Victor Newman sets Twitter ablaze, trends for more than 24 hours

Posted Saturday, August 28, 2021 14:22:44 PM

The stars have to align just right for something to go viral on social media. But in true Victor Newman fashion, the Genoa City mogul trended on Twitter without lifting a finger.

If you spend any time on social media, you probably already understand the concept of "trending." In short, a sudden increase in the number of social media posts about a given topic cause it to become a hot topic, thereby making it trend. Trending topics typically involve breaking news, someone doing or saying something controversial, arguments around the color of a piece of clothing, or a famous person passing away.

But it takes a true boss to start trending without lifting a finger.

That was the case Friday afternoon when "Victor Newman" started trending on Twitter. Initially, there was the typical dread involved in seeing a celebrity's name or character trending: Had something happened to Emmy winner Eric Braeden?

Moreover, Braeden hadn't made a single tweet in the previous 48 hours.

It turns out that the discussion about Victor Newman seems to have started with a post about how and why millennials might recognize a photograph of Braeden. "You spent a lot of time with your grandmother as a child," a tweet from Chris Evans read.

The tweet set off a whirlwind of posts, with many people reflecting on fond memories of watching The Young and the Restless with, yes, their grandmothers.

"Victor Newman raised me," one fan wrote.

Others ventured outside of Genoa City, Wisconsin, to talk about Braeden's memorable appearance as John Jacob Astor in the movie Titanic. Another went back even further than the 1997 blockbuster, recalling Braeden's role in a 1971 film.

Even the Soap Central twitter account jumped in the discussion with, "If you want our opinion, Victor Newman has been trending for 40 years."

Earlier this year, the 80-year-old actor was asked about his future with Y&R and whether or not he planned to retire.

"I feel very loyal to The Young and the Restless, very beholden to Victor, and very beholden to the audience who has supported us for all those years," he shares. "I intend to stay as long as I can."

Braeden originated the role of Victor Newman in 1980. He has received six Daytime Emmy nominations, taking home the Outstanding Lead Actor trophy in 1998.

UPDATE: Since our article was first posted, Braeden has returned to Twitter -- retweeting several posts from fans about Victor trending. The actor also took time to send a message of support to those who could potentially be impacted by Hurricane Ida.

What is your first memory of Victor Newman? What are some of the character's best moments from the past 41 years? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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