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The Cast and Credits section will help you find out the names of PS performers and the roles they have played. You can also link to actor biographies, character profiles, and more.
Following are some of the many performers to have appeared on Passions in recent years. This is by no means a complete listing of every performer, however, we will be updating the list in an attempt to list as many major performers from the past as possible. For your convenience, the cast list provides links directly to our actor biographies in the About the Actors section as well as to character profiles in our Who's Who in Harmony section. Simply click on a performer or character's name and you'll be taken to the appropriate page.

If you believe that someone has been omitted from this list, please use our Feedback section to let us know.

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Past Stars of Passions
Mitchell and Shane Albin
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (February 2005 to March 2005; 2006)

Victor Alfieri

Gianni (19 April 2006 to 2006)

Silvana Arias
Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald

David Bailey
Alistair Crane (#1) (09/27/04-01/13/05)

Jordan Baker
Alistair Crane (as Charlie)

Precious (August 2003 to March 2005

John Beck

Bruce (9/2001-8/2001; 03/2003)

Adrian Bellani
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (#2)

Alain Benatar

Pierre (7/1999-12/2000)

Michael Bergin
Nick Bozman

Lauren Bieber

Miles Harris (2005-2007)

Eric Bizot

Jean Luc Moulin (7/1999)

Kacie Borrowman

Cracked Connie (09/09/02-12/25/02)

Sarah and Thomas Buhl
Ethan Winthrop Jr. (summer 2002)

William Bumiller
Faux-Martin (11/1999-1/2000) /

Martin Fitzgerald (flashbacks) (1999-2002)

Robert Sean Burke

Owen Bush
Orville Perkins (1999-2000)

Colby and Grayson Button
Ethan Winthrop Jr. (summer 2002-summer 2003)

Ruth Buzzi
Nurse Kravitz

Lena Cardwell
Simone Russell (#1) (7/5/1999-4/2001; contract)

Catherine Carlen
E.R. Nurse

Jodi Carlisle
Nurse Bobbi

Justin Carroll
David Hastings

Michael Chieffo
Dr. Adams

Brian Patrick Collins

Chea Courtney
Little Angel Girl

Chea Courtney

Little Angel Girl (1999-2003)

Ivonne Coll
Dr. Watts

Suzette Craft

Roark Critchlow
Dr. Ackland

Marita De Leon
Tina Alvarez (5/2000)

Bill Dempsey
Alistair Crane (body) (1999-2004)

Anthony Diaz-Perez
Fake Luis

Emiliano Díez
Francisco Lopez

Charles Divins

Chad Harris-Crane (#2)
12 September 2002 to September 2007

Cathy Jenéen Doe
Simone Russell (#3)
23 July 2003 to September 2007

Christopher Douglas

Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (October 2001 to 24 June 2004)

Marta DuBois
Maria Lopez (2004)

Brenda Epperson Doumani
Crystal Harris (5/2000)

Josh Duhon

Sam (2006)

Josh Ryan Evans
Timmy (July 1999 to August 2002; contract)

Eva Frajko

Mimi (7/1999)

Jennia Fredrique
Latoya Harris

Priscilla Garita
Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (temporary)

Ryan Gesell
Ski Rescuer (4/2000) [online casting call winner]

Alice Ghostley
Matilda Matthews

Marla Gibbs
Irma Johnson

Arturo Gil
Cecil (11/01/02-12/25/02)

Siena Goines
Valerie Davis

Robert Gossett
Woody Stumper

Martin Grey
Mort Chandler

François Guétary
Roger (7/1999-12/2000)

Namrata S. Gujral-Cooper
Nurse Kathy

Bruce Michael Hall
Reese Durkee (7/1999-1/2003; contract from 2000-2002)

Seth Hall
Reese Durkee

Jade Harlow
Jessica Bennett (#2) (3/2000-7/2003; contract from 2000-2002)

Cristi Harris

Justin Hartley

17 December 2002 to 10 February 2006

David Henry Hayles

Kam Heskin
Sheridan Crane Boothe (2006; temporary)

Mark Hicks

Dan Horton

Dalton James
Hank Bennett (#1) (8/26/1999-1/10/2001; contract)

Debbie James

Frieda Jane

Jill Jaress

Josarra Jinaro

Rae Thomas (2005-2007)
Rae's last name was not revealed until after her death.

Christopher Johnston
Officer Kirkman

Derek Jones
Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald

John Simon Jones

Michael Kagan
Dr. Culver

Brook Kerr

5 July 1999 to September 2007

Susan Krebs

Jim Krestalude
Basil (Summer 2001)

Gloria LeRoy
Ruth (2000)

Kelli McCarty
Beth Wallace (07/1999-07/2005)

Maureen McCormick
Rebecca Hotchkiss (#1) (7/5/2000-8/2000)

Cort McCown
Robert (11/2000)

Sky McDougall
Alistair Crane (as the Mystery Monk) (2006)

Donald Sage MacKay

Ryan McPartlin
Hank Bennett

Kyrie Maezumi

Maya Chinn (19 January 2006 to 2006)

Kacey Malmsten
Jane Winthrop (2006-2007)

Cynthia Mann

Amelia Marshall
Liz Sanbourne (2001 to 2006)

Brad Maule
Dr. Abel

Jack Maxwell


Gina Marie May
Kay Bennett (8/2/2000-9/20/2000; temporary)

Jesse Metcalfe
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald (07/05/99-07/26/04; contract)

Shareen J. Mitchell

June (Summer 2001)

Marsh Mokhtari
Christopher Boothe (2006; temporary)

Taylor Anne Mountz
Kay Bennett (#1) (7/5/1999-8/1/2000; contract)

Marianne Muellerleile

Norma Bates / Peggy

Kathleen Noone
Mrs. (Edna) Wallace (2001-08/2005)

Jason Olive
Frank Lomax (1999; contract)

Alan Oppenheimer

Alistair Crane (voice) (1999-2004)

Patrick Pankhurst
Dr. Andrews

Tess Alexandra Parker
Carla / Charity Imposter

Sara Paxton
Sheridan at 12

Chrystee Pharris-Larkins

Simone Russell (#2) (2001-2004; contract)

Katy Quinealty
Ms. Sims

Renee Raudman

John Reilly
Alistair Crane (#2) (21 January 2005 to July 2006)

Alisa Reyes

Sydney Valentine (7/22/2003-9/24/2003; contract)

Jean-Michel Richaud
Antoine (3/2000-6/2000)

Alison Robertson
Heather Downs

Michael Sabatino
J.T. Cornell (18 May 2006 to 18 July 2006)

Cristina Saralegui
Cristina Lopez

Travis Schuldt
Ethan Winthrop (Crane) (7/5/1999-7/3/2002; contract)

Kristina Sisco

Charity Standish / Charity Imposter

Mark Sivertsen

Louise Sorel

Dana Sparks
Faith Standish (summer 1999; contract) /

Grace Bennett (1999-2004)

Nick Stabile
Fox Crane (temporary)

Kimberly Stanphill
Dr. Gallagher

Molly Stanton
Charity Standish (07/99-07/22/04; contract)

James Stevenson

Jared Casey
21 July 2006 to September 2007

Elizabeth Storm
Katherine Crane (flashbacks/ghost) (12/2000)

Robin Strasser
Hecuba (10/2000-4/16/2001)

Elizabeth Sung

Danielle Dwyer

Donn Swaby
Chad Harris-Crane (1999-2002)

Leigh Taylor-Young
Katherine Barrett (2004-2006)

Dean Tarrolly

Mike 'Big Mike' McCarthy (2000)

Gordon Thomson
FBI Special Agent Hal Freeman (6/2000-12/2000)

Kenneth Tigar
Tabloid Editor

Sinqua Walls
Miles Harris

Dana Waters

Layla and Logan Wheeler
Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (2005-2006)

Sulo Williams
Puff Dog

Adrian Wilson
Chris Boothe

Mekhai Wilson
Miles Harris

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Jessica Bennett (#1) (7/5/1999-3/28/2000; contract)

Deanna Wright
Kay Bennett (#2) (9/26/2000-10/6/2003; contract)

Sharon Wyatt

Rachel Barrett (2005-2006)

Mark Cameron Wystrach
Fox Crane (#2)
14 February 2006 to September 2007

Harrison Young
Palmer Harper

Natalie Zea
Gwen Hotchkiss (11/15/2000-10/2002; contract)

Alicia Ziegler

Carol (1/15/2001) [online casting call winner]

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