Kevin threatens Adam for Chloe's return
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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Wednesday, June 12, 2019
by Nel

Paul arrived at Nick's home. Nick informed Paul that Summer was worried because she believed something had happened to Phyllis. Paul showed Nick the surveillance footage that had been taken. Paul told Nick that someone had looped the footage of an empty hallway into the feed outside Phyllis' room at the Athletic Club. He told Nick that he had questioned Adam. Nick asked Paul if Adam had denied knowing anything about Phyllis' whereabouts.

Adam arrived at Sharon's, apologized for having crossed the line, and said that Sharon had been a good friend. Adam claimed that Sharon was kind and generous, but he was a mess because Chelsea had cut him out of her and Connor's lives. Adam had thought Chelsea would return to him, and when she hadn't, he had latched on to Sharon.

Sharon told Adam that she was willing to talk, but there were boundaries. Adam thanked Sharon for contacting Chelsea on his behalf. He said he'd been hurt because Chelsea and Connor didn't want anything to do with him. Adam understood that it had been Chelsea's instinct to protect her new life and her husband. Adam said he'd thought about Connor, what he was like, and how much he'd grown. It hurt to realize that everyone's lives had moved on without him.

Sharon told Adam that Chelsea had likely been shocked when she'd heard his voice. Adam countered that he'd hoped Chelsea would have seen it as a second chance for them. Adam felt that Chelsea had been protecting Connor from him. Sharon suggested that perhaps Chelsea thought that Connor's well-being was more important, no matter how much it would hurt Adam. Adam said it had broken his heart. Adam embraced Sharon just before Rey entered the room. Adam thanked Sharon for the talk, and he left.

Sharon told Rey she could explain. Angry, Rey wanted to know what had gone on. It had been hard for him to see Sharon in Adam's arms. Sharon explained that it had been a vulnerable moment for Adam because everyone had moved on. Rey asked if she'd told Adam that she'd moved on, as well. Sharon said she'd made that clear to Adam. Rey said he didn't believe that Adam had received the message because Sharon kept running to Adam's, and Adam kept showing up at her home.

Sharon told Rey that she'd been attempting to get Adam past his grief and to stop him from lashing out. Rey said there was no stopping Adam; Adam had taken Nick's company, and he'd tried to steal Christian. Rey stated that Adam was a predator, and he was dangerous. Sharon assured Rey that she hadn't turned a blind eye to what Adam had done to Nick and that she had told Adam he was despicable. She said that whenever Adam was cornered, he fell into destructive mode.

After he'd found Sharon in Adam's arms, Rey said that Sharon had been edgy and restless the previous evening, as if she'd been trying not to think about Adam. He said he had tried to be understanding and had made excuses for Sharon, but he had been there before with Mia. He wasn't going to ignore it this time. Sharon claimed her situation wasn't the same, but Rey said that something had been going on, and Sharon had been either lying to herself or to him. He said he couldn't compete with that and walked out.

Victoria and Billy walked through Chancellor Park. Victoria said she wasn't ready to face reality yet. Billy claimed that Jamaica was their reality, them together on a secluded beach, making love under the stars. Billy wondered what Victoria's family had been up to since they had been away.

Christine arrived at Victor's office and confronted him about the hurtful lawsuit he'd filed against her and the police department. She asked if it was payback because they had bungled the Hellstrom case. Victor shouted that Christine had railroaded his family and allowed him sit in a jail cell because her stupid detectives had believed the planted evidence. It had resulted in enormous damage to his and his family's reputation. Christine asked Victor if his suit had anything to do with her reelection campaign. She said she couldn't find backers for her campaign because of his lawsuit. Christine said it was an extremely vindictive move, even for Victor.

Christine reminded Victor that Nikki and Victoria had chosen to bury J.T., but Victor pointed out that Christine hadn't dropped the charges against Nikki and Victoria when J.T. had turned out to be alive. He accused Christine of not wanting the embarrassing fallout on her reputation and said that she'd been busy covering her backside. He told her to leave.

At Society, Kyle joined Summer and Billy for a meeting. Kyle noticed that Summer seemed distracted, and he picked up the slack. When Billy stepped away to take a call, Kyle commented that Summer had never been at her best after an all-night party. Summer claimed she was fine, and there was nothing to worry about. Kyle left Summer and found Lola. He asked Lola to go home between the lunch and dinner rushes. He promised it would be worth her while. Lola agreed. Kyle kissed her and left.

Standing at the bar, Lola heard Summer on the phone, asking someone if Phyllis had been found. Summer asked to be notified as soon as anyone heard from Phyllis. Lola approached Summer and asked if Summer was okay. Summer told Lola that Phyllis was missing. Lola said she knew how that felt. Lola said that her father had left the family when her mother had been pregnant with her. She said her mother was the only parent she'd known, and she was everything to Lola. Lola said that as she had grown older, she'd seen the toll her father's leaving had taken on her mother.

Lola told Summer that her mother had smothered her, Arturo, and Rey with love, but she had never gotten over that wound in her heart. Lola covered Summer's hand with her own. Summer saw Lola's bare hand and asked about her engagement ring. Lola said things had happened too quickly, and there wasn't a ring yet. However, when she got one, she and Summer could compare notes. Summer's mood turned dark, and she told Lola that they had very different tastes except in one area. Lola didn't want a scene, so she told Summer she hoped all would be well with Phyllis, and she left.

Adam returned home. While on the phone, he instructed his co-conspirator to keep Chloe there and to advise him if she made trouble. Adam said that Chloe had a penchant for causing problems. At that moment, Nick barged in and demanded to know where Phyllis was. He accused Adam of coercing Phyllis to hack into Dark Horse's financial records, and it had happened at the same time that she had gone missing. Nick said Adam had been the last person who'd seen her. Adam claimed he hadn't seen her in a couple of days.

Nick told Adam about the footage that had been looped outside Phyllis' room. He asked again where Phyllis was. Adam said that if Phyllis had hacked into the Dark Horse computer for him, it would have been a lousy way to thank her. Nick claimed that Adam didn't thank people; he got rid of them when they lost their usefulness. Adam asked why Nick cared about Phyllis, especially after Nick had humiliated her at the commitment ceremony. Nick retorted that non-sociopaths didn't screw over their own families.

Adam told Nick that Victoria had given him money, and he'd been able to buy Nick's debt. Upset, Nick said that Victoria wouldn't give Adam a dime. Adam informed Nick that Victoria had given him $50 million of her own money just to make him go away, but she hadn't provided all his demands. She'd given him the money and Chelsea's phone number, and she'd done it behind Nick's back. Nick retorted that Adam brought out the worst in everyone and stormed out.

Christine met Paul at Crimson Lights and told him that she'd tried to reason with Victor, to no avail. She said that Victor had named her and the police department in his lawsuit, and it would affect her reelection. Christine claimed it was revenge about J.T.'s case. Paul advised her to ignore it, and it would all go away. When Christine said she didn't think she could ignore it, Paul said he had something to make her day better.

Paul took Christine to Chancellor Park and surprised her with a picnic lunch. He told her they needed to take time to decompress and be with each other. Christine agreed and kissed him. Paul told her that everything would be fine and that he believed in her. He said he loved her, and they would always have each other. He kissed her.

At Newman, while going through some papers, Victoria recalled the day she'd made the deal with Adam for $50 million and Chelsea's phone number, but she'd said Christian was off-limits. She said Adam had given up his rights to Christian when he had tampered with the DNA test. She told him that he had a chance with Chelsea and Connor, and if he was smart, he would accept her offer. Her flashback was interrupted when Nick arrived.

Nick told Victoria she had no idea what she'd done. He said that Adam's face had shown pure joy when he had informed Nick that his sister had stabbed him in the back. Victoria admitted she'd given Adam her own money. Nick told her that Adam had bought the Dark Horse debt and tried to use it as a bargaining chip for Christian. Victoria said that it hadn't been what she'd wanted. Nick accused her of stealing Chelsea's number from his phone. Victoria defended her action and told Nick that Chelsea deserved to know that Adam was alive, and Chelsea and Adam had the right to make their own choices.

Nick told Victoria that Adam had used her, and it had hurt him. Victoria said she wouldn't sit back and allow Adam to wreak havoc in their lives, so she'd taken steps to get Adam out of town. Nick said the payoff had been about Victoria's attempt to make sure Victor never hired Adam over her. Victoria admitted she had been thinking of herself -- all her dedication, hard work, and loyalty to the company. Maybe Nick didn't care if the company burned to the ground, but she did. Nick accused her of putting Newman Enterprises above all else, including him, his company, and Christian. They were all collateral damage in her climb to the top.

Victoria accused Nick of being unfair because she'd put herself into the company. She said she was done being patient and waiting her turn. She'd performed and achieved results, and in return, she'd been pushed aside for Adam, who didn't have one iota of loyalty to Newman or to Victor. She intended to be named CEO when Victor stepped down, and she'd be "damned" if she'd allow Adam to take that away from her.

Nick told Victoria that Adam had succeeded in making them turn against each other. Victoria said that Adam had made her see that she was the heir apparent of Newman, no one else. Nick said she could have it, and as he turned to leave, he saw Victor standing in the doorway. Nick walked past him. Victoria told Victor she'd meant what she'd said. She wanted the CEO chair when Victor stepped down. Victor said they would discuss it at another time.

At that moment, Nikki arrived with Nate. Nikki hoped they weren't interrupting anything. When Victoria saw Nate, she said it appeared that she had interrupted something. Victor said that Nate was there to discuss business because Victor wanted to make a donation to the hospital. Victoria left.

Once Victoria had gone, Nate said that Victor's body hadn't responded to the treatments as he had hoped. Victor asked what they needed to do next. Nikki said he needed to tell the family, and if he didn't, she would.

At Crimson Lights Victoria told Billy that her first day back at work had been an 8.0 on the Richter scale. She said that Nick knew that she'd given Adam money and Chelsea's phone number. In hindsight, she felt she shouldn't have dealt with Adam on her own. Billy said that she'd gotten tough when Nick hadn't, and they couldn't have predicted how Chelsea would react to discovering that Adam was alive. He thought their mistake had been that they had believed Adam would leave town. Billy said there was no shame in protecting herself.

Lola arrived at the apartment and saw the lit candles on the table and the rose petals on the floor. Kyle said he wanted to make certain that he'd done it right that time. When Kyle got down on one knee, Lola asked him to wait a moment. She removed her chef's jacket and shook her hair loose. Kyle proposed to her with an engagement ring, and Lola accepted. They kissed.

At home, Nick comforted Summer and assured her they would find Phyllis.

At the tack house, Adam received a threatening text message from Kevin that read, "Other people are going to suffer unless you tell me where Chloe is. Now. I'm no gambler. This is no bluff."

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• Riza is curious about someone's sudden interest in Adam.

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