Kevin and Phyllis each plot to take Adam down
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Michael informed Nick that Adam's attorney had moved the custody hearing to the following week. Michael assured Nick that they were ready to proceed. Nick said he was prepared to do everything necessary to keep Christian. At that moment, Phyllis arrived and asked what Michael and Nick had been talking about. Nick said it was none of her business, and he asked Phyllis to leave. When Phyllis asked how Michael was, Michael went to get a coffee refill.

Nick asked if Phyllis was a robot because she was able to turn off her conscience. He said that Adam had taken Dark Horse from him, had hired her as CEO, and was attempting to take Christian from him. Phyllis admitted that Nick was a wonderful father to all his children. She informed Nick that she was only running Adam's company, nothing more. Nick countered that they both knew Phyllis' self-serving track record. Phyllis refused to apologize for looking out for her future because she didn't have millions of dollars or well-placed friends.

Nick reminded Phyllis that at one time, she'd had all that, and he added that he no longer recognized her. Phyllis changed the subject and told Nick he wouldn't recognize the amazing hotel he had been working on prior to leaving Dark Horse. Nick claimed it had been stolen from him. Phyllis said it was incredible, and she promised to invite Nick to the grand opening. She hoped he would attend. Phyllis added that she would be living in the penthouse. Nick commented that it was too bad she had no one to share it with, and he walked away.

Alone with Nick, Michael hoped that Phyllis wouldn't testify on Adam's behalf. Nick stated that Phyllis had no conscience. Nick informed Michael that Chelsea didn't want Adam anywhere near Connor. Michael assured Nick they had a strong case. Nick said that Adam had photos of him impersonating J.T. Michael asked Nick how a photo would prove that Nick was an unfit father. He further stated that Adam had falsified the paternity test, and it proved that Adam had had no interest in raising Christian. It was the equivalent of child abandonment. Nick hoped the judge would see it that way.

When Kevin arrived at Adam's penthouse, Adam provided him with an envelope and told him to take it to a judge. Kevin opened the envelope and saw photos of Nick. Kevin commented that it was a new low for Adam, but extortion was just another day at the office for Adam. Kevin gave the envelope back to Adam. Adam blurted out an address, 1206 Wilmington Road, and asked Kevin if he'd gotten it right. Stunned, Kevin asked how Adam had found it.

Adam claimed that Kevin needed to focus on how long it would take the police to arrive at that address. Adam said that the worst part would be for Bella to watch her mother being arrested for attempted murder and taken out in handcuffs. That image would haunt Bella for the rest of her life. Kevin said that Adam had promised to leave Chloe alone. Adam stated he would only if Kevin did what he was told. He ordered Kevin to take the envelope to the judge. He asked Kevin which was more important to him, family or righteous indignation. Kevin took the envelope and left.

In New York, Traci met Cane in the corridor outside her suite and said she couldn't wait to explore New York. Traci told Cane where the perfect place for bagels was. She told him to mention her name, and he would get the VIP treatment. They went their separate ways after agreeing to meet later.

When Cane returned with fresh bagels, Traci asked him about his lunch with Charlie. Cane said the conversation with Charlie had been strange. Charlie was very mature and confident. Cane wasn't thrilled that Charlie was in love with the movie business or that Charlie wanted to stay in New York. Traci said that Charlie was young and driven, and he wanted to follow his dream. She advised Cane to allow Charlie to reach for the stars because he was the hero of his own story.

A short time later, Cane and Traci met in the corridor again, dressed for Traci's costume party. They left for the party, dressed as Velma and Flynn, the characters from her book.

After the party, Cane and Traci returned to the hotel. Cane claimed it had been the best party he'd ever attended. Traci grew teary-eyed when Cane stated that she'd been dazzling. He asked Traci if she knew how truly amazing she was. Traci said that it had been a long time since anyone had spoken to her like that.

Cane asked why Traci had stopped letting people into her life. Traci said it might have been several things -- when she'd lost Colleen, or when her husband had left her, or when Dina had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Traci said she had her work and her writing, but at some point, her life had become about everyone else.

Cane told Traci to turn the page and write her own chapter. He said that anything could happen because she would be writing her own story, and she could choose her happily ever after. Cane said he hoped to be there to witness it. Traci said she hoped she would be, as well. She bid Cane a good night and entered her suite.

At the Chancellor estate, Billy had been holding Delia's doll when Jill arrived. She sensed something was wrong. She took the doll and asked if Billy had been thinking about Delia. Billy said, "Always." Jill admitted that she missed Delia, as well. She said that Delia would want him to be happy and to dance and sing. She urged Billy to be the man Delia had taught him to be. She said he had two other children and an almost wife. She said he had stopped gambling and had turned his life around.

Before Jill left, she and Billy hugged. Billy wished Jill well on the next leg of her journey. Jill asked Billy to live and love without regret. She said she loved him, and she left.

Still upset, Billy picked up Delia's doll and sat down. He suddenly spotted the word "daddy" written on one of the side tables, and he touched it. Kevin arrived and asked Billy if everything was okay. Billy asked Kevin if anyone had been in the house recently and pointed to the word on the side table.

Kevin surmised that the word had been written a long time before because the ink had faded. Kevin admitted that Delia had been a wild child, and she'd written her name all over the place. Billy told Kevin that he continued to dream about Delia and described his latest dream about her.

Billy told Kevin that in his dream, he had been running in the dark, trying to find Delia, when he'd heard the screeching of tires. Billy admitted that his mind had been playing tricks on him because of Delia. Kevin blamed Adam. He urged Billy to avoid Adam at all costs. He also told Billy not to worry because Adam would be stopped soon.

After Billy left, Kevin pulled out the photos Adam had given him and took his own pictures of the photos with his phone. At that moment, Chloe called him. He asked her if she was clear where she needed to go. He said he would join them soon and that the end game was in sight. He put the photos into his backpack and opened the door to leave, only to bump into Michael, who asked where Kevin was heading. Kevin said he was going to Crimson Lights for a coffee. He assured Michael that he wasn't helping Adam and that he would be joining Chloe and Bella very soon.

Michael said he didn't believe Kevin. Michael believed that Adam had come up with a worse plan, and he warned Kevin not to go against Adam alone. Michael wanted to know Kevin's plan, but Kevin claimed he was fine and refused to share his plans. Michael asked if Kevin wanted to end up in prison again, but Kevin said that things wouldn't get that far. He asked Michael to trust him. Michael said he trusted Kevin, but he knew how dangerous Adam was.

Kevin asked Michael what it was called when someone made somebody suffer in a trap they had set for someone else. Michael replied, "Hoist him on his own petard." Kevin said that when that happened, it would be downright poetic. Michael said that Kevin had never needed a brother or a lawyer more that he did at that moment -- before he got into deeper trouble. Kevin said he intended to take Adam down because Adam had crossed the line.

Adam arrived at Dark Horse, and Phyllis updated him on the hotel. She told Adam that she had run into Nick and that he'd mentioned the custody hearing. Adam chirped that if he had a heart, it would break for Nick. Phyllis tried to convince Adam to drop his vendetta and let Nick raise Christian. She said Nick had been the only father Christian had ever known and that Christian adored Nick. Adam claimed that Nick hadn't been a shining example with his other kids.

Phyllis told Adam that raising a child was about being present in the child's life. Adam suggested that in a couple of years, Phyllis could ask Connor and Christian about their father. Incensed, Phyllis spat that it wasn't a competition. She said that they had to do the best for their children, and she admitted that she was still trying to master that. Adam said it had been a nice try, but like him, Phyllis would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. He left.

Sitting at the bar at Society, Nick left a message for Rey to find out everything he could about Adam as quickly as possible because they were running out of time. Adam arrived and sat down next to Nick. Nick advised Adam to back off because he wouldn't win the custody case. Adam said that Phyllis had said the same thing to him earlier, but Nick had already known that because it was obvious that Nick had asked Phyllis to join forces with him. Nick informed Adam that he and Phyllis hadn't been on the same page in months. Nick said that if Phyllis was Adam's last ally, then it should tell Adam something.

Adam claimed that Phyllis had been stroking Nick's back, looking for a soft spot to bury the hatchet. Nick thanked Adam for the warning. Nick said that Adam had hitched his wagon to a wrecking ball. Adam claimed he was doing just fine. Nick began to walk away, but he stopped. He said that all the distractions that Adam had created weren't working the way Adam had intended. Everything Adam had tried to do to get ahead only showed Nick the cards Adam had been holding. He said Adam had nothing, and he was even more confident that Adam wouldn't win custody of Christian.

Adam claimed he would win, but Nick countered that he had a lot of ammunition, and he knew there was a lot more information out there. Adam asked if that was the part where Nick tried to get him to back down. Nick said he would only be wasting his breath, because if Adam had given a damn about doing the right thing, Adam would have walked away, but Adam couldn't do that because he was too fixated on winning at any cost.

Nick said that Adam was willing to turn a little boy's life upside down just to say he'd won. Nick claimed that once he and Michael gathered all the information about every crime Adam had committed and every person he'd wronged, it would show that Adam had no character or moral compass. He said that when he and Michael were finished, Adam wouldn't get custody of a cactus. Nick walked away.

Billy had been running through the park, and when he stopped, Phyllis asked him what he'd been running from. Billy told her to stop pretending that she cared. Phyllis confessed that she wasn't interested in getting back at him. Billy asked why she had shown up with Adam at his and Victoria's commitment ceremony. Billy said she hadn't been invited because he hadn't wanted her there. It appeared that she wanted to cause as much damage as she could, no matter where she went, just like Adam.

Billy told Phyllis that Adam had messed up so many things in his head that he didn't know right from wrong. He said he wouldn't be responsible for his actions if Adam decided to so something else to him. Phyllis claimed she couldn't control Adam. Billy accused her of being as corrupt as Adam. Phyllis said that perhaps she was. She asked if it had occurred to Billy that she might be using Adam. She said that she might have a plan to make everything right and to even the score. Billy advised her to hurry up before Adam ruined any more lives. Billy left.

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