Lola and Kyle face off with wedding crashers
The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, August 19, 2019
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Monday, August 19, 2019

As guests mingled at the wedding reception, Celeste took Rey aside. Rey was shocked to learn that his father, Adrian, had crashed the wedding. Rey blamed Celeste, but she told Rey that Adrian had shown up on his own. Rey approached Adrian and asked him to leave. Adrian dared Rey to arrest him. Rey glared at Adrian after he insisted he wouldn't leave until he saw Lola and wished her well. Arturo joined his brother and father and asked if there was a problem. Rey told Adrian that Lola barely knew him, so he had no right to march in and take credit for his daughter's happiness. Arturo sided with Adrian and said Lola should decide what to do. Rey warned Adrian to stay out of sight until they gave him the nod to make an appearance.

After Kyle and Lola married, they spent a few minutes alone, kissing and talking about how happy they were. Abby, Mariah, and Tessa entered the dressing tent and announced that it was time for the new couple to join their guests. After Abby removed Lola's veil, Celeste arrived and asked to speak to Lola and Kyle. When the others left, Celeste told Kyle that she'd misjudged him and realized that the couple had worked through their problems. Kyle thanked Celeste for giving him and Lola her blessings.

Billy and Victoria congratulated Jack and said the wedding had been lovely. Ashley and Traci flanked Jack and smiled when Jack said he was a proud father. Victoria told Ashley that Lola would become another member of team Abbott. Ashley agreed and said that the Abbott team was stronger and more united than ever. Billy noted that his vote against the merger of Abbott Exchange and Jabot had been ignored. Traci defused the growing tension, explaining that it was a family celebration. Feeling rebuffed, Billy angrily walked away.

Victoria followed Billy and asked him what was wrong. Billy replied, "I think I got to get out of here." Billy cried that though he was happy for Kyle and Jack, he couldn't stop thinking about Delia and felt brokenhearted knowing he'd never get to walk her down the aisle. Billy told Victoria he needed to leave. Victoria made sure Billy would be okay by himself, and he promised he was fine. After Billy left, Traci asked Victoria where he'd gone. Victoria explained that Billy wasn't feeling well, so he'd gone home.

Mariah stepped up on the stage and introduced the new couple before Kyle and Lola made their official appearance. The couple was greeted with hugs and applause. Lola greeted Arturo and told him she was happy he'd been able to attend. Just as Arturo was about to tell Lola about Adrian, Abby announced that it was time for the bride and groom's first official dance. Before the dance, Lola told her guests that Kyle was the man of her dreams. As the music began, Lola was touched to hear that Kyle had chosen her favorite song.

Phyllis checked on a distraught Summer. Phyllis promised Summer that she'd someday have an amazing wedding to a man that deserved her. Summer laughed when Phyllis added that Summer would wear a dress that wasn't off-the-rack. Summer told her mom that she was the best date. After Abby announced that guests were invited to dance, Phyllis took Summer's hand and invited her to dance. Summer smiled.

Summer approached Kyle and told him she was glad to see him happy with Lola. Kyle told Summer that he was glad they could still be friends after all they'd been though. Kyle admitted that Summer had been an important part of his life for a long time. Kyle asked Summer if they could start over with a clean slate. Summer nodded and replied, "Put the past behind us, right?" Summer was suddenly overcome with emotion and walked away.

Kyle was shocked when he saw Theo arrive with Zoe. After Abby and Nate approached, Kyle told Abby he couldn't have pulled off the wedding without Abby's help. Abby replied, "I know." After Abby took Nate's hand and walked away, Jack offered a toast to the new couple. Jack mentioned Dina and said she'd be proud of her grandson. Jack told Lola that she was a blessing to the Abbott family. Guests raised their glasses to Kyle and Lola. Celeste thanked Jack and toasted the joining together of the Abbott and Rosales families. Lola spotted Theo and told Kyle that Theo had crashed their wedding. Kyle replied, "I'm taking care of it right now."

Kyle approached Theo and Zoe and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Theo replied, "Chill out. I brought you a present. You remember Zoe from New York?" Kyle said he couldn't forget her because she'd almost died. Zoe greeted Kyle. Kyle glared at Theo. Theo said he wanted to make a peace offering.

Zoe told Kyle that she was fine and didn't hold a grudge against him. Kyle apologized for the awful night and told Zoe he was glad she hadn't suffered any long-term consequences. Zoe admitted that her father had only cared about getting money. Kyle told Zoe he was sorry that Theo had used her to try to blow up the wedding. Kyle ordered Theo to leave and said their friendship was over for good.

As Theo and Zoe were leaving, Phyllis intercepted them. Phyllis introduced herself to Zoe, but before Zoe could reply, Theo told her to wait outside for him. Phyllis told Theo she wanted to know what was going on, especially if it affected Summer. Theo promised to tell Phyllis later. Phyllis replied, "I'll hold you to that." Phyllis glared at Theo as he walked away.

While Adrian was in the men's room, Rey asked Arturo about Mia and the baby. Arturo said the baby would be born soon. Rey said he hadn't forgotten being told he was the baby's father. Arturo admitted he didn't have an excuse for what had taken place between him and Mia. Rey said he wanted to ensure that his niece or nephew would have a good life. Arturo said he'd rely on Rey's example as a father figure. Rey and Arturo agreed to set aside their differences to make Lola happy.

Lola noticed her mother and Rey whispering, so she followed her mother and brother to the dressing tent. Lola was shocked to see her dad arguing with Celeste, Arturo, and Rey. Lola took a deep breath before asking her father why he was there. Adrian said he'd wanted to see his little girl because his heart ached for her every time he saw a photo of her. Lola asked to speak to Adrian alone.

After everyone else stepped out, Adrian told Lola that he regretted the past. Adrian cried that he'd never stopped caring about his daughter. Lola told Adrian she wasn't prepared to embrace him. Celeste returned to check on Lola. Lola said Adrian could stay. Adrian seemed relieved. Lola added that she wasn't ready to deal with Adrian, and she left.

Lola rejoined Kyle. Lola asked about Theo. Kyle said only that it was a long story not worth repeating. Kyle asked Lola what was going on between Celeste and the man she'd been talking to. Lola explained that her dad had crashed the wedding. Kyle was shocked and offered to throw Adrian out. Lola said she'd rather focus on Kyle and their beautiful wedding.

Arturo approached Abby, but Nate stepped in. Abby seemed touched by Nate's gesture. Traci and Ashley watched as Jack danced with Celeste. As the guests danced and had a good time, Kyle and Lola stepped up onto the stage. Kyle announced that it was time to throw the bridal bouquet.

The women gathered and waited for the toss. Abby initially caught the bouquet but quickly tossed it like it was a hot potato. Summer caught it and tossed it again. Phyllis caught the bouquet and tossed it away. After Ashley caught the flowers, she tossed them away. Mariah caught the bouquet and kept it. Tessa embraced Mariah, and the couple shared a kiss. Guests applauded and filled the reception space with festive bubbles.

At Crimson Lights, Billy secretly followed Adam. Billy entered through the patio, unnoticed by Adam. Billy covertly watched Adam pass through the interior doorway to the main dining area to join Michael. Billy reached into his pocket, took out a stick of gum, and placed it into his mouth. Billy overheard Adam tell Michael that they'd kick things into high gear after Michael became the district attorney. Michael replied that it wasn't wise.

Billy chewed his gum nervously as he overheard Adam explain to Michael that he didn't have time to play it safe because forces were rallying against him. Michael warned that both he and Adam could end up serving time in prison. Before Adam left, he insisted they would do things his way. After Adam left, Billy approached Michael and demanded to know what was going on between him and Adam.

Billy asked Michael if his sudden bond with Adam had anything to do with Kevin suddenly leaving town. Michael claimed that Kevin had needed to return to his daughter. Billy noted that people had thought it odd that Kevin had hung around Genoa City, keeping company with Adam. Billy added that it appeared that Michael had taken Kevin's place as Adam's associate. Michael seemed uncomfortable.

Billy asked Michael why he'd dropped Nick's custody case and filed a petition for Adam. Michael told Billy to stay out of it. Billy replied, "I smell a rat, Michael. Do you know what a rat king is? It's two rats with their tails intertwined, and they're bound together. Stuck to one another for life." Michael said, "Watch it. You may find yourself the cheese."

Victoria returned home and asked Billy where he'd been. Victoria cried that she'd searched for Billy for two hours. Billy claimed that he'd been out clearing his head. Victoria asked Billy if he'd had another incident. Billy assured Victoria that he was fine. Victoria said it was frightening every time Billy disappeared and couldn't be contacted. Billy said he was sorry he'd turned off his phone. Billy held Victoria's hand and assured her that he was fine. Victoria said she'd heard that Michael was running for district attorney. Billy didn't let on that he already knew about Michael's plans.

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