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Abigail Spencer
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Newcomer Abigail Spencer joined the cast of All My Children in June of 1999 as Becca Tyree.

Born and raised in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Abigail entered the pageant system at the age of four and won a state title at the age of 11. She credits this early experience with helping her deal gracefully with disappointments.

An accomplished vocalist, she traveled with her church choir to Germany in her freshman year at Breeze High school. A highlight of her sophomore year was her audition into the Broadway Theatre Project, helmed by Ann Reinking. Along with continuing to study drama and dance, her junior year was spent focusing on student government. It was in her senior year of high school that everything came together for Miss Spencer. Along with choreographing, directing and starring as Rizzo in a local production of Grease, she beat out hundreds of other young hopefuls for the role of Becca and got the call from All My Children. After attending her senior prom and her high school graduation ceremonies, Miss Spencer headed for Manhattan and All My Children.In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, pilates and dance class.

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All My Children
Rebecca "Becca" Tyree
June 3, 1999 to April 10, 2001
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