Arturo agrees to protect Mia's baby
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Jack seemed puzzled when Kyle and Summer cheerfully discussed their plans for the morning. Summer suggested that she and Jack discuss her ideas for the Jabot Collective when she got back, and she headed out. Kyle explained that he'd told Summer everything that had happened with Lola, and she'd understood that he'd wanted to see if there was still something between them. Jack asked if he'd told Summer there still was.

Kyle groaned that he hadn't been able to do it. Jack mentioned that he'd convinced Phyllis not to leak the photo to the press, since her plan had failed because Lauren was fully on board with Jabot. Kyle somberly realized that he had to take care of the rest by breaking Summer's heart, but Jack cautioned that Summer and Phyllis could make things difficult for Kyle, Lola, and Jabot. Kyle resolved to convince Summer that she didn't want to be with him.

Later, Summer returned to the mansion and found Jack waiting for Dina's nurse. Summer asked if Kyle was there, and Jack replied that he wasn't. Summer proposed that they discuss her ideas for the collective, and she handed him a list of potential influencers who could give Jabot a high profile with the younger demographic. She recommended that they focus on getting celebrities to wear Jabot's clothes and makeup, and Jack marveled that she'd covered things the marketing department hadn't touched. He declared that she'd helped a lot, and she hoped he could help her with a problem she couldn't avoid anymore.

Jack disguised his relief when Summer said it was about her grandpa, and she lamented that she didn't know how to tell Victor that she was leaving Newman to work at Jabot. Summer was sure that she wanted to do it, but she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her grandfather. Jack understood that Victor might look at it like she was turning her back on her family, but she argued that she was also part of Kyle's family. Jack believed that Victor loved her and wanted her to be happy, and he thought there would always be a place for her at Newman. Summer asserted that her future was with Jabot and Kyle, where she belonged.

Once alone, Jack pulled a sample of the Jabot Collective logo from an envelope. Dina appeared and asked what he had, and he explained that the logo had been designed to represent his new idea for Jabot. He envisioned making the company bigger and better by expanding the fashion division and marketing all their products together as a lifestyle package. Jack asked what Dina thought, and she huffed that he was ruining his father's legacy.

Arturo showed up at Abby's new restaurant, and Abby huffed that she'd thought he'd accepted it was over when she hadn't heard from him. He explained that he'd gone away to work things out, and he'd had time to think. Abby maintained that she had nothing to say to him, but she eventually agreed to hear him out. Arturo asserted that he wasn't blaming anyone else for the epically bad choice he'd made, and he admitted that there was some truth to her contention that he was more in love with the idea of her than he was with Abby herself.

Arturo defended that he'd never been with someone like Abby, so it had been hard not to get caught up in her lifestyle. He swore that he'd never been in it for the money, and he still loved her. He owned what he'd done, but he stressed that Mia meant nothing to him. Abby barked that he'd thrown away what they'd had for no reason, and Arturo recognized that it made him an even bigger idiot. He pleaded that it wasn't the person he wanted to be, and he was sorry from the bottom of his heart for any pain he'd caused her.

Abby conceded that she believed Arturo was genuinely sorry. She confided that she'd been thinking a lot about the mistakes she'd made, since she'd been on the wrong side of a cheating scandal, and the people who loved her had given her a second chance. Abby added that Arturo deserved the same, and he vowed to put it all behind him and get it right that time. Mia interrupted and complained that she'd been looking for Arturo everywhere, and Abby ordered her to get out. Mia refused to leave without Arturo.

Abby asked "who the hell" Mia thought she was to show up at Abby's restaurant, acting like she owned the place. Abby demanded that both Mia and Arturo leave, and Mia sauntered out. Arturo appealed to Abby to continue their conversation, but she growled that she was still waiting, and he followed Mia out. A seething Abby tried to focus on work.

In the park, Arturo ranted that Mia had had some nerve to interrupt his conversation. Mia insisted that what she needed was more important, and she instructed him to tell anyone who asked that he'd been with her after he'd left Abby at the Athletic Club on the night Lola had been attacked. Arturo concluded that Mia had been the one who'd attacked Lola. Mia fibbed that she hadn't done it, but Arturo wondered why she thought he'd lift a finger to help her. She informed him that she was pregnant and that the baby could be his.

Arturo blasted Mia for using a fake pregnancy to get him to lie for her. She pulled the sonogram photo out of her purse and asked if it looked fake, and Arturo snapped that it still didn't prove the baby was his. Mia believed in her heart that it was Rey's, but she pointedly stated that she was three months along. She begged him to see why she couldn't go to prison, but he wordlessly walked away.

Kyle arrived at Abby's restaurant and hugged Lola. She gushed that he'd picked the perfect spot to meet, since he'd get to see her in her element. He observed that success looked good on her, and he felt like someone had flipped the switch on in his life. He wished it didn't mean having to go cold and dark on Summer, and Lola asked if Summer had taken the news badly. Kyle admitted that the night before hadn't gone as planned.

Lola was shocked that Phyllis had threatened to publicly humiliate her daughter, but she didn't understand why Kyle hadn't told Summer about the photos. Kyle revealed that he'd told Summer that he and Lola had almost slept together, but Summer had been shockingly calm and rational. Kyle added that Summer had said she knew it was hard for him to let go of Lola, and Lola grumbled that only Summer wouldn't realize when she was being dumped. Lola wondered how Summer had reacted when Kyle had made it clear.

Kyle stammered that he hadn't been able to break things off, and Lola suspected that he still loved Summer. He insisted that he loved Lola, but he worried that Phyllis and Summer could cause serious damage if the photos got out. Kyle recalled that Phyllis had taken Victor down, and it killed him to think of what she'd do to Lola. Kyle was determined to find a way to end things that wouldn't cause Summer to seek revenge, since he'd never forgive himself if it cost Lola the dream she'd worked so hard to make a reality. Lola protested that it was supposed to be the start of a new life for them, and he promised it would be -- once he settled things with Summer.

Kyle regretted having to ask Lola to lie. She confirmed that she didn't like hiding her feelings for him, but she agreed to do it. She figured that he'd married Summer to save Lola's life, so she could deal with him being with Summer for a while longer. Kyle swore that it would be behind them soon, and Lola requested that he not sleep with Summer again. He said he understood, and they exchanged words of love and kissed. Lola headed back to work, and Summer walked in.

Summer explained that she'd been on her way to pick up lunch when she'd seen Kyle's car in the parking lot. Kyle claimed that he'd stopped by to update Abby on the collective in case they needed her input, but she hadn't had time to talk. Summer sympathized that he'd wasted a trip, but he brightly pointed out that he'd run into Summer, so it was a win. He invited her to lunch, and they headed out together.

Lola suggested that she and Abby go over menu revisions, but she could see that something was wrong. Abby mentioned that Arturo had been there, and Lola imagined that it had been awful seeing him. Abby credited him for being honest and remorseful, and she'd thought he'd meant the things he'd said about feeling like a different person -- until a dark cloud had blown in and ruined everything. Lola guessed she meant Mia, and she proposed that they have security keep Mia out. Abby bemoaned that even if Mia hadn't walked in, Mia was always there between her and Arturo.

Lola presented Abby with her latest signature drink, which she'd dubbed Red Hot Revenge, inspired by Mia. Abby apologized for venting about Arturo, but Lola conceded that her brother was a total mess. Abby's eyes widened when she sipped the drink, and Lola quipped that it had a little "badass" in it. Lola proclaimed that they were celebrating because they were about to achieve their dreams, and she toasted to their success and happiness. Abby wondered how Lola stayed so positive. Lola kept reminding herself that no matter how much past day had sucked, the next day could always be better.

At Crimson Lights, Summer chirped that Jack had been impressed by the research she'd done. She realized that Kyle hadn't heard a word she'd said, and he apologized for having a lot going on in his head. She assumed that it had to do with Lola, and she sensed that there was more to the situation than what he'd told her. Kyle divulged that Phyllis had hired an investigator to take pictures of him and Lola and that Phyllis had threatened to use the photos to harm Jabot unless Jack sold her Fenmore's.

Summer was appalled by what her mother had done, but she recognized that Phyllis always put what she wanted before anything else. Kyle assured her it was over, but Summer insisted that it wasn't, since her mom had tried to trash her marriage to hurt Jabot. Summer declared that she didn't care what anyone else thought, since what she and Kyle had was real, and she refused to let anyone get between them.

Outside Sharon's cottage, Rey received a text message from Paul, who expected an update on Lola's case by the end of the day. Rey replied that he was on it, and he knocked on Sharon's door. Sharon invited him in, and he reluctantly stated that he had something he needed to tell her that wouldn't be easy, but they'd pledged to have no more secrets. He hoped she understood why he'd kept one.

Sharon encouraged Rey to confide in her if it would help, and he confessed that he knew who had attacked Lola -- Mia. Rey recounted that Mia had gone to the Abbott house to tell Abby to back off Arturo, since Mia hadn't been able to stand the thought of them together, and Lola had been wearing Abby's coat. Sharon realized that Mia had believed Lola was Abby, and Rey relayed that Mia had sworn that it had just been a prank gone wrong. Sharon pointed out that Rey had known and hadn't arrested Mia, and Rey revealed that he'd started to, but Mia had told him she was pregnant.

Sharon understood that Rey wanted to protect the baby, but she questioned what he'd do if the baby was Arturo's. Rey admitted that part of him wanted to let the truth be known and walk away, but the baby didn't deserve to be born in prison. Sharon inquired whether he expected to keep Mia's secret forever, and Rey replied that the GCPD wasn't letting it go, since he'd been assigned as the new investigator as a chance to get back on the force. Sharon considered it to be a weird coincidence, and Rey suspected that Paul was testing him.

Rey hated to ask Sharon to cover up another crime, but he hadn't been able to stand lying to her. She imagined that it had been hard to keep the secret, and he bemoaned that he didn't recognize himself in the mirror sometimes. She insisted that he was the same man he'd always been, but he wasn't sure Paul would agree if things blew up. Sharon pledged to be by Rey's side, no matter what, and they kissed.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Christine noted that Paul asking Rey to investigate Lola's assault was risky, since Rey had proven that he couldn't be trusted. Paul countered that he was giving Rey a chance to prove otherwise, and he hoped Rey passed the test. Paul found it strange how Lola's case had gone cold, and he had expected Rey to demand answers rather than back off. Christine figured that Rey had been more concerned about finding a donor, but Paul had the feeling that Rey knew more than he was saying.

Paul relayed that Rey had immediately named Mia as someone who might want to hurt Abby and that Rey had admitted that the women had argued on the night of Lola's attack. Christine pointed out that it was the opposite of withholding information, and Paul informed her that Rey had also claimed that Mia had an alibi -- that she'd been with Arturo on the night of the attack, and it had been the reason Rey's marriage had broken up. Paul sensed that Rey and Arturo were in on it together, and he planned to keep a close eye on them. Nikki interrupted and requested Paul's help with Victor.

Nikki explained that Victor had been making regular trips to Nevada, but she didn't know why. Paul guessed that it had been for business, but Nikki couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to it. She added that Victor was away again, and he'd been evasive about where he was and what he was doing. Nikki requested that Paul use his contacts to find out what Victor was up to, but Paul thought the police couldn't do much if no crime had been committed. Nikki offered to pay him to help unofficially, but he declined. Paul chalked it up to Victor just being Victor.

Rey ran into Nikki inside the coffeehouse, and he asked how she was doing. He regretted the strain his investigation had put on her and her family, and she thanked him for clearing her and Victoria's names. Nikki ignored a call and shared that she'd been hoping Victor would call. She asked Rey to join her at a table, and she told him that she was worried about her husband, who had taken a number of trips to Las Vegas. She offered to pay Rey to find out what Victor had been doing there, and Rey agreed to think about it. Nikki headed out.

Meanwhile, Christine admitted that she was glad Paul had turned Nikki down, and he clucked that it was never a good idea to get between Nikki and Victor. Paul added that being police chief was a full-time gig, and Christine prepared to get back to work. Paul opted to stay behind to review some things before he took off, and they made plans for a hot date of pizza and bowling that night. They kissed goodbye, and Christine departed.

Paul noticed Arturo approach Rey. Rey taunted that Arturo was out from under his cloak of shame, and Arturo confirmed that he'd gotten Rey's messages. Arturo recognized that he owed Rey an apology for sleeping with Mia, and Rey grumbled that they had bigger problems because of it. Arturo mentioned that he knew about Mia's pregnancy, and they agreed that they'd never anticipated that happening. Rey declared that Arturo could throw himself a pity party later, since they had a situation, and Arturo had better be prepared to step up.

Arturo swore that he wouldn't walk away if the kid was his, but Rey was adamant that they had to take care of its mother. Rey insisted that Arturo do what Mia asked, and Arturo vowed do whatever he had to do to protect the baby. Rey was glad they were on same page, but he told Arturo to get out of his sight. Arturo obliged as Paul lurked nearby. A moment later, Sharon joined Rey, prepared to have fun. Paul interrupted, and Rey assumed he was looking for an update. Paul asked to speak to Rey outside.

Paul led Rey to the park, and Rey indicated that Arturo had confirmed that he'd been with Mia on the night of Lola's attack. Rey added that he had no other leads, but he suggested that they'd been approaching it from the wrong angle. Rey theorized that Lola had been mistaken about being attacked, since she might have been confused after suffering a head injury. He reasoned that her phone could have been smashed during her fall and that there was no way of telling how long the earring found at the scene had been there. Paul thought they were still missing something.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki stared at an invoice from Dr. Calhoun. She glared at Victor's portrait and vowed to find out what her husband was up to.

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