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The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, June 24, 2019
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Monday, June 24, 2019

At Nick's house, Victoria pleaded with Nick to work alongside her as COO of Newman Enterprises during Victor's absence. Victoria assured Nick that together, they could eventually force Adam to leave town. Victoria apologized for what had happened and assured Nick that she hadn't put her ambitions ahead of their relationship. Victoria cried that when she gave Adam money, she never would've dreamed that he would've used it to steal Dark Horse. Nick replied that he didn't buy Victoria's story because she wasn't na´ve or stupid where their brother was concerned.

Victoria admitted that she just wanted Adam to leave town. Victoria cried that she would've never imagined that Adam would've been dumb enough to come after Nick. Victoria reminded Nick that the Newmans drew strength from banding together. Nick nodded in agreement. Victoria praised Nick for being supportive to her and Nikki during their trial. Victoria added that there was no way she'd allow Adam to take Christian.

Nick shared a beer with Victoria. Nick said he'd felt like Victoria had sided with Phyllis and Victor against him. Victoria noted that Phyllis was a lost cause. Victoria added that Victor had actually admitted it had been a mistake to try to install Adam at Newman. Victoria said Victor had likely suffered anguish after he realized that Adam was a complete moral failure. Victoria happily noted that Victor would be proud that Nick had agreed to become COO. Nick replied, "I never agreed to that, and I'm not going to." Victoria was taken aback.

Nick told Victoria he was celebrating his reconnection with his sister. Victoria seemed touched by Nick's words. Nick added that he wasn't ready to jump back into the corporate world. Nick cried that his family was under siege, so his plan in place to battle Adam would have to be his sole focus. Nick assured Victoria that he was only a phone call away, whether he was on the Newman payroll or not.

After Victoria left, Victor stopped by to visit Nick. Nick praised Victor's decision to appoint Victoria as CEO. Victor admitted he should've rewarded Victoria's loyalty earlier. Nick mentioned that Victoria had offered him the COO position. Nick added that he'd declined the offer to focus on Christian. Victor said he was aware that Adam was suing for custody of Christian. Victor added that he'd confronted Adam and had asked him to leave the ranch. Nick seemed moved by Victor's gesture and replied, "Wow. Thanks."

Nick fought back tears when Victor admitted that he hadn't always been the best father to him. Victor explained that he'd sued Nick for custody of Christian out of fear that Nick might refuse to let him see his grandson. Victor admitted he'd been wrong and told Nick he was Christian's father in every way that counted. Nick wiped his face when Victor praised him for being a great father. Nick said, "I didn't expect to hear this from you tonight."

Victor said he hoped Nick would forgive him for the times he hadn't been a good father. Nick told Victor he'd already forgiven him. Nick added that he wanted Christian to learn to love Victor as much as he did because Victor had always given everything he had for his family. Tears welled in Victor's eyes as he said, "There's nothing you could have said that would have meant more to me." Nick and Victor vowed to put their hostility behind them. Before Victor left, he spent some time with Christian.

At Adam's penthouse, Phyllis confronted Adam and mentioned that she'd spoken to Riza. Adam laughed nervously and said, "So you got in touch with Riza. She is a trip, isn't she?" Adam added that Riza enjoyed messing with people to see how gullible they could be. Phyllis noted that what she'd learned about Adam was a verified fact. Adam replied, "It was something to do with the Chancellors, you said." Phyllis replied, "It was just so strange to me that the notorious son of a billionaire would be hanging out in Vegas for so long with high-rollers, completely unrecognized, for years."

Adam told Phyllis that someone had recognized him because Victor had heard about him through the grapevine. Phyllis replied, "Yet no one made the connection to Genoa City royalty, did they?" Phyllis leaned toward Adam and whispered "Chance Chancellor" into his ear. Phyllis paused and added, "Or does he like to go by Philip IV?" Adam blew off Phyllis' ability to draw truthful information from Riza. Phyllis refused to back down, noting that Adam seemed determined to keep his friendship with Chance a secret.

Phyllis insisted that something shady was going on and wondered aloud about which of Adam's family members would benefit most from the information she planned to share. Adam scoffed that Phyllis had quickly turned a chance encounter in Las Vegas into an opportunity to enrich herself. Phyllis replied, "Well, you're one to talk. You paid me millions of dollars to hack into Dark Horse." Phyllis mentioned being imprisoned in an abandoned cellar and said, "I came here to tell you that when I tell your family about your association with Chance, it won't be about money. It will be about payback."

Adam took charge of the conversation and asked Phyllis if she was aware that Nick had surrendered ownership of Dark Horse. Phyllis said she'd mentioned that Nick would rather surrender his company than to give up Christian. Adam handed Phyllis a glass of wine and said he needed someone to run Dark Horse. Phyllis set down the wine and said, "Real estate is not my expertise." Phyllis wasn't at all eager to accept Adam's offer to secure her silence.

Adam sweetened the deal by promising Phyllis an opportunity to rejoin the heavy hitters in the business world. Adam added that Phyllis should consider beholding the look on Nick's face when he learned that she would be running the company he created. Phyllis told Adam that he'd made an intriguing offer, but she rebuffed his plan to draw up a contract and said she had an appointment with a Newman. Phyllis told Adam that he'd have to guess which Newman she was about to meet with.

Adam entered Victor's office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was sitting at the desk, working. Adam said, "Does Dad know that you sneak into his office to sit at his desk when he's not around?" Victoria told Adam that she was the CEO. Adam leaned in close and replied, "In that case, you're welcome." Victoria told Adam he was shameless for taking credit for her promotion. Adam recalled that he'd recommended Victoria for the position and was glad Victor had taken his advice. Adam warned Victoria that she'd only be in control until she made a decision Victor didn't agree with. Victoria asked Adam to leave her office.

At their apartment, Tessa was delighted with the video Mariah had produced and edited. Mariah noted that she'd wanted the debut video to feel spontaneous and improvised. Mariah said she believed the video would go viral and greatly increase Tessa's popularity. Tessa teasingly envisioned legions of adoring fans. Mariah said she counted herself as one, and the couple kissed.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena sat next to Devon and asked if he thought his medication had kicked in. Devon nodded and drew a deep breath before slowly exhaling. Elena asked Devon if his heart was still racing. Devon exhaled again, caught his breath, and replied, "It slowed down a little bit." Devon clutched his chest and cried that Hilary wouldn't let go. After Devon drank some water, Elena begged Devon to talk about what had happened. Devon explained that he still had a strong sense of Hilary's presence. Devon added that he wished Hilary would understand that he wanted to move on. Devon said he needed to go upstairs to rest.

At Society, Tessa and Mariah joined Ana at the bar. Mariah excitedly announced that she'd finished the rough edit on Tessa's new video. Tessa added that Ana would love the phenomenal job Mariah had done. After Mariah offered to send the video to Ana and to Devon, Ana insisted it be sent only to her. Ana admitted that Devon wasn't sold on the video because viewers might think that Tessa had become a sellout by releasing a cheesy infomercial for Jabot. Tessa cried, "But that's not the vibe at all."

Ana explained that Devon had been under too much pressure. Mariah mentioned that the dedication for Neil had just taken place. Ana cried, "Yeah, but I think the problem goes even deeper. Devon just doesn't trust me and doesn't take me seriously as an artist." After Ana noted that Devon was constantly shutting down her ideas, Tessa pointed out that Ana had done the same to her. Ana said she feared Devon couldn't appreciate her role as a professional because he saw her only as his little sister. Tessa asked Ana if she only saw Devon as her overbearing big brother instead of a talented music producer. Ana said Tessa was probably right.

After Ana left, Tessa and Mariah sipped champagne. Tessa said, "So what are we drinking to now?" Mariah said they were celebrating Tessa's brilliant future. Tessa said she was sorry that her video had created a rift between Ana and Devon. Mariah blamed the shifting professional relationship between Ana and Devon and assured Tessa that they'd work it out. Tessa thanked Mariah for standing up for her because she'd been ready to give up on her dream of a music career.

When Ana returned home, she called out to Devon. Elena greeted Ana and explained that Devon was upstairs sleeping. Elena explained that Devon was wiped out after enduring a tense day. Ana spotted a prescription bottle on the counter and asked Elena if Devon's panic attacks had returned. Elena nodded, indicating that Devon had suffered a panic attack.

Ana berated herself for having argued with Devon. Ana recalled how learning that Nate had sold Neil's penthouse had affected Devon. Elena explained that there was more to what was bothering Neil than either of them could've ever known. Elena noted that she and Devon had grown closer. Ana said she was aware and was proud that Neil had moved on. Elena explained that Devon believed Hilary wouldn't want him to become romantically involved with anyone else.

At Crimson Lights, Summer was overjoyed to see her mother. Summer cried, "Where have you been this entire time?" Phyllis claimed she'd taken a spur-of-the-moment trip and hadn't planned to be away so long. Summer asked her mother why she'd ignored the 50 messages she'd left. Phyllis claimed she'd sent a message in response. Summer mentioned Phyllis' association with Adam and asked why she'd gotten involved with him. Phyllis insisted she wasn't involved with Adam.

When Phyllis said she'd been in Las Vegas, Summer interrupted and said, "Mom, what the hell?" Phyllis insisted that Summer had the wrong idea about her and Adam. Summer replied, "I am so sick of your promises and your excuses lately. Because, in case you care, I've been going through a lot lately. Between the surgery, the divorce, trying to stay on top of my job, dealing with Kyle being in my face all the time ľand, by the way, he and Lola are engaged." Summer accused her mother of not caring about her, and she angrily walked away.

Phyllis went to Society and sat at the bar. Phyllis swirled an olive in her empty martini glass and seemed lost in thought. She picked up her phone and mulled over sending a text message to Summer. After pausing and wondering what to write, Phyllis set down her phone. As the bartender approached, Phyllis ordered another drink.

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