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Ronan Malloy
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Actor History
June 22, 2010 to Present)
Other Names

Birth name is Aiden Lansing


Born August 12, 1986

Returned in 2010 about 30 years old


Detective with the Genoa City Police Department

Former FBI Agent working with the Genoa City Police Department

Former eight year Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff

Attended college in California

Former student at Lakeside High, South Lakeland

Resides At


Marital Status


Past Marriages



Nina Webster (mother)

Jimmy Unknown last name (father; deceased)

Florence Webster (maternal grandmother)

Unknown (maternal grandfather)

Phillip Chancellor IV (half-brother)

[first name unknown] Lansing ("mother" who raised him) (deceased)

[first name unknown] Lansing ("father" who raised him) (deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Chloe Mitchell

Heather Stevens

Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

Had hereditary amyloidosis affecting his grasp and causing him to black out, only cure a partial liver transplant

Partial liver transplant performed

Brief Character History

Nina Webster grew up poor in Detroit, raised by her mother Flo, a former prostitute who never knew who Nina's father was, just that he had a certain scar on his neck. As a teenager, Nina discovered she was pregnant by a boy named Jimmy who was incarcerated in juvenile hall. Nina ran away from home and was found on a park bench in Genoa City by Cricket Blair. They became best friends. Nina moved into a home for unwed mothers run by Rose DeVille, who, unbeknownst to Nina, headed a black-market baby ring. Just before her son was born, Nina had a change of heart about the adoption. So Rose abandoned Nina on the delivery table, and kidnapped her new son. They did manage to track down Rose, and saw a couple leave with a newborn baby just before they were kidnapped by a man in a van. They later escaped, but by then Rose had disappeared. Cricket, Nina and Danny were unsuccessful in locating Rose or Nina's baby. Even though Paul Williams took on the case several years later, there were no leads to follow.

Three years later, Nina had another son by Phillip Chancellor III whom they named Phillip Chancellor IV, who grew up to be called Chance.

In 2010, a small party was held at the Chancellor estate for Chance and Chloe to announce their engagement. Police detective Chance's new partner, Ronan Malloy, arrived at the party and became friendly with Chloe who was very suspicious of him. Chance and Assistant District Attorney Heather Stevens were working on a drug ring case that appeared to involve dirty cops on the force. Chance had gotten too close to the truth and was set up for drug possession, and he and Chloe had been shot at a few times. Heather had also been the victim of attempted murder when a bomb exploded her car, but she escaped with Chance's help. So Chance was assigned to be Heather's bodyguard. Chloe was jealous and proven right, when after a disappointing turn in their case, Heather and Chance commiserated and ended up making love. Afterward Heather called Pomerantz about her suspicion that Ronan was a dirty cop, and later they found the bug that Ronan had planted in their apartment. Chance tried to arrest Ronan for illegal surveillance, but their boss Sid Meeks intervened and took Chance off the case and replaced him with Ronan as Heather's bodyguard. Meeks was seen talking with D.A. Owen Pomerantz, and they appeared to be the leaders of the drug ring. Later Chance was again arrested for drug possession when he tried to get fellow-officers to turn on Ronan. Ronan admitted to Heather that he planted the drugs to get Chance out of the picture for his own protection, then Ronan got her fired.

Ronan, who was actually working undercover for the Justice Department with Christine Blair. Chris told Ronan that her old best friend Nina and ex-husband Paul were searching for Nina's first son who was stolen at birth. Chris was unable to disclose Ronan's identity to anyone or jeopardize the case, and Chris was afraid that they might discover that Ronan was that son. Chloe figured out that he was Nina's son by his birth date, and she confronted Ronan with his real name, Aiden Lansing. Ronan admitted he was working undercover and shared with Chloe that he was raised by two parents, the Lansings, who sacrificed everything for him. Chloe hoped to get Ronan to warm up to Nina and his half-brother, Chance, after the case was closed. But Ronan was reluctant, saying that working undercover, he enjoyed getting into another persona which appealed to the part of him that felt like something was missing, but there was just too much risk to ever have a personal life. Chloe and Ronan eventually had sex together, but afterward Ronan said it could never happen again.

Meanwhile, Paul tracked down Pete Bender to the prison hospital in Waupun. Pete who was the man who drove the van and kidnapped Nina and Chris when they were teenagers. Bender gave Paul the name of the family who bought Nina's baby, and Paul gave the information to an ecstatic Nina. Paul told Nina that her son had been named Aiden Lansing, he grew up in South Lakeland, went to Lakeside High, was an honor student, senior class vice president, and a football star. Aiden went to college in California, and his parents, the Lansings, were dead.

Ronan convinced Sid Meeks he was on their side which got him a meeting with the ring leader, who turned out to be D.A. Owen Pomerantz. Pomerantz told Ronan they would not trust him unless he killed Chance, and Ronan agreed to do it. Meanwhile Chance confronted Chloe about trusting Ronan enough to sleep with him, so Chloe had to tell him that he and Ronan were half-brothers. At the same moment, Paul and Nina got their first look at an aged sketch of how her son would look grown up which was made from a newspaper photo of Aiden and his grade school football team.

Ronan told Pomerantz that he had set up a meeting with Chance in order to kill him. Later Chance confronted Ronan about their being brothers, and viewers did not see them make plans to trap Pomerantz and Meeks. Just in case things did not go as planned, Chance made sure to spend quality time with his loved ones. Chloe realized what he was doing and begged Chance not to go through with the meeting. Chance left to make amends with Heather. Heather admitted that she loved him, and Chance refused her offer to call her father, Paul, to back him up.

Ronan, armed with the untraceable gun Meeks and Pomerantz had given him, met them with their suitcases of drugs at a warehouse. They checked Ronan for a wire and warned him that if he didn't kill Chance, they would kill both Chance and Ronan. Chance arrived at the warehouse and drew his gun on Meeks, Pomerantz and another dirty cop, telling him they were headed to Internal Affairs.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Nina, Chloe and Heather were gathered with Paul to trace Chance's location by his cell phone's GPS. Nina expressed her distrust of Ronan, so Paul decided it was time to tell her the truth; that Ronan was an FBI agent working undercover in Genoa City, and that Ronan would be there to protect Chance. Heather added that they had not told Nina before because they'd been sworn to secrecy. Chloe then exposed to everyone that Ronan was Chance's half-brother, and Nina's stolen son. Nina was stunned as Paul received word of Chance's location, and they all left to find him.

At the warehouse, Ronan appeared behind Chance, his gun pointed at his brother, and Paul and Nina burst in just as Ronan shot Chance in the chest. Medics arrived and pronounced Chance dead. Heather and Chloe sobbed while a grief-stricken Nina attacked Ronan for killing his own brother. Meeks and Pomerantz directed the police to arrest Ronan for Chance's murder. As Chance was being wheeled out, Nina realized that he had been saying goodbye to everyone all that day. Back at the mansion, Nina ran upstairs in tears and Paul was left to break the news to Chance's father, Phillip; his grandmother, Jill; Kay; and Murphy. Phillip comforted Nina as she realized that Chris must have known that Ronan was her son all along. When a stunned Chris arrived at Nina's door, Nina slammed the door in her face. Chris tried to justify her actions to Paul, but he rebuffed her as well. Later a uniformed Army officer arrived at the door to help the family make arrangements. He showed Nina his prosthetic leg, and credited Chance with saving his life in Afghanistan.

At the police station, Heather confronted Ronan who claimed he had shot Chance in self-defense. Then Heather demanded that Pomerantz rehire her so she could prosecute Ronan since it was due to Ronan's claims that she had been fired.

Katherine's son, Brock, returned to Genoa City to officiate at Chance's funeral. As the service was ending, suddenly Nina cried out, "How dare you!" as Christine arrived with Ronan. Ronan showed his FBI credentials and arrested Pomerantz, Meeks, and their cohorts, explaining that Chance was the one wearing the wire, The FBI arrived and took Pomerantz and Meeks away. The funeral turned into a screaming match with Nina calling Chris and Ronan disrespectful as she tried to send them away.

Meanwhile back at the Chancellor Estate, the stress got to Kay, she fainted, and was taken to the hospital, but after a few tests she was declared okay, and they let her return home. After the Attorney General heard Pomerantz on tape giving Ronan orders to "End this, kill him now," he began an investigation of cases in which Pomerantz was involved and made Heather Interim District Attorney until the next election.

Christine arranged for Phillip and Nina to be taken by an FBI man to an out of the way location where they met her and Ronan. Then Chance emerged from the shadows, very much alive. Nina and Phillip hugged him while Chris and Chance disclosed that it was all a setup, and that Chance would be going into the witness protection program, very possibly to never be seen or heard from again. But this was the only way to protect him and keep him alive, and Nina and Phillip had to keep the secret, and no one else could ever know the truth.

Nina and Ronan exchanged some heartfelt words as Ronan told her that he had found out she was his mother back when his FBI background check disclosed his illegal adoption as a black market baby, and he had read her book and knew of the ordeal Nina went through ever since. Sadly, Ronan told Nina that he had to leave with Chance and would be going back undercover, so would be unable to see her, but he promised to keep in touch by phone. Phillip told Chance he was very proud of his son, and hugged him goodbye. Chance and Nina parted, agreeing to keep in touch the way they had when he was deployed, to look at the moon at 9:00 PM each night, and know that the other was safe and missing them. Ronan and Chance drove away, and Nina, Phillip, and Christine returned to the Chancellor mansion, and did not say a word about what had happened. But later, thinking that Katherine's health was endangered because of it, Christine told Katherine the truth.

Ronan later returned to Genoa City, assigned to help the police department uncover its corruption. Ronan visited Nina at the Chancellor estate and began to get to know each other. Nina gave Ronan the copy of her book she had found among Chance's things which contained notes that showed that Chance had been actively searching for Ronan for a long time. Chloe walked in on their goodbye embrace, she refused to forgive Ronan for killing Chance, and was unable to understand how Nina could forgive him either.

Heather noticed how much trouble Ronan had grasping objects, that he took medication, and nearly fainted a few times, but Ronan refused to admit that anything was wrong with him. Nina invited Ronan to spend Thanksgiving with her and Paul at the Chancellor mansion, but he claimed he had to work. So Heather coerced Ronan into attending by threatening to expose his health problem to Nina. Days later, Ronan blacked out and Heather took him to the hospital where the diagnosis he'd gotten in Boston of hereditary amyloidosis was confirmed; the same disease his father had died of at about the same age. Heather began to care more and more for Ronan, showing up at his dingy hotel room with food, encouraging him to eat, and to get close to Nina and fight his disease. They became lovers, as Ronan found out that his only hope to live would be a liver transplant. Heather convinced Ronan to accompany her to the Chancellor estate to spend Christmas with his mother Nina, and Nina, who was missing Chance, was overjoyed to see her other son.

Ronan refused to tell his mother of his condition, so Heather told Nina. Nina went to Ronan and assured him that they would fight this together. Because Heather was subpoenaed to be a witness at the former D.A.'s trial, she and Paul listened to a copy of the tape made the night that Chance was killed. Paul recognized the gunshots as blanks, and further investigation revealed that the paramedics who took Chance's body away were fakes. So Heather went to Ronan with their theory that Chance was still alive, which caused Ronan to admit that he was in witness protection. When Christine found out that Heather knew, she fired Ronan for mishandling the case. After Nina was tested, but was not a match to donate part of her liver to help Ronan, she convinced Chris to tell Chance. Paul was telling Nina that he was not a match either, when Christine and Heather arrived, so Nina told Paul that Chance was still alive. Christine said that Chance was being tested, and if he was a match the donation would happen after Chance testified at the former D.A.'s trial. Ronan tried to leave town, but Nina caught him at the bus station and talked him into staying and fighting this together with her, Heather, and Paul.

Ronan and Heather went ice skating with Paul and Nina. Ronan told them about his adoptive mother, an amateur figure skater who taught classes, and that he played hockey so he had learned a few tricks like a back-checking Salchow from her. Then Ronan passed out, and was taken to Genoa City Memorial, where he was told that he needed the liver transplant soon or he would die. Christine showed up to announce that Chance was a match, and that he was in town to testify. Meanwhile, Jill, who was mourning the death of her "son" Cane, was taken to her room to rest by Nina, and there stood her bearded and very much alive grandson, Chance. Chance said he was there to help Jill get over Cane, and to help Ronan. Jill was miffed that everyone seemed to know that Chance had never died but her, but was just relived to have him back. Heather was thrilled to see Chance again, but made it clear that her love was with Ronan.

Nate Hastings, a Rheumatology specialist practicing in Boston, returned to Genoa City to perform the partial liver transplant on Ronan, using part of Chance's liver. In the waiting room were Jill, Paul, Heather, Nina, Phillip who had arrived from his home in Australia, Kay with Murphy who had just been told about Chance, and Chloe, who was told when she arrived wondering why everyone was there. Chance came through the surgery fine, but as soon as Ronan's surgery was finished, Ronan was taken away by an unmarked helicopter under orders from the FBI. Nate was shocked and very concerned for his patient, saying it was very dangerous for Ronan in his condition. Chris knew nothing about the transfer, and her superiors were not answering their phones. Chance was released from the hospital and was taken back to the Chancellor Estate to recuperate. After Chris got confirmation that Ronan had ordered his own transfer, only Nina still had faith in Ronan.

In August 2011, Nina returned from Los Angeles announcing that Chance was missing. Although she had been getting regular emails, she suddenly stopped hearing from him, and had alerted Phillip in Australia. That same day, Paul was shocked when Ronan showed up as an investigator at the crime scene where Diane Jenkins had been murdered. Paul asked for an explanation of why Ronan had disappeared and where he had been, but Ronan said he had been rehired by the Genoa City Police, and that was all Paul needed to know. Nina was stunned when she ran into Ronan at the police station while looking for Paul. Then Ronan hurt her feelings when he refused to give her any explanation for why he had disappeared or hadn't told her that he was back. Nina called him cold-hearted and told him that he was dead to her, and no longer her son. Nina lamented that her missing son was on a classified mission, and the other wanted nothing to do with her, but was consoled by Paul. Later, Ronan was convinced that there was a leak in the police department, as these clues and the murder scene photos had gotten out to the public. Ronan called in Paul for help, saying that he was the only person he knew that he could trust. Heather tried to get Ronan to tell them why he had disappeared and was shutting everyone out, but Ronan refused to talk about it. And although Chloe enticed Ronan into bed, he would only admit that his disappearance had something to do with the FBI.

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