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The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap Tuesday, December 1, 2020 | | The Young and the Restless on Soap Central
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In a hotel suite, Chance told Abby that she was the most interesting, exciting, sexy person he'd ever met. He swore that all he wanted was for her to be happy, and he'd survive if she couldn't be happy with him as long as he knew she was doing what was best for herself. Abby realized that he was using reverse psychology to get her to change her mind, and Chance asked if it was working. They sat on the bed together, and he asked if they were okay. She noted that it was supposed to be bad luck for them to see one another before the ceremony, but she was glad he was there.

Chance pledged to be there for the rest of Abby's life if she'd have him. Abby explained that she'd freaked out because she'd been scared of repeating the past, but she felt that time was different -- because of him and who she was when she was with him. She declared that she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she "couldn't not marry" him. He responded that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her, but they had to get to his grandmother's house if they were going to tie the knot. Abby playfully scolded him for letting them be late on their wedding day.

Ashley anxiously peered out the window at the Chancellor mansion. She covered her concern and gushed to Victor and Nina about how being parents of the bride and groom had joined them together. Victor was happy that their families and children had found one another. Nina passed along Phillip's regrets for being unable to attend because he'd been diagnosed with appendicitis just hours before his flight, and he was recovering from surgery.

Ashley was sure that Nina's presence there meant everything to Chance, and Nina proudly shared that her son had asked her to be his "best mom." Nina wondered why it was taking Chance that long to pick up a different pair of shoes, and Victor observed that Abby wasn't there yet, either. Ashley imagined that the bride wanted everything to be perfect on her wedding day.

Jack took in the sight of the Abbotts and the Newmans together in one room, and Victoria was impressed that they weren't killing one another. Jack called it a stroke of genius to have the wedding there, since everyone in both families had loved Katherine.

Jill gazed up at Katherine's portrait and was sure Katherine was looking down on them, beaming with pride that Devon would be presiding over the ceremony. Devon suspected that Katherine would have wanted to do it herself. Jill mused that she missed the old woman every single day, but it helped to see Katherine live on in Devon and eventually his family. Jill quickly apologized, but he insisted that he was excited to be there to help his friends celebrate their big day.

Nick told Nikki she looked beautiful, and she inquired about his other half. He claimed that Phyllis wouldn't be able to make it because she needed to tend to something at the hotel. Nikki figured that it was for the best, since Phyllis tended to make any occasion about herself. Nick suggested that they focus on the bride and groom, and Nikki commented that it would be all about Chance and Abby as soon as they showed up.

Nina worried that there was no sign of Chance or Abby, and Jill speculated that the lovebirds had met up for a pre-ceremonial tryst. A disgusted Nina chided Jill for thinking that, and she pointed out that it wouldn't explain why the maid of honor also wasn't there.

Victoria approached Devon and hoped nothing was wrong, since Chance, Abby, and Mariah were all missing. Devon theorized that Abby intended to make a dramatic entrance, and Victoria stepped away to say hello to Nick. Devon sent a text message to ask Mariah if she had any update, since people were starting to ask questions.

Traci fretted that Chance and Abby were more than a little late. Mariah cornered Ashley in the foyer and revealed that she still hadn't heard anything from Abby or Chance, and Ashley confirmed that she hadn't, either. Jack asked if there was going to be a wedding that day or not, and the guests exchanged worried glances.

Mariah greeted everyone and announced that it was her job as the maid of honor to be the messenger. She rambled on about the phrase "don't kill the messenger," and she ultimately divulged that the bride was having a case of cold feet. A frazzled Mariah babbled about it being normal, but Ashley interrupted and explained that Chance was with Abby. Ashley was certain that the couple would be there any minute to say their vows, but Victor asked if Abby was having second thoughts. Ashley urged everyone to relax and give Abby and Chance the extra time they needed.

Nick reasoned that it wouldn't be a Newman wedding without some kind of problem, and Victoria quipped that Abby had a long way to go before the wedding was as disastrous as others had been. Nick recalled how nerve-wracking it had been to propose to someone, and he flashed back to the first time he'd asked Sharon to marry him. Nick murmured that there was something overwhelming and amazing about one's first big love. Victoria added that there was also something to be said for a love so strong that it kept resurfacing.

Victoria thought back to Billy dropping to one knee and pulling out a ring, pledging his love to her. Nick guessed that Victoria was thinking about Billy, and she stated that even if it hadn't been meant to be, it had been great while it had lasted. "Which time?" Nick teased, and they chuckled. Victoria referred to the many times Nick had proposed to both Sharon and Phyllis, and Nick contended that the Newmans weren't quitters. He stressed that the day was about Chance and Abby, and Victoria was sure they'd be raising their glasses to the couple very soon.

Later, Chance mingled with the guests as Abby got ready upstairs. Victor asked Chance if everything was all right. "It is now," Chance replied, but Victor mentioned that he'd heard Abby had had doubts. Chance explained that she'd just needed to be reminded that she deserved to be happy, and he intended to spend the rest of his life making sure she was.

Nina commented that she and Victoria would be family once Victoria's sister married Nina's son. Victoria figured that they could be cordial at family gatherings, but Nina pressed to bury any hatchet remaining from their rivalry years earlier. Victoria reasoned that no one could blame them for falling in love with men like Cole and Ryan. Nina wished Ryan could see Chance that day, and she suggested that she and Victoria aim for being friendly. Victoria agreed, and she hoped Nina wasn't worried about the wedding delay because Abby was crazy about Chance.

Victoria thought that sometimes people had trouble accepting when life was going their way, and Abby had trouble believing she could have everything she wanted in a relationship. Nina sympathized that Abby had planned a wedding right after almost losing Chance, and she understood if Abby needed a minute to take it all in. Nina added that the look on Chance's face when he talked about Abby was all Nina needed to know.

Meanwhile, Abby lamented that everything was behind schedule. Mariah insisted that the wait would be worth it, and Ashley was glad to see the bride-to-be looking gorgeous. Abby apologized for making them nervous, but Ashley proclaimed that she'd had faith that Abby and Chance would figure out what they needed to do. Ashley wondered what Chance had said to ease Abby's doubts. Abby replied that she'd just had to look in his eyes, since they'd said everything.

Abby fretted that she'd chipped a nail, and she credited Mariah for having extra polish. Mariah rattled off a list of things she'd pulled together to be prepared for anything. Ashley recognized that not everything had gone according to plan, but she believed they were on track. Mariah mentioned that she and Ashley had discussed traditions, and she stepped out to allow Ashley to privately present Abby with the bridal gifts. Abby swore that she couldn't have gotten through the day without her mother, and Ashley promised to always be there for her.

Abby continued that she wouldn't have gotten to that point in her life without Ashley, who had made her the woman she was by giving her love and support and setting a good example. Abby grew tearful as she called Ashley the best mom she could have ever hoped for, and Ashley tried not to cry because she didn't want to look puffy in the wedding photos. Abby suspected that she'd inherited her stubbornness from Ashley and Dina, and she cried that she missed her grandmother that day.

Ashley was happy that Abby had wanted to include some things from Dina's memory box, and she opened the box and retrieved a diamond bracelet as something old. Ashley thought it would look incredible with Abby's gown, which would serve as something new. Ashley pulled out a blue ribbon and revealed that she'd found it fastened around a bundle of Dina's letters, and she thought they could tie it around Abby's bouquet to be something blue and borrowed. Ashley believed that Dina was alive and well with them in spirit that day, and she and Abby hugged.

Later, Nina stopped by to see Abby. Abby enthused that she was excited to become Nina's daughter-in-law and honored to become part of Chance's family. Nina recounted that she hadn't been born into a family like Abby's or Chance's, so she didn't have any rich traditions or mementos to pass down, but she wanted to start their own tradition. Nina presented Abby with a locket and envisioned Abby keeping photos of Nina's grandchildren in it one day. Abby vowed to do her best to make sure that happened, and she thanked Nina with a hug.

Nina hoped Abby would be able to pass on the locket when her own daughter got married, and she gushed that being Chance's mom had completely changed her life. Nina admitted that it hadn't been an easy road with Chance's father, but she was glad she and Phillip had made a connection before he'd been presumed dead. She continued that she hadn't thought she would find love again, but she had with Ryan, who had adored Chance and made them a family. In a flashback, a young Chance prompted Nina and Ryan to kiss on their anniversary, and they obliged.

Nina intended to always treasure that time, which she knew had meant a lot to Chance. She was grateful that her son had finally found a woman to build a future with and that the woman was Abby. Abby insisted that Chance had given her more than she could ever give back, and she stressed that she loved Nina's son with everything she had. Victor knocked on the door and asked for a moment with Abby, and Nina stepped out.

Abby expected Victor to give her some parental advice, but Victor was confident that she was marrying a good man who would love her and stand by her. Victor commended Abby for becoming a beautiful, strong woman who was a force to be reckoned with. Abby insisted that she was always going to need her dad, and he pledged to always be there for her. He applauded the good choice she'd made with Chance, and he lectured that she'd learn later in life that the people one chose to be around reflected upon oneself.

Abby noted that Victor had made good choices a couple of times, and he called Ashley an extraordinary woman whose friendship he cherished. Victor's wish for Abby was that she had the kind of love he shared with Nikki -- a love that had expanded over time and made him a better person. He flashed back to tender moments with Nikki. Victor mused that everyone deserved that kind of love, but very few were lucky enough to find it.

Jack burst in and inquired whether Abby had a second for her uncle. Abby thanked both Victor and Jack for behaving themselves that day, and Victor joked that they'd made an exception for her. She requested that Victor tell everyone that she'd be ready in a minute, and he exited. Jack said he was thrilled to be part of Abby's big day, and he was proud of her for putting herself out there and embracing love when she'd found it. He recounted that it had been Dina's ultimate wish for her family, and Abby was the first Abbott to grant Dina's wish. Jack considered it a beacon of hope for the rest of them, and Abby anticipated that it would be the first of many Abbott weddings because everyone deserved to find the kind of love she and Chance had.

Downstairs, Nina reported for duty as best mom, and Chance asked if she had the ring. He panicked when she pretended not to have it, but she promised that she'd be serious from then on. She informed him that they had one more important thing to deal with. Chance was touched when Nina handed him a watch that had been his grandfather's and later his father's.

Nina mentioned that she was passing the watch along on Phillip's behalf, since he couldn't be there, and she pointed out that it was engraved with the names Phillip Chancellor II, III, and IV. Chance hoped he lived up to the name, and she assured him that he already had. Chance planned to thank his father when he called to follow up on Phillip's surgery, and he stated that it meant lot to him to carry a piece of family history that day.

Mariah observed that Chance seemed cool and collected for someone about to take the matrimonial plunge. She recalled that he hadn't seemed frazzled at all when she'd called him to talk Abby down, and she wondered if he had ice in his veins. Chance chalked it up to the love in his heart, and Mariah praised the couple for pulling off a miracle, noting that everyone was hanging out peacefully. Chance figured that weddings were great unifiers, and he loved that he and Abby were joining together three illustrious families. Mariah remarked that he'd need ice in his veins to dive deep into the Abbott and Newman clans. Chance recognized that every member of the big, messy families had helped make Abby who she was, so they had to be doing something right.

Jack asked how Ashley and Traci were doing, and Traci mentioned that she'd just been saying that special family events made her think of how happy John would have been to be there. Jack thought their father would be proud that they were all together that day. Traci imagined John being with Dina, looking down on their children together. Jack pictured John and Dina dancing and watching them carry on family traditions. Ashley believed that Dina would have loved the fact that her granddaughter was marrying a Chancellor -- and in Katherine's home, no less.

Victor announced that the ceremony was about to begin. Mariah asked if Devon was ready, and she felt it was appropriate that he was officiating in his grandmother's house. Devon recalled that Dru and Neil had gotten married there, so it made him feel close to them. Jill overheard and commented that his parents had been a gorgeous couple, and she reflected back on congratulating Dru at the wedding reception. Jill commented that the two had seemed made for one another. Devon flashed back to a happy time with Hilary. Jill regretted that she'd reminded him of something painful, but he assured her that it was actually the opposite.

Nick sent a text message to Phyllis, wishing she were there. She replied that she was already working on another way to make it up to him, and he grinned. He thought back to snuggling in bed with her, telling her that his life was infinitely better with her in it.

Nina asked Chance if he was ready. "To marry the love of my life? Absolutely," he replied, and they exchanged words of love.

Nikki told Victor that he was as handsome as the day they'd gotten married, and he cooed that she still took his breath away. He marveled that the Newman, Abbott, Chancellor, and Winters families were all there that day, and they'd all created new limbs to their family trees. Victor and Nikki kissed as the music began to play. Chance took his place next to Devon, and Traci started to sing.

Victor's eyes lit up as he watched Abby descend the stairs in her wedding gown. He kissed her cheek and led her into the main room, where Nina and Ashley beamed at their children. A musical montage highlighted the past weddings of Nikki and Victor, Jill and John, Katherine and Murphy, Christine and Paul, Neil and Dru, Michael and Lauren, Hilary and Devon, Nick and Sharon, Victoria and Billy, Lily and Cane, and Jack and Phyllis. Victor walked Abby down the aisle, and she and Chance happily prepared to wed.

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