Phyllis shares her concerns about Sally with Lauren
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lauren ran into Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally announced that as part of her new job, she'd soon be sending a memo about ways to make things more efficient and save Fenmore's money. Lauren clucked that she'd heard a rumor that Sally had traded in her California car for a winter-friendly one. Sally hoped it hadn't been a problem that she'd left early the day before to pick it up, and Lauren was sure the money-saving memo would balance out the time. Sally wondered who had told Lauren about the new car, and Lauren shared that she'd called Jack's office and found out he'd been playing hooky, too.

Sally admitted that Jack had offered to give her a ride to the dealership, and she'd been thrilled to have his company. Lauren noted that the two seemed to be getting closer, and Sally called him a great guy. Sally confided that she'd never expected to become friends with a man like him, and she was flattered that he'd even remembered her name. She confirmed that they'd been hanging out and running errands together, and she considered herself lucky to have a friendship like that. Sally suspected that everyone else thought it was odd, and she understood why people would be judgmental about it. Lauren swore that she wasn't judging, and she was glad Jack and Sally had been spending time together.

In the Jabot conference room, Summer asked why Kyle had planned to go to New York, and Jack wondered if there was something going on in the New York office that he didn't know about. Kyle vaguely stated that there had been a last-minute opportunity that he'd had second thoughts about, so he'd canceled the trip. Kyle insisted that it wasn't worth getting into, but Jack pressed for details. Summer pointed out that Kyle had opted not to go to L.A. with her because he'd had too much to do there, and she questioned why Kyle hadn't just told her about his plans.

After Jack stepped out to give the couple some privacy, Kyle understood that Summer felt blindsided, but he balked at apologizing for a trip he'd never taken. He conceded that he should have told her that he'd been planning to go, but he reasoned that he'd ended up being there to welcome her home instead. She pointed out that he hadn't mentioned why he'd been going to New York, and she realized that he'd intended to track down Tara Locke. Summer reflected back on Sally's implication that there was something Summer still didn't know about the time Kyle had spent in New York with Tara.

Summer reported that Sally had been happy to remind her that they each had something that could ruin the other person's life. Summer relayed that Sally had made multiple comments about the possibility of Kyle and Tara's affair being exposed and Summer having to deal with everything that went with it. Summer added that when she'd asked what Sally had meant, Sally had told her to ask Kyle. Kyle applauded Summer for being the first one to call Sally out as a troublemaker, and Summer wondered if Sally had just been trying to mess with her.

Gloria burst in and informed Summer that Lauren had called with a reminder about their meeting at Society. Gloria lectured Summer about keeping Lauren waiting, and Kyle assured Summer that everything would be fine as far as "you know who" was concerned. Gloria guessed that they'd been discussing Sally, but Summer claimed that she'd just been telling Kyle about her trip. Gloria stalked out, and Summer followed.

Kyle gazed again at the photo of the boy on his phone. "Can't bring yourself to tell her, huh?" Sally asked from the doorway, noting that it would blow everything up. Kyle pretended that he didn't know what she was talking about. Sally pointed out that she'd just seen Summer leave, and then she'd seen Kyle looking at a photo of a little boy on his phone. Sally referred to Kyle's affair with Tara, and she warned that Ashland would wreck Kyle's life if Ashland found his son was really Kyle's.

Kyle questioned whether Sally was threatening to go to Ashland or if she'd just drop hints and tell Ashland to check with Kyle if he wanted more information. Kyle demanded to know why Sally had been dropping hints about Tara to Summer. Sally admitted that she'd been fishing to find out how honest he'd been with Summer, but he swore there was nothing to find out. Sally reiterated that she'd found Kyle staring at the photo, but Kyle maintained that the kid wasn't his. Kyle noted that Sally could have ended their stalemate by telling Summer about Tara's son, and he pushed to know why she hadn't.

Sally claimed that she hadn't mentioned Harrison to Summer because there was no proof the boy was Kyle's son. Sally wondered what harm there would be in telling Summer that Tara had a son, since the couple could bond over dodging a bullet if Harrison wasn't Kyle's. Kyle griped that he was tired of the veiled threats, but Sally reiterated that she wouldn't say anything because she preferred their stalemate. She added that her life was going well, and she was focused on her promotion and enjoying her friendship with Jack. Sally reasoned that Jack wouldn't appreciate it if she did anything to hurt Kyle.

Kyle demanded to know why Sally was spending time with his father, given that neither of them had provided a straight answer about where their relationship stood. Sally figured that Jack had seen something in her that Kyle hadn't yet, but she was confident that Kyle would see it one day. Kyle didn't understand why she plotted and schemed, yet insisted everyone get along. He questioned why he should trust that she wouldn't tell anyone about Tara's son.

Sally insisted that she was sincere about keeping quiet -- unless her hand was forced. She agreed to ease up on the hints to Summer, but she thought Kyle's denials seemed forced. Sally speculated that if he were to find out that he'd fathered a child with Tara, he would be wise to completely forget he'd ever heard of Tara, Ashland, or their family. Sally reasoned that it would probably be too late to confess everything to Summer, and Ashland would undoubtedly go after Kyle if the truth were revealed. Kyle dryly thanked her for her helpful advice, but he repeated that the kid wasn't his. He headed out, unintentionally leaving his phone behind.

Gloria tidied up the conference room as Summer returned. Summer asked if Gloria had seen Kyle, and Gloria replied that she'd seen him near the elevators, looking out of sorts. Summer tried calling him, and his cell phone rang. Summer found it on a chair, and Gloria remarked that it was lucky Summer and not someone else had found it. Summer stared thoughtfully at Kyle's phone.

Phyllis studied Sally's tablet in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Nick walked in and surmised that she'd gotten a new computer. Phyllis claimed that she'd been having problems with it, and he offered to take a look. She reminded him that she had more computer knowledge than he did, and she figured that she'd just take it back. Nick joked that the issue might be something stupid that was in his wheelhouse. Phyllis blurted out that the computer was Sally's.

Nick was floored that Phyllis had used her master key to break into Sally's room and steal her computer, but Phyllis refused to apologize because her actions had produced results. She shared that Sally's entire search history was about Jack and the Abbott family, and she concluded that Sally was a stalker who had designs on Jack. Nick argued that Jack and Sally might simply like one another, but Phyllis insisted that Jack was in Sally's crosshairs after her attempt to target Kyle hadn't worked. Nick advised Phyllis to put the computer back in Sally's room and never do that to anyone else. Phyllis mocked Sally's reaction when she'd first met Nick, and she considered him lucky that he had Phyllis. Phyllis snapped that the "inexperienced witch" would have to go through "this bigger, badder bitch" to get to him.

Nick accepted that he shouldn't try to stop Phyllis if she'd already decided Sally was a threat. He speculated that since Phyllis was no longer battling with Abby or Victoria, she'd moved on to Sally because Phyllis was drawn to conflict and got restless if she wasn't at odds with someone. Phyllis defended that she'd worked her butt off her entire life, and her Escape Club fantasy would be to be bored by looking at four blank walls all day. Nick wondered if he fit into the fantasy anywhere, and she envisioned him playing a part at the end. Phyllis anticipated that everyone would thank her once she got the "psycho man-eater manipulator" out of town.

Later, Nick and Jack greeted one another at the coffeehouse. Nick shared that New Hope had been keeping him busy and that Phyllis always made life interesting. Nick mentioned how she got when she zeroed in on a new goal, and he warned that her new mission concerned Jack. Jack guessed it was about Sally, and Nick explained that Phyllis was concerned that Jack's judgment was impaired after he'd been single for such a long time. Nick stressed that it was Phyllis' opinion and not his, but he'd wanted to give Jack a heads-up because he wasn't sure how her worry would manifest itself. Jack grumbled that Phyllis needed to get a hobby, and he insisted that he was doing just fine.

Summer met Lauren at Society, and they made small talk about Summer's trip to California. Lauren reported that she'd already received an enthusiastic email from Bill Spencer, followed by a draft of a contract from Spencer Publications. Summer mentioned that she had a lot on her plate, but she promised to review it by the end of the day. Lauren wondered if a full plate was why Summer seemed preoccupied, and Summer chalked it up to jet lag. Lauren mentioned that Phyllis had reached out to talk about something important, and she wondered if Summer knew what it was.

Summer suspected that Phyllis wanted to talk about Sally, since it was no secret that Summer and Sally had had issues, and Phyllis also didn't approve of Jack and Sally's friendship. Summer recommended that Lauren take whatever Phyllis said with a grain of salt, since both Summer and Jack could handle Sally. Lauren bemoaned that Sally couldn't catch a break, and Summer swore that she was trying to give Sally one. Summer headed out to take a look at the contracts, and she ran into Phyllis on her way out.

Summer called Phyllis out on summoning Lauren to talk about something important. Phyllis revealed that she'd done some investigating, but she didn't want to provide any details in order to give Summer plausible deniability. Summer inquired whether it was enough to send Sally packing, and Phyllis replied that she wouldn't go that far. Summer implored her mother to leave it alone. Phyllis sauntered over to Lauren.

Phyllis inquired about Michael, and Lauren replied that they were happier than ever. Lauren said she always loved chitchatting with Phyllis, but she addressed the important issue Phyllis had wanted to talk about. Phyllis mentioned Sally. Lauren defended that Sally had done a great job for her, and Lauren was fond of Sally. Phyllis inquired whether Lauren was fond of Jack, since she was sure Sally had a plan going on that involved him.

Phyllis confessed that she'd seen something on Sally's web browser, but it wasn't important how she'd found it. Phyllis divulged that Sally had performed extensive online searches on Jack and the Abbott family, but Lauren argued that she often did research on people she interacted professionally with. Phyllis warned that what she'd seen had been a lot more than a casual search, and she was convinced that Sally was after a vulnerable and lonely Jack. Lauren chided Phyllis for making a lot of assumptions, like Sally's malicious intent and Jack not being able to see trouble in front of him.

Lauren insisted that Sally had been trying to reinvent herself, and Jack had been a supportive mentor to Sally. Lauren reminded Phyllis that Sally worked for Fenmore's and not Jabot, so there was no human resources situation. Lauren questioned whether it would be that horrible if Jack and Sally became friends or even more. Phyllis contended that Jack was handsome and charming to a fault, but he was also very vulnerable. Phyllis added that her daughter was also at risk, and that wasn't where it ended. Phyllis recognized that Sally had already been climbing the ladder at Fenmore's, and she contemplated how high Sally's ambitions went and what she would do to achieve them.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea willed herself to move her left hand, and she grasped the armrest of her wheelchair. She heard someone approaching and dropped her hand to her side as Adam descended the stairs. He wordlessly passed through the room, and she again moved her hand and placed it on the armrest.

Adam told Chelsea that Meredith had cued up movies for her to watch later, but Chelsea didn't respond. Adam surmised that she was upset after the visits from Victor, Rey, and Nick, but he swore that she didn't have to worry about them or their ludicrous claims. Chelsea lividly thought that she knew Adam had kissed Sharon, and she silently dared him to show some "damn courage" and admit it. Adam figured that people had been thrown off when they'd changed their plans to leave town to take care of her recovery, and he considered reviving the idea. Chelsea looked forward to leaving Sharon behind.

Adam reasoned that Chelsea didn't have to stay there to get medical treatment, and it might be the perfect opportunity to tell Connor everything. Adam planned to run the idea by Dr. Cavett, and he envisioned Chelsea making a full recovery by living their life together as a family without any interference. Chelsea pondered whether he was really going to see the doctor or if Sharon was waiting for him somewhere.

Adam promised that he wouldn't be gone long, and he headed out. In her mind, Chelsea spat that she didn't care if he ever returned, since she intended to reunite with her son and get Adam out of her life once and for all. Chelsea pledged to stay focused for Connor. With great effort, she struggled to prop herself up in her wheelchair.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon spotted Adam meeting with Dr. Cavett on the patio. He thanked the doctor for agreeing to meet with him there to avoid Chelsea overhearing. He asked whether Chelsea could handle leaving town, since he thought some fresh scenery and being around their son might help. Dr. Cavett thought time with Connor might improve Chelsea's state of mind, but she urged Adam to consider how stressful it would be for the boy to see his mom in that condition.

Dr. Cavett wished she could endorse the idea, but she believed it was too soon, since coping with travel on top of everything else might be too much for Chelsea. The doctor suggested that they revisit the idea when Chelsea showed signs of progress, but Adam questioned whether Chelsea might only make progress if they left town. Dr. Cavett advised against any deviation in the routine to avoid risking a setback, and she encouraged him to give it a few more weeks. The doctor departed, and Adam entered the coffeehouse. Sharon inquired about Chelsea.

Adam respected that he needed to step back from Sharon, and he considered it best for all of them if he handled Chelsea's situation on his own. He started to leave, but Sharon observed that his meeting with Dr. Cavett had seemed intense. Adam confirmed that they'd discussed the possibility of leaving town to focus on treatment somewhere else, but the doctor had advised against it. Adam thought both he and Sharon needed some serious distance from one another, and he regretted that he couldn't put hundreds of miles between them right then. Sharon watched him leave.

Meanwhile, Chloe stopped by to visit Chelsea and assured Chelsea that she had someone in her corner. Chloe mentioned that she'd told Meredith to give them privacy, and she'd made sure Adam wasn't around. Chloe was curious why Chelsea didn't want him to know that she could move her hand, and Chelsea tearfully looked away. Chloe begged Chelsea not to cry, and she firmly stated that Chelsea was a strong, powerful woman, whether she was in a wheelchair or not.

Chloe pledged to figure out what Chelsea wanted to say, and she pulled out her phone and asked if Chelsea could use her left hand enough to type out a few words to let Chloe know what she was thinking. Chelsea reached for the keypad, and Chloe imagined it felt good for Chelsea to express herself. Chelsea managed to key in Sharon's name. Chloe asked if Sharon was helping, and Chelsea blinked repeatedly to indicate no. Chloe inquired whether Sharon was hurting Chelsea in some way, and Chelsea firmly blinked once for yes.

Chelsea started to type Adam's name, and Chloe realized that Chelsea thought Adam and Sharon were together. Chelsea blinked yes, and Chloe quickly covered when Adam returned home. Adam sensed that he'd interrupted something, but Chloe chirped that they'd just been having some girl time. Chloe added that they weren't done yet, and Adam headed upstairs. He hovered suspiciously at the top of the stairway.

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