Victor uses Newman to go after Billy behind Victoria's back
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Billy entered Lily's office and groaned about what a day it had been. He declared that he was done putting together his presentation, and he invited Lily to join him to get something to eat. She informed him that she still had a lot of work to do. Billy picked up a chocolate from her desk, but Lily protested that it was hers. She agreed to let him have the chocolate and leave early if his presentation was good, but he'd have to stay there with her if it was flawed.

Billy called it a win-win for him, but Lily added that she'd also get the candy in the latter case. She found his presentation on the server, looked it over, and half-heartedly muttered that it looked pretty good. He thought she sounded dissatisfied, and she admitted that he'd won the chocolate fair and square. He reasoned that a real winner knew how to share and who to share with, and he handed the treat back to her.

As Lily savored the chocolate, she found another piece of candy that had been obscured by paperwork on her desk, and she offered it to Billy. He responded that he got more enjoyment watching her eat it, but he amorously insisted on having dessert after dinner that night. As he prepared to leave, he inquired whether she'd heard any buzz about Cyaxares Media being up for grabs. Lily identified it as one of Ashland Locke's companies, and Billy quipped that only someone that pretentious would name his media company after an actual king of Media.

Billy thought ChanceComm should buy the company if only just to change the stupid name, but Lily worried that there would be a lot of redundancy. Billy contended that it was a global company that would complement what ChanceComm did, and it would put them on a level playing field with some of their competitors. He bragged that they had experience making things work, and she asked why he was smiling. He replied that the two of them had worked, and his smile had not left his face since she'd told him she was falling in love with him.

Lily teased Billy for still processing her proclamation from 24 hours earlier. Billy enthused that he was marinating in it, and he claimed that falling in love with her had cleared his head and given him focus. He insisted that the media deal would be good for them, and he expected someone else to jump on it if they didn't. Lily agreed to discuss it after she reviewed it in more detail. She intended to finish some work before meeting him for dinner later. He danced his way to the door as he looked forward to a romantic dinner with a special woman.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria entered her office and was surprised to find Victor there. He claimed he'd been in the neighborhood and asked if it was a problem. She assured him that he was always welcome, but he sensed some hesitation. She noted that he'd been visiting a lot lately, and she wondered about the real reason he was there. "I own the place," he firmly replied.

Victor reminded Victoria that he was her advisor, and she argued that there had been a time when he'd trusted her to handle things. He insisted that he trusted her work, even when they disagreed -- like when she'd sold off some divisions. She defended that the company had made a profit and that she'd been freed up to focus on their core businesses. Victor huffed that there had been more considerations, and Victoria assumed he had a problem with seeing Billy succeed. Victor objected to not having a media division to communicate with the public and their customers.

Victoria countered that it would take a lot of time and money to launch a new division. Victor referred to a company that was about to be spun off, and he thought they could acquire it for a reasonable sum. Victoria suspected that his desire for a media company hadn't stemmed from wanting to restore something he thought was missing from Newman's portfolio. Victor readily admitted that his plan was to stick it to ChanceComm. Victoria opposed going after Billy's business, because they were raising kids together.

Victor advised Victoria to keep family and business separate, and she hoped he saw the irony in his statement. He mentioned that Nikki had told him that Victoria had rekindled her fondness for Billy, and he guessed that was why Victoria was hesitant. Victoria flipped the question by asking why he was so driven to get back into the media business. Victor recalled his pledge to make Billy pay for the exposé on Adam, and he stressed that he kept his promises. Victoria figured it would be a bonus for him if he drove a wedge between her and Billy.

Victor asserted that a CEO had to make hard choices, even when those choices affected the people around them. Victoria countered that she'd made that hard choice when she'd gotten rid of their bloated media division, and she refused to use Newman to assist Victor in his vendetta. She urged her father to let go of what Billy had done and acknowledge that Adam had done far more damage to their family than Billy ever had. Victor snapped that it wasn't a conversation about Adam, and Victoria retorted that it wasn't a conversation about Billy, either -- not anymore. Later, over the phone, Victor told someone that he was considering acquiring Ashland Locke's media division.

At Society, Billy sent a text message to Lily, saying he was falling in love with the thought of having dinner with her. Victoria entered the restaurant, and Billy called to her. He observed that she seemed a little tense, and she blamed it on a meeting that hadn't gone well. She thought his mood seemed to be just the opposite, and he indicated that he had finished work early and was meeting Lily there. He inquired about Katie's arm, and Victoria reported that the girl was using her injury to get Johnny to do things around the house.

Victoria recalled telling the kids to let them know when their feelings had been hurt, and she told Billy that he'd hurt her feelings when he'd told her he thought she didn't want him to be happy. She questioned whether he thought she'd be that vindictive after all that time. Billy conceded that upon hearing her repeat what he'd said, it sounded judgmental, but he hadn't meant it to be. Victoria thought he hadn't realized what it had felt like for her to hear it.

Billy apologized for speaking without thinking, and he swore that he believed Victoria when she'd said she wanted him to be happy. Victoria shared that Victor had been the meeting she'd mentioned earlier, and she cautioned that her father was still angry about the article on Adam and determined to make life hard for Billy. Billy figured that he had dodged Victor's bullets for years and was still standing. Victoria warned Billy not to dismiss it because Victor was dead set on going after him. Lily spotted them together.

Lily invited Victoria to join her and Billy for a drink, but Victoria declined. Billy's expression darkened when he received a text message with a tip that Newman was making a move on Cyaxares Media. Billy testily questioned why Victoria would make a move like that after she'd sold off Newman's media division. Victoria noticed her takeout order was ready and offered to tell the kids he'd said goodnight. After Victoria headed out, Lily wondered if Billy's source had been wrong.

Billy thought Victoria had seemed surprised by the news. Lily suspected it was personal, since Newman had the resources to buy any business it wanted, and they'd chosen to directly compete with ChanceComm. Billy surmised that Victoria hadn't been the one behind the move. Billy told Lily that Victoria had warned him that Victor was on the warpath. Lily found it hard to believe that Victoria hadn't known what Victor was planning, and she cautioned that there was a possibility Victoria was in it up to her neck. Lily fretted that they might have two Newmans going after them.

Victoria returned to the office, where Victor had been writing a note to her. She coolly asked if it happened to say anything about buying a media company from Ashland Locke. Victoria blasted him for pulling a move like that behind her back. "My dear girl, you may be the CEO of the company, but I still own the damn place," Victor huffed.

Victor added that he'd never promised that he wouldn't be involved in business dealings. Victoria spat that he was doing it because he didn't see her as the true CEO, and he didn't trust her feelings about Billy. Victoria accused him of being as controlling as ever. "You bet," Victor replied.

In the Jabot conference room, Kyle conducted an online search and found a picture of a young boy flying a kite. He complained to himself that it was too blurry to see anything. Summer entered and asked who the kid was. Kyle covered by claiming that a college buddy had sent a photo of his son. Summer hoped the friend hadn't majored in photography, and she reminded Kyle that he'd wanted to talk about something the day before. He told her not to worry about it.

Summer announced that she had to make a trip to L.A. to meet with Bill Spencer again to go over the details of their agreement. Kyle said he'd miss her, but Summer suggested that he go with her to mix business with some fun and romance. He responded that he couldn't, but she whined that he hadn't checked his schedule yet. He cited a big finance meeting the next day that he had to take in person.

Summer reminded Kyle of the fun they'd had in California the last time. Kyle maintained that he couldn't go, and Summer groaned that she felt like the universe was telling her not to go after Sally had warned her how ruthless Bill could be. Kyle answered a call and learned he had to reschedule the finance meeting. Summer squealed that it meant he could go to L.A. with her. Kyle claimed that there were things other than the meeting he needed to be there for.

Summer pressed to know what obligations Kyle had, and he rambled about planning for Mother's Day sales. Summer grumbled that if she didn't know any better, she'd think he didn't want to go with her. He swore that nothing was further from the truth. She taunted that it was too bad, since she'd be all alone in the big, comfy hotel bed. She offered to pick them up some coffee before her next meeting. After she stepped out, Kyle gazed at the photo of the little boy. He made a call to see if the jet could be ready to fly to New York first thing the next day.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria was glad she and Lauren had cleared up their misunderstanding over Lauren forgetting that she'd offered Gloria the executive assistant job. Gloria wanted to dig in so she could hit the ground running the following day. Lauren started to describe how she liked to structure her day, and she chided Gloria for not taking notes. Gloria swore that she was listening intently, adding that she wasn't an empty-headed millennial. Sally walked in, and Lauren explained that she was going over details with Sally's replacement. Sally recalled that she and Gloria had met once before. "Twice, actually," Gloria corrected. Gloria haughtily stated that she never forgot a face.

Lauren thanked Sally for getting Gloria up to speed, and Sally chirped that she'd always be available for questions. Gloria made a snarky comment under her breath, and Lauren reminded Gloria to thank Sally for being generous with her time. Gloria referred to a few scheduling conflicts she had to run by Lauren, including a yoga class. Sally advised Gloria not to get locked into anything for the first few weeks, since Lauren's schedule was unpredictable. Gloria swore that she'd always be available for Lauren, and she dryly thanked Sally for the advice.

After Lauren left, Gloria rolled her eyes at Sally's helpful hints about how to keep things running smoothly at Fenmore's. Sally surmised that the position was a step down for Gloria. Gloria pointed out that Sally had also been overqualified, but Sally had worked hard and gotten a promotion; there was nothing to say Gloria couldn't do the same thing. Gloria envisioned lording that moment over Sally when Sally worked for her one day. Sally understood that Gloria was telling her not to be patronizing, and Gloria cautioned that she liked to keep track of who had been naughty and who had been nice. Sally mused that Gloria reminded her of her great-aunt Sally. Gloria wondered if she should be flattered as Jack interrupted.

Gloria insisted that Jack was a welcome presence, and he inquired about Sally's first official day at the new job. Sally mentioned that she'd been giving her replacement a few pointers, and Gloria revealed that she'd once been Jack's executive assistant. Gloria pointedly stated that Jack had relied on her for everything -- professional and otherwise. Jack clarified that Gloria had technically been Jabot's receptionist years earlier. Gloria received a text message summoning her to the office to fill out HR forms, and she headed out.

Jack voiced surprise that Lauren had hired Gloria, and Sally expressed disbelief that Gloria had once worked for him. Sally reeled from Gloria's "professional and otherwise" comment, and Jack chalked it up to it being a strange and brief time. Sally sensed it had meant more to Gloria, whose demeanor had completely changed upon his arrival. Jack stressed that it was all in the past, and he imagined that Sally would eventually run into a few ladies he'd been close with. He noted that some of his exes were still good friends, but he tried to keep others in the past. Sally questioned which category Phyllis fell into, and Jack was impressed that nothing got by Sally.

Jack recounted that he'd been married to Phyllis twice, but things had happened. He thought Sally was like Phyllis in that when either of them walked into a room, everyone took notice. He admitted that his breakup with Phyllis had been a very painful time. Jack confided that he'd been called a womanizer in his youth, but he'd been more recently termed a hopeless romantic, and he didn't know which was more accurate. Sally asserted that labels were pointless, since people added up to being more than just one thing. Jack couldn't argue, especially where she was concerned. He mused that from where he sat, every side seemed to be spectacular.

Jack closed the topic of his exes and suggested that he and Sally talk about other topics over dinner that night. Sally spotted Summer walk in, and she declared that she would love to go to dinner with Jack. They made plans to meet at Society. After Jack left, Summer informed Sally that she was going to L.A. the next day. Sally assumed that Summer hadn't been listening when Sally had warned her about Bill, but Summer shot back that she'd had to consider the source.

Sally maintained that she'd been trying to prove she was sincere, but Summer suspected that Sally was trying to wreck the deal with Spencer Publications. Sally realized she'd been too vague, and she revealed that Bill had written numerous hateful things about her line and had set fire to the Spectra building. Sally added that he'd also blown the building up while she'd still been inside it and later reneged on his promise to rebuild it. Sally curtly stated that she had a dinner to get ready for, and Summer had a trip to take to see a "vile, power-hungry bastard." Sally told Summer to have fun, and she sauntered out.

Summer returned to Jabot, and Kyle wondered where his coffee was. She explained that she'd gotten upset and left without ordering anything after she'd run into Sally. Summer repeated Sally's words about Bill viciously using his magazines to trash her and blowing up her company's building. Summer considered holding off on her L.A. trip until she got more information.

Kyle doubted a successful businessman would attack someone he was trying to make a deal with. Summer worried that something felt off, but Kyle encouraged her not to throw away a great opportunity because of Sally. Summer supposed she could size Bill up as a business partner, and she purred that Kyle had about 16 hours to make her feel like it was still Valentine's Day. He planned on making every second count.

Sally met Jack at Society, and he admired how she looked. She thanked him for inviting her, and he was glad she'd made it. She looked forward to an in-depth conversation with him over a delicious dinner, but she requested that he clarify something to avoid any confusion. "Is this a date?" she asked, and he replied that he thought it was. She smiled.

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