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The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, December 2, 2019
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Monday, December 2, 2019

Victoria rushed into Society late to meet Billy and excitedly announced that she was finalizing a deal on a lucrative contract. Billy shared Victoria's enthusiasm before it suddenly dawned on her that she'd been bragging while Billy hadn't yet solidified his next step in the business world. Billy noted that he'd left Jabot on his own and considered his options wide open. Billy added that he'd find a venture that would excite him and make him eager to awaken each morning. Victoria suggested playing a game to facilitate Billy's decision.

Victoria began throwing out words to elicit Billy's responses. After bouncing off a few ideas, Victoria suggested Billy explore the construction business. Billy said he'd had prior experience building for a nonprofit. After Victoria mentioned New Hope, Billy wasn't sure joining Nick would be the right fit. Billy left to meet with Jack. Billy turned to look at Victoria one last time before heading out the door.

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick that Connor seemed to be stable one minute and inconsolable and terrified the next. Nick was sorry to hear that Connor's condition was worsening and asked Chelsea about the next step. Chelsea explained that she and Adam were searching for a therapist. Nick offered to help in the search. Chelsea seemed hesitant to mention that Adam wanted her to move in with him, so she could be with Connor full-time. Nick scoffed, rolled his eyes, and said, "I mean, of course he does. You're not actually considering that, are you?"

Chelsea cried that Connor was experiencing nightmares and difficulties at school due to being separated from his parents. Chelsea added that the school principal had suggested withdrawing Connor. Nick replied, "What child doesn't want their parents back together again? And Connor's lucky because he has Adam there, constantly reminding him that it's a possibility." Chelsea explained that Connor needed all of them every waking moment, and she cautioned Nick against imagining things that weren't really happening. Nick reminded Chelsea that Adam wasn't a saint and wouldn't hesitate to cross the line.

Chelsea was adamant that Adam hadn't forced her hand because she was considering only what was best for Connor just as Nick would do for Christian. Chelsea added that she was willing to "make a deal with the devil" and camp someplace she'd rather not be in order to make her son feel safe. Nick pulled on his coat and said he needed some air. Chelsea begged Nick not to confront Adam. Nick ignored Chelsea's pleas to turn back and walked out.

As Chance was about to step into the Grand Phoenix, he was interrupted by a phone call from Devon. Devon asked Chance if he'd learned anything from Colin that might incriminate Cane. After Chance said he hadn't, Devon requested a face-to-face meeting with Colin in hopes of eliciting information. Chance explained that Colin had managed to escape from the agent that had been transporting him. Angry, Devon cried, "So he's just gone?" Chance shared Devon's frustration, noting that Colin had used Chance's name to pull off a ruse. Chance explained that he'd had to step back or face putting his own case in jeopardy. Devon said he hoped the person who'd taken over Colin's pursuit knew what he was up against. Chance promised to keep Devon updated.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon told Elena that he'd learned from Chance that Colin had escaped. Devon cried that Colin was probably using his stolen money to pay someone off, so both he and Cane could stay ahead of the law and survive underground for good. Elena encouraged Devon to have faith that the police would prevail. Devon became livid knowing that two con men had played him for a fool, and he insisted that someone would have to answer for it.

Elena warned Devon against exacting revenge and asked him to consider how Neil might have responded. Devon reminded Elena that she'd been present when Cane had claimed he hadn't known if someone had paid off the expert who'd authenticated the pages from the will and had feigned ignorance about how Colin could have stolen the inheritance money. Elena noted that Devon's suspicions weren't proof. Devon defiantly defended himself, insisting he was certain Cane blamed him for his failed marriage and for his kids having relocated miles away. Elena reminded Devon that he was a better person than all who were trying to take him down. Devon regained control of his emotions, apologized for his outburst, and kissed Elena.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda appeared to be using her phone to track someone's movements on a roadway when Nate approached and said he'd never considered her to be one to wile away time playing video games. Amanda quickly put away her phone and said, "Me? Never." Amanda claimed she'd been checking emails and news and waiting for someone to show up late for an appointment. Nate explained that he'd been caught in traffic. Nate added that he and Amanda weren't dating, only a couple of casual friends hanging out.

Nate handed Amanda an envelope containing a check to pay her legal fees. Nate added that his payment was a mere fraction of what he truly owed to compensate her for what she'd done. Amanda explained that Nate's noble, upstanding existence had made her job easier. Nate asked Amanda what was next for her. Amanda said she'd closed up her office in Madison and yearned to break free and start over. Nate suggested that Genoa City had much to offer. Amanda replied, "Yes, it does." Amanda admitted she was hesitant, hinting that her resemblance to Hilary had caused trouble. Amanda added that Elena considered her to be a "cold-hearted bitch that you should stay away from."

Amanda added that perhaps Elena had been right to warn Nate to stay away. Devon and Elena approached, having overheard part of the conversation. Devon replied, "Well, those are the truest words to ever come out of your mouth." Devon asked Nate why he was hanging out with Amanda. Nate explained that Amanda was his attorney, and he credited her with saving his career. Devon refused to back away from conflict despite Elena's efforts to calm him. Devon confronted Nate and said, "You know she came here to defraud me and that someone handpicked her to mess with my head because she looks like Hilary. You know that."

Amanda reminded Devon once again that she'd had nothing to do with what he was claiming she'd done. Amanda stepped away. Devon then turned his wrath on Nate and asked what he was getting out of befriending a woman who'd been bought and paid for. Nate told Devon he wasn't considering the big picture. Devon didn't agree and insisted Amanda should have dropped the case as soon as she'd learned she resembled Hilary. Elena agreed. Devon stepped away to take a call.

Elena told Nate that Colin had escaped because others had refused to heed warning signs, just as Nate was doing by befriending Amanda. Elena cried that she hoped Nate's heart was in the right place. Nate explained that, unlike Devon, he didn't see Hilary's face when he looked at Amanda. Nate added that Amanda hadn't arrived in Genoa City for nefarious reasons, unlike the person who'd hired her.

Elena blamed Cane's sleazy father and added that Cane himself had likely been involved, too. Nate gave Amanda credit for saving his medical license. Nate insisted Amanda wasn't the enemy Elena and Devon had made her out to be. Elena wasn't pleased when Nate suggested Amanda might stay in town. Elena warned Nate that his continued association with Amanda meant that he'd chosen a stranger's side over his family's. Nate seemed confidant he might be right and said so. Elena bristled as Nate hurriedly left.

Chance met with Abby at the Grand Phoenix and asked about the robberies. Abby replied that the police had failed to make headway on the thefts, adding that she feared the hotel couldn't deal with more bad publicity. Chance said he'd stopped by to deliver on his promise to help protect her guests from jewelry thieves. Abby recalled that Chance had claimed he'd planned to leave town after his top-secret mission ended. Chance said he'd decided to stay put and join forces with Abby to catch the thief.

Abby debuted her own sleuthing skills by showing Chance how to draw the attention of a jewel thief via social media. Abby was bubbling with excitement as she shared an intriguing tidbit about a bejeweled guest flashing a pricey engagement ring from a wealthy fianc. Chance noted that a trap had been set inside the fake celebrity's room safe, baited with faux jewels and fitted with a motion-activated camera. Abby added that Phyllis' technology skills would come into play, too. Chance concluded, "We've dangled the bait. Now we wait on the bite."

Abby quizzed Chance about his most exciting cases. Chance first described the intense plot of an action flick before truthfully admitting that his work involved hours of waiting in dismal surroundings as he and a somewhat disinterested partner waited to catch the bad guy. Abby invited Chance to share insights into his personal life and the reason he'd chosen his particular career. Before Chance could share more than a brief introduction about himself, a guest approached and cried, "I've been robbed." Abby quickly whisked the woman out of the lobby to investigate.

Victoria spotted Nick enter Society and beckoned for him to join her. Victoria, flashing a wide smile, noted that she'd sealed a big deal and felt like celebrating. Victoria noticed Nick's sullen mood and asked about Chelsea. Nick explained that Connor had experienced a setback and was suffering from anxiety attacks and insomnia. Victoria insisted that both Connor and Chelsea were lucky to have Nick, especially after everything Chelsea had put him through. Victoria was unable to hide her anger at Chelsea for hurting Nick. Nick explained that Adam, not Chelsea, was the problem. Nick grumbled about Adam getting away with attempting to kill their father and destroying their family. Victoria added that their father had forgiven Adam and moved on.

Nick expressed concern that Chelsea was vulnerable because she felt guilty for all that had happened, namely his failed campaign and Connor having been held hostage by Simon Black. Nick added that someone in Chelsea's position who'd made past mistakes and was trying to live a good life might be forced to do something unimaginable. Victoria compared Chelsea's plight to Billy's and explained that he'd left Jabot. Victoria expressed hope for Billy's future to fall into place and seemed relieved that he was seeking counsel from Jack.

After Nick returned home, he found Chelsea packing her things. Chelsea cried that Connor needed her. Chelsea insisted she wasn't leaving Nick. Nick took Chelsea in his arms and said he understood, though he couldn't let her walk out without letting her know how he felt. Chelsea pleaded with Nick to understand that her decision wasn't about her and Adam. Nick reminded Chelsea that Adam had done unspeakable things, though the only thing that mattered was doing the best for Connor. Nick gave Chelsea his blessing and vowed to support her any way he could.

Billy entered a bar dotted with tiny tables set up in a barely lit room. After ordering a drink, Billy seemed lost in thought. Billy turned his glass up and swallowed hard before the bartender set down another drink. Amanda wandered in, and Billy couldn't help but stare. Amanda said, "Let me guess. You knew Hilary." Billy introduced himself, and Amanda introduced herself just as another patron took notice and smoothed his hair in place with his palm. The stranger approached Amanda and spouted a few cheap pickup lines before brazenly attempting to stroke Amanda's hair. Billy intervened on Amanda's behalf. The drunken man claimed he was engaged in a private conversation. Billy warned that he might stop being polite if the man didn't heed Amanda's suggestion to back off.

After the drunk man left, Amanda offered to buy Billy a drink. Billy declined and said maybe the next time if they happened to meet again. Billy returned to his isolated table and received a phone call from Victoria, which he declined to answer. While Billy stared into space, Victoria left a message telling him that though he wasn't where he wanted to be, he should be patient because she was certain his life would fall into place in the best possible way.

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