Mariah appeals to Tessa one last time
The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

At the cottage, Sharon asked if Faith was still doing her homework. Sharon peered over her daughter's shoulder and thought there had been a test on the subject matter the prior week. Faith claimed that her teacher was letting her do some extra credit to raise her GPA. Sharon nonchalantly remarked that it would also make up for the classes Faith had cut the week before. Faith's eyes widened, and she stammered that she'd apologized to her teachers and gotten makeup assignments. She added that Rey had lectured her and that she'd been forced to knead dough, and her dad hadn't wanted to add to everything Sharon had been dealing with. Sharon pointed out that she wasn't the only one dealing with it.

Sharon recounted that she'd cut class once or twice, and she understood that running away could feel powerful and liberating, but it was only temporary and never solved anything. Faith explained that she'd only wanted to hit pause for a little while. Sharon advised her to save herself the aggravation of doing extra homework the next time by turning to Sharon or someone Faith felt comfortable confiding in. Faith promised that she wouldn't cut class again, and they hugged.

Faith announced that Walnut Grove was planning a summer trip for students and their parents to tour museums in Chicago together. She excitedly looked forward to going on the trip with Sharon, who should be done with chemo by then. Rey returned home as Sharon noncommittally preferred to wait and see what happened. Faith told Rey that a school trip was scheduled for the same time Sharon would beat her cancer. Rey couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate.

After Faith left the room, Sharon confided to Rey that she didn't want to scare Faith, but she didn't want to give her daughter false hope, either. Rey was confident that Sharon would beat the cancer, but she worried that she might not feel well enough to walk around Chicago. Rey refused to focus on the worst-case scenario, since it was just as likely that she'd tour the Windy City. She clucked that there was a fine line between optimism and delusion, and he prepared to show her how much difference the power of positivity could make.

Rey mentioned that he'd been doing research by reading posts on a message board for patients in remission, and he handed Sharon a picture of spike strips. He revealed that every person on the board had said creative visualization had helped them fight the cancer. Sharon humored him by visualizing a unicorn whisking her cancer away over a rainbow bridge, but he explained that the photo was of the long strips police officers put on the ground to puncture a vehicle's tires to make it stop in its tracks. He thought she could picture the cancer being the vehicle's tires and the spike strips stopping it.

Rey encouraged Sharon to visualize whatever she wanted as long as it kicked cancer's butt. Sharon figured that creative visualization couldn't hurt, but she felt beaten down that night and still had a long road ahead. Rey asked if she thought she was scaring him, and Sharon confessed that it scared her. Rey called himself her personal assistant, punching bag, and housekeeper, and he pledged to be the strong, tough guy who carried her upstairs or simply put a smile on her face because he loved her. They embraced.

Later, Faith descended the stairs, and Sharon saw the girl's expression and asked what was wrong. Faith inquired whether she could really talk to her mom about anything, even if it would be upsetting for Sharon. Sharon reiterated that she wasn't the only one going through something, but Faith recognized that Sharon was the only one getting pumped full of poison. Sharon reasoned that the poison was what was helping her beat the cancer, but Faith was overwhelmed by what it meant to be in Sharon's shoes. Faith confided that the "what ifs" were firing in every direction in her brain, and she worried that she wouldn't be able to deal with whatever happened next. Sharon firmly stated that Faith could and would handle it because they would get through it together. They hugged.

Faith apologized again for cutting class, since she didn't want to make things harder for Sharon. Rey appeared in the doorway as Sharon promised that things would get better. Faith told herself that everything would get better because Sharon would be her old self again, and things would go back to normal.

At Jabot, Summer suggested to Kyle that they tie in their next ad campaign with an upcoming awards show, but he was more focused on kissing her hand. She figured that they couldn't do much until they knew who was nominated, and he declared that they were done with work for the time being. Summer prepared to tell the art department about their plans, but Kyle inquired about their plans for that night. They contemplated watching a movie on the couch like an old married couple. He suddenly realized the date, noting that they'd had their wedding one year earlier. She admitted that she'd considered making plans for it, but it hadn't felt right because he was technically still married to someone else.

Kyle wondered what Summer's plan for their first anniversary would have been. She replied that it was a moot point, since she'd had sunburns that had lasted longer than their marriage. He insisted that it was part of their story, but she countered that it wasn't a part she wanted to relive. She preferred not to celebrate the occasion while he was still married, but he assured her that he and Lola just had to sign the papers. Summer argued that the paperwork hadn't even been drawn up yet, and Kyle intended to schedule it that week. He swore that he was exactly where he wanted to be, and she echoed the sentiment. They hugged, but he looked unsure.

Kyle asked if Summer was ashamed of them, and she questioned what there was to be ashamed of when they were exactly where they were supposed to be -- with each other. He wanted to shout from the top of his lungs all the great things they'd do together, but she suggested that he start by telling just her. Kyle presented Summer with an order for a nameplate with Summer Newman as co-CEO. He explained that he wasn't having it made yet, but he saw them as partners one day after his dad retired. Summer questioned why she'd settle for being co-CEO when she could run her own company.

Kyle envisioned Summer leaving Jabot to climb the corporate ladder at Newman while her dad raised horses and taught Little League to his grandkids, including Faith's triplets. He continued that Victoria would move to Europe to start her own empire, and Summer would show everyone who'd ever doubted her what she was capable of. Kyle pictured them merging their companies into one conglomerate, cementing their legacy as the rulers of Genoa City. Summer called it the perfect fantasy, but she considered it easier said than done. Kyle remarked that anything worth having usually was, and they kissed. They happily headed out to celebrate their future.

In a hotel suite, Kyle presented Summer with a single red rose, and she asked how many grandkids her dad had in Kyle's fantasy. Kyle suggested that they take it one day at a time, and they kissed. A short time later, Kyle sprinkled rose petals down Summer's bare back and kissed his way up to her shoulders. She murmured that she'd never been happier, and he replied that he hadn't, either.

At Society, Lola was on the phone, dismayed that someone couldn't make it there until the next day. Theo overheard and guessed there was a plantain shortage. He wondered if there was anything he could do, quickly adding that she didn't need a man to help. Lola replied that she'd drag him back to the kitchen if she thought he could, and Theo said to try him. She asked if he knew anything about gas lines. "Drag away!" he proclaimed.

Later, a soaked and disheveled Theo emerged from the kitchen and informed Lola that he'd gotten the stove working again, but he'd busted a pipe in the process, so he'd shut off the water main. He added that he'd called a plumber, but no one could get there until the next day. Lola stifled a laugh and fetched him some towels from the bar. He groaned that it had been his big opportunity to play the hero, but he'd only managed to make matters worse. He wanted to make it up to her, and she figured that taking her to New York would cover it. He suggested dinner in the meantime, but she didn't feel like going out. He raced into the kitchen, and she chased after him, protesting that there was no water.

Theo made pierogies and shared that he'd helped his mom make them on game days while his dad had been in front of the television. Lola recalled her family helping her grandmother in the kitchen, though her grandma had only let them put the filling in the dough. She hadn't thought she could ever be more loved than she'd felt in her grandmother's kitchen, but she'd eventually wanted more in life. Theo understood the feeling that something was missing. She marveled that they were from different parts of the country and different cultures, and their families had used different filling in the dough, yet they shared the same story.

Theo recalled Lola's remark that he'd never struck her as domestic, and he commented that she'd never struck him as the type who'd wanted to leave home. She admitted that it had hurt to leave her mom, but her brother was there, and the Rosales family was still a team. Theo found it easier to take risks with family around, and Lola credited her brothers for showing her that it was okay to fail because she otherwise wouldn't have learned or had anything to be proud of when she'd succeeded.

Theo mused that on one hand, Lola was fragile like beautiful porcelain, but on the other, she was also worldly and tough. She thought she should be able to experience everything life had to offer without having to sacrifice being close to her family, and she didn't want her new restaurant to be about what marketing firms thought influencers wanted to eat. She believed food should be something that comforted people and took them somewhere else, like they were home. They enjoyed Theo's pierogies.

Later, Lola ordered Theo to back away, since the rule was that if one person cooked, the other did the dishes. He teased that she was only saying that because there was no water, and he jokingly called her a temptress for using him for his pierogies with no intention of cleaning up. She countered that he was the one who'd laid out a feast in the same kitchen where he'd hit on her three times. He replied that he hadn't been trying to seduce her, but he had wanted to find someone who felt like home. Lola became uncomfortable and reminded him that she wasn't looking for anything serious.

Theo proposed that he and Lola find somewhere in between seduction and serious. She flirtatiously anticipated that they could find their way there, but he thought they were already there. He leaned in to kiss her, but Kendra interrupted. Lola mentioned that the restaurant was closed, and she recognized Kendra as Kyle's assistant. Theo realized that he'd forgotten about his plans to meet Kendra there, and she handed him the file he'd asked for. Lola asked if Theo and Kyle were working on the same project, and Theo and Kendra squirmed.

Theo claimed that he was going above and beyond to get his boss's attention. Lola prepared to clean up, and she asked him to lock the door when Kendra left. Theo and Kendra retreated to the dining room, and she worried that the conversation hadn't exactly been inconspicuous. He told her to keep providing the information, and he'd take care of her once he was in charge.

On Tanner's private plane, Tessa lamented that she should have realized that she couldn't have it all. She recalled that she'd been happy, even though her career had been going nowhere, and her relationship had fallen apart once her career had taken off. Tanner questioned whether she planned to write Mariah off completely and never think of her again. He didn't see Tessa making a lot of headway.

Later, Tessa strummed her guitar and asked if they could finally leave, but she saw Mariah when she looked up. Mariah recognized that she was the last person Tessa wanted to see, and Tessa grumbled that Mariah was crashing her space yet again. Mariah explained that she'd bared her soul in front of a crowd so that Tessa would know how sorry she was, but Tessa griped that Mariah had shown up in the one place that belonged to Tessa and made it about herself. Mariah swore that she'd been trying to make it about them, but Tessa flatly stated that there was no them. Mariah contended that there was something there worth saving, and she vowed not to give up without a fight. Tessa whimpered that she was all out of fight. Mariah said she intended to fight for both of them.

Mariah was certain that Tessa still loved her, and she quoted lyrics from one of Tessa's songs about them both being tired of living on life's leash. Mariah recalled that Tessa had written the song for her, and every time Mariah watched Tessa sing it, it was like they were the only two people in the room. Mariah asserted that it was the kind of love that wouldn't die because of one horrible mistake, and it was the kind of love that lasted forever. Tessa spat that Mariah had cheated on her, and Mariah reiterated that she'd done it because she'd stupidly thought Tessa had done the same thing.

Mariah repeated that she was sorry, but Tessa snapped that Mariah had never walked into her own home and found the woman she loved with a different person. Mariah conceded that Tessa had every right to remind her of that 1,000 times a day, but Tessa couldn't do that if Mariah was her ex-girlfriend. Mariah knew that Tessa still loved her because it wouldn't hurt that much if she didn't, and she urged Tessa to scream, yell, and call her every name in the book as long as Tessa didn't go away. Mariah offered to walk off the plane if Tessa could look her in the eye and tell her that Tessa didn't love her anymore -- but she didn't think Tessa could.

Mariah believed Tessa knew they had something worth saving. Tessa noted that she'd been cheated on before, and she'd always told herself to roll with it as an inevitable part of dating, but then she'd met Mariah. Tessa had imagined a world where what they had meant something, but she'd since realized that she shouldn't have put Mariah on a pedestal because Mariah was just as mediocre as the rest of them. Tessa admitted that it had hurt in a way it never had before, and she hated that Mariah had made her someone who cared about cheating.

Mariah stressed that Tessa cared because she loved Mariah, even though Mariah was hopelessly flawed. Mariah expected to make a lot more mistakes, but she swore that she would never make that mistake again. She added that she couldn't prove it if Tessa didn't let her back in. Tessa crumpled into tears and asked how she was supposed to do that. Mariah anticipated that it wouldn't be easy, and Tessa scoffed at the idea of just rolling with it. Tessa huffed that she'd heard the speech before, and there was nothing original about it.

Mariah thought people expected relationships to eventually go south because it was real life and not a love song, but she believed those people were wrong. She thought her love song with Tessa wouldn't be filled with sweet and sappy lyrics but would have an edge, since it was about people who had been through it all and had still managed to beat the odds. Tessa asked if Mariah thought that was still possible, and Mariah confirmed that she did because she loved everything about them.

Mariah gushed that she loved Tessa's talent, and she loved that they could probably afford a bigger place but that they'd chosen to stay in their crappy studio with their ratty old sofa bed. Tessa smiled and skeptically asked if Mariah loved their sofa bed. Mariah acknowledged that it was rough around the edges and torn in a few places, but it was theirs. "It's us," Tessa softly replied. Mariah admitted that Tessa was right that Mariah was average just like everybody else, but Tessa made her better, which was why Mariah was willing to take the leap. Mariah begged Tessa to take it with her.

Tessa recognized that Mariah had a way with words, but Mariah scared her. Mariah stressed that she would never cheat again. Tessa warned that if Mariah broke her again, it would be irreparable and couldn't be undone. Mariah's eyes lit up with hope when she realized Tessa had said "if," and she swore that if she could touch Tessa right then, she'd never let go. Tessa cried that she didn't want Mariah to let go, and she reached out her hand. They sobbed as they held one another.

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