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Kendall and Zach finally admitted they love each other and get married at sea.

Kendall and Zach finally admitted they love each other and get married at sea. It was a sweet ceremony and Kendall is in love with Zach and her unborn son "Spike"! Didn't you just LOL when Babe was advising Kendall that Spike wasn't an appropriate name? I wouldn't name my son Spike either, but advice from a person that calls her child "Little A" doesn't carry much weight. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Kendall and Zach are destined for very much happiness right away as Kendall is caught in JR's plot to kill Babe. It's so very depressing to see JR spiraling down and down. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Tina who writes: "It would be so great to have Hayley come back into town to try to comfort JR and help to get through to him. I say this because she would be able to relate to him in dealing with such issues better than the rest of his family." Tina's right since Hayley and JR both share the disease of alcoholism, which definitely runs in families. Of course there is NO excuse for JR planning to murder his wife, via an "accident." Not only does he carry through with this heinous crime but he doesn't even look to see who's walking into his trap --- thereby seriously injuring Kendall. What's up for Kendall next? Will her baby survive? We all heard her express to Babe, she'd willingly give her life for her child. So with Zach on his way back to "Pregnant Island" with Dixie in tow, this will leave many decisions on Kendall's medical care up to Erica and Ryan. How will they proceed? Will Zach show up and decide to reverse their decisions? Hopefully, we'll find out soon. I really dislike the way AMC has been dragging all the storylines out lately. Also, will this wake JR up to the fact he needs some rehab?

It's All Someone Else's Fault!

JR's excuse to return to the bottle is because Dixie isn't dead. Not only is she not dead but also she stayed away knowing her family grieved and missed her due to her untimely "death". So now the fact is out there that it's Dixie's fault for her son's alcoholism, oh my, could we just not go there. JR has no one to blame but himself. The writers are definitely painting Dixie out to be an ogre and someone beneath contempt. Why is it Dixie's loved ones were so willing to believe Di, as Dixie, stayed away for good reason and welcomed her home with open arms, while the real Dixie is being portrayed as the scum of the earth. This is so unrealistic to me. Also unrealistic is Dixie not telling the truth and moving forward. The "secret" obviously has to do with the evil Dr. MADden whose days are increasing numbered. I don't for a minute believe Kendall is carrying Ryan's child, as Dr. Greg most likely substituted his own sperm with perhaps Kendall's eggs --- perhaps someone else's eggs. The whole thought of this is disgusting. How many other children are running around that are the by-product of Greg's own sperm? Will he convince Amanda to unknowingly accept surrogacy and also be inseminated with his sperm? This plot is not viewing pleasure as it continues to spin out of control. Dixie's return has been ruined. Kate was placed with some other family while Dixie's life was apparently in danger, which makes me wonder what Dixie was doing with the evil Doctor to begin with. Yes, I have been a Cady McClain fan and hailed her return, but with the caveat the writers not ruin this as they did Maria & Julia. Seems these writers are incapable of bringing beloved characters back to the canvas successfully.

Emmy Anyone?

AMC received no Emmys. Does anyone wonder why? The writing is sub standard; the nominees were questionable on the whole, yet Frons and McTavish continue to have free rein. Take a look at the winners and the shows that produced these winners and you'll see a major theme ---- seasoned veterans and good support. This doesn't apply to AMC anymore. The seasoned and outstanding veterans such as Brooke, Adam/Stuart, Palmer, Erica, Myrtle, Opal, Jackson and the list goes on are reduced to mere shadows and caricatures of themselves. New talents such as Alexa Havins & Jacob Young were not "pushed" into contention. Now, it's not long until Jacob Young's contract is up and AMC is pulling out all the stops to keep him, but why would he want to stay when he continues to see sub-par standards are the norm for AMC? I've heard so many rumblings from long-time fans and so many are tuning out.

Please Help Me!

Jackson the "Mean Man"! That's what the show is getting everyone to buy into, but in reality Jackson is a father who is concerned about his daughter, with special needs, falling in love with a known murderer and abuser. Lily isn't capable of taking care of herself, allowing loved ones to express their love to her via a kiss or hug or living alone yet she determines she can runaway and live with Jonathan. This is the same person that considered Aidan her "boyfriend". I'm sorry this plot is beyond far-fetched making it this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week which comes from Linda who writes: "I fast-forward the scenes with Jonathan & Lily because it is so absurd. He is wa-a-a-y too experienced for her. I don't think I will enjoy or watch her harrowing experiences in New York because Lily would NEVER do that. Too much noise, color red, commotion, etc." Linda and I concur.

Off Topic!

I saw United 93 and not only was it done well and tastefully but it showed real American heroes. Knowing they would lose their own lives they were determined to keep terrorists from completing their wicked plans to kill others. Yes, this was a very sad movie, but one I'm glad I went to see. Now, speaking of my choice of viewing, I have to say I'll NEVER watch 24 again. Yes, I've watched it from Season 1, endured Kim being stalked by a cougar in Season 2 and so on. This past week was it for me as Jack Bauer took over a plane that even had an Air Marshall in tow. The is a real dis-service to all who fly, showing the passengers just accepting someone forcing their way onto a plane with a gun, a pilot that was a complete wuss to allow an unauthorized gunman into the cockpit all while making a joke of security measures.

Thanks for all the emails. I look forward to them! Have a great week and see you back here in 2!


Mary Page
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