KANE Family Tree
Eric Kane (deceased)

a. Maureen Dalton
    c. Mark Dalton
        a. Elizabeth Carlyle
            c. Julie Rand Chandler (see Chandler)
            Adopted by Ross Chandler and Ellen Tucker.
        m. Ellen Tucker (divorced)
        m. Ellen Tucker

m. Mona Kane (deceased) (died 1994)
    c. Erica Kane
        r. Richard Fields (deceased) (died 1994)
            c. Kendall Hart (see Hart)
            Adopted by Bill and Alice Hart.
                m. Anton Lang (divorced; see Marick)
                m. Zach Slater (married 2005; divorced; see Cambias)
                s. Ryan Lavery
                    c. Spike
                    Via artificial insemination.
                m. Zach Slater (Married: 2006; Divorced: Apr 2009; see Cambias)
                    c. Ian Slater (born 2007)
                m. Zach Slater (Married: Jun 4, 2009; see Cambias)

        m. Jeff Martin (Married: 1971; divorced; see Martin)
            c. Joshua Madden (born 1973)
            Aborted in 1973 then implanted in another woman.

        m. Philip Brent (Married: 1975; died 1981; see Brent)
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)

        m. Tom Cudahy (married 1978; see Cudahy)

        m. Adam Chandler Sr. (married 1984; see Chandler)

        m. Mike Roy (1985; invalid)
        Erica said wedding vows over his "dying" body in 1985.

        m. Travis Montgomery (Married: 1988; invalid; see Montgomery)
            c. Bianca Christine Montgomery (born February 1988)
                r. Michael Cambias (deceased)
                    c. Miranda Mona Montgomery
                s. Zach Slater
                    c. Gabrielle Amelia Williams Montgomery
                m. Reese Williams

        m. Travis Montgomery (Married: 1990; invalid; see Montgomery)

        m. Adam Chandler Sr. (Married: 1991; vow renewal; see Chandler)

        m. Dimitri Marick (Married: 1993; see Marick)

        m. Dimitri Marick (Married: 1995; see Marick)
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)

        m. Jackson Montgomery (Married:May 24, 2005; see Montgomery)

m. Goldie Kane (presumed dead)
    c. Silver Kane (deceased) (died 1988)
        m. Dr. Damon Lazarre (deceased)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape
s. Sperm donation

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