Boyd Larraby
Actor History
Marc Menard
Works for an experimental lab working with burn victims
Former chief chemist at Enchantment Cosmetics
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
Resides At
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Formerly 140 Calvert Street; The Fargate Boarding House
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Simone Torres (dated)
Lena Kundera (kissed)
Kendall Hart (dated)
Crimes Committed
  • Tied up Michael Cambias and tossed him in a dumpster [Jul 25, 2003]
  • Stole Michael Cambias' body from the funeral home and buried it at the garbage dump [Nov 12, 2003]
  • Filled Michael Cambias' empty coffin with stones [Nov 12, 2003]
  • Rigged a warehouse' refrigeration system to keep Michael Cambias' body from decomposing [Aug 29, 2003]
  • Hung Michael Cambias' body on a meat hook in an abandoned warehouse [Aug 29, 2003]
  • Charged with tampering with evidence; placed on probation
Former Eagle Scout
Experienced in the martial arts
Brief Character History

Boyd Larraby was a young, hotshot chemist hired straight out of grad school by Erica. He served Enchantment well and was rewarded several years later with a very lucrative contract and promotion to chief chemist. If Boyd had any weakness, it was his fondness for Kendall Hart, Erica's conniving, vulnerable black sheep of a daughter. Kendall tried her best to get Boyd to go over to her own upstart cosmetics company, FUSION, but Boyd remained loyal to Erica. He still kept an eye out for Kendall and quickly fell in love with her. Kendall had just gotten involved with Michael Cambias, but even when Boyd tried to move on by dating sexy Simone Torres, he couldn't get his mind off her. At one point Kendall cozied up to Boyd because Michael wanted her to get the ingredients for his secret and very important formula, and although Boyd forgave her deception, he was very hurt. Boyd put romance aside and concentrated on helping his other close friend, Erica's other daughter, Bianca Montgomery. Boyd and Bianca worked together and each had rooms at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house, so they became close. Boyd was suspicious of Bianca's new girlfriend Lena Kundera, because Lena had made passes at him and even kissed him once. Eventually Lena was exposed as a corporate spy, but he could sense that she genuinely loved Bianca and tried to convince Bianca to give Lena another chance. Boyd also helped Kendall get dirt on Michael. When not occupied at work or as a strong shoulder for his pals, Boyd could usually be found enjoying platonic dates at SOS with Myrtle.

Still hopelessly in love with Kendall, Boyd posed as Michael Cambias in her attempt to inherit Michael's fortune after his disappearance. After the investigation behind his death was finally cleared up, Boyd was placed on probation for tampering with evidence. Boyd announced his plans to leave town and work on an experimental treatment for burn victims. Kendall asked him to work by her side at Enchantment, but he rebuffed her, telling her she had used him for the last time.

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