The best and worst of soaps: For the week of October 27, 2014

Posted Sunday, November 02, 2014 11:03:17 AM
Soapcentric: Best and worst of the week (October 27, 2014)

A weekly look at the best and worst episodes of the previous week, and what made our choices hot or not. This week it was The Bold and the Beautiful with the treats, while Days of our Lives could have used a little more tricks.

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The show that won best episode of the week was all treats and very little trick. The winner is -- envelope please - Thursday, October 30, The Bold and the Beautiful. In 22 minutes, it served up comedy, cliffhangers, and comeuppance.

It was great to see Liam have a moment of lightness. Scott Clifton is very good when he gets to play more than angst -- although he does that very well too. The chemistry between Liam and Ivy is palpable. Makes me wonder who is going to mess up what could be a true love match. It was great when Ivy first let Liam think Pam was named CEO, joking that her lemon squares had finally worked. A great line for longtime viewers. There was a universal moment when they did not know if they would be out of place without a Halloween costume at the Bikini Bar. It is the question that everyone asks when they are invited to a Halloween party: "Will I be the only with a costume or without a costume?"

As always, the outside of Brooke's mansion made me realize the Forresters have serious bucks. It appeared Rick went to a costume rental place and got a pair of balls and was wearing an "I am a man" costume. He was done with his father and his wife. It was great when he told Caroline to get out of his life. It was great when Maya let a sniveling Caroline have it for the way Caroline dismissed her and would call her by the wrong name. Not so sweet, Caroline begged Rick to take her back. The shot where Rick's wedding ring tumbled slowly to the floor was a great effect.

Best of all was when Ridge, who was always a self-entitled brat, finally was going to lose what he was salivating over. He was strutting around the office because he thought he was CEO. Ridge forgot Eric was the only person in town that had integrity. The line where Ridge suggested he was filling Eric's shoes and realized he had gone too far and tried to backtrack was terrific. Even better was the dumbstruck look on Ridge's face when Eric said he was changing his mind about naming Ridge CEO -- that was priceless. Ridge always thinks he is going to get what he wants and that he deserves it. I could see Thorne, who is in Paris, going "Yes, finally Ridge loses." Made me want to see what was going to happen on Friday.

The Halloween episode of Days of Our Lives was like getting boxes of raisins at every place you went trick-or-treating. There was not one storyline or scene that I cared about. The so-called budding romance scene between Hope and Aiden was boring. Eve, who is supposed to be a sex-starved shrew, was pathetic when she was coming on to Eric. Eric came across as an imbecile.

Having J.J. looking at his cell phone every second was a waste of my time. Doesn't he have caller ID? How did he keep answering and thinking it was Paige, when it was Aunt Maggie or Abby. All those scenes of a brooding entire episode of "will Brady drink or not?" was tedious. I was ready to pour it down his throat just to get things moving.

Do we care enough about Aiden to be interested in his connection to Bree? I am also not invested enough in Hope and Aiden to care who Bree is. Paige mooning over a photo of J.J.? Stick needles in my eyes. Theresa and John's confrontation was bland. Why didn't Marlena tell John that once again his hatred of Kristen was going to cost him his son? Instead, Marlena just stared into space.

The cliffhanger, Brady knocking on Kristen's door -- who cares? I hope the soap gods did not give Kristen a mild write-out. Having Anne talk like a hick was dopey. The Friday episode of Days should have been Sami's goodbye, not this. I don't care about any of these people. Maybe this was just a Halloween spoof from Days.

There are a lot of good Sweeps stories that will be competing for next week's Best Episode award -- B&B is headed to Amsterdam and those episodes will definitely be beautiful to look out. On The Young and the Restless, Adam is headed back to town in the form of Justin Hartley. Plus, Nina and Franco spiral out of control on General Hospital.

What was the best soap for the week of October 27, 2014?
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

Last week's results
General Hospital 48%
Days of our Lives 35%
The Young and the Restless 10%
The Bold and the Beautiful 7%

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