Victoria is rushed to the hospital
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, March 27, 2020
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Friday, March 27, 2020

At Chancellor Media, Billy suggested to Lily that they put themselves on the map by throwing a splashy party with a charity tie-in. She thought they should get a few media outlets in their portfolio first. Jill burst in and admonished Billy for something he'd done, but he had no clue what she meant. Jill indicated that the Zombie Nation broadcast host had tweeted that Chancellor Media had bought out its parent company. Billy swore that he hadn't been involved, and Lily revealed that she was responsible for it.

Lily handed Billy a file, and Jill was appalled that Lily had purchased a podcast production company without consulting her partner or her boss. Lily said Jill had been misinformed, since Lily hadn't purchased anything but had made a call to set up an exploratory meeting. Lily thought the acquisition would be great for them, and she believed Billy would agree with her once he saw the company's lineup. Jill expected Billy to tell her that it was a brilliant idea, but Billy finished reviewing the file and piped up that he wouldn't say that. He passed on the opportunity because he considered it too risky.

Jill assumed that Billy and Lily were working on a list of companies they wanted to acquire. Lily mentioned another idea she had that was more mainstream, but she didn't want to go into details until she talked to Traci. Billy informed her that Dina was back at the Abbott house, so he wasn't sure how much time Traci had. Jill implored Billy to ask Jack how he could help make things easier, and Billy curtly replied that he knew how to be a good brother. Billy recommended that Jill let them get back to work, and she left.

Billy interpreted from Lily's expression that something was on her mind, and she encouraged him to be thankful that he still had a parent around instead of being impatient with Jill. Billy acknowledged that Lily was right, since he felt blessed to still have his mother in his life, even though she drove him crazy. Lily recalled that she and her dad hadn't always seen eye to eye, but she'd give anything to have Neil back to give her advice. She wondered if her father would have been upset that she hadn't gone back to work with Devon at Hamilton-Winters. Billy declared that there was no doubt in his mind that Neil would have been very proud of her.

Lily noticed Billy eating the prior night's takeout, and she commented that they'd been spending too much time there. He pointed out that they had no one to go home to, and she groaned about how pathetic and empty their lives had become. He told her to speak for herself, and she countered that he was cuddling up with a cold container of sesame noodles. He asked if she was dating anyone. He was surprised when she divulged that she'd been seeing a guy upstate, but she didn't expect the relationship to last because it was a five-hour drive. Billy told her to let him know if she wanted to find someone closer, and he volunteered to be her wingman when they hit the town. She passed.

Lily urged Billy to reconsider taking a meeting with her potential acquisition target. He recognized that she thought he was all about risk, but he was going for balance that time. He explained that he really wanted to make the division work, and he liked being partners, so he didn't want his recklessness to be the reason the company went down the tubes.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack, Ashley, and Traci fussed over trying to make an unresponsive Dina comfortable. Jack pulled his sisters aside and asked if they were going to spend their days trying to guess what their mother wanted. Ashley pointed out that Dina didn't know where she was, and Traci reminded them that the memory care center staff had told them that Dina would be like that around the clock. Traci lectured that if they wanted to make Dina's life the best it could be, they had to make the time they spent together about Dina.

Jack sat down next to Dina on the couch, and she bewilderedly asked, "Where did I go?" Jack assured Dina that all three of her children were right in front of her. Dina insisted on talking to Mamie, but Jack claimed that Mamie had just left and wouldn't be back for a while. Traci wondered what Dina wanted to say, and Ashley offered to get a message to Mamie. The siblings stressed that they were all there to help, but Dina remained silent.

Later, Ashley reported that the nurse was getting Dina set up in bed. Traci didn't know what was worse -- seeing a glimmer of responsiveness and watching it fade away, or seeing no sign of the woman Dina had once been. Jack thought that being home had triggered something, since Dina had remembered Mamie. Ashley didn't take comfort in it, and she accepted that they'd had their last lucid conversation with their mother. Ashley lamented that they'd have no idea what was truly in Dina's head or heart ever again. Traci retrieved an envelope and divulged that their mother had very important things left to say.

Traci explained that Dina had documented her end-of-life wishes in a series of questionnaires before her Alzheimer's had become too intrusive. Traci flipped through the pages and found instructions about what Dina wanted for her funeral and interment, and Ashley marveled that Dina had taken care of every detail. Traci found it encouraging that Dina wanted a celebration of life and not a formal service. Traci discovered a lot of practicalities, like where to find Dina's will and contact information for her attorney. Traci took a special interest in a document entitled, "What I want my loved ones to know."

The Abbott siblings took turns reading Dina's words. Dina had listed her biggest accomplishment as building Mergeron from a small family company to a global powerhouse, and her biggest regret had been the same thing. Dina had recognized that she'd used her company as a shield to avoid facing her failures as a human being, and she'd imagined that some might question whether she'd even had loved ones because she'd pushed her husband and children away. Dina had admitted that she hadn't had what it took to be a mother, although she'd tried for a while to impress her friends at the club before she'd left her family altogether.

Dina had acknowledged that she hadn't understood the difference between being selfish and becoming self-sufficient, yet somehow her kids had grown up to be smart, healthy, mostly happy adults. Dina had wished she could take credit for the phenomenal people her children had become, but she'd had nothing to do with it. Dina had called "Jackie" and Ashley headstrong dynamos who were also loving parents, and she'd named Traci as the sweet baby of the family with a heart as big as the moon. Dina had regretted that she'd let Traci down most of all, since Traci had been very young when her mommy had vanished, and Dina had done nothing over the years to make up for it, including failing to attend Colleen's funeral.

Dina had written that there were tears of shame in her eyes as she wrote, since her absence had been unforgivable. Traci began to sob, and Ashley continued reading that it had been hardest of all for Dina to face Traci, knowing how deeply Dina had wounded her. Jack suggested that they stop, but Traci begged them to finish, since she thought it might explain why Dina had forgotten her. Traci realized that it might have all been too painful for Dina to remember.

Ashley read aloud that regret hadn't been a word Dina had used often; Dina also hadn't been big on apologies, but that attitude had cost her dearly. Dina had known that she should have begged her children for forgiveness years earlier, but she'd been afraid of the recriminations and profoundly sorry that she'd never have the chance to make up for that. Jack suddenly claimed that he had business to deal with, and he abruptly left.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria slumped despondently on the couch, but she quickly sat up and grabbed her tablet when she heard someone enter the foyer. Nick entered and asked how the patient was, but she clarified that patients were sick, whereas she was convalescing. She assured him that she was doing much better, and she hoped he wasn't there to check up on her. Nick announced that he needed her help.

Nick explained that he was facing a deadline to close a deal, but he wasn't sure whether he should pull the trigger on the price. Victoria appeared disinterested, and she admitted that she couldn't care less if the deal tanked. He questioned where her killer instinct was, and she replied that it was gone -- possibly for good. Nick doubted that Victoria's drive and ambition had just disappeared, and he reiterated that he was only holding the seat for her until she was ready to have it back. She appreciated it but confided that she felt lost, and she didn't think he understood.

Victoria recalled that on the day of Victor's party, she'd finally felt like she'd known who she was again for the first time in a while. Victoria had been happy that she'd been able to get back on her feet, but she'd been literally cut down again by a deranged man she'd never even seen. She confided that it felt like she had a big ball of dread in the pit of her stomach that never went away, and it was like she was fighting something but didn't understand what it was. She continued that it was draining her and sapping all her confidence, and she felt like all the fight in her was gone.

Nick asked if there was anything he could do to help, and Victoria replied that he was already doing it. She regretted that she'd unloaded on him, but he told her to vent away. She figured that she might be overreacting because her recovery was taking longer than she wanted it to. She suddenly clutched her chest and gasped for breath.

At Society, Victor greeted Nikki with a hug and told her that there was something that he had to tell her. She hated to ruin the surprise, but she revealed that she already knew because the pilot had called the house about his flight that day. Nikki declared that as much as she'd love to jet off to a fabulous destination, she didn't feel comfortable leaving until Victoria was back on her feet. Victor agreed that Nikki should stay there, and he informed her that he'd decided to go to Kansas alone. A stunned Nikki questioned why he'd go right then.

Victor recounted his promise to Hope to keep up the farm. It was falling apart, and he had to assess the situation. Nikki objected to him going there personally when he could just hire someone local to make a few repairs. Nikki ordered him to write a check and be done with it because his family needed him there. Victor swore that he'd be back after he looked into the situation, and he refused to let her talk him out of it. Nikki observed that he'd been agitated since Adam had visited the ranch, and she sensed that there was something Victor wasn't telling her. He firmly stated that he was going to inspect the farm, and that was it.

Nikki pushed Victor not to leave her in the dark if something was going on, but he swore that he was just being conscientious about their family. He claimed that he felt like he had let Connor, Hope, and possibly Adam down by letting the farm fall into disrepair, and he didn't want the tribute to Hope's memory to be left in shambles. Nikki argued that despite Adam painting a picture of his idyllic childhood, he'd left home to start a hedge fund, and Victor had been the one to preserve the farm. Victor declared that it was time to go to the airport, and they hugged goodbye and exchanged words of love before he headed out.

Later, Jill entered the restaurant and ran into Nikki. Jill asked how Victoria was doing, and Nikki reported that her daughter was getting better every day. Nikki mentioned that she was in a rush, but Jill delayed her by chattering about the weather. Jill remarked that any day was a good day when one didn't have to pretend that their husband was dead when he really wasn't, and Nikki shot back that it was the one con Colin had never pulled. Nikki excused herself to take a call, and Nick told her that Victoria was in the hospital.

Jack joined Jill and thanked her for meeting him. She noted that he'd sounded upset on the phone. He said he needed a friend, and for some odd reason, he'd thought of her.

Billy was surprised to receive a call from Nikki, who informed him that she was at the hospital, since Victoria had been rushed to the emergency room with chest pains. Billy said he was on his way. Meanwhile, Nick told Nikki that the doctors were running tests. Nikki worried that there was a problem with Victoria's heart.

At home, Adam answered a call from Alyssa and hoped that she hadn't given up already, since the truth had to be out there. She advised that they might be closer to finding it than he'd thought, since she'd met with the county coroner who had written A.J.'s autopsy report, which had listed the injuries from A.J.'s fall as the cause of his death. Alyssa shared that the coroner hadn't admitted that he'd lied, but his visceral reaction to such an old case had raised her suspicions. Her gut told her that there was more to the story and that the guy knew more than he was saying.

Adam offered to provide Alyssa with a list of Newman's shell companies to see if she could find a trace of a bribe. Chelsea overheard as Adam suggested that Alyssa offer money to the coroner, since if Victor had bought him off, the man could likely be bought off again. Alyssa objected to buying off a source. She noted that if their suspicions were accurate, her father had killed for money, and Adam's had killed to protect Adam.

After Adam hung up, Adam bemoaned to Chelsea that the evidence was circumstantial, so there wasn't much of a case. Chelsea was surprised that he wasn't more excited, and Adam shared that something Alyssa had said had given him pause -- that if Victor had killed A.J., he'd done it out of love to protect Adam and Hope. Adam contemplated whether he should use that against Victor for his own selfish reasons, although he recognized that Victor would do it to him in a heartbeat. Adam anticipated that the rest of the world wouldn't understand why Victor had taken a life, but Adam would.

Adam called Hope a saint who had persevered throughout her entire life being totally blind, and she'd deserved much more than having her husband murdered over a debt she'd known nothing about. Chelsea pointed out that Adam didn't have to go through with it if he was having second thoughts. Adam pondered whether he was willing to bury his father's criminal act and walk away with nothing, letting Victor win again.

Adam didn't plan to forgive and forget Victor's attempts to undermine him, but he knew that it would start a war if he was wrong about Victor's guilt, and he didn't want Connor to be any part of it. Chelsea reminded Adam that Victor had had him locked up for a murder he hadn't committed, and she urged Adam to consider what it had cost his family. Adam mused that it was possible that Victor had committed murder, and he wondered if it would be poetic justice for the tables to be turned -- or if it would be his own undoing.

Chelsea swore that she was on Adam's side, no matter what he decided to do. He continued to grapple with whether to launch an attack on a man with unlimited resources. He recounted how he'd turned down the chance to take over Newman when he'd returned from Las Vegas, and he wondered what would have happened if he'd accepted the keys to the kingdom. Chelsea doubted that Victor would have followed through, and she expected that he would have yanked it away from Adam in favor of one of his kids with Nikki.

Adam imagined that Hope wouldn't have approved of the way Victor had treated him over the years, but she also wouldn't have approved of some of Adam's actions, either. Chelsea started to leave to give Adam time to make some big decisions, but Adam pulled her into his arms and gushed that he'd done something right to deserve a woman as special as her. She insisted that he deserved only good things, and she pledged to help him get them. They kissed and fell into a passionate embrace on the couch.

After having sex, Adam and Chelsea cuddled naked under a blanket. She asked what was going through his head, and he informed her that he'd decided to prove that he and Victor were cut from exactly the same cloth and that he was more his father's child than Nick, Victoria, or Abby would ever be. Adam resolved that it wasn't the time for self-doubt, and he needed to go full speed ahead in pursuit of the ultimate goal -- ending the war with Victor once and for all.

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