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There is just way too much deception in the works between Dixie and Zach. Lying to the authorities to provide each other an alibi??

There is just way too much deception in the works between Dixie and Zach. Lying to the authorities to provide each other an alibi?? This seems to have most fans befuddled as this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Marcia who also questions the reasoning: "I cannot for the life of me understand why Zach and Dixie having an affair clears them of murder. Doesn't this give them less of an alibi????" I agree 100% with Marcia. This is NO real alibi plus this has Kendall already doubting her husband's love for her. I don't blame her either as I doubted that love when Zach ran off with Dixie knowing Kendall was still in a coma and when Zach took off with Dixie to "pregnancy island" without physically talking to Kendall right after their marriage. If Zach had tried to find Kendall to explain the situation he would have found her in the hospital. I wouldn't expect any loving husband to act in this way. I can see this marriage headed for the divorce courts. Plus Tad seems to "know" that Zach and Dixie buried Greg Madden and upon confronting Zach what happens? Zach doesn't deny or explain anything Tad saw except to question why Tad hates Dixie so? The one thing that was clear in that exchange was Tad indeed hates Zach. I'm not sure Derek bugging Tad's place would hold up in court.

Kate in PV!

The whole Dixie and Zach pairing was put in place so Zach could find Kate for Dixie. Instead while Zach and Dixie are faking "fooling around" David has come to the conclusion, rather easily I might add, that Kate is Emma and right under everyone's nose. My oh my, the evil doctor has been scorned by Dixie and we all know David is not one to easily forgive and forget, so Dixie can forget about David helping with any family reunion. In fact if it was up to David the family would be much smaller as David had no problem whacking JR over the head and leaving him there to die or suffer whatever comes first. David in fact turns the table in the hospital by spinning what happened into a different truth and afterward to banter a little with Dixie. I used to like David and Dixie together but I don't see the magic anymore. JR isn't dead and what does he want when he first awakens? That would be Babe, who can't be reached.

Above Board - Not!

Instead we see Babe on a business trip with Josh, acting totally unprofessional by getting drunk and allowing Josh to get a little closer. Why didn't Babe call Chandler mansion when she couldn't reach JR on his cell? One would have thought she'd want to speak to her son no matter what. Why didn't she get a limo to take her home? Instead Josh takes over and helps her with a shower and breakfast. This is the same Josh who is now qualified to work for Fusion? Wasn't he just in the medical profession? I heard from Patricia who wrote to weigh in on this situation: "My 11 yr. old daughter commented in regards to Josh about his new move to Fusion, "But he's a doctor, why would he want a job there?" Touché to Patricia's 11 yr old daughter! Could she be home schooled? Jeff tries to reason with Josh as well, but instead thanks Babe for caring and even proceeds to tell Joe how great Babe is. Oh my, where did all this support for Babe come from? Have gotten quite a bit of mail about Jeff's continual wearing of the safari jacket. My comment is why does he need any outwear in August?

Above Board!

The old Ryan is back and is being above board, which I am glad about. Cameron's portrayal of a dad is just great. Ryan has confessed his love for Kendall to both Kendall and Zach, but is willing to keep that love and feelings in check so Kendall can have happiness with Zach. I definitely see Ryan and Kendall being paired up again after her current marriage is over. Their chemistry is still so evident. Those "Rendall" fans will rejoice, but the "Zendall" fans will be forever holding Ryan and Dixie responsible. Put the blame where the blame belongs --- the writers much like they have destroyed and rebuilt characters before --- namely Ryan.

Mean is In

Colby is being a brat asking about Josh being with Babe in front of JR, but excuse me Babe should have included the truth in her tale to JR. Now, I know Babe will ask JR about trust, but JR should have that same question after Babe lied to him. There are two this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week the first from Karen who writes: "I think we should rename All My Children to All Mean Children. Since when has "mean" been so in? ..... Colby can't be mean enough to Sydney, Jack wins the "Daddy Dearest" award, Tad delights in degrading Dixie and, even though Kendall and Dixie are putting on an act, it's over the top. I'm not a PollyAnna, but could there be one day, besides, Christmas, that the residents of my favorite soap can all be civil?" The second from Megan who writes: "Regarding Colby and Sean and all the new teens to the show. Could we please stop all the madness? All teens are not as troubled as depicted lately. It seems all the kids that come home to PV are consumed with moral deficits. Well I have an almost 16 year old and she is the light of my life. A beautiful talented intelligent young lady she is so unlike the teens in PV!"


Several emails definitely made me smile. Thought I'd share. From Gloria: "I am another viewer who misses the older characters; let's bring Opal back with her "powers"....maybe she can tell the producers what's in the future for AMC if they don't start writing some good storylines. .Soooo...Erica's son is missing in a plane crash and she leaves the search area to have breakfast with Myrtle...dressed in her pink strapless that what distraught looks like? Wow again...some major search & rescue teams should hire Jamie, J.R. and Julia. They found the island (which was apparently about 50 sq ft) and the non injured plane crash victims when the Coast Guard couldn't!" From D: "Instead of letting characters like Opal and Livia go AMC, needs to let the person who came up with the dizzy filming go. I've been watching since the show started and right now the only way I can "watch" is by listening and not actually viewing the screen."

I Want Someone Just Like Me!

Lily has certainly recovered from her marriage and Jonathan rather quickly. Immediately after she dismisses Jonathan from her life she decides to go on line to find a man "like her". This only proves Lily does not know what love is or is mature enough to handle a relationship. Why isn't Jackson taking some interest in what Lily is doing up in her room? He sure was interested when she was with Jonathan. Instead we have Lily "chatting" with Terry unbeknownst to her as he pretends to have a disorder too. Actually Terry does have a disorder called "being a child molester and pervert"! Once Terry convinces Lily to meet him, who will "save" her from the big bad wolf? Oh my guess and probably yours would be Jonathan.

Take Care!

Have a great 2 weeks and a safe Labor Day as it is coming up. Keep sending your opinions, rants and raves and I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


Mary Page
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