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Sharon Collins Rosales
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Actor History
Monica Potter
1994; recurring
Heidi Mark
1994; contract
September 7, 1994 to early 1995 [recurring]; 1995 to Present [contract]
Other Names

Sheri Coleman (alias)


Nick threw an 18th birthday party for her in September 1994, not knowing that she was actually 19 and a year older than Nick, making her date of birth September 17, 1975

Sep 2008 comment made about Nick's trust fund confirmed he was 35 years old, Sharon would have been 36

Presumed dead in a car accident April 15, 2011, but the body in the car turned out not to be hers


Owner of Crimson Lights Coffee House

Masters degree in psychology

Former victim liaison with Genoa City Police Department

Graduated from Genoa City University, psychology major

Volunteers on crisis intervention hotline

Formerly worked at Chelsea 2.0

Formerly worked with Dylan at Crimson Lights Coffee House

Former fit-model at Chelsea by Jabot (apparently never was called in to work)

Former mentor to the models at Jabot

Former vice president of research and development at Newman Enterprises

Former CEO of Newman Enterprises in Victor's absence

Former head of the new cosmetic line at Newman Enterprises

Former spokesperson for Newman's Beauty of Nature product line

Formerly worked at Restless Style magazine/webzine

Former spokesperson for NVP Retreats

Former spokesperson for Newman Enterprises Cosmetics Division

Former spokesperson for Jabot Cosmetics

Former co-owner with Nick of the Crimson Lights Coffee House chain


Her house on Newman Ranch, 421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B

Marital Status

Widow of Rey Rosales [Married: Dec 31, 2020. Widowed: April 21, 2022]

Past Marriages

Nicholas Newman [Eloped: 1995; re-married: Feb 19, 1996; divorced: Mar 5, 2007; Wedding: Oct 6, 2014 incomplete], Wedding: Oct 4, 2018 incomplete]

Jack Abbott [Married: Apr 23, 2007; divorced: Apr 10, 2009]

Adam Newman [Married: Dec 28, 2009; annulled Mar 17, 2010] (second engagement broken)

Victor Newman [Married: Jan 13, 2012; annulled a few days later; Remarried: Aug 3, 2012, (televised Aug 2); annulled]

Tucker McCall [Ceremony performed: Sep 27, 2012; invalid - papers unsigned, and Sharon's husband was not dead]

Dylan McAvoy [Married: Dec 11, 2015; divorced Jun 2, 2017]


Doris Collins (mother)

Unknown Name (father, deceased)


Cassidy "Cassie" Newman (twin daughter, with Frank; adopted by Nick; deceased May 24, 2005)

Mariah Copeland (twin daughter, with Frank, sold by nurse to Ian Ward at birth)

Noah Christian Newman (son with Nick; born 1997)

Unnamed daughter (with Nick; born 2001; deceased after premature birth)

Faith Cassidy Newman (daughter with Nick; born Sep 30, 2009)

Miscarriage (with Dylan; Aug 2015)

Sullivan McAvoy (son with Dylan, but was actually Sage's son Christian who had supposedly died; so Sully never existed)

Flings & Affairs

Frank Barritt (deceased) (lovers)

Matt Clark (dated; raped her in 1994; deceased)

Diego Guittierez (lovers)

Cameron Kirsten (lovers)

Brad Carlton (deceased) (lovers)

Jack Abbott (lovers)

Nick Newman (lovers)

Billy Abbott (lovers)

Adam Newman (lovers)

Sam Gibson (lovers)

Victor Newman (lovers)

Tucker McCall (lovers)

Wayne last name unknown (sex with a traveling salesman)

name unknown (sex with another traveling salesman)

Dylan McAvoy (lovers, 2015)

Scott Grainger (lovers 2017)

Nick Newman (lovers 2018)

Adam Newman (lovers 2019)

Rey Rosales (lovers 2019-2020)

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized after being struck by a car in Denver 1998

Occasional bouts of kleptomania brought on by stress

Lung poisoning by a crop duster

Institutionalized at Fairview Sanitarium for mental instability

Diagnosed as bi-polar [Nov 2012]

Underwent electro-convulsive therapy to stop hallucinations [Mar 2014]

Diagnosed with malignant tumor in breast, underwent chemotherapy, lumpectomy [Early 2020]

Crimes Committed

Moved a dead body to cover up a crime, presumed to be Cameron Kirsten, but was her daughter's father; no charges filed

Exhibited signs of kleptomania, stealing objects from people and stores

Arrested for the murder of Skye Lockhart Newman; sentenced to thirty years in prison; retrial was granted; charges were dropped (Nov 2011)

Escaped custody after sentencing; recaptured; given time-served

Arrested for assault of Nikki Newman (Jun 2012)

Destroyed her prenuptial agreement with Victor before it could be filed (Sep 2012)

Arrested for fraud, conspiracy, and giving false statements to the police after Victor disappeared (Sep 2012)

Arson: Burned down the Newman ranch main house (Oct 2012)

Followed Phyllis in a stairwell, fighting with her, caused Phyllis to fall; failed to get help (Jul 2013)

Arrested for the murders of Austin Travers and Courtney Stone; charges dropped (Apr 2015)

Charged with being a party to second degree intentional homicide of J.T. Helstrom and obstruction of justice; obstruction charges upheld, but sentence revoked after J.T. was captured alive (2018/2019)

Brief Character History

Sixteen-year-old Sharon Collins and her single, paraplegic mother, Doris, lived in Madison, Wisconsin, after being abandoned by her father. Sharon was somewhat responsible for her mother's crippling accident when Doris went out looking for Sharon in a snowstorm, though it was never fully explained. Sharon's best friend in high school was Grace Turner. When Sharon told her high school boyfriend, Frank Barritt, that she was pregnant after he had pressured her to have sex, he wanted nothing to do with her or his child. Sharon and her mother decided to give the baby up for adoption because they felt they were unable to raise her properly. The baby girl was adopted by Alice Johnson and named Cassidy.

Alice later abandoned Cassie to pursue a man, and left the child in the care of her elderly mother, Millie. Cassie loved Millie, but it was very difficult for a woman of her age to keep up with a young child, and Cassie had no friends but her dolls.

Sharon and her mother moved to Genoa City when Sharon was 18. Sharon was a sweet girl who worked a part-time job to help Doris make ends meet. Nick fell for Sharon at first sight, but since she was dating Matt Clark, he stayed with Amy. Nick ended up winning Sharon from Matt, who hated rich boy Nick. Nick and Matt got into a fight and Matt kicked Nick's butt. To get even, Matt raped Sharon. Sharon told no one but a therapist, who tried to help her deal with it.

Nick's mother, Nikki, objected strongly to Sharon, and believed her to be a gold-digger. Mother and son fought, and Nick moved in with his father. Unlike Nikki, Victor adored Sharon, and even paid for an operation for her mother, which Doris could not afford. When Sharon and Nick beat out Amy and Matt as queen and king of the high school senior Polynesian dance, Matt took revenge by telling Nick that his virginal Sharon had given up a baby for adoption when she was 16. Nick didn't believe him, and they got into a bad fistfight, and both were injured. Sharon admitted to Nick that it was all true, and Nick understood eventually.

Sharon and Nick were about to get married when Sharon admitted that Matt had raped her. Nick raced to Matt's apartment, only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood. The police arrested Nick, who thought Sharon did it. When Matt came to, he said Nick was the one who shot him. Nick was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Sharon and the Newman family were devastated.

Victor tracked down Amy who was suffering from a serious trauma. He was convinced it was caused by something that happened the night Matt was shot. Upon seeing Matt, Amy remembered she had shot him after he raped her. Matt fled, Nick was released from prison, and Sharon and Nick married in a small ceremony as a disapproving Nikki looked on.

Not long after they married Sharon "accidentally" got pregnant. Nick wanted to wait and tried to talk her into an abortion, but Sharon couldn't do it. Months later, Sharon fell on the ice and went into early labor. When it appeared that their newborn baby, Noah, was going to die, Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner, and Grace's boyfriend, Tony Viscardi, tracked down Sharon's first child, Cassie, to help Sharon ease the pain of her loss. They convinced her adoptive grandmother Millie to allow them to return five year old Cassie, to Genoa City to be united with her natural mother. But Noah lived, so Grace decided to keep Cassie until the "time was right" to tell Sharon. Grace fell in love with the engaging child, and kept the child's true identity to herself for over a year.

One night Nick was out partying with friends while Sharon stayed home ill. Grace was helping out by spending the night in the nursery, but was actually plotting to steal Nick. Nick arrived home drunk and made love to a willing Grace, thinking she was his wife. The next morning, when he realized his error, Nick panicked and swore Grace to secrecy.

When Cassie's true identity was revealed, Nick had a hard time accepting her. Sharon moved out, but their love for one another reunited them, and Nick began to love Cassie as his own. Cassie went to live with Sharon, Nick, and Noah.

Grace used her secret sex with Nick to get a job as Nick's assistant at Newman, and renewed her attempt to steal Nick from Sharon. Sharon was going with Nick on a business trip, but when Noah fell sick, Grace went instead. Nick was angry with Sharon, and allowed Grace to seduce him. Sharon showed up the next morning to surprise him, but was stunned to hear outside the door, Grace telling Nick that their lovemaking was incredible. Sharon moved out with the kids and would not forgive Nick for his infidelity.

When Cassie's adoptive mother, Alice Johnson, re-appeared and hired attorney Michael Baldwin to fight for the return of her "daughter," Sharon decided to take back the repentant Nick. Although Alice was about to win custody, Sharon and Nick were able to convince the jobless and flighty Alice that Cassie would be better off with them. Alice gave up her parental rights, and Sharon was awarded custody of Cassie. After a waiting period, Cassie legally became a Newman when Nick adopted her.

Nick and Sharon bought Crimson Lights Coffee House, the scene of their courtship, to keep it from going out of business and so they would have something to work on together. They later opened a second location in Milwaukee, and had plans for a third. The Nick Newmans were a happy loving family.

In 2000 the Newmans had a scare when Cassie tested positive for tuberculosis, but it turned out be inactive and was cured by antibiotics.

Matt Clark returned to town as Carter Mills, disguised by plastic surgery, and worked at Crimson Lights. He teamed up with Nick's old cellmate, Larry "Wartman" Warton, both bent on revenge, plus Matt still wanted Sharon for himself. Carter date-rape-drugged Tricia McNeil into sleeping with him, and used her to help set up Nick and put him in jail for selling drugs. Carter became a trusted employee whom they even considered as manager of their next franchise, and was Sharon's confidant while Nick was in jail.

One evening Carter was invited to dinner at their home, so he arranged for Nick to be very late. While waiting for Nick to arrive, Carter put a date-rape drug in Sharon's margarita. Nick arrived just in time as Carter was about to rape the semi-conscious Sharon. Thinking she had drunk too much, Nick sent Carter home and helped Sharon to bed. Weeks later Tricia caught Carter attempting to rape Sharon at a cabin in the woods where he had lured her, but Victor arrived and sent Carter running.

Tricia picked Carter up and drove off a cliff expecting to kill them both. She survived with cuts and bruises, but the evil Carter/Matt had severe injuries and was expected to die. Carter deliberately pulled out his breathing tube, committing suicide to make Nick look like a murderer. With his dying words, he viciously told Nick that he had raped Sharon on "margarita night." But Nick was exonerated of Carter's murder by the testimony of Tricia and Larry Warton.

Nick, finally out of jail and without the threat of Matt, lavishly romanced Sharon to help her get used to normal life again. Months later, Sharon realized she was pregnant. Both knew that if Matt had told the truth, the baby could be his. Nick demanded a paternity test, but Sharon decided the risk before birth was too great, so was willing to trust that it was Nick's and have her baby no matter what. During a fight about this, Nick knocked over a chair, slammed out the door in a huff, and drove off, creating a loud bang as his tire exploded against the curb at high speed. Fearful for Nick, Sharon ran for the door, tripped over a chair, and landed on her stomach. Her baby girl was delivered prematurely and later died. A paternity test showed the baby was indeed Nick's. Sharon was unable to forgive him for killing their unborn child due to his attitude.

Diego Guittierez seemed to be in the right place at the right time whenever Sharon needed a friend. Time after time, when Sharon was in crisis, Diego was there for her, but his intentions were always those of a friend. Just as there appeared to be hope that Nick and Sharon would get back together, Sharon caught Nick kissing another woman in the office at the coffee house and turned to Diego, but he rebuffed her several times. After one advance too many, Diego succumbed and made love with a needy Sharon, who was jumping to conclusions that Nick was having an affair with Grace. Instead, Nick whisked her away on a second honeymoon, sure that once they were alone, they would reconcile. Reconcile they did, but feeling guilty, Sharon had a hard time enjoying herself. Once they returned home, Sharon felt she needed to tell Nick the truth, but Diego gave his notice intending to leave town, and talked her out of it.

Diego and Nick's sister Victoria began an affair, much to Sharon's distaste, with all thoughts of leaving town apparently forgotten. One day, just as they were declaring their love, Sharon was admitting her dalliance with Diego to Nick. Nick took it very badly, beat up Diego, then called up Grace and let her sooth his bruised ego in bed. Victoria found out and broke up with Diego. All the Newmans took sides with Nick or Sharon as they told the kids they were separating once again.

After much soul-searching, Nick decided to give his marriage another chance. Delivering flowers and a present for Sharon, he paused at the window of their home to see Sharon kissing Nick's father, Victor. Furious, Nick called off any idea of reconciliation. When confronted, Victor took the blame, as a result of being on pain pills, although the mixed-up Sharon was once again coming onto any man who was nice to her. Sharon decided her life was a mess and she left town.

Cassie felt betrayed and angry with her parents after Nick brushed her off, being more interested in berating Victor than comforting his daughter. She wandered off and fell through the ice on the ranch pond. Nick finally realized she was missing a long time later, jumped into the pond and rescued Cassie. She was CareFighted to the hospital and was in a coma for days.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, Victor confessed to Nikki that Nick had caught him kissing Sharon. Nikki slapped Victor, and shouted, "How could you?" Cassie eventually recovered, Nikki blamed it all on Sharon, but forgave Victor. Sharon returned months later with a new resolve to not be trod on by any Newman again. Nick made up with her, though never forgave Victor. Cassie did not forgive Sharon for abandoning her. Suddenly Cassie's father, Frank Barritt, showed up in town and began trying to see her. Cassie wanted to know who he was, but her parents wouldn't tell her.

In late 2003 Sharon was shocked to realize that software entrepreneur, Cameron Kirsten, had arrived in town to make a deal with Newman, and Nick was handling it. It was revealed that while she was gone all those months, she had met up with Kirsten in a bar in Denver, they went up to her hotel room, and Sharon ended up having sex with him and being beaten to a pulp. Sharon had been afraid to risk her marriage by reporting it to the police, so she had stayed away long enough for her bruises to heal. Cameron began taunting and threatening Sharon that he would tell Nick about "their affair". On New Year's Eve, Cameron told Sharon to meet him at a fleabag hotel for another round, or else. Sharon met him, but refused to go through with it.

When Cameron attempted to rape her, Sharon clobbered him over the head with a champagne bottle. In a panic, she dragged him down the back stairs and hid his body behind a dumpster, and before long it was buried in snow. Cameron was declared missing, and Grace Turner arrived in Genoa City looking for him. It seems they were involved in a long-distance romance, and Grace was fraught with worry over his disappearance. Sharon had confided the events of New Year's Eve to attorney Michael Baldwin, who kept advising her to go to the police. Instead, knowing the desk clerk could identify her, and because it was beginning to thaw, she moved his body. Sharon made a wrong turn, ended up at a dead end between buildings in a seedy part of town, and was surrounded by thugs who wanted to rape her. She talked them into opening the trunk for a blanket, but they got scared and fled when they saw the dead body inside.

Sharon drove off into the night and ended up at a biker bar out by the lake. On the way out after using the restroom, Sharon ran into Grace, who hassled her about her appearance and her panic. Sharon finally took Grace to the back of the car, but the trunk was empty. Sharon made it home, but was still jumpy for days. Grace dropped by often, accusing Sharon of killing Grace's boyfriend. Sharon began to be haunted by the rotting body of Cameron. Then old friend Larry Warton, bruised, beaten, and just released from the hospital, paid her a visit and asked Sharon about the body. Sharon, relieved that she wasn't imagining what happened, and gratefully confessed the whole story. It seemed he had seen her arrive at the bar that night, popped the trunk, and taken the body and hid it for her.

Sharon was relieved when Larry promised to keep mum. But the haunting kept on, and the police started asking questions. Sharon thought she was going crazy and insisted Larry show her the dead body. Larry took Sharon, accompanied by mother-in-law Nikki, whom Sharon had confided in, down into the wet, stinking, rat-infested sewer, and found the body. Although she could identify the clothes as Cameron's, the face was too decomposed to recognize. Sharon continued to be haunted by Cameron and taunted by Grace until the body was discovered. Much to everyone's shock, the body turned out to be that of Cassie's father, Frank Barritt, who had stopped trying to see Cassie around New Year's Eve, so Sharon became the number one suspect.

After Cameron showed up at the Athletic Club, very much alive, Larry, Sharon, Michael Baldwin, and Nick figured out that Grace was helping Cameron with his plot for revenge on Sharon and convinced her to help them expose Cameron for setting up Sharon for Frank's murder.

Cameron escaped in his private jet with Sharon held hostage. Nick stowed away in the plane and jumped Cameron. They managed to get him into a parachute, and all three bailed out of the plane. Cameron landed in a tree, which broke his leg, but Nick and Sharon made him walk to civilization where they called the police and turned him over.

Their harrowing experience made it easier for Nick to forgive Sharon that time, but it didn't take long for Sharon to get back into her life and become bored again. One night, she followed Nikki to where she worked as an emcee at Marilyn's Cabaret. Finding a secluded spot, Sharon was fascinated watching their best stripper, Brittany (a.k.a., Marilyn) perform. Sharon began fanaticizing about doing the same, but once Nikki and Nick found out, they tried to point her ambitions in another direction to save her children embarrassment. Through Jack, Nick helped Sharon get a job at Jabot as spokesperson, and since Jabot was still in a bad financial situation, Nick was paying her salary under the table. Sharon later found out and quit, but Nick hired his wife away from Jabot to be spokesperson for the Newman cosmetic line.

Their daughter Cassie turned 14 and began to hang out at Crimson Lights with her 16-year-old friends, Lily Winters and Sierra. It wasn't long before she was trying to act their age, and was caught skipping school and accepting a ride home with an older boy unknown to her parents, so Cassie was grounded. She had a crush on 16-year-old Daniel Romalotti, but he and Lily were getting close, much to the disdain of their parents, who forbade them to see each other. Word was going around school about a secret party to be held in a park. All the older crowd was going, and Cassie just had to go, too; especially since Daniel said he would be there. She managed to talk Nick into un-grounding her for the evening so she could "go to a movie" with her long-time friend Ali. Sharon didn't go for it, but Nick persuaded Sharon to give in.

Cassie ended up at the party to find Daniel drunk on beer trying to get over being separated from Lily. The party ended late, and everyone left. Cassie, who had not been drinking, assured her friends she had a way home, then found Daniel passed out in the back seat of his convertible. Deciding he was too drunk to get home, Cassie took his keys and started the car, even though she had neither a lesson nor learner's permit. She crashed the car. Because both were thrown from the car, and neither remembered a thing, no one realized that Cassie had been driving. As soon as a bruised Daniel was able to leave the hospital, he was arrested and spent the night in jail. His mother, Phyllis, bailed him out, beside herself with the thought that the son she had lost for so many years could be taken from her again and imprisoned.

Back in ICU after brain surgery, Cassie was fighting for her life. There was hope, so long as infection didn't set in. Suddenly, Cassie sat bolt upright -- she remembered -- she had been driving! Daniel was in so much trouble, but she had caused the accident. Cassie got out of bed, pulled out her IV, donned her mother's trench coat, and staggered out of the hospital, intent on finding and telling Daniel. After several hours of worry by her family and friends, and searching by the police and detective Paul Williams, she somehow found her way to Crimson Lights. Lily and Daniel rushed to her as she was near collapse.

The exhausted Cassie attempted to tell Daniel the truth, but all she could get out was "crash." Someone called 9-1-1, Nick arrived shortly before the paramedics, and he accompanied her back to the hospital in the ambulance. Anxiously, her family held vigil while Cassie's fever heightened and Newman-financed specialists arrived, too late to help. Victor, Nikki, Victoria, brother Noah, and grandma Doris, who had arrived from her home in Eau Claire, sadly said their goodbyes and I love you's, and left her alone with Nick and Sharon. There was one last whisper in Nick's ear that it had not been Daniel's fault, as he chokingly sang her a lullaby while Sharon hugged her. Viewers saw flashbacks of the adorable child Cassie -- the light of their lives -- as Cassie slipped away.

The memorial service was touching, with Grace, Millie, and Alice conspicuously absent. Larry was said to be out of town, and messages were left for him. Victor, Nikki, and Sharon shared their memories. Noah placed Cassie's doll, Cindy, on her casket with a tear in his eye.

Sharon handled her loss by feeling responsible for letting Cassie go out that night and regretful for all the things Cassie missed out on in her life. The day after the funeral, Larry showed up at Sharon's door with comforting words about how lucky they were to have Cassie in their lives, and reminded Sharon that he held Cassie responsible for changing his life. He took Sharon on an exhilarating motorcycle ride to help cheer her up.

Nick returned from tracking down Daniel Romalotti, whom he held responsible for his daughter's death. Sharon was thrilled to welcome Nick home. Then Christine approached them and asked for the clothes Cassie was wearing the night of the car accident. Nick withheld the evidence, only intent on seeing Daniel pay.

Daniel went on trial for vehicular manslaughter, where Christine and Paul failed to prove that Cassie was driving the car. But in a last-minute save, Nick turned over Cassie's clothes from that fateful night. The boot she was wearing matched a piece of a heel found under the accelerator. The judge determined that Cassie was driving and let Daniel go free.

While Nick was still angry over his daughter Cassie's death, Brad made plans with Sharon for her return to Newman working with him on the Beauty of Nature project. Nick and Sharon grew further apart while apparitions of Cassie haunted them both. Sharon grew closer to Brad and his daughter, Abby, and was named spokesperson for the "Touch of Nature" line. They had a close call with intimacy when in Denver on a business trip, but Sharon was dedicated to working on her marriage.

Phyllis came up with an idea to create wellness spas under the Jabot umbrella. She asked Nikki to join her with her anti-aging product, and Victor agreed to fund the project, joined the partnership, gave them an office in Newman Towers, and they called it NVP after Nikki, Victor, and Phyllis. Sharon signed on as spokesperson for NVP.

After his declaration of love for Sharon was rebuffed, Brad instead asked Victoria Newman to marry him and she accepted, although Brad and Ashley were not yet legally divorced. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis Summers became attracted to each other, and had an affair. Sharon found out and they were separated. Unfortunately for Sharon, Brad went ahead and married Victoria. Sharon went to Brad for comfort, and they ended up having sex on a business trip to NYC. But after Daniel walked in to find his mother and Nick half-naked on the couch, they decided to call off their affair. After Nick had a vision where Cassie showed him how he imagined life would be had she not died, including a new baby girl named Faith, Nick showed up at home, and Sharon took him back. Nick and Phyllis continued to be thrown together by business, and they ended up stranded in New Mexico. They stopped at a Pepe's Roadhouse, danced, and had a great time. The attraction was great but they resisted and spent the night separately.

Then Phyllis turned up pregnant and broke it to Nick that it might also be Jack's, so Nick took a paternity test. When he received the test results he disappeared to think about his options. He returned a few days later, and informed Phyllis that he was the father, but that he intended to stay with Sharon and his family. Phyllis was disappointed, but insisted she could raise their child alone. Nick told Sharon the pregnancy news. She decided she didn't want Nick to stay out of obligation, ran out of the office screaming divorce, and ended up in the parking garage pounding the steering wheel of her SUV. Brad discovered her there, and his consoling turned to heavy making out. Sharon saw Nick watching them, but continued on with Brad.

After Brad confessed, Victoria confronted Sharon about kissing Brad, then fired her. Sharon went running to Brad, who sent her on a mysterious errand to deliver a red tote bag to a car downtown for him. Brad's daughter, Colleen, confronted him with what she knew about his mysterious past, and accused him of kidnapping J.T. Brad explained his past to Colleen, then hustled her and Abby off to the private jet, where they met his mother, Rebecca, and were jetted to safety in Hawaii. Meanwhile Sharon arrived at Brad's to find the door ajar, and, being mistaken for Brad's wife, was kidnapped and held captive with J.T. in Cleveland.

Brad received a call from the kidnapper telling him they had Sharon. Victoria and Brad went back to Newman, and brought Nick and Paul in on the case. Nikki volunteered to take Noah away on a mini-vacation to see her sister, Casey, to keep him safe and oblivious to the fact that his mother was missing. Brad had to explain his past as George Kaplan to everyone, and also explained that the kidnappers wanted an artifact called the Grudgeon Reliquary. Then J.T. was dumped on Brad's doorstep as a warning. After they wasted days trying to track down the Reliquary on the Internet and through art dealers, Victoria decided to create a fake using two other similar Grudgeon pieces. They took the fake to Cleveland, and Nick met the kidnapper and his henchman for the exchange at a church.

Meanwhile, misled by the kidnappers, Brad, Paul, and J.T. were converging on the shipping crate where Sharon had been held which was booby-trapped with explosives. They disarmed it in time, then arrived just in time to rescue Nick and Sharon as explosives attached to Sharon were about to detonate. Brad ended up fighting with the bad guys, and killed them both after the head guy admitted he was Oscar Volkmann, son of the commandant who was executed after Brad's mother's testimony. All arrived safely back in Genoa City and vowed, for everyone's safety, to never tell what went on.

Nick and Sharon divorced with joint custody of Noah, and Sharon received their house in the settlement. Nick and Phyllis moved into the renovated tack house on the Newman Ranch so Nick could be close to his son. Sharon and Jack Abbott began having an affair. After an attempt to get married prior to the six-month waiting period was turned down by the judge, Nick and Phyllis eloped back to New Mexico at Pepe's, and returned to Genoa City married, and looking forward to the birth of their daughter.

In April of 2007, Sharon told Drucilla that Phyllis was blackmailing Sharon over her affair with Brad Carlton. When Sharon and Phyllis began fighting on the edge of a cliff during an NVP photo shoot, Dru intervened. When they all lost hold of the cell phone they were fighting over, they lost their balance and fell backward. Dru sailed off the cliff into the river below, and Sharon was left hanging onto the edge for her life. Phyllis tried to save her, but Sharon lost her grip and also fell to the river below. Rescuers combed the area and found Sharon's lifeless body, but she was revived. Dru was never found. Only the jacket she wore was found below the falls, so she was presumed dead.

As part of a plot to bring down Jack, Victor convinced Jack to run for the Wisconsin State Senate. Nikki was in on it, but in her anger at being passed over as a board member of Newman in favor of Neil, she decided to run against Jack. In what appeared to be a political move at the time, Jack and Sharon were married at the ranch, with Noah as best man.

Victor and Sharon were scheduled to fly to Clear Springs, then Jack was going in Victor's place, but had to cancel. So Sharon and Nick ended taking the trip instead. On the return trip, the Newman jet went down in Lake Michigan with no survivors. Sharon surprised everyone when she walked in on the Newmans and Jack just after they'd gotten the news. She was just as shocked to hear that her taking another flight had saved her life, and that Nick was missing and presumed dead. It was later suggested that the jet might have been sabotaged.

Nick turned up lost in the woods, found by internist, Logan Anderson, and was taken back to Genoa City and his family. But Nick lost his memory of the previous two years of his life, including his marriage to Phyllis and their baby, Summer. Remembering only his love for Sharon, Nick tried to win her back, even though she was married to Jack. But Sharon, though tempted, wasn't interested. Nick began seeing Phyllis, curious as to why he ever hooked up with this person he remembered not even liking very much. When Noah started acting out for Sharon, Nick agreed to move back in with Phyllis so Noah could live with them. Nick did not regain his memory, but it didn't take long for him to fall in love with Phyllis all over again.

One day everyone in Genoa City seemed to be at Clear Springs when its underground parking structure and casino collapsed, trapping several of them inside. Sharon, Jack, and Nick were there to scout for a photo shoot. Nick was knocked out, and Jack pinned by debris, but Nick awoke and got Jack free. Sharon's leg was sprained, but they managed to find an opening in the rubble. Jack levered it open so that Nick and Sharon could escape, leaving him there still trapped. While waiting for rescue, Jack wrote a note to Sharon, confessing how much he loved her. Sharon and Nick walked out of the rubble, asking rescuers to go back for Jack. The rescuers said it was too dangerous, that methane was escaping and about to blow up, so Victor went in and rescued his worst enemy. Sharon and Nick were relieved when Noah emerged on a stretcher. Noah later had his spleen removed as a result of his injuries.

Jack and Nick decided to start a new Internet and print magazine. They asked Phyllis to join them, and Sharon requested to work with them later. They named it Restless Style. As Victor predicted, the first edition of Restless Style did not do as well as expected, but later issues made it very successful. But Jack's success-by-any-means business style with Sharon's undying support was making it impossible for the two couples to co-exist, so they let a coin flip decide who would buy out the other. Jack and Sharon won, giving Nick and Phyllis a price to buy them out or take the same price to leave. Knowing Nick didn't have the funds, Sharon visited Victor and asked him to give Nick his job back at Newman. But Victor surprised them all by giving Nick a line of credit for the buyout instead. Nick's first act as advisor to Newman was to rehire Sharon as their Beauty of Nature spokesperson.

In June 2008, Noah went away to summer camp at age ten, and returned in August 15 years old. Noah took an interest in Eden, who was Michael Baldwin's half-sister, and persuaded her to go on a French class trip to France. Sharon arranged to meet Noah in Paris at the end of the class trip so they could spend some time together there. Nick happened to arrive in Paris too to help find his missing father, and ran into Sharon, so he showed her around Paris. Phyllis arrived in Paris to surprise Nick but he was off with Sharon. So Phyllis supervised a Paris photo-shoot for the magazine, then went sightseeing; one of the sights being Nick and Sharon kissing on a bridge. They had gotten caught up in the moment, and that was as far as it went. Phyllis took the next flight home and did not mention to Nick that she was even there. After witnessing the kiss in Paris, convinced that Jack and Sharon's marriage was on the skids, Phyllis did all she could to keep Sharon from falling back together with Nick.

Phyllis approached Brad to let him know the field was open for him again, and if he needed any help, she was willing. Brad found Sharon at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, and worked on getting her back himself. Phyllis then arranged for Sharon to find out some more of Jack's lies, causing a further split between them. Phyllis was forced to admit she'd been in Paris when the Paris photo-shoot came out in print, and she told Nick what she saw there. Nick apologized and assured Phyllis that it was just a moment between him and Sharon, and that Phyllis was still the only woman for him.

Jack and Sharon were having marital problems, the same ones that broke up Jack and Phyllis, as Jack was always more interested in "getting Victor" than in his wives. Sharon had caught him in so many lies that he was on his final chance at saving their marriage before the truth about he and Adam's forging Victor's diary came out. That was the last straw, and she and Noah moved to the Genoa City Athletic Club. Nick and Phyllis celebrated New Year's Eve 2008 there, and, seeing Sharon alone, Phyllis called Brad to go be with her. Jack saw Brad and Sharon going into her room together, and went home to bed alone, his world fallen apart thanks to his own lies. Jack was served with divorce papers.

In late January of 2009, Sharon went up to the Abbott lake house to be alone and think about what to do with her life after divorce papers were served on Jack. Brad showed up and declared his love, but Sharon sent him away. On the drive home, Brad had car trouble, got out, and heard the screams of Noah Newman who had gone skating with Eden and fallen through the ice. Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, then fell through himself and drowned.

Colleen and J.T. found Brad's car about the same time that Noah remembered and told Victoria that it was Brad who rescued him. J.T. and Colleen heard a boy playing on the ice scream as he discovered Brad's body showing through the ice. J.T. checked out the situation and had to deliver the bad news to Colleen. Colleen and Abby were both devastated by the news of their father, and Victoria and Ashley commiserated over the loss of their former husband.

Meanwhile Nick made it through the snowstorm to the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to let Sharon know what had happened to Noah. Just as Phyllis had suspected when she begged him not to go, Nick and Sharon ended up stranded there together, reminiscences got the best of them, and they made love in front of the fireplace.

A Jewish service was held with the immediate family, his daughters Colleen and Abby, and his ex-wives Traci, Victoria, and Ashley. Brad's mother was unable to attend. Sharon visited the grave alone, told Brad she always loved him, and thanked him for saving Noah's life.

Nick admitted it when Phyllis guessed about his night with Sharon. He thought about his options for a few days, but decided that Sharon was his past, and Phyllis was his future. Days later when Nick apparently didn't remember or care, Sharon decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary getting drunk on shots at a bar. Billy Abbott was there, also drunk, so the two of them hooked up and spent the night together in her hotel room. Sharon began to experience blackouts where she picked up random objects from other people's houses, then later wondered where they came from. After checking out at the bookstore, Sharon added books not paid for to her bag. Eden arrived with Noah, Noah left with Sharon, leaving the bag of books on the counter. Eden grabbed them to take to Sharon and was caught by the security system and detained for shoplifting, then the police were called.

Meanwhile Sharon visited her mom in the hospital, and Doris recognized the same behaviors Sharon had as a teen over the guilt she felt when Doris became paralyzed. She asked Sharon if she wasn't feeling similar guilt over Brad's death, but Sharon denied it. Back at the bookstore, after Lauren and Michael had no success getting the owner to reconsider pressing charges, Eden was arrested, and later given into Michael's custody at juvenile detention. When Sharon found out what happened, she had no recollection that she was involved. Sharon continued her affair with Billy Abbott to try to ease the pain of her guilt, while Billy was supposed to be playing the doting father and living with Chloe and their daughter, Cordelia, to help her maintain custody.

Phyllis caught Sharon and Billy together and threatened to tell Jack and Nick about their affair. Sharon broke down, phoned Billy, and called things off. Jack arrived and she fell into his arms, ashamed and troubled. Jack asked her to return to him, and said he would forgive her anything. Sharon asked him to just keep her safe from the rest of the world, and Jack promised he would. They made love and Sharon moved back in with Jack. Nick and Noah were both perplexed with Sharon's flakiness when days later, Sharon inexplicably decided to move back to the club.

Eden and Noah took off together for the Abbott cabin at Twin Lakes to be alone and have sex for the first time, but they reconsidered and had left by the time both Sharon and Nick got there to stop them. Once again, Sharon and Nick fell back into the old attraction and had sex there themselves. Nick admitted to Phyllis what had happened, and suggested they separate until he could decide whom he really wanted. They arrived home to find Eden and Noah having sex on their couch. Nick spent the night at Victoria's, and Phyllis went crazy in Sharon's hotel room, screaming and cutting up Sharon's clothes.

Phyllis discovered Sharon's stash of stolen items, and notified the police. When Sharon arrived back at her room, she was arrested for theft. Jack bailed her out, Nick accused Phyllis of setting her up, and Victor decided it was time Noah lived with him. Nick and Phyllis split up for a time from the fallout, then just as they got back together in time for their anniversary, Phyllis was caught on hotel videotape and arrested for trashing Sharon's room. Sharon had a confession written up ready to give to Assistant D.A. Heather, but thanks to Phyllis' plea for Noah's sake, Lauren dropped shoplifting charges against Sharon, so Sharon dropped charges against Phyllis.

Sharon told Doris that she was pregnant and there were three possible fathers. Later, Cassie appeared to Sharon in a dream saying the baby girl she foresaw on her deathbed was Summer. Sharon tried to tell Nick that she was pregnant, but was interrupted, then told Jack, who confided in Billy, not realizing that Billy was the third potential father. Jack told Sharon he wanted her back and the baby, whoever the father was, so they reconciled. Jack had to dump Mary Jane, but she was conniving to get him back by getting Sharon involved with Nick again.

Memorial Day 2009, the anniversary of Cassie's death, found Sharon and Nick still grieving, and Nick finally feeling remorse for not being there for her back then. Sharon tried to avoid Nick, but they ended up running into each other at Cassie's grave, where emotions ran high. Nick referred to Cassie's prophecy of another baby girl, causing Sharon to admit that she was pregnant and it might be his, which Phyllis overheard. Phyllis lambasted Jack for letting that happen, and, because she overheard Sharon say that Jack knew everything and he forgave her, she asked Jack how he could forgive Billy for being the third possibility. Jack was shocked and later attacked Billy for it. Sharon admitted to Jack that Billy might be the father of her baby, while Nick admitted to Phyllis that Sharon was pregnant and it might be his. Jack was understanding and loving, even though it ruined his relationship with his brother.

Phyllis reacted calm and accepting, and gave Nick an ultimatum to choose between her and Sharon. Sharon made an appointment for a paternity test. Nick remembered the wonderful parts of his life with Phyllis, comparing them with memories with Sharon. Sharon walked in and they kissed passionately, with Nick saying he was leaving Phyllis, wanting to be with Sharon. But Sharon turned him down, saying that she and Jack were back together and raising the child, and could not break up their family. Despite that, Nick went home and told Phyllis that it was over.

Later, at the athletic club, Nick emerged from his room, caught Sharon going down the hall, convinced her that they were meant to be, and they again made love. Meanwhile, Phyllis was pouring her heart out to Jack, and they ended up making love, as well. Nick told Phyllis to go ahead and file for divorce, that he would not fight her on anything, and Phyllis replied, "You want it so bad, get it yourself!"

Sharon and Nick went house hunting and found the perfect home on Rampart Lane. Sharon got the paternity test results back and was ecstatic that she and Nick were expecting Faith, the daughter that Cassie predicted on her deathbed and in Nick's dream. But after seeing Nick so distraught over his daughter Summer being in a coma, Sharon realized that he needed to be there for Summer and Phyllis, and not run off with someone else like he did over Cassie, so she told everyone her baby was Jack's. Out of her coma, Summer’s obsession with watching the video of her parent's wedding made Nick realize how much he really loved Phyllis and wanted to stay together, even marry her all over again. Meanwhile Sharon admitted to Jack that Nick was really the father of her unborn baby, and Jack refused to forgive her for lying to him. Sharon watched from the bushes as Nick and Phyllis renewed their vows. Later Sharon walked out of the jewelers in a daze with a duplicate of Phyllis's new wedding ring, was arrested and institutionalized for 30 days for mental observation. Her mother Doris visited her and questioned why Jack, the father of her baby, had not been by to see her, causing Sharon to admit that Nick was the real father. Later as Doris left, Sharon opened her door and cautioned Doris not to tell anyone, but Nick was outside and overheard. After Doris was out of sight, he returned, confronted Sharon with the truth, and she admitted it. Nick told Sharon he could not walk away from his child.

Ashley was convinced by Jack to check in to the same mental hospital where Sharon was. Adam followed with Dr. Taylor in tow. It wasn't long afterward that Sharon went into labor, and with no obstetrician on-staff, Dr. Taylor was enlisted to deliver her baby. Ashley went into "labor" for her hysterical pregnancy, and begged Adam to deliver her baby in her room. He gave her a drug that knocked her out. Meanwhile Dr. Taylor delivered Sharon's baby girl. Adam snatched her out of his arms, and when Ashley awoke, Adam handed her Sharon's baby as her own. Dr. Taylor was forced to deliver the news to Sharon that her baby had been born malformed and had died. The baby was cremated, so by the time she told Nick there was no way to prove differently. Adam's guilt began drawing him close to both Ashley and Sharon. Sharon decided it was time to move on and rented Brad and Colleen's vacant house from Jack, and Noah moved in with her. Adam and Sharon became romantically involved and impulsively flew off to Lake Tahoe on the Newman jet and got married. The jet crashed on the way back, and as they were going down, Adam showed Sharon a note that said that her baby was still alive. They survived the crash, but Sharon suffered a head injury, and didn't appear to recall the note. Nick punched Adam when he found out about their marriage, accusing him of taking advantage of Sharon to get back at Nick. Adam moved in with Sharon and was getting along rather well with Noah.

After a fire at the Carlton estate, Sharon accepted Ashley's invitation to move into the Newman ranch with her, with Adam knowing he would be uncomfortable living with the two women whose baby's he had switched. That same day Dr. Taylor showed up, telling Adam that he was going to tell them the truth. Adam followed him, and they fought in front of Jimmy's Bar. Phyllis happened to walk by just as Adam shoved Dr. Taylor, causing him to fall in front of a moving car and be killed.

Phyllis did some investigating of Adam and Dr. Taylor's past in Boston, and found out about Dr. Taylor's sexual assaults of his patients. She and Ashley compared notes on Adam, and Ashley realized that he was the one who was gas-lighting her to drive her insane, then threw Adam and Sharon off the ranch. Sharon, despite Ashley and Nick’s warnings, stood by her man, Adam.

Because it was inherited by Abby at Colleen's death, Ashley was notified that the fire restoration of Brad's mansion was completed, and she and her daughters moved back in. Adam, afraid that all his lies were about to catch up with him, tried to talk Sharon into moving away, and asked Tucker to make him Vice President of European Operations. Sharon was finally convinced by Skye's diary that Adam was lying, left him, and took Ashley up on her offer to move back to Brad's mansion. Then Sharon began to realize that her baby had not really died at birth, and was determined to get her back.

Meanwhile Jack joined forces with Victor to take Adam down if Jabot could be returned to Chancellor. They plotted to get Sharon to lure Adam to the Abbott cabin, and with all he had wronged in attendance even including Rafe and Heather, they confronted Adam with what they knew. Adam played innocent even after Phyllis arrived with a deathbed letter Dr. Taylor had dictated to the ambulance EMT meant for Ashley. The letter told Ashley that she had had a miscarriage months before and a hysterical pregnancy afterward, so never gave birth that night. Ashley remembered falling down the stairs, and realized it had to have been caused by Adam. Everyone realized that her baby Faith was really Sharon's. A DNA test later proved it, and Ashley reluctantly gave Faith to Sharon. Everyone went home leaving Adam with Victor, Nick and Jack, but fearing they would kill him, Adam escaped into the woods and fell down a ravine. He was hospitalized and arrested claiming insanity and that he had been kidnapped by the Newmans and Abbotts.

Adam escaped from psychiatric evaluation and showed up in Sharon’s room at the Athletic Club in costume while the annual charity masquerade ball went on in the dining room below. Sharon got him to admit to accidentally causing Ashley’s miscarriage and getting Dr. Taylor to switch their babies, then Nick arrived, and Adam escaped out the window. Sharon and Nick rushed in to the ball telling the police that Adam had just been there, as Sharon got a call from Adam demanding to meet her in the basement or "people would get hurt". Everyone went to the basement in search of Adam. Then an explosion rocked the building sending them running for the street. Victor and Jack rescued Jill and Kay who were trapped in the restroom, and Nick rescued Phyllis, then Sharon and Faith who had gone back upstairs. It was revealed that a gas line had been cut and a body burned beyond recognition found nearby. The body was later identified as Adam by DNA, and lack of smoke in the lungs proved that he had been murdered before the fire. Suspects included Sharon and several others, but Nick was arrested.

Phyllis and Sharon helped to prove that a missing Minneapolis man, Richard Hightower, had been the man who was costumed identically to Adam at the ball and had died. They found a mask in the cornfield where Adam’s cab had dropped him the night of the ball. But a crop duster dumped pesticide on them causing Sharon lung poisoning. Nick arrived and got her to the hospital in time to save her. Victor found Adam in São Paulo, Brazil, and with Sharon's help, returned him to Genoa City where he was locked up in a mental facility.

Adam escaped and discovered that Sharon had taken Faith to get away to the Abbott cabin. He attempted to get in, scared her, and she shot him in the arm with a gun that Nick had left for her protection. Nick arrived, called an ambulance, and Adam was taken to the hospital where he recovered and exonerated Sharon as having been understandably scared, not knowing it was him.

After Victoria moved in with Billy, and because Adam would not stop pursuing Sharon, Nick asked Sharon to move back to their former house at the ranch. Phyllis and Nick divorced, and Nick began spending a lot of time with Sharon and their baby Faith.

In mid-October 2010, a storm was brewing, so Adam begged a ride home with Sharon and Faith from Crimson Lights. Hearing that a tornado was heading right for them, they got out of the car, got soaked, and took shelter in a barn. Adam made Faith a nest in the hay and covered her with his clothes to keep her warm. The tornado approached, shaking the barn, and causing the doors to fly open. Adam and Sharon struggled to hold the barn doors against the wind as Nick discovered Sharon’s car overturned. Once the doors were secured, the barn started breaking apart, and Adam dove to protect Faith as a beam fell from above. Sharon pulled off the debris and found Faith alive and well, thanks to Adam’s protection, but he was hurt. Nick showed up at the barn as Adam got to his feet, wincing from the pain in his leg. Adam recovered with new determination to become a better man.

Once Phyllis and Nick’s divorce was final, Nick and Sharon became lovers again. After spending a few days alone with Sharon, Nick decided to move back into their former home with her. He asked Sharon to marry him again, giving her the engagement ring from the first time they were engaged in their teens, and she accepted. But after Sharon discovered a bracelet in her purse that she had apparently stolen from Fenmore’s, she began to have second thoughts. Sharon returned the bracelet to Lauren, and left town to think things over. Sharon ended up in New Orleans with Adam following her, Nick and Michael following him, and Phyllis following them. Sharon strolled the French Quarter, had her fortune told at Marie Laveau’s, and ran into Adam as she toured a cemetery. Sharon was swept away by Adam again as he romanced her with dinner at Oak Alley Plantation, where they ended up spending the night making love. Sharon was convinced that she was meant to be with Adam, until the next morning when they came upon a carousel that reminded her of Cassie. She told Adam that the night the spent together was just a fantasy, and that she belonged with Nick and their children. Then Nick and Michael arrived with a marshal who took Adam into custody for questioning in the murder of Skye Lockhart. When Nick discovered that Sharon was with Adam by choice, had spent the night together, and was still defending Adam, he broke things off with her.

Back in Genoa City the next day, Adam was questioned by Ronan Malloy, and Sharon was questioned as well, for a possible conspiracy to get rid of Skye so they could be together. Sharon believed in Adam’s innocence, so she hired Vance’s associate, Leslie Michaelson, to represent Adam. Noah, Michael, and Ashley couldn’t believe Sharon would do such a thing after what Adam had done to Sharon in the past, and Nick decided to sue for custody of Faith rather than his daughter being anywhere near Adam. Nikki suggested Sharon protect her children by leaving town with Adam and never coming back. When they returned to the athletic club, Adam and Sharon were thrown out, so they rented a sleazy hotel room.

Phyllis published a cover story titled 'Sharon Newman the Heroine Addict', which exposed her penchant for always doing crazy things to mess up her life, then needing to be rescued. The latest being her love for Adam who had deceived her, kidnapped her baby Faith, and told her that Faith was dead. Even Sharon’s son Noah had to agree that the story was pretty spot-on. Sharon ended up in a catfight with Phyllis over the article at Kay’s Christmas charity event for children, and both of them ended up covered in chocolate from a chocolate fountain. Adam and Sharon uncovered a freight elevator security camera photo from the night Skye supposedly was killed which showed two people under an umbrella, and Adam recognized Skye’s purse and shoes. They dared Phyllis to help them prove Adam’s innocence for an exclusive. Phyllis and Jack instead discovered a sack behind a dumpster that contained Skye’s same purse and shoes, which only further incriminated Adam and led to his arrest for suspicion of murder.

In their quest to prove that Skye was still alive, Adam and Sharon located the only supplier of Skye’s favorite Galibier perfume in Monaco, who had just shipped an order to a post office box in Hawaii. Sharon flew to Hawaii, but the proprietor of the general store where the box was located claimed no knowledge of Skye, even though he had just spoken to her. Knowing Skye’s craving for adventure, Sharon took a guided moonlight hike on an active volcano. Skye was there alone looking very plain with no makeup and braids, and they met when Sharon was separated from her group. After Skye refused to return home with Sharon, Sharon took a photo as proof that Skye was alive. But Skye reached for Sharon’s camera, lost her footing and fell into the volcano. Sharon held on to Skye and promised she would not let her go, but Skye lost her footing and fell to her death with her final words, “I would not bet on that.” Victor watched unseen in the dark, doing nothing to help. Sharon was unable to convince the authorities that Skye had ever been there, and Victor made sure when he found her glove and tossed it into the volcano. Meanwhile, Victor set Skye’s shack on fire. Later, back in Genoa City, Adam and his attorney, Leslie, believed Sharon, but the police assumed she had made up the story as an attempt to free Adam.

Posing as a surfer, Jack went to Hawaii hoping to find evidence to prove that Victor was involved in Skye’s death. No one would admit to seeing Skye, but Jack found Skye’s burned shack, and in it the remains of a bottle of Galibier perfume. Later Jack saw someone turn in a set of keys found on the volcano with the mailbox key the perfume was delivered to, and the same key ring Skye had had been photographed holding in a Newman elevator security tape. The evidence got Adam released from jail and cleared of all charges in Skye’s death. But after Adam moved in with Sharon at her house on the Newman ranch, and Sharon was still awarded shared custody of Faith, Victor made sure that Sharon was arrested for Skye’s murder in Hawaii. Then he later inexplicably posted her half-million dollar bail anonymously. Sharon realized she was in serious trouble after being confronted with a video taken by tourist at the volcano that night which included only the part of their conversation when she yelled at Sky and told her she would pay for setting up Adam for Skye’s supposed murder. Phyllis had second thoughts after she posted the video on the website, knowing that Sharon wouldn’t have killed Skye, and she and Jack offered to help her prove that she was innocent.

Ashley confronted Sharon about living with and forgiving Adam after all he had put them through, saying she would never have handed over Faith if she had known that she would allow Adam near Faith. When Adam arrived Ashley left, saying maybe it was karma that people wouldn’t believe her now, just as they hadn’t believed Ashley when she was under Adam’s influence.

Because Adam knew Skye’s habits and the passwords she always used, he was able to locate her offshore bank accounts, and being her next of kin by marriage he had acquired all the money Victor had paid Skye to play dead. Adam approached Jack with a deal to resurrect the Newman Fund again. Jack had bought up most of the shares when they became worthless, so he knew that he stood to make a lot of money. Jack called Adam a lowlife bastard, and Adam called Jack a sanctimonious jackass, then they agreed to become partners. They agreed that Sharon and Phyllis were not to know.

Phyllis and Jack in Hawaii, discovered that the general store owner, Koa Aneko, had suddenly come into a lot of money and left the island. Then they found a guy who sold them a video showing Victor lurking in the shadows as Skye fell to her death.

Adam chose the Valentines puppy love benefit to ask Sharon to marry him again, and she accepted, while Nick looked disgustedly at them from across the room.

Victor was desperate to make sure he did not lose the breach of trust lawsuit brought by Victoria, Abby and Nick, so Victor made a deal with Adam. Adam was to claim that he had forged their new trust agreements during the time when Victor was supposedly dead and Adam had control of Newman. In exchange, Victor drew up a new trust agreement for Adam, and Victor guaranteed Adam that he would not be prosecuted for the forgery, and that Sharon would be freed from the murder charges.

Adam testified at the hearing, but Sharon later talked him into backing out of the deal. When Victor found out, he threatened to expose that Adam had been making it look like Skye was still alive in an attempt to clear Sharon. Then Nick talked Adam into leaving town instead to both avoid Victor and to reunite Sharon with her daughter Faith.

The next day, Neil testified that when Adam was in charge at Newman, Neil had kept Adam from accessing anything that would have made the forgery possible. The judge awarded Abby, Victoria, and Nick five hundred million dollars each, and ordered Adam arrested for perjury.

Meanwhile Adam had tracked down Koa and left on a plane for Bangkok, Thailand where he found Koa in a beach bar. Adam couldn't trick Koa into telling him about the night that Skye died in Hawaii, not even he after telling Koa who he really was and what he knew. So Adam paid the bartender to get Koa drunk, then Adam followed him to his hotel. After Koa passed out, Adam searched his room, and found a video of Skye's death. As he turned to leave, Koa hit him over the head and knocked him out.

Back in Genoa City, Paul had located Adam for Sharon. Because she was still out on bail and could not leave the country, Sharon got a fake passport in her daughter's name and boarded a plane for Bangkok with Phyllis following her. Phyllis watched unseen as Sharon was arrested and removed from the plane, and Phyllis continued on to Bangkok convinced that Sharon was going there to meet Adam.

Adam awoke minus the camera, returned to the bar looking for Koa, and ran into Phyllis who informed him that Sharon was back in jail and there was a warrant issued for his arrest for perjury. Adam explained what had happened with Koa, and they went back to Koa's room to look for clues and to wait for him to return. Finding a pair of weighted dice, Phyllis and Adam tipped a bellman to find a crap game where Koa might show up, and he did. Meanwhile Sharon's mother, Doris, visited her in jail to tell her that she was through standing by her, that she had hit rock bottom since falling for Adam. Sharon's murder trial began with the famous Vance Abrams as her attorney.

Adam returned to Genoa City where he testified about the video at Sharon's trial, but no one believed him, and Sharon refused a plea bargain. Phyllis stayed in Thailand and bought every memory chip she could find that would fit the camera. She returned with them to Genoa City where she enlisted Malcolm's help to try to find and retrieve the video from one of the erased memory chips.

Sharon was found guilty, but Adam arranged an elaborate escape for her from the courthouse. After subduing her guard in the restroom, Sharon escaped out the barred window which Adam had left cut for her. Using the fake ID, a car, clothes, and hair dye Adam supplied, Sharon stopped to see Doris, who tried to talk her into giving herself up. Then Sharon headed for Sedona, Arizona, where she would eventually meet Adam. Meanwhile, Adam led Phyllis and Nick on a wild goose-chase in St. Maarten.

Sharon called Adam to let him know that she had arrived and was waiting for him at a hotel. But the more Sharon thought about her situation, she decided that everyone would be better off without her, and wrote apologetic goodbye notes to Adam, Noah and Faith, leaving them behind as she drove away. Later Sharon was carjacked by a man and a woman and left alone on the road. Later, the car wrecked out, the female occupant was killed and badly burned, and Sharon's ID was found nearby.

Adam got on a ferry to St. Barts, but got off leaving Phyllis and Nick while he went to Sedona to meet Sharon. Stranded together on a romantic island in a luxury hotel Nick and Phyllis made love while agreeing that it was very wrong.

Adam arrived at the motel in Sedona, found the notes that Sharon had left, and was disheartened to realize that she had run away. Meanwhile Sharon made it to a diner and bought a sandwich with her remaining money. Adam heard a radio broadcast announcing the accident and that fugitive Sharon Newman had been killed. Adam went to accident site, watched and cried to think that the love of his life was gone. Relatives and friends in Genoa City were horrified. Adam identified the burned body by her engagement ring, her body type, dyed hair color, and clothes.

Adam broke the news to Doris, who gave him hell until he showed her the goodbye letters that Sharon had left, which convinced Doris that Sharon had really loved Adam. Doris told Adam that she would take care of the funeral and that he was not welcome. Victor flew to New York City to retrieve Noah. Jack and Billy gave the Newmans hell, accusing them of sitting back and letting Sharon become yet another victim of Victor as he tried to get even with Adam.

Meanwhile Sharon heard the news, made it to a ranch in the New Mexico desert, where she spent the night in a barn. The owner, Veterinarian Sam Gibson, woke her up, and she told him her name was Sheri Coleman. Sam told her that she could stay and asked her to assist in birthing a lamb which Sharon named Fanny.

Back in Genoa City, Adam was threatened with arrest for aiding a fugitive. Adam felt guilty for causing Sharon's death by talking her into escaping, and pled with his dead mother Hope to look after Sharon and tell him how to go on without her.

Noah and Doris planned a lovely funeral for Sharon, Nick gave a touching eulogy about her being the first love of his life and Sharon being together with her daughter Cassie now. Adam, who had been barred from the funeral, climbed up the church's arbors into the bell tower, and interrupted the service. He told everyone there how they contributed to the death of Sharon by how they treated her and to Victor that he didn't help her when she needed him.

Adam made a deal with Victor to give him the goodbye letters that Sharon had left for her children if he would get all charges against him dropped. But once Detective Spencer Walsh saw the letters, he declared Sharon's death a suicide. Adam inherited Sharon's house on the Newman Ranch house in Sharon's will and continued to live there to further plague the Newmans.

Meanwhile, Sharon as "Sheri," was disturbed when she saw the suicide posts on the Sharon Newman Faceplace memorial page. But she agreed to stay on at Sam's ranch to assist in his veterinary practice.

Doris asked Nick and Adam to help when Sharon's life insurance would not pay due to her suspected suicide, so they went to San Pueblo, New Mexico, to try to convince the authorities that Sharon's death was an accident. Afterward, Nick flew back home, while Adam waited for the forensic expert at the county fair where Sharon, Sam, and the young neighbor girl Piper Sheffield just happened to be. Sharon spotted Adam and listed to him tell the forensic expert how hard it was to get over her death, as the expert confirmed that evidence showed that Sharon's "death" had been accidental. After Sharon left with Sam, Adam was approached by the man who had carjacked Sharon who asked if he was sure that the dead woman had been Sharon and not his missing wife. The man later showed up at the ranch looking for his wife, but did not get to see Sharon to recognize her.

Sam was falling in love with "Sheri" and asked her out on a date. But Sam showed up very late and uncharacteristically drunk because his old dog O'Keefe had died. Sharon tried to comfort Sam and they ended up making love. The next morning Sharon wrote Sam a letter telling him about her messed up life, then tore it up before he awoke. Instead of leaving as she intended, Sharon agreed to move in with Sam.

Back in Genoa City, Noah, Nick, Faith, and Doris met on a bridge to drop Sharon's ashes into a creek that she loved. Meanwhile Adam, still trying to clear Sharon's name, found the correct erased memory chip that once contained the video of Sharon attempting to save Skye. That same day in New Mexico, Sharon was recognized by the carjacker and arrested while attending a barn dance with Sam. Sharon was extradited back to Genoa City, and her family was shocked to hear that she was still alive. One by one they visited her in jail, Nick told her she was selfish and washed his hands of her. Noah was at first resentful that she could abandon him and Faith, but Eden talked him into going to see his mother where they hugged and reconciled. Adam arrived, elated to see that his Sharon was alive, and let her know that he understood why she let them all think she was dead. But later when Adam returned he caught her and Sam in an embrace and realized that Sharon had not been faithful to him. Feeling betrayed, Adam threw the memory chip that would have vindicated Sharon into the creek where they had dropped the ashes. Victor came to Sharon to help and verbally attacked Sam for trying to get something from them, but Sam was able to convince Victor that he had been the one to take Sharon in, and had fallen in love with her. Later after Sharon begged Adam for forgiveness, she sent Sam back home, but Victor asked him to stay. Noah was devastated when Adam later told him there was nothing found on the memory chip, and that there was nothing Adam could do to help Sharon.

Sharon was convicted to serve thirty years in prison without parole. Both Leslie and Phyllis figured out that Adam was withholding the evidence that would clear Sharon, and Phyllis wrote an article exposing him. Sam confronted Adam, telling him that he had better hand over anything he had. D.A. Spencer offered Sharon a deal to stay in the local jail until her appeal if she would sign an affidavit saying that Adam helped her escape from jail. Adam told Sharon he still loved her, and asked her to remarry him, but instead Adam backed out in the middle of the jail house ceremony just to humiliate Sharon. Victor hired famous New York lawyer, Avery Bailey Clark, to handle Sharon's appeal. Phyllis was shocked when she met her, looked her up on the Internet, and realized that she was her younger sister who idolized her that she had left behind when she ran away from home as a teenager. Phyllis went to Avery and told her she wanted her past to stay in the past. Then Phyllis admitted to Michael that Avery was her sister, and he helped her get through preliminary questioning by Avery for Sharon's retrial. Avery had to admit to Sharon her relationship to Phyllis, but Sharon agreed to keep Avery on as her attorney.

Adam wouldn't admit it, but Avery realized that he had destroyed the memory card. Avery got Sharon a new trial by coercing the D.A. with proof that he had knowledge of two jurors posting online about her trial. After Adam's surgery to restore his eyesight was successful, he went to the prison to tell Sharon, but she rejected him. Avery overheard and tried to convince Adam to do the right thing and help Sharon go free.

After excellent opening arguments from both sides, Sharon's retrial began with Adam as the first prosecution witness. Adam testified to Sharon's infidelity with Sam, and how she had abandoned her children. After Adam said he didn't know if Sharon may have killed Skye, Avery read him the transcript from the first trial where he had defended Sharon saying that she went there to prove Skye was alive to save him, not to kill Skye. Avery made Heather look so bad, that Walsh the D.A. offered Sharon a deal. Although Sharon could have been assured of serving only 18 months more, she refused to admit to killing Skye and turned down the plea bargain.

Victor offered to testify that he had helped Skye fake her death and secluded her in Hawaii, knowing that he could face charges himself as a result. Avery and Sharon finally got through to Adam that he was being unreasonable by not helping Sharon when he knew that she was innocent. Without the memory chip, Adam thought it would help to setup Heather by getting her drunk and having Ricky take compromising photos of them kissing in Adam's room, which Avery could use to get a mistrial. Ricky showed the photos to Phyllis in hopes of landing a story and a job with Restless Style. But once Ricky got to know Heather better and realized that she had grown up without their father too, and was quite psychologically damaged from her abusive stepfather, he declined to sell them, and only gave the photos to Avery as a last resort to save Sharon.

Meanwhile, Phyllis spotted a memory chip on Ronan's desk in the evidence dredged from the creek for the Diane Jenkins murder case, and they played it. Just as Avery was about to expose Heather to get the mistrial, Ronan and Phyllis burst into the courtroom, and were allowed to present their evidence. After hearing the audio of Sharon trying to save Skye, the judge left it up to the D.A.'s office. Heather dropped the charges against Sharon, and Sharon was given time served for the escape and set free. Sharon thanked Ronan, but Phyllis made sure that Sharon knew it was she who had found the chip, twice, and had saved Sharon. Noah took Sharon home, Nick brought over Faith and left, and Victor had dinner with them. Sharon told Adam she would never forgive him for withholding evidence that kept her in jail for months, and despite Adams plea that they would never be over each other, Sharon told Adam that she never wanted to see him again. Victor let Sharon take his jet to take Faith and surprise Sam in New Mexico.

Sharon stayed a few weeks, and Nick brought Summer to visit them at Thanksgiving. But Sharon returned to Genoa City after Adam called to tell her that Victor had confessed to killing Diane Jenkins and Adam had witnessed it.

Sharon visited Victor, refused to believe that he was guilty and asked Avery to do some investigating. Adam apologized to Sharon and tried to give her back her engagement ring. Trying to help Victor, Sharon played up to Adam to get him to trust her and confess that he did not witness Victor murder Diane. Nick walked in on them, and told Sharon that she would have no visitation with Faith if she got back together with Adam, unless at his place under his supervision. Sharon vowed that she would fight Nick for custody.

Although Michael and Sharon tried to talk Victor into stopping what he was doing, and Avery tried to find more evidence, Victor's arraignment was rescheduled. But as the judge accepted Victor's guilty plea and had sentenced him to 25 years to life, a drunken Nikki broke into the court room and confessed, but no one believed her.

Nick told Sharon that the only way she would get time alone with Faith again would be to get a restraining order against Adam. Sharon had a heart to heart talk with Adam, where he admitted that he still loved her, but agreed that Faith had to come first. Adam recalled that his mother, Hope, had given up Victor for Adam's sake. Sharon got the restraining order, only to have Adam show up at her home that evening, and she welcomed him into her bed. The next morning, with the restraining order in affect, they parted with no regrets, just before Nick arrived with Faith.

On New Year's Eve 2011, Sharon visited Victor at the prison, and Victor asked Sharon to marry him, giving her a ring that Michael had hidden under the visitor's counter. Meanwhile, Deacon was getting suspicious, but he gave Nikki enough information that she excitedly went to Victor to let him know what she was doing to set him free. But Nikki walked in the visitor's room just as Victor had given Sharon the engagement ring. Nikki saw the ring and accused Sharon of gold-digging by manipulating Victor into marriage. Victor assured Nikki that it had been his idea, and that he wanted Sharon because she was young and beautiful. Nikki left in tears after telling them that they both destroy the people who love them, and deserved to be together. Nikki went to Katherine's for solace, but still refused to divulge what she was up to, only saying that she had been a fool to let Victor hurt her once again. Meanwhile, Victor sat alone thinking back to the first New Year's Eve he and Nikki had shared, mumbling that he was still there for her, and always would be.

Adam spent New Year's Eve alone getting drunk at Jimmy's Bar, and then showed up at Sharon's despite the restraining order. He told Sharon that he was broken inside without her, that there must be some way to be together where she could still keep Faith. As Adam hugged Sharon, he saw the engagement ring Victor had just given her. Word spread of the potential engagement, with everyone coming down on Victor and Sharon, and Nick took back Faith.

Victor called in a favor from a judge for an emergency hearing for Faith's custody, and even though her instability was demonstrated by her engagement to her children's grandfather, she was awarded joint custody. Nick assured Sharon of selling herself to Victor to get control of Faith. Afterward Adam approached her, expecting that now they could reunite, but instead Sharon had Adam arrested. Sharon agreed to marry Victor, and they were married the next day.

Adam decided to sell Beauty of Nature and proposed a deal to Tucker to help him outbid Jack in exchange for a job at McCall. Then Jack offered to top any offer, with the bonus of giving Adam the satisfaction of allowing both of them to get back at Victor. As Victor's new wife and under his instruction, Sharon cast the deciding board vote to allow Beauty of Nature to be sold. It turned out that Tucker had made a deal with the SEC, to avenge the things that Adam had done to Ashley in the past. Tucker was helping Victor set up Adam to be caught guilty of insider trading by the SEC as Adam was to call Tucker with the amount of the high bid, for Tucker to outbid and win. But Sharon discovered what was going on, and that Victor was only using her. Torn between her loyalty to both, she finally decided that she was sick of all the manipulation, and Sharon warned Adam that he was being set up. They made love under the glare of Victor's portrait in his office, while Adam told Sharon how much he loved her and thanked her for saving him once again. Meanwhile Victor, after being released from prison, was making love with Nikki at the ranch. The next morning, Michael told Victor that Adam had escaped the setup, and that Victor had lost Beauty of Nature. When the bids were opened, Jack's fiancée, Genevieve under the name of FMN holding company, emerged as the new owner of Beauty of Nature. Victor expressed his disappointment in Sharon's loyalty to Adam, and had their marriage annulled. When Adam refused to sign Victor's proffered letter of resignation, Victor assigned him to an office in the men's restroom.

Adam found Patty Williams hiding in the Newman potting shed, and tried to stop her from leaving. Patty threw insecticide in Adams's face burning his eyes and blinding him again, then clubbed him over the head with a board. Sharon later found Adam, called the police and they got him to the hospital.

Sharon sat at Adam's beside in the hospital where he lay still blinded, and promised not to leave his side. Adam said that he had finally gotten his much deserved karma, and promised to change and make amends if he could only regain his sight. Sharon begged Victor to be there for his son, and Victor refused, but secretly called in a specialist to help. Adam's retinal implant specialist was flown in, but both doctors gave little hope that Adam would ever see again. After hearing the news, Victor took Sharon aside and offered Hope's farm in Kansas, which he still owned, for her and Adam to get away. Sharon told Adam that she had rented it from the new owner, and persuaded him to go there to recover and get away from everyone who hated him.

Adam admitted to Sharon that although he felt at home in Kansas, he had never been comfortable with other people outside the farm. Then Adam Wilson had become a Wall Street success, but once he became Victor Newman Jr. everything had fallen apart. Adam hired someone to look after him, asked Sharon to stop taking pity on him, and guilted her into going home to Faith. Feeling depressed after he sent Sharon home, Adam was visited by the spirit of Hope, who was still blind. Hope reminded Adam that he had inherited her honesty and integrity as well as his pride and ambition from Victor. Hope told Adam that she wanted him to become self-reliant and strong rather than alienating everyone from his life, offering her spirit and strength of will for Adam to reply on. Nick met Sharon at the airport where she spent some time with Faith, but she decided to go back to Adam. Nick was understanding, and said he would bring Faith to Kansas to see her any time. Adam greeted Sharon warmly, and told her couldn't live without her, and they spent the rest of the afternoon making love. Afterward Adam gave Sharon Hope's wedding ring, which she accepted but said that she could not wear it. That evening Sharon went to town for food, got caught in a winter storm, and had to turn back. Meanwhile Adam heard the horses, smelled smoke, discovered that the barn had been hit by lightning and was on fire. Adam called 911 and was told that firemen were unable to get there due to flooding. Adam managed to find and connect a fire hose, turn it on, and Sharon arrived to find that he had managed to put out the fire and save the horses with minimal damage to the barn even though he was blind.

Adam had an epiphany, saying that his mother had raised him right, and he had turned his back on all that to be a part of Wall Street and Newman. Determined to make his mother and Sharon proud, Adam wanted to return to Genoa City with Sharon with Faith and him get a do-over. Adam went to Victor to make amends, saying that he could not undo all that he had done, but he could choose not to be the person that he was. Adam convinced Victor to hire him back at Newman, saying that their mutual love of Hope was enough to find something between them worth saving. But after it was disclosed that Adam had been the one who had broken Patty out of the sanitarium, then had known and told no one that she had been back in town, both Sharon and Victor wrote Adam off as hopeless.

After losing Beauty of Nature to Genevieve and Victoria agreed to become CEO, Victor offered Sharon a job at Newman developing a new organic cosmetics line. Sharon turned it down because she felt that it was not a good idea working with Nick, but Victor talked her into it. When Victor told Nick that they would be working together, Nick refused, saying he was not interested. Nick told Sharon that Newman was lucky to have her, to go ahead and take the job, but without him because he didn't want to ruin what he and Phyllis had again. But when the new line and Sharon's position came before the Newman board, the board saw no reason to rebuild something they had just sold, and nixed Sharon due to her scandalous reputation and lack of experience. Adam arrived late and gave insightful reasons for starting the new line, but the only way to keep the board from giving the line to Adam was for Nick to step in and offer to work with Sharon. Thanks to Adam's vote and some unscrupulous board member manipulation by Genevieve as a favor to Victor, the line was approved and Sharon was put in charge.

Both Jabot and Beauty of Nature became focused on getting an exclusive deal with Mitsukoshi, the largest department store chain in Japan, so Jill traveled to Japan. So did Cane, Victor and Genevieve. Nick and Sharon arrived, and Sharon met with Mr. Mitsukoshi himself and secured the exclusive rights for Newman even though they had no product yet, because of their prior relationship when she had been the Beauty of Nature spokesperson.

Once back in Genoa City, Nick and Sharon began working together on the new product line. Victor managed to secure a deal with Genevieve to buy back Beauty of Nature, but Nick and Sharon accused him of selling them out once they found out that Genevieve had become head of Newman Cosmetics, and she was their boss.

Victor was without Nikki and Sharon was without Nick, so Sharon and Victor were drawn together again. In May 2012, Noah returned to Genoa City. Finding out that his mother was now seeing his grandfather, Victor, Noah told her that it was her life, and he would accept it. Since Noah needed a place to stay, Eden asked Noah to move in with her platonically. Victoria publicly shared her disgust to Victor and Sharon about their being together romantically, taunting Sharon that she was only Victor's "flavor of the week". In retaliation, Sharon privately told Victoria that she had slept with Billy the night before his marriage to Chloe. Victoria confronted Billy who convinced her that it was all part of his lurid past, and reminded her that he had changed. Victoria called Victor and told him about his new girlfriend's indiscretion, so Victor asked Sharon to leave his home without explanation. But it wasn't long before they reconciled, and Victor gave Sharon a beautiful black horse. Nikki found out and showed up to ride the horse first out of spite. Sharon and Nikki wound up in a cat fight, and each had the other arrested for assault. Victor told Nikki to get out and never come back

Although Sharon was enjoying the pleasures of being Victor's arm candy and how it tormented Nikki, she was visibly upset when she overheard Adam and Chelsea announce their engagement.

Adam took Chelsea to a bed and breakfast in his hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas, to elope, surprising her with the traditional something old, new, borrowed, and blue and a selection of wedding dresses. When Sharon found out, she took the next plane there too, telling Victor that she was going to New York City to talk to Noah about Victor's offer for her to move in with him. Instead, Sharon was at Hope's farm when Adam arrived alone. She told Adam that she still loved him, and tried to talk him into ditching Chelsea for her. Adam refused, saying that Chelsea was the only one who "got him", the hick from the farm. As an homage to Hope, Chelsea and Adam were married in Hope's kitchen the next day. Meanwhile Victor discovered Sharon's lie, tracked her down and berated her in Kansas. But he later forgave her, and Sharon moved into the guest room of the main house at the ranch. Ashley advised Sharon about Victor's priorities, telling her from her own experience that it was futile to compete with Nikki, whom he will always love no matter what he says.

As Nikki and Jack prepared for their wedding, Victor took Sharon to Las Vegas, and they were married on the jet. They showed up at Abbott Manor as Nikki was about to walk down the aisle, and told her of their marriage. Nikki said that they deserved each other and threw them out. With renewed assurance that she was doing the right thing, Nikki and Jack were married.

That same evening, Victor went horseback riding with Sharon, took off ahead of her, left his horse in the stables, and disappeared. With Victor off again on one of his "walk-abouts", Sharon had been abandoned on her wedding night. Sharon got drunk and caused a scene at Jack and Nikki's reception, and Nikki pushed her in the pool to sober up. After discovering that Sharon was doing nothing to find Victor, Nikki notified the police, and Nikki and Buck, the ranch hand, searched the trails and found Victor's cell phone. Feeling vindictive, Nikki sent Sharon a text saying "Marriage was a mistake. It's over." Sharon became livid with Victor, and found the pre-nup she had signed. Good as it was for her, it stated that she got nothing if the marriage was brief, so she burned it and told Avery she knew nothing about a pre-nup. Viewers saw Victor wandering the docks at the port of Los Angeles.

Jack arranged a honeymoon surprise, but Nikki declined due to Victor's disappearance. Jack called it unacceptable, so Nikki left Abbott manor, and flew to Hope's farm in Kansas in search of Victor.

Avery tried to get Sharon to sign a post-nup document assuring the board that his new marriage would not create a strain in the organization in Victor's absence. After talking to Tucker, Sharon refused to sign. Tucker informed her that she had power that they were trying to take away. With Tucker's help behind the scenes, Sharon arrived at the emergency Newman Board meeting, and citing a pertinent court decision, she used Victor's proxy rights to take over the company as CEO. Nick and Victoria were livid, but they attended a press conference with stoic faces as Sharon announced that she was now in charge. Sharon called off the search for Victor being conducted by Newman security, and Tucker hired Genevieve to find Victor. Meanwhile Tucker made more plans to take over Newman in Victor's absence, buying up stock at failing prices and continuing to set Sharon up to fail by suggesting she fire Nick, but she didn't. Because Abby dissed Sharon on RSTV, Sharon had her banned from the ranch and Newman towers, and made arrangements to donate Abby's two horses to a charity farm for children in Louisville.

At Gloworm, Chelsea excitedly broke the news to Adam that she was pregnant, and was overheard by Sharon, who wished them well, then went home to the ranch and tore up the place. The next day she called in an interior decorator, intent on redoing the ranch house.

After a favorable interview became a hatchet job in the press, Sharon accused Nick, who called her a brat and she fired him. An emergency board meeting was held, and they voted to ask Sharon to step down, but Tucker exposed himself as her puppet master by suggesting that the board support the new CEO with their experience. Afterward, Tucker returned to Sharon's office, where Sharon threw herself at him. Tucker stopped her, saying they had to keep their relationship to business to succeed.

Sharon began stealing items from stores and people and put them in a marble-topped box. She stole concert tickets from Summer's purse to add to her stash. Victoria found them, and she and Nick took Sharon to court to try to convince the judge to remove Sharon as CEO because of her mental instability. The judge made Victoria interim CEO, and gave Sharon 24 hours to go to Fairview and get clean bill of mental health to get her CEO position back. Afterward Sharon showed up at Tucker's, who carried her to his bed. When Adam showed up later, Sharon appeared in the bedroom doorway in her underwear and Tucker's shirt. The next morning in his bed, Tucker helped Sharon to decide to go to Fairview.

Meanwhile Victoria rehired Nick, and the board approved an agreement that she and Nick could not be fired without board approval. Newman stock began to climb until Sharon was reinstated, then it tanked again. According to plan, Tucker bought more shares of Newman under dummy corporations.

Meanwhile in L.A., several dock workers were injured and Victor was declared dead in an explosion. Billy returned to Genoa City and delivered the news during a news conference that Sharon had called. As news of Victor's death spread, Newman stock plummeted, family members began to grieve. Tucker kept buying stock, expecting that he could get Sharon to step down, name him CEO, and Newman and its stock would then flourish. Sharon identified the burned body as Victor, although it wasn't him, convinced that Victor had faked his "death". The family was livid to discover that Sharon had sent the body to be cremated immediately. Tucker convinced Sharon to marry him and run Newman together. Sharon arranged a quickie memorial service for Victor and texted his friends and family members to be there.

Victor suddenly returned from L.A. where he had ended up after being thrown from his horse and without his memory since his and Sharon's wedding night. Finding Nikki weeping at his grave, they reunited. Afterward, Victor walked in on the wedding of Sharon and Tucker, and told her to get her things out of his house. Victor's friends and family were thrilled to see him, and he held a press conference to assure the world that he was alive and back as CEO and chairman of the board of Newman. Nikki and Victor spent the night together, as Sharon had moved back into her house on the ranch. The next day, Sharon's mother Doris showed up at Sharon's door, and tried to convince her that it was time to come home and live with her. But Sharon felt entitled to payback from the Newmans for all they had put her through, and refused to leave. Later Victor discovered that Sharon was suing him for abandonment, so he arranged for Avery to press charges against Sharon.

On Faith's birthday, Sharon was arrested for fraud, conspiracy, and giving false statements to the police. Tucker visited Sharon, saying he was sorry and that he cared about her, but she turned him away. Victor confronted Sharon, reminding her that she had destroyed the pre-nup, called off the search for him when he was missing, fired his employees, and tried to injure him, his company, and his family. Sharon reminded him of "all that we meant to each other for 20 years, that she was the mother of his grandchildren." Victor replied, "I am through with you", and walked out. Avery produced a copy of the pre-nup and a statement from the witness that Sharon had signed it, and Victor filed for an annulment. Sharon was freed on bail, and offered a deal of a one-half million dollar fine and three-and-a-half years in prison. Sharon told her attorney, Leslie, to pursue the abandonment, that there would be no annulment, and that she would fight like hell to get what she deserved.

Tucker told Jack and Genevieve to "give it their best shot", and Jack called the SEC and turned Tucker in. Tucker in turn, went to Victor and offered to give him Beauty of Nature in exchange for Sharon's freedom. After some thought, Victor accepted so long as Sharon would give him an immediate annulment and drop the abandonment lawsuit. Sharon gave testimony to the SEC against Tucker, but after Sharon discovered what Tucker had done for her, she recanted her testimony. Victor found out that in his absence, Sharon had sold a number of his shares of Newman; enough that he was no longer the largest shareholder and at risk of takeover. Jack and Tucker joined forces and Jack took over Newman. Blaming Sharon, all the Newmans attacked her. Sharon got drunk and had a breakdown at the ranch, hearing and seeing visions of Nikki and Victor attacking her, so Sharon tearfully called Adam for help. Sharon set the ranch house on fire, Adam arrived and rescued her from the burning house, and it burned down beyond saving. While Nick and Nikki watched it burn, Adam took Sharon to her house, promised her he would fix everything, and didn't tell anyone what she had done. Arriving home late and smoky, Adam told Chelsie his car had broken down and burned. The next morning, Adam found Sharon walking among the ruins of the house. When Adam secreted her away to a cabin on the lake on his property to protect her, Sharon realized that she had to have burned down the ranch house. After the fire was ruled arson and Sharon's bracelet was found in the ruins, everyone began to suspect her.

Sharon told Adam she was not going to ruin his marriage, that he needed to tell Chelsea that he was hiding her out. Sharon left to tell Victor what she had done. Finding Jack in Victor's office, Jack thanked her for driving Newman into the ground, to allow his hostile takeover. Adam arrived and whisked her away to the cabin again where she ranted about being a failure at everything and begged Adam not to leave her. Chelsea discovered Sharon, and after hearing Adam's explanation, agreed to allow Adam to keep Sharon hidden while Sharon saw a psychiatrist. Sharon was diagnosed as bi-polar, and told that with medication she could return to normal. Noah and Faith came to visit Sharon, and Noah convinced Sharon to come home with them. Because Adam was still at her beck and call, Chelsea threatened Sharon to stop, or Chelsea would expose Sharon as the arsonist. After consultation with her doctor, Sharon called things off with Adam, saying that she was done interfering with his life.

Nikki surprised Victor with the redecorated penthouse, and they threw a cocktail party to celebrate their new home. Victor invited Adam as bait for Nick and Victoria to fight for Newman. Sharon arrived uninvited intending to confess and apologize. They gave her such a hard time that she freaked out, and Victor yelled at her to leave. Adam followed her, leaving Chelsea behind. Hoping to get Sharon out of Adam's life, Chelsea told Victor and Nikki that Sharon had burned down the ranch. Nikki confronted Sharon, and Victor told Sharon that she needed to seek treatment elsewhere. Interviewed by Victor's investigator, Sharon said she was in Chicago that night, but admitted she had no receipts or proof. But the proof turned up later, arranged by Adam.

Adam told Sharon about the deal he made with Victor to help him get back Newman so that Victor would not be coming after her for arson. Adam also admitted that his marriage was over because Chelsea had betrayed him by telling Victor about the arson. Sharon told her therapist that she feared being with Adam now that he was available again, and Dr. Watkins told her that Adam was dangerous, to trust her instincts. Sharon later rebuffed Adam's advances. Feeling ready to get on with her life, Sharon interviewed with Cane, wanting to be the "Face of Jabot" again. But Cane frankly told her that her reputation would not be good for Jabot.

Jack took control of Newman Enterprises and became addicted to pain medication. Adam took over for Jack and hired Sharon to take Phyllis' former job as the Newman vice president of research and development. Adam and Sharon began brainstorming the future of Newman. It became obvious to both of them that the attraction between them was still there, but Sharon said that it was not healthy, and they could never go back. Later over dinner Adam kissed her and she left. Together at Adam's during a nasty winter snowstorm, things got hot and heavy between them, and they headed upstairs. They were interrupted when Chelsea arrived with something important to tell Adam, but when she saw Sharon, she just handed Adam her wedding ring and left.

On the way home from Adam's, Sharon's car slid on the ice, running Dylan McAvoy's truck off the road, and he hit a tree, leaving him unconscious. Sharon called for help, and Dylan was diagnosed with a concussion and bruised ribs. Dylan went to thank Sharon the next day and found her place with storm damage and her unable to find anyone available to make repairs. Dylan offered his services, and Sharon accepted. Both Avery and Nick were disappointed to hear that Dylan, who was Avery's former lover, would be staying in town. While Dylan worked on Sharon's kitchen, Dylan and Faith became close, and Dylan rescued Faith when she disappeared in the woods. The kitchen finished, Dylan decided to leave Genoa City.

Sharon was notified that Adam was in the hospital after heroically taking a bullet meant for his father during Victor and Nikki's wedding reception. At Genoa City Memorial, Dr. Costner removed the bullet from Adam, finding bone fragments from a shattered rib which had damaged a lung. Sharon called Chelsea with the news. Later in the waiting room, Chelsea lit into Victor, reminding him that he and Adam had both grown up without their fathers, and yet Adam was routinely shunned. Following surgery, only one person was allowed to see Adam, and Chelsea magnanimously allowed it to be Sharon. Adam told Sharon to take charge of Newman for him, then went into a coma. Adam awoke from his coma to find Sharon at his bedside. Following his release, Sharon took Adam to his home and suggested she move back in to help him, but he declined her offer. After Adam and Victor made up and agreed to run Newman together, Sharon resigned from Newman.

After dropping her bag in front of Sharon, exposing a bottle of prenatal vitamins, Chelsea had to admit that she was pregnant, but claimed it was not Adam's. Sharon told Adam, he confronted Chelsea in front of Dylan, and she told them that the baby was Dylan's. Tearing up, Adam told Chelsea he was happy that she was finally having a baby, but apparently it did not matter with whom. The next day, Adam delivered their finalized divorce decree, reminding Chelsea of her huge settlement that he assumed she accepted while pregnant with another man's child, and called her a con to the very core. Adam then called Sharon to meet him at the penthouse he had just bought from Victor, and they christened it with sex. Afterward, Adam was pretty cold to Sharon, reminding her that he wanted no relationship, just sex. Victor made a deal with Adam if he would cut Sharon out of his life. So when Sharon showed up at Adam's expecting another sexual encounter, Adam ended it between them. Sharon left, reminding Adam that she had been the last friend he had. Sharon told her therapist that she felt lost again with no one to love her.

Seeing how close Chelsea and Dylan were becoming, Adam began dating Melanie Daniels, a legal assistant at Newman. When Sharon spotted them together, noticing how much Melanie resembled Chelsea, she accused Adam of not being able to move on from Chelsea. Adam slammed Sharon against the wall and kissed her roughly, pointing out that he was not the one who was having trouble moving on. After being rejected by Adam again, Sharon allowed herself to be picked up in the athletic club bar by a traveling salesman named Wayne, and followed him upstairs to his room. The next night she did the same with another salesman.

Sharon overheard Nick and Phyllis discussing the fact that Summer's paternity test from just after her birth had been inconclusive, and that Nick had just told Phyllis that it showed Summer was his, not bothering to get another test. So when Summer and Kyle became romantically involved, Nick needed to get another test to find out if they were actually brother and sister. After the test results showed that Nick was not Summer's father, Sharon was seen admitting to Cassie at her grave, that she had done something she shouldn't have. Later, a grown-up Cassie began making appearances to Sharon, which were apparently hallucinations. Sharon joyously admitted that she was waiting for Nick to come back to her after Summer's paternity came out, and they could return to being a happy family again.

Nick revealed to Summer that he was not her father, and Phyllis revealed to Jack that he was Summer's father, and everyone became furious with Nick. Nick told Sharon, who said that she understood, and would always be there for him. Later Sharon admitted to the hallucination of Cassie, that she had altered the paternity test results, and that Summer was actually Nick's.

Days later, Phyllis was horrified to overhear Sharon at Cassie's grave telling Cassie that Nick would hate her if he ever found out that she had changed the paternity test results. When Phyllis' cell phone rang, Sharon realized that she had been caught. Phyllis told Sharon that she was going to the MS gala to tell Nick. Sharon followed Phyllis and caught up to her in the stairwell where they stood on the landing arguing. Phyllis yelled, "Get out of my way, you demented bitch," and called Jack. While grappling with Sharon for her phone, Phyllis fell down the flight of stairs. Sharon found a pulse and spilled her purse trying to get to her phone to call for help. Nick and Avery came into stairwell and kissed on the landing while Sharon snuck out the door at the bottom of the stairs. Sharon arrived home and her Cassie delusion supported her for what she had done. When Noah told Sharon that Phyllis had been found unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell resulting in a blood clot which required brain surgery, Sharon over-reacted, and Noah noticed. Following successful surgery, Phyllis lapsed into a coma, and Daniel took her to an island off the coast of Georgia to give her the best chance to recover. Sharon confided in the Cassie hallucination, that although she felt guilty, she was confident that she and Nick would reunite.

Sharon faked a fall to get close to Nick while Avery was in Georgia with Phyllis. Then Sharon received a red light camera citation from the night Phyllis fell. Noah saw it and with her acting so strangely, began to be suspicious of Sharon. But when Avery returned she convinced Nick to go ahead with their wedding. When Faith was asked to be their flower girl, she reacted badly saying that she would not, nor was Nick going to marry anyone but her mother, then tore up Avery's wedding planning photos. Sharon was crushed when Nick requested that Sharon help him get Faith to understand that her father and mother would never get back together again. Sharon became all the more determined to stop their wedding when Avery dropped by and told Sharon to back off and stay the hell away from her fiancé. In an attempt to guilt Nick into postponing his marriage, Sharon made sure that Nick found a drawing by Faith where Avery was scribbled out. Avery found the drawing which upset her.

Avery and Nick's wedding day arrived, but Avery did not. Sharon was hovering in the shadows when Avery finally arrived too late explaining that Dylan had needed her. Deciding that it had become increasingly clear that Avery was still too emotionally involved with Dylan, Nick broke up with her, and left her standing there in her wedding gown as it began to rain. Sharon was only too happy to console Nick later. Noah overheard, and after finding a two month old prescription bottle, he confronted Sharon for going off her medication. Sharon lied to Noah that she had lost that bottle, but when she happened upon her doctor who accused her of the same, Sharon admitted that she had stopped taking them. Sharon said that she finally felt alive again, and that her life was turning around because of it. Dr. Davis warned her that she was headed for a fall. Later Nick rejected Sharon's help and her admission that she still loved him and wanted to reconcile, and told her that he was not interested. Sharon admitted that she needed psychological help. But Sharon's Cassie hallucination was still pressuring her to not give up on getting Nick back. She told Cassie that she needed to get better, and in doing so, she knew she would see less of her, and would miss her, and Cassie assured her that she would always be there when she needed her. Sharon found a new doctor who put her on a new drug, and she told Nick and Noah that she felt that she was on her way to getting her life back.

After Nikki shocked everyone with the admission that Dylan McAvoy was her son that she had given up as a teenager, Nick refused to attend Thanksgiving at his parents, and ended up with Sharon and Faith instead. Sharon asked Nick to be understanding of his mother, as he had been with Sharon's similar experience of telling him about Cassie's existence.

After Sharon intervened when Summer was being treated unfairly by a photographer, Neil offered Sharon a job as mentor to the Jabot models, and she accepted.

Nick was spending more and more time with Sharon, and they even kissed, but told each other it was not right, that they were just friends. Faith's Christmas wish was to spend it with her parents, so Nick went over to Sharon's on Christmas Eve and put together a 500-piece dollhouse kit. Caught by Faith, they told her that Santa's elves were too busy, so Nick was just helping them out. Nick and Sharon's New Year's Eve kiss became very passionate, and they couldn't seem to forget it.

Worn out at a photo shoot, Summer took some "energy pills" from fellow model Esmeralda, and had a reaction. Sharon discovered Summer, who had fallen down some stairs, which gave Sharon flashbacks to when she had seen Phyllis fall. Summer was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, but suffered no permanent heart damage.

Sharon had stopped having the hallucinations of Cassie once she got back on her meds and began to see her new doctor, Dr. Mead. But she confided in Nick when she started seeing Cassie again, never speaking only glaring at her through the sidelights at the front door, and twice when she actually touched and felt her. Nick spent the night on the couch and they reminisced about the past and their first wedding. The next day when Sharon returned home, she found photos of Cassie taped all over her living room. Becoming close again in the days that followed, Nick and Sharon made love. Afterward, Sharon went downstairs and saw and touched Cassie again. Sharon was shocked when her doctor suggested electro-convulsive therapy, but instead Sharon decided that telling Nick the truth about Summer's paternity would set her free. Stopping at the park on the way home, "Cassie" appeared to Sharon and tried to get her to practice telling Nick. When Sharon could not do it, "Cassie" got agitated, told Sharon she was disappointed in her, and called Sharon a manipulative piece of trash. Sharon grabbed her and would not let go, realizing she was not a hallucination. "Cassie" jerked away calling Sharon a crazy bitch, saying that yes she WAS real! When Nick found Sharon, she told Nick she was convinced that Cassie was not dead, and Nick took Sharon to the hospital where she agreed to the electro-convulsive therapy. While left alone waiting for the anesthetic to take affect, the Cassie-lookalike appeared saying she was sorry, but only doing her job. Sharon awoke with no memory of why she was there and to Nick proclaiming his love. Most of her memories returned, but she conveniently had lost those about Summer's paternity or Phyllis falling down the stairs and being in a coma. Sharon was allowed to go home, but her doctor suggested someone be there with her, so Nick volunteered. Nick admitted that he had fallen in love with her again, but that he was afraid their lovemaking would bring back her hallucinations.

Victor threw an engagement party for Abby and Tyler at Newman Ranch, and all the Newmans (including Sharon on Nick's arm) and Abbotts were in attendance and remarkably friendly. Nick left to retrieve a present from the car, but never returned. Sharon arrived home to find Nick there with a young woman who looked just like Cassie and freaked. Nick explained that she was real, not another hallucination, and that Victor had been gas-lighting Sharon with this lookalike for months. Victor arrived, and fearing Victor the girl, whose name was Mariah, tried to leave, but Sharon begged her to stay. Victor tried to justify what he had done, saying that Sharon had gone over the edge long before he did this, and that he knew she had a secret that would turn Nick against her. Nick yelled for Victor to get out of his life. As Victor left, he warned Nick that defending that lunatic Sharon would destroy him. Sharon refused to press charges against the girl. Later, Sharon showed up at the girl's hotel room, but Sharon was unable to get any information from her. Sharon told her that Victor was a bully, and that she could make sure that he never hurts her. The next day, Sharon's doctor verified that she did have a secret, but that Sharon had never told her what it was. Nick told Sharon that he loved her and whatever the secret was, it would not matter. Sharon, under hypnosis, reenacted Phyllis' fall without anyone realizing who it was, but when she awoke, she still did not remember the secret or the encounter with Phyllis.

Sharon visited Mariah, and ended up taking her grocery shopping. She questioned Mariah about her relatives, trying to come up with a logical reason for the resemblance to Cassie. Mariah claimed she had no family, but said that her deceased mother's name was Helen. Mariah later showed up at Sharon's asking for help after her money had been stolen from her room. Sharon gave her some cash to tide her over.

When Mariah returned to her hotel room, she was arrested to be extradited back to Portland for breaking and entering and burglary. Mariah asked Sharon to help her. Sharon could relate to Mariah's tough life growing up, went to Portland, got the charges dropped, and brought Mariah back to Genoa City. Sharon got Nick to begrudgingly give Mariah a job tending bar at his club, The Underground, and Sharon paid her rent. Mariah promised it was only temporary until she could pay Sharon back. Sharon asked Nick to move back in, and he accepted. Sharon, Noah and Faith were preparing their first dinner as a family again when Mariah showed up to pay Sharon some of the money she owed her. Sharon invited her to stay for dinner, Mariah declined, but Sharon insisted. Dinner went well, and Mariah got along well with Faith.

Playing with Faith, Nick drew a 4th of July wedding with him and Sharon. Finding it later, Sharon said they were never getting married again, that she would only cause him more pain. Nick got down on one knee and asked her to NOT marry him, and Sharon said, "I won't".

Mariah told Nick and Sharon that her room had been broken into again, and she was afraid. Sharon invited her to stay with them, and Nick surprisingly offered to help her get her things. Mariah declined his help, returned to get them, and moved in.

After Summer mentioned that they had found a lipstick of Sharon's shade in the stairwell after Phyllis' fall, Sharon had a memory flash of her lipstick falling down a stairwell. Then when watching Jack and Nick both playing father to Summer, she had strong feelings of guilt. Later she remembered coming out of the door of the diagnostics lab. Sharon told her therapist she thought these were memories were connected to her secret and to Phyllis.

Sharon began spending a lot of time with Mariah, buying her clothes and gifts, justifying it to Nick that Mariah needed to know that people cared about and trusted her for her to turn her life around.

Intending to seduce Nick, Mariah came down the stairs wearing only a teddy, and found only Sharon. Mariah tried to make excuses, but Sharon saw through her lies. Mariah swore that Nick wanted her, but Sharon told Mariah that Nick would never cheat on her to be with someone who looks like his daughter. Calling Mariah a thief, liar, and a tramp, she kicked Mariah out of the house, telling her to never return. Nick was able to convince Sharon that Mariah was actually her daughter, Cassie's twin who had been sold by her doctor to the charlatan Ian Ward, and Sharon became desperate to find her. Ian called Sharon demanding a ransom in millions equal to Mariah's age, and the police took over the drop. Nick asked Victor for his help in tracking Ian down. Victor had to leave town, but his security team found that Ian leased a storage unit, and Nick and Dylan found a drugged Mariah there. Later in the hospital, Nick and Sharon explained to Mariah that she had been born Cassie's twin and Sharon's daughter.

Nick surprised Sharon by turning Crimson Lights into a replica of their college freshman Polynesian tiki dance where they had been the king and queen. Reminding her that this was the place they had fallen in love, Nick proposed again, and Sharon said yes. Nick presented her with her original engagement ring with its new larger diamond. They quickly made plans for a wedding with Noah as best man, Summer and Mariah as bridesmaids, and Faith as flower girl. Impromptu bachelor and bachelorette parties converged in a bar, a fight broke out when a guy recognized Michael as the D.A. who convicted him, and they all spent the night in jail. Just before Sharon and Nick were pronounced man and wife, everyone was shocked when Phyllis interrupted the wedding, walked down the aisle, was embraced by Summer, and collapsed. Afraid that she was going to expose her big secret, Sharon ran off, and the wedding was not completed. It turned out that Phyllis had awakened from her coma, stolen a nurse's scrubs, and hitchhiked home from the Georgia hospital.

Phyllis' memories were still confused, and she could not come up with the secret for Sharon, Nick, or Victor. Sharon met with Madame Isadora, a psychic, who sensed anxiety and guilt, and warned her that her life would eventually come tumbling down.

Nick made an appointment with the justice of the peace for Halloween to complete their wedding vows. Phyllis tricked Sharon into going with her and they ended up in the same stairwell where Phyllis had taken her fall. Phyllis restrained Sharon by the arm demanding that she remember the secret that Phyllis had known. Jack, Victor, and Nick arrived and were shocked as Sharon was forced to confess that she had tampered with the paternity test, that Nick was actually Summer's biological father, and that she had left Phyllis for dead at the bottom of the stairs. Victor offered that he had a new DNA test which proved it. Nick refused to listen to Sharon's excuses and told her they were not getting married, and to just stay away from him.

When Nick showed up to pick up his things, Sharon begged Nick not to move out, to stay and help her, claiming that it was her illness that made her do those things. Nick said that what she had done was unforgivable, she had lied to him, made everyone think he was a liar, and had broken his daughter's heart, plus being responsible for Phyllis losing a year of her life. Nick moved back into the tack house, and later asked Avery to get him full custody of Faith, claiming that Sharon could not be trusted with her. Mariah was the only one who stayed and supported Sharon. Sharon hired David Sherman to represent her, the only lawyer in town who was willing to take on the Newmans. Phyllis returned to Newman, taking over for Neil in the fashion division, and her first order of business was to fire Sharon. Faith became resentful that her parents were fighting over her and wanted them to remarry for Christmas, so she ran away, but was found at Crimson Lights by Dylan. The judge cancelled the custody hearing and ordered mediation instead. Sharon and Nick arrived early and were able to work out a joint custody agreement which Sharon's lawyer dismissed, they fought, and were sent back to court again. Needing a job for her case, Sharon convinced Chelsea to hire her as a part time fit-model.

Faith's custody trial was held and Nick got full custody after it became evident to the judge that Sharon had primed Faith with a story about finding Sage at Nick's with no pants on, and Sharon lost control of herself in court. Because Mariah told the truth, that Faith had known that Sage's pants were in the dryer after spilling a vase of water on them, and Summer had told how Sharon had faked her paternity results, Sharon accused them of being traitors. Mariah moved out. Then Sharon sat on Cassie's grave bemoaning how everyone had abandoned her. Nick took Faith home, but had to call Sharon over to help after Faith woke up from a nightmare, giving Sharon hope that Faith still needed her. Later, running into Dylan, he consoled her and took her home.

On Valentines Day evening, Sharon took Faith somewhere in the car during a snowstorm, wrecked the car, and they had to walk home in the cold. Dylan dropped by, and Sharon told him how worried she was that Nick would find out and stop her from having time with Faith. Later, Dylan helped Sharon tell Nick and helped him to understand. Faith told Dylan that Sharon had been driving in the woods prior to sliding off road that night. Sharon admitted she had a panic attack in the car with Faith in back seat, and just kept driving to calm down.

In order to get more visitation with Faith and eventual joint custody, Sharon threatened to dredge up a Newman family secret. It seems that back in their senior year, when Sharon and Nick were broken up, an underage junior named Sandra Allen had attended a pool party at the ranch. After everyone else had left, Nick dared a drunken Sandra to dive off the balcony into the pool to show off her Olympics-competitor skills. Sandra ended up breaking her neck. Nick was shocked that Sharon had known, but she explained that she had been in the bathroom and saw it happen before she left. After dozens of surgeries and years of therapy Sandra finally walked again, but she missed out on the Olympics and a scholarship, and Nick had never been able to track her down. Sharon enlightened Nick with the fact that Victor had covered up everything by paying off the family for all of Sandra's expenses and college for her siblings.

What Sharon didn't tell Nick was that she had told Austin Travers the story in an interview for an exposé that Austin was making about the Newmans. After Austin had been killed in a suspicious car accident, Sharon overheard Noah, Summer, and Kevin talking about a big secret being on Austin's laptop. Sharon nabbed the laptop, but they caught her. Sharon admitted her interview with Austin, that Austin had refused to erase it, and that she had said terrible things about Nick which she now regretted. Fearing that she would be framed for Austin's murder, Sharon told Dylan that she had pulled over on Old Post Road, a car had gone by coming from the direction of the cabin, slowed down and tossed something, and the occupant had seen her. Dylan found a tire iron there, hired Avery, who had it tested, and found it contained Austin's blood and Sharon's prints. Dylan locked it and the report in a file drawer in Avery's office and they left together. Sharon returned and tried to open the drawer, but was grabbed from behind and woke up on her own couch at home. She was shocked to see the tire iron lying on the coffee table.

Sharon called Dylan to say goodbye, then out in the woods in the dark, her car would not start. Kyle found her and took her home. Noah walked in as Dylan was showing them the starburst necklace that Courtney had been wearing which he had found in Sharon's car trunk. Sharon was arrested for the murders of Austin and Courtney. With Avery unavailable, Michael became her lawyer. Sharon was put under house arrest with Michael as her live-in guardian. But it was eventually discovered that Sharon had been set up, and charges were dropped. Dylan stood by her and helped to prove the setup. After Michael proved that Sharon had been set up and she was cleared, Sharon and Dylan celebrated and they kissed. Sharon and Dylan made love. Afterward, he told her he had to be careful, that he had a white knight complex, always trying to rescue someone, and they only ended up hurt. Dylan left, promising to return after he had consulted his therapist.

Nick told Sharon the news that Sage was pregnant with his baby. Sharon appeared overjoyed for them, hugged and congratulated Sage. Seeing Faith so unhappy being kept from her mother and that Dylan had moved in with Sharon, Nick gave Sharon one night a week with Faith, provided Dylan was there. Sharon lamented how she had no job, that Chelsea had never called her in to work, and she would not be welcome now that Victor owned the company, so Dylan hired her to work at Crimson Lights.

Sharon told Dylan that she was pregnant, and having always wanted to be a father, he was elated. Sharon gathered their families and made the announcement. Dylan's father, Paul, was happy to be getting his first grandchild, but the rest were skeptical. Nikki sniped that Sharon had had all the men in her family now, and Noah questioned if she had spoken to her psychiatrist about it. Sharon assured him that she had, and that taking her meds while pregnant was fine. But later Sharon secretly threw her meds in the trash. Sharon had her first sonogram with Dylan present, quashing any suspicions that she was not really pregnant. Paul asked Dylan to join him on a case, and Sharon was horrified when she ended up watching via surveillance video as Dylan was nearly killed confronting the suspect who ended up dead. Afterward, Sharon had a miscarriage. Later Dylan told her he had decided against becoming a cop for the sake of her and their baby, and he proposed. Sharon accepted, unable to tell him that she had miscarried. Sharon admitted it to Mariah, and she advised Sharon to tell Dylan. Because Dylan had said he couldn't survive losing another baby, Sharon's plan was to get pregnant again right away. Only days later, Sharon was convinced that she was pregnant again. Sharon's doctor told her that she was not pregnant and that Sharon needed to see her psychiatrist. Afterward Sharon happily told Mariah that her doctor had confirmed that she was pregnant again.

Sharon suddenly voluntarily committed herself to Fairview, and ran into fellow resident, Patty Williams. Sharon was overjoyed when Patty told her that their mutual doctor, Dr. Anderson, secretly ran a pregnancy test which showed that Sharon was indeed pregnant. Sharon wanted to leave Fairview, but Dr. Anderson said she felt that Sharon was in middle of bipolar episode. Sharon began having memory problems and seemed spaced out. When Dylan became concerned, Sharon said she was just tired. But then Dylan was suddenly banned from visiting Sharon. Dr. Anderson showed him the paperwork Sharon had signed banning all visitors, and Sharon confirmed it by phone. Sharon began seeing herself in the mirror as quite visibly pregnant, exclaiming to Patty how great it was to see. When Patty told her she was as thin as ever and likely not pregnant, Sharon knocked Patty to the floor. Sharon wandered the halls in a trance, convinced that she was nine months pregnant and about to give birth. But after the sedative that Sharon received upon hearing the news that Sage and Nick's premature baby Christian had died, Sharon woke up, looked in the mirror, saw herself no longer pregnant and panicked. Although she did not remember the birth, Dr. Anderson presented Sharon with her newborn son. Sharon invited Dylan to visit them at Fairview, and surprised Dylan by naming their son Sullivan McAvoy, after Dylan's deceased buddy Sully. Sharon decided it was time she went home, over Dr. Anderson's objection.

Dylan planned a spur of the moment evening wedding, asking Paul to play Santa for Faith, get an online ordination, and perform the ceremony in their living room as a surprise for Sharon. Noah and Mariah showed up with the rings and a mistletoe bridal bouquet. Both Nick and Dr. Anderson happened to show up and stayed for the wedding.

Sharon admitted that Dr. Anderson had encouraged her to go off her meds. Nick was horrified that she would do that again and warned Sharon that Dr. Anderson was overly involved in her life and his and Sage's lives. Nick cautioned Sharon about allowing Sage too much contact with Sully. Sharon told Nick that she was happy to share Sully with Sage to help her get over the loss of Christian.

Dylan told Sharon he had accepted Paul's offer to become a police detective. She told him no, he could not take the job.

Sharon was surprised when Nick confided that he and Sage had conspired to get Sage committed to Fairview in an attempt to expose that Dr. Anderson was using Sharon and Sage to try to get Nick for herself. After Nick left, Sage called Dr. Sandy Anderson to come see her. Sharon told Sandy that she was afraid that Nick had feelings for the doctor. Sharon told Sandy that she had known Nick since high school, how he had always done the right thing and that Nick always stood up to Victor. Sandy replied, "Not always. Men are weak, they always hurt you, always leave." Meanwhile, Nick was stealing the "Overcoming Paralysis" book from Sandy's office. Nick finally put it all together, that Dr. Sandy Anderson was Sandra Allen, the girl who had been paralyzed jumping into the Newman pool when he was a teen. Nick and Sharon opened Dr. Anderson's office door, found her dead on the floor, a syringe sticking out of her back. Going for help, they found Sage with blood on her hands. But when Paul and Dylan arrived, they deduced that Patty had been the one to kill Dr. Anderson. Dylan wondered why Sandy had been so good to Sharon when Sharon had gotten everything Sandy had ever wanted, and was ready to do more investigating into why Patty had killed her. But Paul said that Patty was deranged and closed the case.

Sharon became resentful when Dylan had to arrest her son Noah for the hit and run of Billy Abbott, even though Noah admitted that it had been unintentional. Leslie Michaelson became Noah's lawyer, and Noah ended up sentenced to 12 months probation and 60 hours of community service.

Chelsea offered Sharon a job at Chelsea 2.0, and she accepted.

Unable to give up on the investigation of Dr. Anderson's murder, Dylan questioned the Fairview staff finding that none of them remembered Sharon giving birth. Dylan questioned Sharon's memory, but she also remembered no birth, nothing until Anderson handed Sully to her. But she did recall seeing a nurse watching from the doorway. This led them to Nurse Stevens at Genoa City Memorial, who told them she had only been there to check out the baby.

After Victor was knifed in the chest while in prison, Nikki went to visit him in the hospital, but was rebuffed. She began drinking again, and was struck by a car as she walked off a curb. Dylan talked her into staying with him and Sharon. Sharon and Nikki tangled immediately, but Dylan told them he loved them both, to learn to coexist.

Sharon remembered Nurse Stevens who had helped her with Sully at Fairview after his birth, and Sage realized that she was the same nurse who had delivered the news to her and Nick that Christian had died. They began digging into Nurse Stevens' background and discovered that she had once been a patient of Dr. Sandy Anderson, and Sandy had helped her find a job at Genoa City Memorial. Sharon went to see Patty to see if she could shed any light on the nurse and the birth. Although Patty talked again in metaphors, Patty confirmed that Sharon had not been pregnant while at Fairview. Sage confronted Nurse Stevens about her past, and asked her what she had done to thank Sandy. While discussing Sage's findings, Sharon began to realize the awful truth – that Sully may actually be Sage's son Christian. She ordered a DNA test which confirmed it.

Sage overheard Sharon and Mariah discussing the miscarriage Sharon had just prior to being admitted to Fairview, which she had kept from Dylan. Sage realized that Nurse Stevens had been there when Christian died and also when Sully was born. Nurse Stevens broke down and admitted to Sage that Sully was her baby Christian who she had stolen from Sage and given to Sharon by order of Dr. Anderson. Sage confronted Sharon, accusing her of knowing all along. Sharon admitted that a DNA test had confirmed it. Sharon tried to dissuade Sage from telling Nick and claiming her child, knowing it would break Dylan's heart to lose another child. Sage couldn't believe Sharon's audacity to even ask such a thing, and left to tell Nick the news. Sharon, who was following her with Sully, was horrified to witness her car crash. Sharon called 911, and found Sage who had been thrown from the car. Sage asked to hold her baby Christian, and as she hugged him, she requested Sharon tell Nick the truth just before she died.

Sharon began having nightmares of Sage accusing and haunting her. She confided in Mariah. Mariah confronted Sharon that she had gone off her meds, Sharon saw Sage instead, and hit Mariah with a bookend. Kevin arrived, revived Mariah, and they tricked Sharon into going to the hospital, where a doctor insisted she go back on her meds. Mariah told Kevin about Sharon's visions of Sage, and Kevin told Sharon to go back on her meds or he would tell Dylan everything. She apparently did.

Sharon and Dylan began receiving hang-up phone calls. When Sharon demanded to know who was calling, Patty revealed herself. Patty threatened to reveal the truth about Sully's real parentage. Sharon visited Patty and promised to help her get out of Rivercrest in exchange for her silence. But when that didn't happen, Patty phoned Nick, telling him, "Christian is alive, Sharon has him." When questioned by Nick, Sharon admitted it, told how Dr. Anderson had drugged her and stolen Christian to get back at Nick. Sharon had not known until Sage figured it out, and that Sage had died driving to tell Nick the truth. Sharon couldn't tell Dylan and break his heart. Nick was both overjoyed and enraged, demanded his son, he said he would never forgive Sharon. Sharon broke the news to Dylan who was devastated. GC Buzz got the story from Patty and announced it to the world. Sharon also did a GC Buzz interview and confessed. Sharon was arrested for kidnapping, but Nick refused to press charges, and Sharon was released. Dylan stuck by Sharon, they sued for visitation, but lost their case. And Christmas 2016 found Faith running away from home and choosing to live with Victor and Nikki.

Unable to get over the loss of Sully, Dylan volunteered to go undercover for the FBI to bring down Luther Fisk, the leader of a drug ring. Using Derek Young as his alias, he was given burner phones to contact Kevin, and went to Miami to meet Luther's second in command, Alex Dettmer. Alex turned out to be a statuesque hard drinking female. Sharon was so worried about Dylan, she got hold of Kevin's direct phone and called Dylan. Dylan's burner phone rang, Alex answered the female caller, and Sharon claimed wrong number. Paul figured out what Sharon had done and accused her of jeopardizing the operation and Dylan's life. Sharon fretted while Paul went to search for Dylan in Miami. But Dylan suddenly walked in the door to their home looking haggard.

Dylan explained that prior to the Feds showing up at the pier and arresting Luther Fisk, Dylan had fought with Stan, had to kill him, and Alex had gotten away. Fearing Alex or Fisk's goons would track him down, Dylan was going to have to leave her forever and go into witness protection. Sharon begged to go with him, then realized it would mean running with her kids, or leaving them forever. Dylan signed over Crimson Lights to Sharon, Dylan left town, and Sharon began telling everyone that he had left her. Sharon threw herself back into her work at Chelsea 2.0, unable to tell anyone the truth that only she, Paul, Nikki an Victor knew.

Lauren's son Scott Grainger began to show an interest in Sharon shortly after returning to Genoa City. Sharon explained that she wasn't ready from a relationship, not being over Dylan, plus she was now managing Crimson Lights and going back to college to become a therapist. He said he understood, and they began spending time together. After a disagreement with Victor, Nick arranged for Faith to return to living alternately with Nick and with Sharon again. Just as Scott and Sharon began to get close, divorce papers arrived from Dylan via an attorney. But not long afterward, she and Scott ended up making love after she cooked him dinner, next morning he made breakfast and they made love again.

Sharon discovered a potential "sex slave" named Crystal, a young caller on the crisis intervention hotline. Crystal managed to escape her captors, and Nick found her hiding in the alley behind The Underground. He brought her inside, and Sharon managed to get out of her that she was afraid of being captured and returned. But when Sharon left the room, Crystal disappeared. Sharon went to Paul with the information and spoke to Scott about doing an expose on it. But Christine was livid that Sharon had met the girl at a hotel room where Crystal had been dragged away by a beefy guy named Sammy. While Sharon was at the police station giving information to Paul about the case, she saw Sammy bailing out some of the girls.

Nick and Sharon were shocked to recognize Alice Johnson sitting at The Underground bar, decked out in expensive clothes and looking great. She chatted with Sharon, telling her that she had landed a great job in sales and was just passing through. But Sharon was convinced that Alice had left in same car she had seen at the Night & Day Motel where the sex slave operation was going on. Luckily, Alice had left behind her credit card, and when she returned for it, Nick put a tracker on Alice’s car. It led them to a lovely home in town where Alice apparently lived with the girls. Sharon and Nick shared with Scott and Tessa that they were convinced that Alice was working in the sex slave ring. Scott posed as a “John” and his “date”, Natalia, told him that Crystal had been sent away. Tessa and Mariah kidnapped Alice and tricked her to get Crystal back, and Crystal was taken into protective custody. But Alice was then run down by a car, and later disappeared from the hospital. Security footage showed her painfully walking out, headed for the taxi stand.

Sharon was shocked to learn that Scott had been jailed after being found in a hotel room with the dead body of Natalia. Out on bail, Scott accused Zack of setting him up and running the sex ring. Zack denied it. At a Newman party, Scott persuaded Crystal to publicly expose Zack as the leader of the sex ring, and that his dating app, funded by Newman, was a front. Zack rushed Abby Newman down the elevator and fled. Scott followed them, and Sharon was frantically trying to contact him throughout the next day. Turned out that Zack had locked Scott and Abby in a storage warehouse, they got out and had a confrontation with Zach in his motel room. Zach held them at gunpoint, but was shot from behind by Crystal. Afterward, Sharon and Scott declared their love, and Scott moved in

On New Years Eve, after agreeing that their relationship would be business only, Nick saw Scott and Abby kiss. Abby told Nick it was nothing, but Nick felt he had to tell Sharon. She was disbelieving until Mariah confirmed that Faith had seen them kissing before too. Sharon confronted Scott, who confessed that he had PTSD in the storage locker and that he and Abby had sex. Sharon ran into Abby at the club and caused a scene with accusations that turned into a cat fight. Scott showed Sharon the engagement ring he had intended to give her New Years Eve, but she ground it into the dirt with her heel and asked him to move out.

After Sharon took in homeless single mother Kathy and her two kids who had been kicked out of the substandard Rainbow Gardens Apartments, Nikki actually hugged Sharon and thanked her. Kathy reminded Nikki of Katherine, and Nikki had helped them out before. Nikki and Nick became partners, and bought the place to rehab and rent to low income families.

Phyllis was bent on proving Chelsea had setup a fraudulent website to steal money from Fenmore’s. Chelsea made a deal with Phyllis to stop pursuing it, and Chelsea would not break Nick’s heart by telling him the truth – that Adam was Christian’s father. Phyllis enlisted Sharon to get a DNA test to confirm that Christian was fathered by Adam, thanks to Kevin giving them the password to the police computer which got Sharon Adam’s DNA report. Sharon was about to tell Nick the truth about Christian when Chelsea clubbed her from behind with a coffee pot, putting Sharon in the hospital. Chelsea fled town, taking both Connor and Christian with her, but she had second thoughts and returned Christian, leaving him on Victoria’s doorstep. Phyllis told Nick that Chelsea had left him, but he refused to believe her until he found Chelsea’s note and her engagement ring. Sharon felt she had to tell Nick the truth, that Christian was not his son. Nick had a DNA test run on himself and Christian which confirmed it. Nick decided to move out of the condo, refused to move back to the tack house or in with his parents, but accepted Sharon’s offer to temporarily move in with her, Mariah and Faith. Nick and Sharon kept being drawn to each other again, much as they tried not to be.

Sharon suggested to Nick that he expand his investment for more homeless people, and to form a non-profit. Nick and Nikki went to Devon and Jack for backing, and Victor showed up wanting to join in their venture for affordable housing all over the state and eventually the country. Arturo had drawn up a presentation for potential investors. Nick suggested it be called the New Hope Project and to include vegetable gardens for residents.

After Victoria broke up with J.T., Sharon and Phyllis threw Victoria a girl party, where all got drunk and admitted secrets, Nikki admitted she had a boy toy, Mariah that she kissed a girl and liked it, and Victoria shocked everyone that J.T. had abused her. Mariah left the room and passed out, and Victoria went upstairs where J.T. was waiting for her in their room. They fought, it got heated, and he slugged her, causing Victoria to realize that J.T. had been the one who tried to murder her father. J.T. claimed it was an accident, but Victoria protested that he walked away and left him to die, then tried again at the hospital. J.T. proclaimed that Victor deserved it, being responsible for Colleen’s death. The fight was interrupted by Nikki, Sharon and Phyllis who had been waiting downstairs. Nikki whacked J.T. over the head with a poker as he got violent with Victoria again. They were shocked to discover that J.T. was dead. Afraid that Nikki would be arrested, as well as being accused as her accomplices, they made plans to hide the body. After Paul arrived looking for J.T, and left, they rolled J.T. up in a rug and decided to bury him in the recently dug garden at Chancellor Park. Afterward Nikki and Sharon put the rug in an incinerator. Phyllis threw the poker in the lake, and J.T.’s cell phone in a dumpster near airport. Everyone else assumed that J.T. had gone on the run, despite his belongings and car being left behind. Sharon kept having second thoughts about keeping their secret, but Phyllis would talk her out of it.

Nick and Sharon rekindled their romance, and after Nick’s latest blowup with his father, they made plans to get married and move to San Diego where Nick would run the Goldman Foundation. Victor stopped them by suing for custody of Christian. Victor was represented by Michael, so Nick hired Brittany Hodges. Although Victor got temporary custody, Nick won custody in the end.

Three months after his disappearance an old credit card of J.T’s began being used, and there were sightings, each coming closer to Genoa City. Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis and Victoria decided to dig up J.T. and make sure he was really dead, but discovered Jill had the garden covered in concrete with a sculpture and a plaque in Katherine’s memory. One night Sharon and Nikki were shocked to recognize J.T. outside Sharon’s window at the ranch. Victor received a message to meet J.T. inside an abandoned building, and refused Nikki’s advice to call police, causing her to believe that Victor intended to kill him. Viewers saw a dark-haired man remove a J.T. mask. Victor made sure Sharon found out how ruthless Nick had become, that Nick had been impersonating J.T. and had formed a new company Dark Horse to stick it to his father. Sharon told Nick how much she resented both, she removed her ring, saying she didn’t know Nick anymore. Nick left. A charming man who helped Sharon fix a leaking pipe at Crimson Lights turned out to be Rey Rosales, Arturo’s older brother. He began spending a lot of time at Crimson Lights and asked a lot of questions. Sharon asked what he was after. He told her he was a debt collector trying to track down J.T. about his credit card debt, and that he and his wife were taking a break. Sharon invited Rey to dinner at her house. Security notified her of an intruder, Rey pulled a gun, went outside, and came back with Tessa. When Victoria heard his story she tried to pay off J.T.’s debt, but Rey refused. Viewers saw him tell someone on his phone that “she bought it”.

Sharon got her degree in psychology and gave the department speech at the graduation ceremony. Rey suggested she pursue the job of victim liaison for the GCPD, which she got. They began working together daily, desk facing desk.

Nick and Sharon reconciled and set a wedding date for October asking Mariah, Summer, and Victoria to be bridesmaids. Nick began trying to get Sharon to choose a new home for them, but when she didn’t have time, he bought a lakefront home without consulting her, causing Sharon to have second thoughts about the re-marriage. The night before their wedding, Mariah broke the news to Sharon that Nick and Phyllis had recently had a one-night-stand during Nick and Sharon’s breakup. Sharon showed up late to the wedding, her vows turned into a rant, exposing Nick and Phyllis, then Sharon walked out. Everyone attended the Jabotique launch party. Phyllis and Nick, who had openly resumed their affair were together, and Billy escorted Sharon.

Sharon, Nikki, Victoria and Phyllis each got a blackmail note from someone who “saw what you did”. Nikki paid them only a dollar. Another note came with knowledge that J.T. had been buried in the park, so Nikki paid the quarter of a million dollars, and the foursome dug up the “grave” finding nothing. The next day Arturo found J.T.’s watch in the same spot, and the case became a murder investigation. Rey questioned Nikki, Nick, and Victoria with Michael as her lawyer. He requested Victor return from Singapore immediately. Instead Victor went off the grid, even his cellphone became a non-working number.

The Newman stables burned to the ground, leaving behind a shirt with J.T.s blood on it and a gun traced to Victor, so he became the prime suspect in J.T.’s death. Nikki found J.T.’s jacket and pants laid out on her bed and started drinking again. Nick took Nikki home, she screamed when she saw a fire poker, and ended up admitting to Nick that she had killed J.T. with it. Nikki confronted Phyllis about the poker, and she admitted she had put poker in a storage locker for insurance in case they ever decided to pin it on her. Victor was caught and arrested for J.T.’s murder. Christine set the trial for the following day. When they arrived to escort Victor to the trial, Nikki admitted that she had killed J.T. and was arrested. Nikki claimed that she followed J.T. from Victoria’s to the park, killed him in self-defense, and buried him there.

Rey and Sharon were caught in a snowstorm, hit ice and spun out, while returning from police business. With the car needing repair they stopped at motel in Kenosha, which only had one room left with a full-size bed. They were careful to keep their distance, so nothing happened, but they were obviously tempted. Days later Rey told Sharon that he loved her. Then Rey found a phone bill saying Sharon had called 911 the night that J.T. had disappeared. Rey got Sharon to confess the true story of how Nikki had killed J.T. as he attacked Victoria, and how Sharon and Phyllis had helped them bury his body in Chancellor park.

Nikki was charged with second degree intentional homicide and obstruction of justice, and Sharon and Victoria for being a party to both. Phyllis turned states evidence and became the star witness for the prosecution. As a result, Nick kicked her out of his house. Sharon had her own attorney in Brittany Hodges, whose case was that Rey had illegally coerced Sharon into confessing her part, and read her no Miranda rights. The rest were represented by Michael Baldwin. Brittany called Rey as a witness, and in front of Mia, he admitted telling Sharon he loved her, and that she had said she loved him too. Rey claimed it had not been a trick, that he was happily married. Mariah, Tessa and Phyllis’ testimony was damning to all of them as Christine took on her old nemesis Phyllis. All three women were found guilty and sentenced to prison.

On their way to prison, Rey arranged for the women to escape and hide out at the Abbott cabin to trap J.T. after Nick had finally convinced Rey that J.T. was still alive. But J.T. knocked out the guards and held the three women with hands and feet zip-tied inside. J.T. ranted at them for trying to kill him and bury him alive, and began smashing things. He explained that he had been buried over a storm drain, his body had fallen in and sent out to the river. Writhing in pain, J.T. ruptured the fireplace gas line by wielding a poker. He passed out from the pain, and the women from the gas. Billy Abbott, Nick and Victor Newman rescued them. Rey arrived and told everyone that they had to tell the truth about what had gone on. DA Christine was livid with Rey. She upheld only the women’s obstruction charges, but revoked their sentences. Paul reprimanded Rey and fired him. The police officers who had helped him were charged. Sharon was given another chance at her job, but she fought for Rey and quit when Paul refused to reconsider his firing.

The next day, Rey met Sharon for dinner, and they ended up at her place and made love. He spent the next couple days there until Nick interrupted them to offer Sharon a job at Dark Horse replacing Abby as head of PR and marketing. Sharon said she had gotten her degree and loved being a victim liaison. Nick offered to let her handle charities as well, with funds and resources to aid victim rights groups, or whatever she wanted. Sharon declined, but said she might help with his charity work on the side. Then Sharon was shocked to find the photo of a fetus that Mia had left on her door marked as the first photo of Mia and Rey’s baby. Sharon and Rey discussed it, and Sharon understood, but warned Mia to back off or else, saying that she knew Mia was the one who had injured Lola.

Paul asked Rey to do some investigating and find out what Victor was up to for Nikki, so Rey and Sharon went to Vegas together. There they found Victor was involved with a gambler named “Spider”. When they got too close to the truth, Victor intervened and let them know that “Spider” was his son Adam, who had not been killed in an explosion after all. Victor asked Sharon to meet “Spider” and try to help him regain his memory which the explosion had caused. Waiting in Adam’s motel room, Sharon found pictures of the Newman’s tossed in the trash, but one photo, that of Adam’s son Christian still laid on the table. Sharon was shocked to see that it really was Adam. Sharon was unable to spark a memory, but convinced Adam to return to Genoa City with them. Sharon was totally up front with Rey about her relationship with Adam. Sharon confessed that during her life with Adam, she had burned down Victor’s house, been diagnosed as bi-polar, and Adam had saved her and gotten her help. And how Adam had saved Faith’s life during a tornado. Rey did a lot of research on the Internet and was convinced that Adam was not a good man, not someone that Sharon would still want to be involved with. They all returned to Genoa City, and Victor put Adam up in the tack house on the ranch.

Rey finally met Sharon’s daughter Faith. After spending some time together, Faith asked when he was moving in. Rey was taken aback until Faith said it was okay, that she approved. Rey and Sharon discussed it, and decided it was a good idea, promising no secrets between them ever again. Rey moved in, and informed Lola and Kyle they could stop looking for a place together and take his apartment, which they did.

After meeting Nick and Victoria who were skeptical, Adam, already wary of Victor who had been manipulating him, was depending on Sharon as the only person he could trust. Adam decided to disappear, but was shot in the gut as he opened the door to leave. Sharon heard the shot and found him in a pool of blood. Adam woke up in the hospital, his memory returned. Adam told Nick and Victoria that Victor had promised that Adam would become head of Newman if he would stay, so offered them a deal; Adam would leave town if they gave him 500 million dollars, the whereabouts of Chelsea and his son Connor, and for Nick to turn over Adam’s son Christian. Nick told Adam to go to hell. Victoria later gave Adam 50 million and Chelsea’s cell number, and Adam asked Sharon to contact Chelsea and break the news of his return. But Chelsea had since married Calvin Boudreau, who had adopted Connor. Chelsea told Sharon she was happy in her new life and feared the effect seeing Adam again would have on Connor, so Chelsea refused to tell Adam where she lived. But after Adam sued Nick for custody of Christian, Chelsea returned to Genoa City, followed by her husband Calvin. Calvin suddenly died in the middle of the night, Chelsea called Nick for help, and Nick took her home with him. When the judge granted neither father custody, Adam asked Sharon to step in to be a foster home for Christian, but Victoria won over the judge. Everyone told Sharon she was getting too close to Adam again and being manipulated by him, but each time she stepped back, he would come to her for solace again. Rey finally said enough, called off their relationship and moved out. It wasn’t a day later that Sharon and Adam were making love in his repurchased penthouse. But Sharon realized it would never be a healthy relationship, and ended it.

When Connor Newman began having a hard time dealing with Adam’s abandoning him again and being held hostage by Simon Black, Sharon was called upon to see if she could help Connor. Sharon then got her masters degree in psychology hoping to become a therapist.

Sharon reunited with Rey. Not long after Christmas 2019, Sharon discovered a lump in her breast. Not wanting to alarm anyone she had a needle biopsy and a malignant tumor was discovered. She confided her fears in Rey who was very supportive. Dr Blakely, a specialist confirmed it was stage 2 cancer, suggested chemotherapy, then surgery. Faith found her note with the doctor contact, told Nick, who came over to reassure her that they all cared, and would be there for her too. Sharon explained everything to her daughters, then took the girls upstairs to experience her lump. Noah wanted to stay in Genoa City for Sharon, but Sharon convinced him to return to his work and his new girlfriend. The chemo gave Sharon chills and nausea, and when her white blood cell count became too low, she had to stop chemo. Before scheduling a lumpectomy, had a biopsy on her lymph nodes to see if it had spread, but it had not. Rey was totally supportive, and Faith transferred back from boarding school to Walnut Grove to be near her, and Mariah skipped going on tour with Tessa. After Nikki found out, she went to Sharon, who confessed that she was living in a constant state of terror, and didn’t want to burden people who love her. They hugged, Sharon wondering who would ever believe it of them, and Nikki saying good thing no one will ever know. Sharon had the lumpectomy and was still expecting more chemo and radiation treatments. But Sharon's cancer spread to her sentinel lymph nodes requiring a second surgery, then chemo. Eventually Sharon's margins were all clear.

Adam discovered that he had repressed killing a man when he was 11-years-old, and Victor had covered it up for him all these years. Unable to deal with it, he fled to Sharon for help, who was recovering from surgery. Nick interrupted, and made Adam leave, telling him to find another therapist. Later Sharon texted Adam, “What can I do to help?” Sharon got sucked in by him again and they were photographed kissing which spread all over town. Sharon managed to convince Rey it was meaningless and proposed to Rey. Rey gave Sharon an ultimatum no more Adam.

Rey and Sharon were married on New Year's Eve 2020 at Society. Nick was best man, Mariah maid of honor, Tessa wrote their song for the ceremony, having to give them a CD to make a New Year's Eve gig in New York City. Arturo officiated, mentioning that he loves Mia, and the 3 of them were very happy. Celeste spoke to Sharon virtually because she had to work. Adam watched from the hallway. Phyllis caught him, but he said he was not there to disrupt, just glad to see her happy. The couple honeymooned in Miami.

Rey started feeling horrible and ended up in the hospital. It was discovered that he was being slowly poisoned. The house was checked, and the poison was found in his toiletries, so it was determined that someone was attempting to kill him. Adam was the prime suspect. But it turned out that Chelsea, who had a stroke and was incapacitated, had recovered and was faking. She had gotten Chloe to plant the poison and was trying to frame Adam for attempted murder because she was convinced he was having an affair with Sharon. Ray was the one who confronted Chelsea and arrested her.

Rey had become a father-figure to Chelsea's son Connor. One foggy night Rey had agreed to take Connor to a professional hockey game in Chicago. When they met at Crimson Lights, Rey realized he had left the tickets in his other jacket. Rey drove home to get them, but on the way back he had a heart attack that made him veer into oncoming traffic. Victoria steered to avoid him and hit at tree. Rey crashed into Ashland who had been following Victoria causing Rey's car to flip. Victoria was unconscious in her car, Ashland trapped in his by a tree branch. As Victoria's car started on fire, Ashland found the strength to break out of his and rescue Victoria, saving her life. Nick had to break the news to Sharon. Everyone in Genoa City loved Rey and was devastated by his death. Sharon contacted Rey's mother Celeste who insisted the funeral and burial be held in Miami. After discussing it with her family she realized that it was the right thing for a mother to want her son buried near his family home. Sharon held a family memorial in Genoa City then attended the funeral for Rey in Miami (which was not seen onscreen). Mariah suggested they postpone the wedding but Sharon said no, she wanted to focus on their happiness of she might fall apart. Nick was there for her, but Sharon was faking it with everyone but finally unloaded on Adam how angry she was and how unfair it was. Adam made her finally cry, then made her laugh. He promised he would always be there for her.

Described as the funkiest grooviest most bad-assed wedding you've ever been to, visual artist Noah and Faith as planner turned the Top of the Tower into a 70’s disco complete with disco ball and light show. Everyone wore 70’s garb in loud colors, sequins, and feathers. The men wore ruffled shirts and Abby a short iridescent string dress. Both brides wore white satin gowns designed by Chelsea with flowers in their hair. Nick and Sharon walked them down aisle, Kevin was Mariah’s man of honor, and Chrystal Tessa’s maid of honor. Kyle got a last-minute Internet ordination and officiated. To top it off Jack caught the bouquet. Sharon and Nick gave the couple a Paris honeymoon

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