Donn Swaby
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Harmony Presence
23 September 1999 to 2003)

At A Glance

Donn Swaby played Chad Harris, a young man from Los Angeles who came to Harmony searching for answers about his family. "Passions" marks Donn's first television series. He has appeared in the films "GI Jane", "Path to Paradise" and the yet to be released "Low Life" with Mario Van Peebles. His other television credits include "The Sopranos". Donn graduated from Boston University, School of Theatre Arts with a BFA in Acting and is proud of his ability to speak in many dialects including Northern Irish, British, French and South African.

Born in Queens, New York on August 20, Donn moved to Los Angeles from New York City when he won the role of Chad. Donn is a writer as well as an actor, having completed several screenplays, short stories and plays. His other hobbies include, rock guitar, juggling and dance, including modern, tango, waltz, jazz and ballet.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
Chad Harris
23 September 1999 to Present

The Sopranos
Guy on Bridge

In 1999, Donn appeared in commercials for Pontiac Sunfire, the U.S. Census and an Urban Scholarship.

Acting Portfolio: FILM

Raw Nerve

G.I. Jane
Yeoman Davis

Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Queens, New York

DATE OF BIRTH: August 20, 1973

EDUCATION: Graduated from Boston University, School of Theatre Arts with a BFA in acting.
Siblings: Younger brother Michael.
Family Origins: Both his parents were born in Jamaica.
Training: Donn is trained in circus skills, unarmed and armed combat, and dance including modern, jazz, ballet, tango and waltz. Miscellaneous

Favorite Food: French fries and pizza, in moderation.
Favorite Colors: Crimson, green, blues.
Favorite Song: Dreams by Van Halen.
Favorite Books: The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witch Chronicles by Anne Rice.
Favorite Movies: Raiders of The Lost Ark, all the Star Wars Trilogy movies, Glory, Fight Club, Somewhere in Time, Clockers, The Last Emperor, Goodfellas, Natural Born Killers, The Usual Suspects, The Bad Lieutenant, Living in Oblivion.
Favorite Bands: Van Halen (both versions), King's X, Led Zepplin, Def Leppard, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Extreme, Warrant, Ratt, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains and Creed, Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Anita Baker, John Williams, the Beastie Boy's, and hip hop.
If not an Actor: Rock star
Favorite Dance: Swing dancing
Favorite TV Shows: Sex and the City, The Practice, Oz and The Sopranos.
Fun Fact: In high school, Donn had his own band called Aftermath, where he sang and played the guitar.
Fun Fact #2: Has mastered many dialects including Northern Irish, British, French and South African.

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