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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020
by Nel

Victor walked Abby down the aisle. When Abby faced Chance, Devon began by stating that all the people in attendance were there to act as Chance and Abby's support system and community. He said it was their responsibility and privilege. Nina stood and read the following: "Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their toils, and if the one falls, one will lift up the other, but those alone and fall, don't have another to help. Two lives together keeping warm, but how can one keep warm alone, and though one might prevail against the other, two will stand as one."

Kyle arrived. Jack frowned and pointed to his watch as Kyle sat down.

Abby and Chance began with their vows. Chance said that before he'd met Abby, his life had been an adrenaline rush. He'd always been on the move, and he'd never known what the next case would bring. Abby had changed that. Life with her was never boring. She kept him on his toes. She was the only excitement he craved, and the glint in her beautiful blue eyes always promised a smile, a laugh, or an adventure. He vowed to give her a life that a beautiful and powerful woman deserved. He promised to spend the rest of their lives keeping the magic alive.

Billy arrived and quietly sat next to Kyle.

Abby said that Chance had literally fallen out of the ceiling and into her life. She wasn't the only one who kept things lively. She promised to keep life exciting, but she wanted Chance to promise that he would never get shot again because he'd scared the life out of her. Abby promised to be a loving wife and a devoted mother to their children. Chance promised to keep them safe and happy.

Devon asked who gave Abby away. Victor responded that Abby gave herself away with his and Nikki's blessing.

Once Chance and Abby exchanged rings, Devon pronounced them husband and wife. Abby and Chance kissed.

Victor told the newlyweds that it did his heart good to see his youngest daughter so happy. He said that Katherine would have been happy to have Abby in the family. Ashley added that Abby brought so much to everyone, and she expected Chance to keep that light shining in her eyes. Chance promised he would. Ashley jokingly stated that Abby hadn't always been a picnic to raise.

Ashley remembered when Abby had filled the Chancellor pool with bubbles and had gone skinny-dipping to raise awareness about the plight of the otters. Ashley had been positive that Abby would have been banned from the Chancellor estate for life, but she wouldn't change a moment of her life with Abby. Ashley told Abby she loved her, and as of that moment, she loved Chance, too.

Jill said she would never presume to speak for Katherine because Katherine would probably send a lightning bolt to strike her down, but Jill said she felt Katherine's presence. Katherine had always loved a good wedding and a good cake fight. Jack believed that Katherine would have approved of the union between Abby and Chance. Jill said she hadn't been thrilled about the hasty wedding plans and that there wouldn't be a reception, but Jill admitted she'd been dead wrong because the wedding had turned out perfect.

Nina welcomed Abby into the family and said she believed that it had been Abby's love and strength that had helped Chance recover so quickly. Nina then read a letter from Chance's father, Phillip.

"Dear Chance: How I wish I could have been there with you and your lovely bride to celebrate. Since that wasn't possible, I send my love and well wishes. Let the prayer flag from our father/son trek across the Himalayas last year and my prayers catch the wind to be carried around the world to bless the happy couple and to bring you and Abby nothing but good fortune. You will be in my thoughts today and every day. Love, Dad."

Chance said that hearing his father's words was like having him there. Chance said that he and Abby were touched for the outpouring of support they had received, and he thanked everyone for witnessing their ceremony.

Mariah announced that there were drinks and a buffet in the dining room, but Abby said she had a few words first. She echoed what Chance had said and added that when Chance had been lying in bed, injured, she had realized that life was too short. She'd known they needed to start their life together as soon as possible and how unimportant a big, splashy wedding was. The joining of the three families was momentous in its own right, and she was excited because she'd married the most incredible man she'd ever met. They would move forward together and for their children, when they were blessed to have them. She was honored to be part of the family, and she loved them all.

Mariah told Abby it was time to change out of her wedding dress. Once they were upstairs, Mariah gushed that it had been the most beautiful ceremony of all time. She admitted she had cried a little. Abby thanked Mariah because the wedding might not have happened if it hadn't been for Mariah and Ashley. Everything had been perfect.

Downstairs, Billy told Jack he was keeping a low profile because he didn't want to attract any attention, given his "current situation." Shocked, Jill asked about his "current situation." Victor entered and told Jill that her son had shot her grandson. Stunned, Jill asked Billy what had happened, but instead of answering Jill, Billy congratulated Chance. He said he was happy that Chance had recovered. Chance said from the bullet that the police said Billy had fired. Billy denied that he had fired the gun and stated that he hadn't been in the area. Chance claimed he would wait for the evidence to be presented.

Billy suggested that when Chance and Abby returned from their honeymoon, he wanted to take them out to celebrate. Chance said they would see how things went. Chance left. Billy hoped that Jill believed him. She said she did, but she also understood why he was a suspect. She told him to be smart and warned him not to be cocky and screw things up.

Abby and Chance were upstairs and had changed their clothes. Abby apologized to Chance for taking "cold feet" to a new level. Chance said he understood, but it had given him an opportunity to tell her that he adored her. Abby claimed he was the perfect husband, and all her stupid doubts and fears had vanished. They were meant for each other. Chance said that Billy wanted to take them out for a private celebration after they returned from their honeymoon, provided Billy wasn't convicted for shooting him. Abby and Chance agreed that they didn't want to think the worst about Billy.

Abby asked Chance where they were going for their honeymoon. Chance said he was taking her to a mystery island that had all the trimmings but no cell phones. Abby couldn't stop smiling.

Downstairs, everyone told Devon he'd done an excellent job officiating, especially since it had been his first time.

When Abby and Chance joined the guests, Mariah told everyone to pick up their drinks because it was time for Abby and Chance to cut the cake. Abby commented that the wedding cake was gorgeous. Jack stated that those events made life worthwhile. Victor agreed. Nikki teased that Jack and Victor almost sounded like friends. Jill believed it was possible. She said to look at her and Jack -- they'd been more than civil to each other in recent times. Traci smiled and said that as the days flew by, anything could happen.

Billy entered the room, and Victor glared at him. Billy decided it was time to leave. Jack and Ashley tried to stop him, but Billy said it would be better if he wasn't there. He picked up his coat and left.

Mariah told Devon they had successfully pulled off an elegant wedding. Devon said that Ashley, Esther, and the bride and groom had done the hard part. Mariah claimed there hadn't been a hard part, only a gift. Devon asked if Mariah's point was for him to not give up on love. Mariah said he shouldn't give up because she knew what he'd lost. She said it was difficult to find a soul mate and to plan a future together. Devon assured her he was fine. He knew there was someone out there for him. Mariah said not just somebody, but the perfect somebody. She knew things were looking up for him.

Jack commented to Nikki that Victor appeared to be enjoying himself. Nikki said that the last few weeks had been hard on Victor, far more than people realized. Victor had needed a positive occasion to focus on. Nikki offered her condolences on Dina's passing. She knew how hard Jack had tried to make Dina's last year comfortable. Jack stated that it had been his last chance to make things right.

Jill approached Jack and asked him if Nikki had been "the one that got away" or if that title went to Phyllis. Jack smiled and said he had no regrets and was looking forward, not behind.

Upstairs, Ashley told Traci that it had taken Abby a long time to find her path in life, but she'd found a man worthy of her. He was going to be a great husband and father. She was happy to see her daughter embarking on a new stage of her life. Traci turned away in tears. Ashley immediately apologized for going on about Abby and about her hopes and dreams. Traci told Ashley that it was normal for her to wonder about Colleen's wedding day, who she would have married, and what her dress would have looked like. She told Ashley there was no sadness in her on Abby's special day.

Downstairs, Abby thanked Esther. Chance suggested they say their goodbyes and leave, but Nina said there was one more surprise. Nina passed out pens and paper to everyone and asked them to write a special note to the bride and groom. Once they were done, she wanted them to put their notes into the box for the bride and groom to read later as they embarked on their new lives. These were the messages that were written:

Jack: "In marriage, it is important to embrace life every minute."

Esther: "The way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. Learn to cook. I would love to teach you."

Victoria: "Don't just be half a couple, be yourselves first, then come together from there."

Victor: "No career or success will ever bring you the wealth and richness of family."

Nick: "Don't let anyone else try to run your marriage. You know who I mean."

Nikki: "Love is patient, love is kind. There is a reason they read it at so many weddings. Patience is key. Well... that and chemistry."

Mariah: "I'm not sure I'm qualified to hand out marital advice, but I will leave you with a little wisdom in a song; Get by With a Little Help from Your Friends."

Ashley: "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times -- always with the same person."

Kyle: "Make-up sex. Embrace it. Happy honeymoon."

Devon: "Don't let the celebration end today. Make all the memories you can. They are more precious than jewels."

Jill: "Darling, grab life by the 'you know what' and never let go."

Nina: "Trust what's in your gut. Trust what's in your heart."

Traci: "Take if from a writer, happily ever after is the tough part."

Once all the notes had been placed in the box, Nina latched it and gave it to Chance and Abby. Chance thanked everyone and said they had to run because Victor had graciously set them up with his private plane, and they were going to sneak off to their private honeymoon.

After Abby and Chance left, Jill said she had never thought that day would come. Nina said she had been certain that Chance would traipse around the globe, chasing the bad guys. She wondered who would have thought it would be Abby who brought Chance's feet to the ground. Nina asked if Jill was ready to become a great-grandmother. Jill claimed she was born ready.

Jill approached Nikki and asked if Nikki ever heard Katherine's voice. Jill stated that Katherine haunted her constantly. Nikki said it wasn't surprising because Katherine had always felt that Jill needed a conscience. Nina agreed. Jill told Nina to put a sock in it. Ashley and Jack reminded them that they were all family, and thanks to the wedding, it ushered in a new era of peace.

Victor entered and said it was easy for Jack to say, since it hadn't been his child that had been shot at. Jill asked if Victor was going to pile that on Billy. Victor asked Jill if she knew of anyone who hated Adam with such passion. Jack interrupted and said they needed to take a breath and think about where they'd been and how far they'd come.

Ashley commented that "a minute ago," Abby had been a baby. She had a flashback to Abby as a baby. Meanwhile, adult Abby was upstairs, getting ready to leave for her honeymoon and grinning from ear to ear.

Jack remembered Kyle as baby. At that same moment, adult Kyle returned to his suite at the Grand Phoenix and saw Summer's wrap. He picked it up and smiled.

Jill remembered Billy as a baby. While she remembered, adult Billy sat at the bar at the Grand Phoenix, having a drink. He sent Lily a text message: "You in the mood?" and then added, "For a nightcap?"

Nina remembered Chance as a baby on her and Phillip's wedding day, and recalled that while she'd held Chance in her arms, she'd told Phillip they had finally done it. At the same time, adult Chance and Abby stopped at the bottom of the stairs, kissed, and left for their honeymoon.

Nikki and Victor remembered Nick and Victoria as babies. While they remembered, adult Victoria was working in the office, and adult Nick was at the coffeehouse. He smiled when he received a call from Phyllis.

Jill said perhaps it was possible that despite all their animosity that had built up over the years, the wedding had brought them all together in a way nothing else could have. Ashley said it was beautiful, and it was a turning point for the families. Nikki said that Chance and Abby would have children of their own. Victor said that one day, those children would be standing where they were, talking about their past and the future. Jack proposed a toast to the Abbots, the Chancellors, and the Newmans bravely facing the future together.

Nina said she liked Jack's optimism. Jack laughed and said he had to aim high. Jill said, "Why the hell not?" and they toasted with Champagne.

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