julie thanks Chris again for letting her get a sneak peek at her baby daughter on their way to the courthouse. Her happiness dissolves, however, when Morris announces that Chris has been barred from Ferncliff until further notice. In New York, Scott and Lucy hogtie Bordisso's secretary and security guard and make their way into D.V.'s inner sanctum. After establishing phone contact with Victor, Scott boots up Bordisso's computer and reintroduces the disc with the killer virus into the Cobra system. As Julie entreats Rachel to have the ban against her husband lifted, Chris begins to suspect that the therapist was the one who squealed to the authorities about the side trip he arranged for his wife. Zorin informs D.V. that someone has just gained access to the computer in his New York office. Thrilled to have accomplished their mission, Scott and Lucy head home in their private plane but receive a very disturbing call from Bordisso during the flight.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Consoling Eve as she bemoans the loss of her son, Kevin mutters that he would like to kill Bordisso with his bare hands. An agitated Scott told Lucy how he heard his father's voice just before the sound of a gunshot came over the phone line. When Scott is unable to reach Gail, Lucy grows frantic thinking that D.V. may have taken Serena and the rest of the Baldwins hostage. Matt begins to show the strain of constantly working double shifts but he snarls at Chris when his coworker suggests that he go home until he feels better. Following a call from Scott, Kevin heads to Bordisso's hotel room, unaware that he's being trailed by Eve. After watching Matt collapse of exhaustion, Chris warns his colleague he's bound to make a critical mistake with a patient if he doesn't start exercising better judgment. Upon learning that D.V. checked out of his room several hours earlier, Kevin searches the premises for any clue to Bordisso's whereabouts. Eve arrives and vows to get even with the man who so cruelly played her for a fool.

Thursday, November 18, 1999

Chris listens skeptically to Rachel's claim that she's had no success convincing Monroe to permit him contact with his wife. Eve eagerly jumps at the chance when Kevin asks her to move back into the lighthouse. Gail returns home to find her house full of police officers as a worried Scott expands the search for his father. Eve explains to an astonished Chris why she and Kevin had to pretend they were no longer a couple. After hearing his friend's sad story, Chris commiserates with Eve about being forced to relive the most painful chapter of her past. Scott and Lucy tell Gail they believe D.V. has kidnapped Lee as retribution for the way they ruined his Cobra project. Though Lucy, Gail and Kevin all remind him that Bordisso is to blame, a guilt-stricken Scott insists that it was his own reckless behavior which may have cost Lee his life. Victor brought Eve new information about her son's final resting place.

Friday, November 19, 1999

Though Taggert orders them to wait for back-up, Scott and Kevin kick down the door of the warehouse and find Lee lying unconscious on the floor. Eve visits her son's grave for the first time and cries as she thinks about what might have been. D.V. shakes Lucy up by hinting that Christina's real mother will soon be back to collect her. Though Lucy nervously tries to call his bluff, D.V. correctly describes the baby's birthmark and advises his former lover to start packing Christina's belongings for her trip home. Lee finally comes to and told his son he was blindfolded the entire time he was Bordisso's prisoner. D.V. arranges to meet a cohort at the Lake Forest cemetery near the Baldwin family's vault. Eve asks her son to forgive her for the mistakes she made years ago. A seething Kevin swears to Victor he would kill Bordisso with his own hands if the man was standing in front of him just now. Later, Lucy, Eve, Scott and Kevin all converge on the Lake Forest graveyard after receiving separate messages to meet at the Baldwins' vault. As D.V. sits by Meg's tomb, bemoaning his loss, an unseen assailant approaches and fires a shot.

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