Kyle tells Summer he has a son with Tara
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
by Nel

At home, Kyle was deep in thought when Traci entered the room. She acknowledged that he had something serious on his mind. Kyle said he was lucky to have his dad around. Traci assured him that Jack was grateful for having his son around. Kyle reflected on how much time he'd missed with his dad after his mother had taken him to Europe.

Kyle wondered who he would have turned out to be if he hadn't known he was part of the Abbott family. Traci said that as soon as Jack had discovered that Kyle was his son, he'd been grateful to have his son as part of his life. She said that Kyle was part of the Abbott legacy. Kyle stated that every kid needed a dad like his.

At Jabot, Summer checked to make certain the coast was clear around the boardroom. She closed the door and tried to check Kyle's phone, but Kyle had changed his password. She wanted to know why. Jack burst into the room and startled her. Jack said Kyle had asked him to see if Kyle had left his phone at work. Summer said she'd heard it ring, and she had picked it up. Jack said that Summer had done an outstanding job negotiating the contract with Bill Spencer and that Summer had exceeded his expectations.

Jack told Summer he was happy she'd taken his advice about ignoring minor irritants. Summer admitted there was still tension between her and Sally. Summer asked Jack what was going on between him and Sally. Irritated, Jack stated that what everyone needed to know was that he and Sally enjoyed each other's company. Summer claimed that Sally didn't appear to be his type, but she hoped things worked out for Jack. She left. Moments later, Jack received a text message from Sally: "Where are you? I've got a surprise... Something I think you're really going to like." Jack smiled.

At the coffeehouse, Faith thanked Nick for taking her seriously. Nick said he was happy Faith had moved in with him, and she seemed more relaxed. He said he'd periodically checked her old phone, and there hadn't been any new messages. He told Faith he knew who had posted the photo of Sharon and Adam. Lola had discovered it had been a busboy who'd taken it, and he'd given it to his girlfriend who went to Walnut Grove. She had posted it. When confronted, the girl had confessed. It appeared she would be suspended. The dean had assured him they were taking the bullying very seriously.

Faith told Nick she was worried about Sharon because Sharon had had a rough year. Faith said even if Sharon had let Adam kiss her, which was totally gross, she didn't deserve the public shaming. Faith was worried that Sharon and Rey wouldn't be able to work things out. Nick informed her that he'd spoken to Sharon and Rey, and they had assured him they wanted to do whatever it took to work things out.

Faith told Nick that Adam was like a bully who wouldn't let up and kept interfering in Sharon and Rey's marriage. Adam would do anything for attention. Nick said Faith had summed Adam up perfectly. Nick reminded Faith that there was no shame in asking for help. He said Faith had Mariah, Summer, and the family, who would always have her back. Faith asked if they would ever trust her again.

Sharon had been pacing while she waited for Rey. When he arrived, Rey said he believed they needed couples counseling, but Sharon balked at the suggestion, since they'd only been married a couple of months. He said they hadn't been able to work things out on their own. They needed outside help. Sharon claimed she wanted to get past their situation and get back to the way they'd been before. Sharon didn't feel they needed a therapist, but if Rey felt it was the right path to take, then she agreed.

Sharon told Rey she would make some calls and set up an appointment, but she wanted to leave it for a while because she wanted to make sure Faith was all right. Rey asked how long she wanted to wait. Sharon didn't know because Faith had been extremely upset. Sharon claimed that Faith needed her mother. Sharon said she needed to find a way to close the gap between her and Faith. Rey didn't disagree with her statement, but he disagreed with her plan.

Rey told Sharon they needed to start counseling immediately. He wasn't comfortable living with uncertainty. He agreed Faith was a priority, but the sessions were only an hour long, and he was certain Sharon could attend sessions when Faith was in school. He knew Sharon was scared, but so was he. He said things had been great until Adam had popped up, and if they didn't deal with that situation immediately, they would lose each other. Their discussion was interrupted when Nick arrived. He said Faith wanted to visit with Sharon. Rey said he had to return to the station, and he left.

Nick informed Sharon that he and Faith had had some long talks, and Faith claimed she had something to say. When Faith arrived after visiting with the horses, she told Sharon and Nick that Jordan had helped her with the mean girls, but she'd also encouraged Faith to make some bad decisions. Jordan had often become angry if Faith hadn't done exactly as Jordan had wanted her to, and that wasn't cool. Sharon commented that Faith had done some deep thinking, and she'd gained a new perspective.

Faith told Sharon and Nick that she'd replayed things in her mind, and she'd seen the missteps she'd taken. Almost in tears, Faith said after she'd heard Nick and Sharon discussing putting her into therapy, she'd thought there was something wrong with her. Nick and Sharon assured Faith they had only wanted to make things easier for her, but they had never believed there was anything wrong with her.

Faith told her parents she was happy the girl who had posted the picture had been caught. She said Sharon didn't know the girl, and Sharon hadn't ever done anything to her; however, the girl had posted that photo to get to Faith and to puff herself up. Nick said he hoped Faith would protect herself the way she'd protected Sharon. Faith said she'd decided to give up the names of the kids who'd been harassing her. She hoped they would back off after the girl who had posted the photo had been suspended. Faith hoped the bullies would worry they, too, would be punished if they retaliated. Faith wanted the situation to end.

Nick told Faith he was proud of her. He wanted to talk to the dean immediately and provide him with the names. After Nick left, Sharon said it had been a very brave thing Faith had done. Faith said she didn't want people controlling her life. Sharon wanted to talk about the photo. Faith claimed she'd known it had been Adam's fault, not Sharon's, but Sharon said it wasn't fair to completely blame Adam. Faith said she didn't understand why Sharon wanted to be around him.

Sharon told Faith that Adam had saved Faith's life. She said that during a tornado in the area, she, Adam, and Faith had taken shelter in a barn. Adam had thrown himself over Faith to protect her. Sharon said that prior to Sharon receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Adam had found a psychiatrist to help her when she'd been out of control. Sharon said things weren't always black and white, and there was always good with the bad.

Faith asked if Rey would be moving out. Sharon assured her that they would work things out. Faith wanted them to be happy. Sharon said she wanted to set a good example for Faith, and she was sorry for the times she'd disappointed Faith. Sharon promised things would get better. She wanted to make a safe and happy home for Faith.

In the kitchen, Sharon called Rey and crowed how well things had gone with Faith. She told him that Nick had gone to see the dean with the names of the girls who had bullied Faith, and she said how proud she was of Faith. Sharon said she wanted to make things right for them, and if counseling was the answer, she was definitely all in. She told Rey she really loved him. Rey told Sharon he loved her.

Alone in the living room, Faith received an anonymous text message: "I hope they all pay for the way they hurt you." Puzzled, Faith responded: "Who are you? How did you get this new number?"

At the penthouse, Chelsea was able to use both hands. She grasped the arm rests of her chair, and she was able to move her upper body slightly. She sat back and took a breath. She slowly reached for and released the brakes on her chair. She was able to move the chair forward, but she was startled when Adam called out to her. Chelsea assumed her inanimate position.

Adam hoped Chelsea had had a nice time with Chloe. He said he'd met with Dr. Cavett, and she had advised him that it was too early for Chelsea to travel. In her mind, Chelsea told Adam to stop lying because he really wanted to stay in Genoa City to be near Sharon. Adam said it gave Chelsea time to work on her and return to him. He knew she'd been working hard, and he assured her that it would happen soon. In Chelsea's mind, she said it would be sooner than Adam knew.

Adam told Chelsea that Victor wanted to meet with him. Victor wanted to know how they were doing. In Chelsea's mind, she said that was how Victor sucked Adam in, and she wondered why Adam kept falling for the same old trick. Adam said Victor had been generous with them by hiring Dr. Cavett to help Chelsea, and he felt he should spend some time with Victor. In Chelsea's mind, she said Adam had two weaknesses, Victor and Sharon, and there wasn't anything she could do about either...yet.

Adam told Chelsea he was going to meet with Victor, but he wouldn't be gone long. Adam told Chelsea he loved her. As soon as Adam left, Chelsea practiced moving her chair and smiled when she succeeded.

Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix and said she wanted to share some confidential information with Phyllis. Summer believed Kyle was hiding something from her. She asked if Phyllis would help her crack into Kyle's phone. Phyllis said she could, but she wouldn't recommend it because it was a violation of Kyle's privacy. Summer didn't like that Kyle had secrets, especially when they were about him and his ex from years back. Phyllis realized that Theo would have known Kyle's secret. Summer said Theo had divulged that secret in front of Sally and that Sally was holding it over Kyle's head to keep her and Kyle from telling anyone about Sally's past.

Summer told Phyllis that it wasn't so much about Kyle's ex but who she was married to. He was well known and "vindictive as hell," and he destroyed people's lives if they went afoul of him. If this guy found out that Kyle had slept with his wife, there was no telling how things would go. Summer said Sally kept hinting she knew things Summer didn't. Summer said there was some weird stuff about Kyle's canceled trip to New York, where his ex lived.

Summer told Phyllis that Kyle kept evading her questions. Phyllis claimed he could have phoned his ex. Summer said he'd tried, but she hadn't answered. Phyllis told Summer that if she broke into Kyle's phone and failed to find anything, she would continue to be suspicious. Phyllis told Summer to demand the truth from Kyle, and if he wasn't forthcoming, then they didn't have a relationship.

Adam met Victor at Society and informed him that Dr. Cavett had said Chelsea's condition had improved, but it was too soon to move Chelsea out of Genoa City. Victor said he'd spoken to Victoria about a new media company because he felt she shouldn't have sold the media divisions Newman had had. Victor said he'd decided to buy another media company, and that company would need someone to run the day-to-day operations. He asked if Adam was interested.

Adam told Victor he'd seen it coming because Victor wanted to get back at Billy for publishing that exposť about Adam. He asked why else Victor would want to buy a company that competed with ChanceComm. Adam understood why Victoria hadn't agreed to the deal. Adam said it was a terrific offer, but he and Chelsea wanted to leave town as soon as she was able. Victor said Chelsea's recovery would take a long time. He told Adam the company would be independent of Newman Enterprises, and Adam could run it as he saw fit. When Chelsea was able to move, Adam could run the company remotely. Adam said it was appealing, and he would give it some thought.

Adam arrived at the penthouse and saw Chelsea standing behind her chair. He was elated, but when he tried to approach her, Chelsea pulled out a gun and shot him. It was a scenario Chelsea had played out in her head.

Jack was working at Jabot when Kyle arrived. Kyle appeared a little uncomfortable when Jack informed him that Summer had his phone. Jack asked if there was a problem. Kyle assured him there wasn't. Jack asked Kyle about his trip to New York. Jack wanted to know why Kyle had been so secretive and why he'd canceled the trip.

Summer arrived and gave Kyle his phone. Seconds later, Kyle received a call from Tara. She informed him that she and Ashland would be in Genoa City the following week on business. She warned Kyle not to say anything about their past if Kyle encountered them. Kyle agreed and ended the call.

Jack asked if it was bad news. Kyle said it wasn't, but he wanted time alone with Summer. After Jack left, Summer said she was happy they were alone. She wanted Kyle to respect her enough to be honest with her about what was going on. She wanted assurance that what Kyle was hiding wasn't a big deal. Kyle wished he could tell her that. Kyle said that nine months after he and Tara had ended their relationship, Tara had given birth to his son.

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