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Monday, April 9

Karen confronted her mom about the picture of her Aunt Caroline. She couldn't believe that she had never told her how much alike they looked. Her mother said that Karen was exactly like Caroline in every way, but her death was just too painful for her to discuss. She did reveal that Karen's precious locket once belonged to Caroline. Karen tried to get more out of her, but she needed to leave because she had become so upset.

Frank was surprised to learn that Cookie lived in Port Charles. He told her that he could help her better knowing that she lived in the same town. Frank asked Cookie for her phone number so that he could give it to Kevin and she could have someone to talk to. Cookie insisted that she didn't want to tell her problems to anyone but Frank. Frank reminded her that they couldn't be talking anymore and Cookie decided that she would handle things by drinking.

Eve couldn't believe that Ian was suggesting that they end their relationship. Ian was insistent that they could not be together with Arianna's blood on their hands, but Eve thought otherwise. Eve told Ian that she felt just as guilty as he, but she didn't think that it was worth ruining three lives over. She tried to get Ian to focus on getting Arianna well and to leave decisions about their future for later and he seemed to agree.

While Chris was examining Arianna, Denise asked him about the rumors she had heard of Ben's death. Not knowing that Arianna was awake, Chris confirmed the rumors of Ben's fall and said that he thought that such a quick death was too good for him. Arianna opened her eyes and asked what he meant. Chris told her that her brother was dead and

she replied by saying that she would soon join him.

Lucy and Serena packed for a big trip into New York City. Lucy was worried about leaving Kevin home alone because he was so upset about everything that had happened with Ben and Arianna. Kevin assured her that he would be fine.

While Frank was telling Cookie that drinking wouldn't solve her problems, Karen walked in. Karen was furious to find Frank still using the computer. She changed the subject and told Frank about her aunt, but couldn't hold his attention because he was too distracted by Cookie. Karen became even more angry and decided that since it was her computer she had the right to shut it down. Frank couldn't believe that Karen wanted to stop her from helping Cookie, but before they could finish their argument, she was called to the hospital.

Chris interrupted Ian and Eve and filled them in on what had happened in Arianna's room. Ian was absolutely furious with Chris for telling Arianna about Ben in her condition. Chris tried to explain that it was an accident, but Ian was in a world of his own.

Ian rushed in to see Arianna who was relieved when he confirmed that she was in no danger anymore. He showed her the scrapbook and told her that she would be able to fill it with as many memories of Port Charles as she wanted. With Eve looking on, Ian promised that he would make sure that Arianna got the life that she deserved.

Kevin got a phone call from the hospital asking him to meet Alan Quartermaine and was told that he would know what it was about. Kevin told Lucy that he had to go deal with a patient and wished her and Serena well on their trip.

Tuesday, April 10

Jack and Livvie spend a blissful night making love next to their campfire by the river. Eve suggests to Ian that his wife may be suffering more from the emotional trauma of the attack rather than her actual wounds. Meanwhile, a reporter sneaks into Arianna's room and presses her for details about her brother's demise. As Eve watches in alarm, Ian attacks the intruder and savagely punches him out. Startled to learn that an international incident is brewing, Alan receives notice from the State Department that GH is being sued for Ben's death. Ian asks Colleen to stay with Arianna until he can arrange for 24 hour protection. Watching Ian get worked up time and time again, Eve worries that her lover is teetering on the brink. Alan warns Kevin that he's about to become the focus of a lawsuit brought by the Shapour family. Karen confides to Eve how foolish she feels about the way she overreacted to Frank's obsession with Cookie. Arianna's lab tests reveal that she will die unless she receives a liver transplant. Jack declares his love to Livvie. Unwilling to let Kevin take the fall for Ben's swan song, Ian admits to Alan that he was on the roof when his brother-in-law died.

Wednesday, April 11

Alison walks in on Jack and Livvie making love. Hoping he's not too late, Frank brought Karen a peace offering and is greatly relieved when she reassures him with a kiss. Meanwhile, back at the garage, "Nellie" turns herself back on and displays Cookie's most recent message. Eve explains to Ian why an experimental drug may be his wife's last chance. A beaming Livvie confides to Alison how wonderful things have been between herself and Jack since they resolved their differences. Karen told Frank how close she feels to her late Aunt Carolyn even though they never met. Later, Karen and Frank decide to visit Carolyn's grave. Ian balks at treating Arianna with a drug protocol which has never been tested on adults. Kneeling by her aunt's tombstone, Karen wishes she could have had the chance to know the woman whose locket she wears. Ian accuses an astonished Eve of secretly hoping that Arianna will not survive. Alison bitterly lashes out at her grandmother, then is horrified when Amanda suddenly collapses at her feet. Drunk and depressed, Cookie sends a farewell message to Frank. Ian told Eve he's going to remove his wife from the hospital.

Thursday, April 12

Upset that he wants to take Arianna out of the hospital, Eve tries to convince Ian to listen to her professional opinion. However, the more she argues, the more he resents it and eventually accuses her of wanting Arianna to die. Outraged, she slaps him and then runs to Chris to seek a second opinion. Chris agrees with both Eve and Karen about moving Arianna. Frank returns to the room with the ripped apart computer to throw it away and is shocked to find Nellie has somehow sent him another message. He types on the keyboard and is shocked when Cookie responds. Worried, he asks her to meet him at Kelly's and then runs to tell Karen. Frank shakily reveals to an astounded Karen that he's still receiving messages from Cookie despite the fact that he ripped out all of "Nellie's" innards. Worried about Cookie's drinking, Frank told Karen he's arranged to meet the girl that night at Kelly's. She tries to convince him to forget about Cookie and when that fails to change his mind, states that she wants nothing to do with him if he meets with what could be a dangerous woman. Eve places a call to Alan. Alison is touched when she checks on Amanda who has suffered a very mild heart attack. She's surprised later to receive a key meant only for her.

Friday, April 13

At the bike shop, Alison puzzles over a key and an enigmatic note she received anonymously. Karen told Frank she's totally creeped out by the fact that he's still communicating with someone through a machine which by all rights shouldn't work at all. Meanwhile, an excited Cookie prepares to meet her new friend. In the hospital chapel, Ian prays for guidance as he wonders if he's made the right decision. Frank encourages a reluctant Karen to accompany him to Kelly's so they can both help a young girl in need. Though sympathetic to his colleague's plight, Alan urges Ian to think very carefully before he rejects the idea of using the new drug on his dying wife. Later, Ian surprises Eve when he agrees that the experimental protocol she's been promoting is indeed Arianna's best chance for survival. Alison's mysterious key leads her to a post office box which contains a bag full of cash. After Eve administers the drug, Arianna suddenly went into convulsions and suffers cardiac arrest.

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