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Ryan and Gillian were married and happily locked away in the turret for their honeymoon. Brooke mistakenly believed that Edmund and Alex were having an affair. Leslie laced David's I.V. drip with an overdose of medication. A mysterious figure skulked around Wildwind and stole a photo of Alex. Laura caught Shannon trying to steal Bianca's journal. Tad commented that he and Dixie should consider getting a divorce. Erica overheard Donald Steele and Greenlee discussing how Bianca's homosexuality had been leaked to the media.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, April 9, 2001

Ryan walked through the double doors of the Wildwind Chapel and saw a breathtaking sight. It was Gillian dressed in her grandmothers wedding gown. Ryan and Gillian told Dimitri that they have been in this chapel before but this time their vows will be final. Dimitri told Ryan and Gillian that they had many friends who wanted to see them get married. Dimitri clapped his hands and the doors opened and all their friends came in. Gillian's grandmamma also had a surprise for her. Eugenia had invited three of Gillian's cousins from Budapest to the wedding. Laura and Brooke were commenting on the way Gillian looked when Laura noticed that Leo was not there. Brooke asked Laura if Leo was her date and Laura told her no but he was Ryan's best man and he was a "no show." Gillian told Dimitri that this was the best day of her life. Dimitri told her that this was a lot better that standing in front of a justice of the peace. Father Benedict was brought to the chapel to perform the wedding. Dimitri announced that they planned an Orthodox wedding and asked everyone to take their seats. The wedding began with Father Benedict leading Ryan and Gillian down the aisle to the back of the chapel where he offered a special blessing for them.

From the turrtet, Anna could hear the music playing from the wedding chapel and as she looked out the window, she was trying to remember her own wedding. Anna told Bart that she was sure she was happy but didn't remember a thing about her wedding day.

Inn court at his arraignment, David told the judge that he was guilty of all charges and did not deserve to be set free. Leo jumped up and told the judge that David doesn't know what he is talking about. The judge told Leo to have his lawyer request a full psychological evaluation. David told Leo that he knows what he is doing and he has nothing to lose. David told the judge that for the first time in his life, he wants to tell the truth and he is admitting to what he did in the name of love. David said that since he had lost the woman that he loves, he has nothing left to lose by professing his guilt. Erica was in the courtroom and she told Bianca that David had lost his mind. David turned to Dixie and said that he stands before her as a broken man and he has nothing else to offer her but the truth. He told her that he wants to tell her everything he did and why he did it. Jake turned to Tad and told him that he needs to get Dixie out of the courtroom. Tad told him "not yet." David's lawyer requested a recess so that he could talk with David and David told him that it was not necessary. The judge asked David why he endangered a boatload of people and David turned to Dixie and told her that she knows why he did that. Erica had to leave the courtroom because she couldn't believe what David was doing to himself. Bianca finally convinced her mother to leave. David told Dixie that the he wanted her so bad but there was one thing standing between them and that was her husband. David told Dixie that the drug was meant for Tad and he never intended to hurt the other people. David told Dixie that he did not regret anything that he did because he would do it over and over and over again. He said that everything he did was worth every second that she loved him. David told Dixie that he didn't come to court today to confess but when he saw the way she looked at him, her hurt, her anger, her contempt, it was worse than any punishment a court could hand out. The judge said that he had heard enough and told David that his lack of remorse left him no choice but to deny him bail and he was to remain in custody until his hearing at which time he could entry a formal plea. The judge dismissed court and as the bailiffs started to take David away, Dixie asked them to wait a minute. She told David that she wanted to say something. With Tad looking on, Dixie told David that he gave quite a performance and she wanted to know if this was supposed to reduce her to tears. She asked David if he realized what he had done. She wanted to know if there was anything about him that wasn't a lie. David told her that his love was not a lie. David told Dixie that she has to believe him and Dixie said "no more." She didn't believe him anymore. Dixie told David that he was a monster. David said that maybe he was but he had a human heart and he found it when he found her. He told her that he gives his heart to her to do whatever she wants to with it. David held her hands and told her to hate him with all her heart. The bailiff came and put David in handcuffs and took him away. Dixie turned around and called Tad's name. Jake was standing at the door and told Dixie that Tad left and then he walked out the door also.

Greenlee pulled Leo out of the courtroom and tried to get his mind off David. She offered to take him to a tropical island or top of a mountain where neither of their parents can find them. Leo said that he couldn't just cut and run. Leo felt that he was partially responsible for what David was doing to himself. Leo told Greenlee that they could go to the wedding because he was the best man until Ryan fired him today. Leo remembered that Ryan gave him the rings for the ceremony and he pulled them out of his pocket. He told Greenlee that she has to go to the wedding.

Father Benedict recited a prayer for Ryan and Gillian. When he completed the prayer he went to reach for the rings and noticed that the rings were not on the plate. He asked Ryan where the rings were and Ryan turned around looking for Leo. Just then, Leo came barging into the back of the chapel where Father Benedict, Gillian and Ryan were standing. He said "better late than never" and put the rings on the plate. Leo told Ryan that he was not staying and Ryan told him to stay because he was shy a best man. Father Benedict took the rings and blessed them. He handed the rings to Ryan and Gillian and they placed them on each other's ring finger. Father Benedict then led them to the front of the chapel where the vows were read. Ryan stopped Father Benedict from saying a prayer because he said that he had something that he had not told Gillian yet. Ryan told Gillian that he was a better man today because of her. He said that love is about second changes and they were going to face the future together and it was going to be one incredible ride. Gillian told Ryan that he had seen her through the worst times of her life and he had showed her the way. When she couldn't find the words and couldn't speak, she found the word for "heart" in his eyes and that was what he would always be to her, her heart. Dimitri announced that if anyone wanted to step forward, they could give them their blessing. Dimitri, Alex, Edmund and Eugenia came forward to wish them special blessings. Dimitri and Alex held crowns above Ryan and Gillian's heads while Father Benedict offered a blessing. He then offered them the wine cup and they both drank from it. Father Benedict blessed them and pronounced them husband and wife. Ryan and Gillian kissed and then everyone clapped.

Anna and Bart talked about the wedding and Anna said that she wished she could go to the wedding. Bart told her that Alex would tell her all about it after. As Anna was looking out the window, she gasped. She was remembering something and wanted to know how it got into her head. She saw a picture of a man in her mind but she did not know who he was.

Erica went to the Valley Inn and as she entered the dining room, the reporter from the Intruder saw her and tried to get an exclusive story about her former lover being the "party punch poisoner." He sat down at her table and told Erica that Bianca was "yesterdays news" and the public was starving for fresh kill. Roger was standing in the doorway and heard the conversation between Erica and the reporter. Roger went to Erica and told her that he was sorry he was late for their dinner date but their table was ready. Roger led Erica away from the reporter. Erica thanked Roger for saving her. Erica told Roger that she was at the courthouse and she couldn't believe what David was doing to his life. Roger said that he read in the paper that David did it for love and Erica responded that he did it because of her. Erica told Roger all about David and how she meant everything to him. She told Roger how David saved her life. She also told Roger that David had many affairs but could not give himself to one person until she came around. She said that David was devastated when they broke up and how he re-bounded so quickly and set his sites on a woman he could not have.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Tad has left the courthouse and Jake and Dixie remain. Jake wants to know what David said to her; He cannot believe that there is anything that Dixie could possibly want to hear from David at this point. Dixie does not know what she wants and Jake suggests she go after Tad. Dixie tells him that she can't go after Tad now.

At Wildwind, Anna has just had another memory of Robert. "Robert, that was you wasn't it. I almost saw your face." She's upset and decides to take a walk. She grabs her coat and on the way out runs into Bart. Bart asks her where she is going and she tells him that she saw Robert, that she is remembering things and asks him to go for a walk with her. He reminds her that Wildwind is swarming with wedding guests and she could be spotted.

At the chapel, Ryan and Gillian are married, and the guests jump to their feet and applaud the new couple. Dimitri tells the well wishers that they will be adjourning to the terrace to continue the festivities 'just like in the old country'. He has had the head chef from Vadzel flown in to tempt them all with Hungarian delights. The guests run out of the chapel to the terrace. Gillian hugs Dimitri and thanks him for a most perfect wedding. Alex chimes in and tells Gillian that it would not have been possible had it not been for Laura. She was the one who called Dimitri and Alex and explained that Ryan and Gillian were getting married at Town Hall and were not exactly thrilled about the venue. Gillian hugs Laura. Laura explains that a love like Ryan and Gillian's should be celebrated in a big way. Dimitri grabs Laura and Alex and they run out of the chapel as Dimitri tells them that it's time for the first Hungarian wedding custom. Leo approaches Ryan and Gillian and tells them he is 'taking off'. He kisses Gillian and turns to leave. She takes his arm and tells him that they both want him to stay. Leo turns to Ryan, looking for him to agree with Gillian, but Ryan keeps quiet. Gillian reminds Ryan that he did the same thing at one time that Leo did; he stuck up for his brother, Braden. She tells him that all the bad things between Leo and Ryan will someday be forgotten and then Ryan will feel bad that Leo was not there for the wedding. Ryan agrees and tells Leo that he can stay and that they will discuss Leo's employment and living arrangements at another time. Dimitri, Alex and Laura return to the chapel. Dimitri tells the happy couple that their loved ones would like to present them with their first wedding gift. "A carpet" Dimitri says, as the guests toss flower petals down the aisle. "May it cushion your footsteps for the rest of your married life," he adds. Gillian and Ryan walk arm-in-arm down the aisle to the terrace. Alex hugs Dimitri and tells him how beautiful the wedding was. They look at the carpet of flowers and Alex says that perhaps the carpet of flowers will cushion their future also. Shortly after they leave the chapel, a stranger enters.

Anna and Bart return to the turret. Bart asks her what she thinks she remembers. Anna tells him that it was very clear this time, she saw Robert. She tells him that she can't take it anymore. "I feel stronger and I need to get out there and find him," she says. Bart reminds her that Robert is dead, that he died in the same accident that almost took her life. "But I didn't die," she responds. Bart tells her that Robert wasn't as lucky as her; Robert didn't have Bart to save him. "I'm never going to feel fully alive until I find out what happened to my family," Anna says. She tells Bart that she has to go and he has to help her. "Not today," he says, "there's danger out there."

The guests are filing into the terrace followed by Ryan and Gillian. Greenlee tells Leo that she's going to leave. He tells her that she can stay, she's his guest and that all is well with him and Ryan. "No one can stay mad at me for too long," he says smiling. She doesn't agree and turns to leave. Gillian walks up to them and Greenlee says that she was just leaving. Gillian says that it's okay if she stays. "It just goes to show you how happy I am, I'm even happy to see you Greenlee." Greenlee thanks hers. Dimitri asks everyone to grab a glass of champagne, as he would like to make a toast to the happy couple. He proceeds to talk a bit about Gillian growing up, how she ran away from home on the back of the biggest stallion she could find, or how she was caught dancing naked in the fountain of the casino in Monte Carlo. The guests all laugh. "We wondered if the right man would ever come along for Gillian," he continues, "and eventually there was Ryan. Their loved changed them, they became wiser human beings and although we will always worry about our princess at least we know that with Ryan, she has what truly matters, true love and someone with whom she can share everything that lies ahead. So please raise your glasses because ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lavery." The guests cheer.

Back at the courthouse, Jake is telling Dixie that he doesn't understand. "You heard everything that David said, he confessed everything," Jake says. "The man is guilty, you can't believe that we are all still ganging up on him." David's disgrace and humiliation is what the entire town has been waiting for, Dixie says, but she cannot join in on the celebration because everything David did, he did for her sake. Jake is stunned, "he broke up your marriage, he poisoned people, he ruined people's lives." Dixie knows all this. She came to the courthouse to condemn David like everyone else did but she can't. Jakes tells her that David has gotten to her and she agrees. "I don''t see the devil like everyone else, I just see who he could be," she says. Jake tells her that she has to forget about David. She wishes that she had never met David. Jake says that whatever David has been saying to her has been a lie. He's manipulating her just like he has for the past few months. Dixie agrees, but she asks what chance David has if no one is on his side. Jake suggests that instead of worrying about David that she think about Tad, "he loves you, his heart is broken, he is out there shattered right now hoping he's going to get back together with you." Dixie understands, but is she supposed to forget that she has feelings for another man? Jake says that in time she will forget all about David Hayward. "Just like Gillian forgot all about Ryan," she says. "You want me to lie to Tad just like Gillian lied to you."

At the wedding, Laura and Bianca are talking. Laura asks Bianca if she wished Sarah were there and if Sarah liked weddings. Bianca said that they never got to spend a lot of time at festivities like this but she was sure Sarah would have enjoyed this wedding. As Bianca is speaking, Laura is looking longingly at Leo who is chatting with Greenlee. Laura turns to Bianca and says that just because she didn't have them in the past doesn't mean that she won't have good times in the future. Ryan and Gillian are about to share their first dance when Dimitri interrupts. Dimitri tells everyone that they are about to proceed with the next Hungarian wedding custom. "As godfather to the bride, it is my happy duty to auction off all of her dances to the highest bidder," he says. Leo chimes in holding up some cash, "Andrew Jackson says I get the first dance." Dimitri tells everyone to get into the spirit of the auction. "Traditionally, men did not bid with such a mundane thing as money," he says. "Men would offer up services and gifts that the couple would use in their new life." He asks for bids. Edmund's son, Sam steps up and offers to swab the deck of the Fidelity for a month. He gets the first dance with Gillian. Brooke, who is standing beside Edmund comments on how handsome little Sammy is and how that was quite a bid he offered. She turns to Edmund and asks him what his bid will be. "I will bring the finest goat in all of Pennsylvania," Edmunds responds with a fake Hungarian accent. Just then, some of Gillian's relatives walk in with a goat. "Looks like someone beat you to it," Brooke laughs. Ryan steps in and says, "wait a minute, all I have to offer you is my heart" as he takes Gillian's hand. The relative holding the goat, who barely speaks English, thinks that Ryan has offered the goat's heart to Gillian. The other relative laughs and says, "Not the goat's heart. His heart"!! The 'goat holding' relative sighs with relief. Ryan and Gillian then share their first dance together as husband and wife as the guests look on. Brooke walks over to talk to Laura and Laura suggests that she and Edmund get back together. Brooke is surprised by this comment as she chokes on her wine. "You have a lot in common and you like each other," Laura says. Brooke says that they are friends and co-workers and there is nothing between them except friendship and work. Laura says, "okay, bad idea" and changes the subject. Leo is talking with Dimitri and Alex. Alex is surprised that David turned himself in. Leo says that he can't believe David is giving up. Dimitri tells him not to worry, that he's sure David knows exactly what he is doing. Leo walks off. Alex says that there could be trouble now. They have nothing on David now so there is nothing stopping him from telling the world about Anna being alive. Dimitri tells Alex that hopefully David has 'too much on his mind right now to worry about Anna'. Ryan and Gillian end their dance and Gillian asks Ryan if there can be too much happiness. "I almost feel greedy," Gillian says, "we can have everything. I even feel that God would give us children." As she says this, a very envious Greenlee looks on. Ryan announces that he would like to make a toast of his own. "To Gillian, the woman who gives me everything," he says as Greenlee rushes out of the room. Leo follows.

Tad is sitting alone in the park when Dixie walks up and apologizes. Tad understands and says to Dixie, "you're a wonderful person, and I mean it. It's easy to be crazy in love with somebody when you like them as much as I like you. In fact if I had to make a list of people I like the most in this world, you would be right at the top." Dixie asks Tad why he said that and he tells he that when he thinks about all the things he put her through over the years, it's more than he can bear. "I don't deserve you," he adds. He asks her if she realizes how lucky they've been, that they've always found their way back to each other no matter what. Dixie responds by saying that she would like to fix things; that the life that they had together means everything to her. Tad says that he knows her to well, that she would not be able to come back to him without telling him the truth, the truth that she's in love with David. Dixie doesn't know how to respond, she says "the way I love you is nothing like the way" and she pauses. Tad tells her to go ahead and say it and she responds, "that I love David." Tad wants to know exactly when and how it happened, when she fell for David. Was it before she found out about Leslie, was it when David kissed her. Dixie tells Tad that she doesn't know how it happened, but adds that if she had knows what was going to come of it, she would never have let it happen. Tad says, "David was able to crawl into a little corner of your heart, when I thought I had the whole thing. How could it happen? How could you possibly fall for someone like that." Tad asks her to please tell him just one nice thing about 'the guy' that would help him understand. David said she had talent, talent as a healer, that her touch could perform miracles, she says. Tad agrees and says, "Your touch can performs miracles. I've known that for years and I'm sorry I never told you that."

Leo catches up with Greenlee in the chapel and asks her what's wrong. She tells him that she was having a good time until she heard Ryan tell Gillian that she was 'his everything'. "I was consumed with this dreadful tight feeling, right here," she says as she touches her chest. "That's called envy," Leo responds. "No," she says. She is happy for them, she's glad that they can feel that way about each other. She wants to know who would ever say that about her. Will she ever find that kind of connection with another person, that kind of devotion that lasts a lifetime? " don't want that," Leo says. Greenlee says that she does and Leo agrees that he too wants that.

Back at the reception, Dimitri announces that in continuing with Hungarian tradition, they are going to get rid of the bride and groom and continue the party. Edmund appears with a key and Alex tells them that there is a beautiful suite awaiting them upstairs. Ryan steps in and thanks them but he and Gillian have already decided that they want to spend their first night together in their special place, the turret. Alex turns to Edmund and whispers something to him and he runs off. Dimitri, knowing that Anna is in the turret, tries to stall by coming up with another tradition. Alex pours 2 glasses of wine and tells Ryan and Gillian that the tradition is that they must take a sip of wine, trade glasses and then take more very very small sips until the wine is gone. Edmund arrives at the turret and tells Anna and Bart that they must leave, that they can hide away in another part of the house. They run out of the room as the bride, groom and guests head for the turret. Brooke walks up to Laura and tells her that she will catch up with her later, she wants to give Jamie a call.

Back at the park, Dixie tells Tad that she wishes she didn't hurt him this way. She told him the truth, he says and he appreciates that. He tells her that he doesn't think it's possible for him to hold her in his arms knowing that she is in love with someone else. "I want to love you, only you," Dixie says. Tad replies that what they've been through this time is different. "You just told me you love someone else," he says, "now I'm supposed to walk back to my car, go home and go to bed, and go to work tomorrow and sit behind my desk the entire day hearing those words over and over again in my head." Tad walks off and Dixie is left alone on the bench crying.

At the Chapel, Leo tells Greenlee that they screwed up. They could have had what Ryan and Gillian had. "Do you really think so?" Gillian asked. Leo responds, "We were halfway there." He grabs her and they kiss passionately.

Ryan, Gillian and the guests arrive at the turret. The newlyweds hug their guests and thank them all for coming. They head into the turret, which has been completely lit by candles. Ryan takes Gillian's had and leads her to the bed. They kiss.

Brooke ends her phone call with Jamie and is about to walk out of the room when Edmund walks in with Anna. Brooke hides around the corner and overhears Edmund say to Anna, "This will be perfect, nobody will see us and we can hide in my bedroom." Brooke looks shocked and confused. Outside, the footsteps of an unknown and unseen person slowly walk towards the front door.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Alone at Erica's house, Bianca took some time to write some private thoughts in her journal. She wrote about Ryan and Gillian's wedding and her observations about how happy the pair looked. Though she didn't say it, it appeared that Bianca was really missing Sarah. When the doorbell sounded, Bianca closed her journal and carefully hid it in a nearby cabinet. Bianca opened the door and found Laura outside with a bag of goodies for their sleepover. After Laura rattled off the title of some B-movie horror flicks that she'd brought along, she headed to the kitchen to make two sundaes. While she was gone, a frantic Shannon arrived at the house, claiming to have come dangerously close to taking Ecstasy at a party. Bianca warned Shannon about putting herself so close to temptation. Shannon shrugged innocently and said that she had to go to the party because she'd gotten some new clothes that she wanted to show off. Bianca urged Shannon to attend a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous, but Shannon said that she didn't know where to go for that kind of meeting. Luckily, Bianca said with a smile, Erica keeps a list of meetings in her room. As they chatted, Laura listened in on the conversation from around the corner. She was particularly interested in Shannon's numerous references to Bianca as her "friend." When Bianca headed to her mother's room for the list of meetings, Shannon rummaged through the living room looking for Bianca's journal. She didn't get very far because Laura returned to the room and caught her in the act. Shannon covered for her snooping by saying that she'd been looking for a tissue. Laura handed her a napkin and Shannon daintily dabbed her nose. Laura questioned why Shannon had such a sudden interest in being Bianca's friend. Shannon fired off shots at Laura for her drug use. Bianca returned to the room and scolded Shannon for belittling Laura and attempted to distance Laura from any possible drug use. Shannon headed on her way. As she walked down the sidewalk, overly giddy Mindy and Heather raced up to her. The pair was supposed to have been waiting for Shannon in the car, but they claimed that she'd taken way too long. So, the girls giggled, they were going to ring Bianca's doorbell and run away before she answered the door. Back inside, Bianca returned to her journal and wrote of her encounter with Shannon and Laura. Bianca expressed her concern about Laura's drug use, but said that she fears saying anything because she doesn't want to lose Laura's friendship.

Greenlee pulled away from Leo's kiss and became eerily distance. Leo accused Greenlee of playing games, but Greenlee claimed that she wasn't playing with Leo's emotions. After some nudging, Greenlee finally admitted why she wanted to leave. She burst into tears and admitted that she was afraid that she would again do something to disappoint Leo. If that happened, Greenlee said that she was afraid that Leo would walk out of her life - and stay there. Leo took Greenlee into his arms and admitted that he likes being with her. He suggested that they start over and date each other the way that "normal" people do. When Greenlee pulled away, Leo teased her about the tearstains she'd left on his jacket.

Joe stopped by Jake's loft to make sure that everything was in order. Even before seeing the loft, Joe seemed confident that Jake was going to be okay, but Ruth was apparently worried and sent her husband over to investigate. With him, Joe brought a potted tulip and a case of chilled beer. The tulips, need it be said, were from Ruth. Jake and Joe wasted no time in opening up two beers and chatting. Jake gave Joe a tour of his new abode. During the walk around, though, Joe found a bra. He smiled devilishly and commented that he was glad that his son had gotten over his heartbreak from his relationship with Gillian. Jake puckered his lips and explained to his dad that he was sharing space with Greenlee for the moment. For a few moments, Joe appeared to read a little to far into his son's living arrangements. He noted that Jake had invited Greenlee to their house after her release from the hospital and implied that Jake might have feelings for her. Jake denied that he and Greenlee were involved in any sort of relationship and insisted that Greenlee would be moving out when the renovations to her penthouse were complete. That, he said, should take a few weeks. Joe said nothing more and headed on his way. As he left, he joked about Ruth's worries and said that he'd do his best to assure her that their son had a home with four walls and a roof. A short time later, Greenlee and Leo returned to the loft. Jake wasn't at all pleased to see the pair, but it wasn't clear if he was jealous. Jake grumbled that he had to go to bed early and left the room. Greenlee and Leo discussed their earlier talk. Leo decided that he would go on his way. An awkward moment followed as the two tried to figure out how to say goodbye. Greenlee suggested a handshake, but somehow they both knew that a handshake wouldn't suffice. They leaned towards each other and kissed passionately. As they did, Jake returned to the room, rolled his eyes and returned to the bedroom.

At Wildwind, Brooke was definitely uneasy about seeing Edmund and "Alex" sneak upstairs together. She recalled Edmund and Alex whispering at the chapel and immediately assumed the worst. Of course, Brooke had no way of knowing that "Alex" was actually Anna. Dimitri returned to the main house and was about to head upstairs, but Brooke grabbed him by the arm and prevented him for climbing the staircase. Later, when Edmund returned downstairs and Brooke immediately let him know that she'd spotted him with Alex. She made no attempt to hide her displeasure with what she perceived as an affair. It pained Edmund to see his best friend think the worst of him, but he knew that he couldn't tell her what was really going on. Edmund did, however, beg Brooke to trust him when he said that nothing shady was taking place. Brooke didn't buy his explanation and stormed out of the room just as the real Alex was returning. Edmund told Alex that Brooke thinks that they are having an affair, but assured her that he would not tell Brooke about Anna even if it meant that Brooke gave him the cold shoulder for a little while. The pair sat down and Edmund told Alex that Anna had remembered Robert Scorpio. He then suggested a search of the Internet for a possible photo of the mysterious Mr. Scorpio. As they talked, the mysterious figured that had been poking around the grounds slipped into the house through a surprisingly unlocked front door. Alex and Edmund heard the noise of the door closing behind them, but when they headed to the foyer to check things out, there was no one there. A split second later, Dimitri returned to the house. Edmund filled his brother in on his encounter with Brooke. Eugenia and Stella, one of the housekeepers, entered the room with a report that most of the house was back in order. Edmund headed off to do a search of the Internet and Alex and Dimitri left hand in hand. Eugenia and Stella worked on tidying up the parlor. Eugenia noticed that a photo of Alex had disappeared from one of the corner tables and asked Stella to put it back when she had the chance. Stella looked curiously at Eugenia and mentioned that she hadn't moved the photo. Eugenia looked around the room for the photo unaware that the photo was no longer in the room. Outside, the unknown figured slowly walked down the walkway with Alex's photo in hand.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

In the park near the boathouse, Leo and Greenlee began their first "normal" date. Leo handed her a wrapped sandwich and she inquired as to what it was. He told Greenlee it was a baloney sandwich, and she wrinkled her nose as she took a small bite. With disgust she said it was horrible and asked Leo "Does normal have to mean bad food?". Leo tossed the sandwiches in the trash while Greenlee explained she was just trying to be honest. Leo asked her how far she was going to take this "honesty thing" and then offered her something to drink. She asked if it was champagne but to her dismay Leo told her it was chocolate milk. She was repulsed and said it was like going back to their schoolyard days. They leaned back and looked at the clouds. Greenlee pointed out one that to her resembled an ATM machine. Leo was a bit peeved and told her she was the one that wanted "normal". She admitted that she lied about that. Greenlee went on to tell Leo she always wanted to be normal, like everyone else, even when she was little. She said it seemed as though everyone spoke a language she didn't understand. Referring to Joe and Ruth, she told Leo how they still kiss and hold hands. Leo said she was weirding him out and to give him another example. She brought up Ryan and Gillian, but Leo didn't think "the Princess and the Pauper" were good examples of normal. Greenlee explained that she'd been pretending to be normal all the way back to when she was 3 years old. She remembered being little and breaking a precious vase. Fearing the worse from her mother, Greenlee had lied and said the maid did it. She said when her mother had held her it wiped away any guilt she felt for getting the maid fired. She asked how she could have been so horrible? Leo told her a story about when he was 5, Vanessa had caught him playing naked with a young girl. He blamed the girl and Vanessa was upset. She spent more time with Leo after that and he loved it. Leo told Greenlee there was nothing wrong with doing things their own way, saying "Why be ordinary when we can be extraordinary?". They kissed and Leo lifted Greenlee into the air with glee. They agreed to meet later at the Valley Inn for champagne. At the Valley Inn dining room, Erica sat alone at a table, intently reading the most recent newspaper article about David. Roger walked up behind her and snatched the paper out of her hands and she whipped around in her chair and very angrily demanded her paper back. Roger asked Erica if she really hadn't moved on from David and was that why she was so upset. She calmed down and apologized for being testy. She told Roger that David stole the most important thing she had, her serenity, and almost cost her her sobriety. Erica told Roger the story of her addiction to painkillers and how David knew about it but drugged her with Libidozone anyway. Roger thought she meant at the yacht party but Erica told him no, it was right there in that very restaurant. Roger wondered why David would do such a thing and Erica didn't have a clue. He asked if it was a horrible experience and Erica admitted that no, it was actually marvelous. He didn't understand so she explained the emotional addiction and about giving into a craving that nothing else will satisfy. Roger said she should be proud that she didn't fall back into her addiction and that she should take it one day at a time. Erica smiled and agreed with him. He seized the moment and asked if Erica would spend the rest of the day with him. She started to say no but was soon convinced to accept his invitation. He left to talk to the chef about a menu for their picnic and Erica left for the powder room. Vanessa ranted and raved at Mr. O'Neal, David's attorney while her son sat silently in his cell. She told the lawyer that David was out of his mind and that he must get David out of this mess. Mr. O'Neal said he needs David and the whole family's complete cooperation, to which Vanessa agreed. David completely ignored the conversation. The lawyer asked Vanessa to leave him alone with his client and before leaving she pleaded with David to save himself. After she was gone, Mr. O'Neal relayed the DA's offer to David, saying since he had admitted complete guilt the best he could get was to be out of jail before his 60th birthday. David told him to accept the offer. The attorney told David not to be a martyr, that he could win this one, but David told him it was over, it wasn't worth fighting for. His attorney hoped this woman was worth it and David jumped all over him and told him never to mention Dixie again. David said that Leslie and Gordon were telling the truth and to just let it go. Mr. O'Neal wondered if David knew what prison was like and told him to weigh his options before agreeing to the DA's offer. After the attorney left David laid down on his cot, looking beaten. Dixie met up with Uncle Palmer at the hospital and he told her the board had just met regarding David's "atrocities". They had agreed to accept his resignation although Palmer would have preferred "drawing and quartering". Then he told Dixie there was only one thing left that concerned him. She asked what it was and he told her "You, Dixie.". She was a bit peeved and asked if she should be wearing a scarlet A on her chest. He told her no, he just wanted her and JR to go to Barcelona with him. She flatly refused but Palmer pressed on, saying he'd hired a tutor for JR so he wouldn't miss any school work. This still didn't convince Dixie and Palmer wanted to know if she was staying in Pine Valley for David's sake. He went on to tell her that Vanessa had told him Dixie seemed mesmerized by David in the courtroom. Dixie said that running away wouldn't solve anything but Palmer insisted that she needed some perspective. He told her she could pick JR up from school and head straight to the airport, but she said they hadn't packed. Palmer scoffed at that, saying they could buy a wardrobe in Spain. Dixie thanked him, saying that he was sweet, but stated that she and her son were staying in Pine Valley and then she left the hospital. Vanessa had walked up and overheard the end of the conversation and looked a bit confused about a trip to Barcelona that she knew nothing about. She asked Palmer when he was going to tell her about the surprise trip, that he couldn't possibly be going without her. Palmer very haughtily said "Oh yes I am!". Vanessa asked her husband what was wrong and he told her she had given birth to two poster children for disaster. "You gave birth," snarled Palmer, "to two of the most ominous creatures that have ever slithered across the face of the earth!" Vanessa, according to Palmer, was supposed to have kept David away from Dixie but did a terrible job at it, but she claimed to have tried to keep them apart. Palmer said he was tired of putting out her sons' fires. She begged him to believe that she truly loves him but he said he didn't know what to believe anymore. Vanessa insisted that he believe that she loves him and Palmer told her that he took on "too much" when he married her. "You can't be thinking of ending this" she cried. Palmer told her not to push him and stormed out. Vanessa was stunned but then pulled herself together and called Leo on her cell phone, telling him she had to see him, it was an emergency. Leo rushed to his mother's side and Vanessa begged for his help. She told him about what Palmer had said but Leo told her "I'm not a marriage counselor Mother!". She said her life is falling apart because of her sons and then blamed Leo for what had happened to David. She reminded Leo that the two of them had come to Pine Valley with a goal and that if he'd just do his part she wouldn't need Palmer. She reminded Leo that Greenlee was "still ga-ga" over him and that they could still get what they came here for. Leo refused to scam Greenlee for his mother. She demanded that he propose marriage to her and get her money. Vanessa went on to tell Leo that Greenlee needs them as much as they need her money, since her family is such a disaster. Leo wanted to know how Vanessa figured that one, and was told that Greenlee's mother wasn't very nurturing. Leo sneered at that saying "Like you are??". Vanessa claimed to really care about Greenlee but Leo still refused. He said he wasn't deserting his mother but was not going along with the plan. Vanessa said she was desperate and Leo told her to "lose the desperation, Palmer can smell it a mile away.". He then told his mother that if she so much as picked up a dime off the street that Greenlee dropped "I'll make your life a living hell!" and walked out. When David looked up from his cot he saw Dixie standing at the cell bars. He jumped up exclaiming "Dixie, you came!" with joy in his voice. She didn't smile or respond and he went on to say that just her being there gave him hope that anything was possible. Dixie finally spoke to him saying he had something of hers that she wanted back. David vowed to give her anything she wanted, just name it. She told him "my heart. I want you to give it back to me." Stunned, David said he couldn't stop loving her. He asked if she hated him and she said she couldn't hate him but wished she could. David said he confessed to everything to show how much he loved her. Dixie said "You put me on trial in that court room, everyone saw including my husband that I still care for you!". He insisted again that he did it out of love for her. Dixie said she was embarrassed to admit but there's still a part of her attracted to him. David told her to follow that part and asked if she could forgive him. She said she didn't know, she couldn't even forgive herself for destroying her family. David then told Dixie that she gives him hope, that was why he was willing to take his punishment. Dixie insisted that he do it for himself not for her and again he told her he couldn't stop loving her. Dixie told her lover that she wouldn't let him give up everything for her, that she wouldn't be held responsible for his giving up his life. She pleaded with him to let her go but he said no, that he needed her. In frustration and agony David smashed his hand against the wall then fell onto his cot in pain. Dixie watched in stunned silence. Greenlee arrived at the Valley Inn and ordered the best champagne to be delivered to her table. Within seconds of seating herself, Donald Steele joined her and pretended to be her best friend. He wanted the goods on Leo, asking if he really blackmailed his own brother. Greenlee was horrified and told him it was none of his business but Donald insisted it was every bit his business. He said his readers wanted the down and dirty scoop on Leo and his brother. The champagne arrived and Donald pressed Greenlee for information. She ordered him away but he told her he could make this worth her while. She snottily asked what he could possibly give her that she didn't already have. He suggestively said she could take a walk on the wild side with him. Repulsed, Greenlee cried "Get away from me you little pip-squeak!" Donald reminded her about how helpful she was to him at the Crystal Ball, how she couldn't wait to tell him about Erica Kane's daughter was as gay as "pink paint". Erica walked up behind them and overheard this last remark and burst out with a horrified "Oh my God!". She yelled at Greenlee "You're the one!" and Greenlee said "That's right, what are you going to do about it?". Seeing the makings of a great story, Donald started asking questions. Erica grabbed his tape recorder and smashed it to the ground and called for the waiter to throw him out. Erica asked Greenlee how she could live with herself and Greenlee said "easily". Erica went ballistic on Greenlee, telling her she was jealous of everyone else's happiness. Greenlee countered by saying no, everyone was jealous of her. Erica told her that she had warned her not to hurt her daughter and that it hadn't been an idle threat. Greenlee sneered at Erica, "Look real close, do you see any fear?". She then told Erica she was just taking her anger out on the messenger. She said Erica was trying to keep Bianca in the closet and that she's onto Erica. That Erica can't possibly love anyone more than she loves herself, especially a daughter who might embarrass her. Erica countered with "Isn't that why your parents can't stand you?". Extreme hurt was written all over Greenlee's face as she said, "Aren't you the queen of mean?" and excused herself to freshen up. Erica went back to her table where she was joined by Roger. He asked what was troubling her and she told him Donald Steele had been there but was removed by the staff. Roger asked her if she was still up for their outing and she told him he's the one bright spot in her day. He smiled at her and they began to walk out of the restaurant. They ran into Greenlee who asked her father if it was a touch of "spring fever." He pretended not to know her and tried to usher Erica away. Greenlee watched and Roger and Erica started to walk away. Before they got too far, Greenlee called out to Roger and asked him if he was too embarrassed to introduce her. As they turned their backs on Greenlee, she called out "Daddy!". Erica turned around in amazement.

Thursday, April 13, 2001

Dixie went to visit David at the jail to ask for "her heart back." After arguing their feelings toward one another, David slammed his fist into his cell wall managing to break his hand. Dixie got all concerned and called out for help.

Tad went to see Jake at the hospital. Tad asked Jake if there was room for another body at his new place as he was sick of his mother making him warm milk and cookies and his father walking around with a concerned look on his face all the time. Jake asked Tad what would become of Dixie and suggested to Tad that he was letting David win. Tad assured Jake that he wasn't completely giving Dixie the shaft, that he just needed a little time to deal with the fact that his wife had feelings for David Hayward. As if on cue, David entered the hospital handcuffed with Dixie tailing behind him.

After Jake refused to let Dixie join David in the treatment room, Tad questioned Dixie about how it came to be that she was there when David broke his hand. Tad accused David of breaking his hand on purpose to keep Dixie near him. Tad told her he could never top that kind of theatricals, nor did he want to try to departed. Dixie followed right on his heels.

A nurse wheeled Leslie into the room after Tad and Dixie departed. Leslie heard the nurses gossiping with one another about the fact that David had been brought in with a broken hand. The nurses obviously hated David and wished that the doctor would make his cast too tight before they sent him back to his jail cell. Leslie overheard their conversation as well as the room number that David was being treated in.

Dixie caught up with Tad before he left the hospital. She asked him for some time to work through her feelings for David. Tad didn't really respond one way or the other. Dixie asked after Jaime and how it was going staying with Ruth and Joe. Tad brought her up-to-date on his tentative plan of moving in with Jake (and Greenlee) until he could find a place of his own. He asked Dixie if it would be all right for him to still see JR once in a while. She assured him that he could. They sat down and had a heart-to-heart but it ultimately led to Tad asking her why they are putting off the inevitable...why aren't they thinking about ending things. Dixie tried to tell him how much she still cared, but Tad wasn't in the mood and abruptly departed.

Roger was cornered at the Valley Inn by Greenlee, as Erica and him were leaving for a picnic. Greenlee discovered that her father never bothered to fill Erica in on the fact that she was his daughter. Greenlee was very hurt and Roger only apologized to Erica, not Greenlee. Greenlee was very frustrated and ask her father, "What the hell did I do to you to make you hate me so much?" Roger informed Greenlee that he was not going to make a scene at the Valley Inn. Greenlee informed Erica that she better "watch her purse" and stormed out. Roger again apologized to Erica. Erica went on to badmouth Greenlee and tell him how loathsome she thought she was. Erica also asked Roger if Greenlee was right about him being after her money. Roger denied that it was his purpose with her and led Erica to believe that he was trying to get a better relationship with his daughter and to start a new life. Roger brought up his in-laws and how they constantly reminded him that they were better than he was. Erica shared her own stories and told Roger that she could certainly understand his point.

Leo went to see Bianca at Erica's house and asked if she remembered when he had followed her to that gay bar. He pointed out that Bianca must have really trusted him because she had confided in him about her secret of being gay. Bianca told him that she still trusted him and that she considered him to be one of her best friends. Leo asked Bianca why it was that she liked him, what he had done to make her like him. Bianca explained that he was her lifeline last fall. Leo confided to her that when he and his mother lived in Europe that they scammed people for money for a living and that they had come to the states for a specific purpose which was that Vanessa was going to befriend Erica in the hopes that it would lead to other connections. When that failed he explained, Vanessa brought him in to do the job, as it seemed to be a place for a man. He explained that his mother was really out for Palmer and that Leo was supposed to woo Greenlee Smythe, marry her and clean her out. Leo went on to tell Bianca that he wasn't going to hurt Greenlee or take her money, he was only concerned that she might find out what his original plan had been. He also let on to Bianca that he was afraid of his mother blackmailing him because she was so desperate since Palmer decided to go on vacation without her. Bianca told Leo to confide in Greenlee before his mother got to her first.

Laura interrupted Bianca and Leo's talk with news that she had been accepted at Pine Valley University. Leo departed and announced that he was going to talk with Greenlee. Laura invited Bianca to a letter burning shindig at the boathouse. They were going to burn all the "no" letters and celebrate all the "yes" letters.

Leo met up with Greenlee at the Valley Inn for dinner. When Leo asked Greenlee what was wrong, she clearly did not want to discuss it. Leo asked if it was her father again, and she said it was just the same old thing. Leo tried to broach the subject about what his true plans had been for Greenlee, but Greenlee interrupted him and made a spectacle because she thought that Leo was breaking up with her again, that he had changed his mind. Leo calmed her down and assured her he wasn't breaking up with her. Greenlee then confided in Leo about her run-in with her father and Erica. Greenlee told Leo to go ahead and tell her what it was he was going to tell her before. Leo warned her it was very big and kissed her.

Roger escorted Erica home. Erica told him she thought he was a bit complicated but that she wanted him to call her. Roger agreed to call her tomorrow and departed.

As the party got underway at the boathouse, Bianca chatted with JR who insisted he was doing fine now that Hayward was in jail. When Bianca continued to ask him questions, JR got upset and excused himself to get something to drink. When Bianca asked him what he thought they had to drink, JR retorted with, "'I'm sure they have age appropriate beverages." Meanwhile, Laura was seen buying and taking ecstasy.

Also at the party Heather and Mindy were conspiring with Shannon about planting ecstasy on Bianca. Shannon said that, "Bianca's mom is going to have to pick her up off the floor with a mop when I'm done with her."

Later while the party was in full swing, Laura confronted Bianca and told her how beautiful and wonderful she thought she was and how she had never told her those things enough in the past. Bianca was clearly embarrassed. Laura then told her how much she loved her and hugged her.

David was in his hospital room and the nurse informed him that she had given him stuff for the pain but that she felt they would have to operate. Jake explained his condition to him and went to call the ER to have it setup for surgery. After the others departed, Leslie entered the room. She took some unknown medicine and put it in a syringe and put it into David's IV. When David saw her and what she had done, he began to get weak from the drug that Leslie had given him. Leslie laughed as she looked down on him about how much she was going to enjoy seeing him die.



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