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Theresa has truly moved on, and Ethan is fuming over it. Meanwhile, Gwen has finally realized that after years of blaming Theresa for her marriage's problems, it was Ethan all along who was to blame.

I am so proud of Theresa. She honestly has moved on and Ethan is fuming over it. And while Jared is comforting Theresa, Ethan is getting the smack down from Gwen, who has had enough. Gwen has finally realized that after years of blaming Theresa for her marriage's problems, it was Ethan all along who was to blame. Isn't it ironic that with all the lengths Gwen has gone to save her marriage, it would ultimately be her open eyes that end it.

And did I hear Gwen throwing around the "D" (divorce) word this week? Did I hear her give the ultimatum, either her or Theresa? Doesn't she know Ethan is never going to leave her. At least that is what he told Theresa every time he admitted to being madly in love with her. And the dummy is still dreaming about Theresa, who is all the while spending time with a man who obviously cares for her and is putting her needs first for a change. I hope both women leave him out in the cold. He deserves it.

I can't help but be just a bit suspicious of Jared though. He knew all those figures about Crane right off the top of his head, and I find it hard to believe that it was because he "studied up" before the interview. I think he's been hired by either Rebecca or Alistair (who we all know isn't really dead). I don't care if he was hired, as long as his feelings for "Tess" are real. The look on Ethan's face as he heard Theresa tell Whitney she's falling for Jared was priceless.

The old Julian is back and I love it. Ben is at his best when he is mean and vile. First he urges Fox to marry Kay immediately so he doesn't lose her, then he gets nasty with Eve. The first sign Julian was back was when he said he was going to reaffirm his birthright as a Crane. Then after the mansion was robbed, he gets drunk and fights with Theresa. The one-liners are back, now maybe this show will get back on track.

Why is there a custody battle between Julian and Theresa? The whole town knew that Julian had changed, but Theresa is acting as if he is the town pariah. Slowly Julian will be the bad guy, but insisting that he not have anything to do with the child now makes no sense. Granted Julian has not wanted a relationship with the child before, but if he wants a relationship with EM now why is Theresa not complying? She obviously doesn't want Ethan to know about EM's paternity, so why not let the boy hang out with Julian. EM still thinks Julian is his father anyhow. Maybe if she stops being so hard headed, she wouldn't lose her son.

Luis is determined to nail Spike for shooting Pilar. Just because Sheridan and Chris saw him on the grounds, Spike is automatically guilty. Jessica realizes Spike is behind this, and she rightly refuses to give him an alibi; but she doesn't give him away either. Smartly, she does question her husband privately and doesn't believe a word he says. How is it that Jessica was the only one to question why Spike went to thank Fancy BEFORE he checked on Jess? Maybe she should be in that cadet class too.

Chris comes through with Spike's alibi after a little subtle blackmailing, which a crackerjack like Luis can't decipher. But the defective detective insists he won't give up on the baddie and starts suspecting Chris. Luis' fighting with Fancy is getting old, and I'm quite sure it's against departmental policy to make out with your instructor/student.

And Chris is no dummy. He is rubbing in Sheridan's face the fact that Luis and Fancy had chemistry doing the tango. And what was with Sheridan telling Chris he is the only man who hasn't let her down? I remember very clearly her telling Luis the same thing. Granted I think Luis let Beth walk away with Marty, but he risked his life to bring Sheridan her son home. And since Contessa Crane is so rich, why didn't she pay for Luis some help or hire her own team? Why is ALL the blame laid at Luis' feet?

Siren manages to hide her tail from the public and becomes even more determined to seduce Miguel. She might have gotten the chance had Kay not interrupted with news of Pilar's shooting, which Siren just knew was a lie. And how is Fox going to marry Kay immediately when he can't perform on the honeymoon?

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? :

I usually reserve this space for random thoughts about the show through out the week, but this week I feel the need to write about something else. As many of you know, August 29 will mark the one year anniversary of Katrina. I'm sure many of you are sick of hearing about it, so I won't beat you over the head with facts. Instead I'd like to relate my point of view, one year later. And please keep us in your prayers as we are facing the threat of Ernesto now.

I can remember going to my cousin's home to watch the Bristol night race on August 27, 2005. We knew Katrina was coming, but no one seemed concerned. Our biggest concern was if our driver was going to make the Chase for the Cup. I left that night on a high. Good food, good friends and family, good times. That is what Louisiana has ALWAYS been about. That is what I was raised on.

You can read my column from last year of what it was like for me to experience this storm. I haven't been to New Orleans since Katrina and I don't care to go. My mother has been to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, who undeniably got hit harder than anything in Louisiana, but I can't bring myself to go. I can't bring myself to face that the places I used to frequent are gone forever. I can't bring myself to face that while things change, my children and generations to come will never understand. And I sincerely hope my children and generations to come never have to live through anything like this.

I will never forget the people I have met while working in a real estate office who needed homes. These people had nothing. I can't imagine that. I have always had a safety net no matter what. I can't imagine my world falling from under me the way theirs was. I feel truly blessed that no one I personally know had any serious damage. I didn't feel that way until I met those who had the most serious of damages.

While it has taken me some time to realize that things have changed, I will always remember the way it was. The fun we had in the French Quarter, laying on the beach in Biloxi, the casinos, Pat O's, the huge fake shark on the coast that we always had to take a picture of, the laughter, the love, the memories. We will find a way to move on and make more memories, just as generations before us did after Betsy, Camille, and the countless storms that pounded our area in the years before. God Bless!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"Well, I find myself sitting through another week of Passions and I actually find myself intrigue. Is Chad on the DL (down low) with another guy. Is Jessica still on drugs? Is Sheridan on drugs? In my opinion yes, both of these women are married to loathes of men and it will be while before anyone finds out because Luis is on the case. Speaking of that, when was Luis following the case of the missing Johns. I thought Luis was looking for Marty by then and Jessica didn't "kill" the first one until the Tsunami and Luis was gone by then. Oh well, I guess in Soap Land anything is possible. Also, since Chad is Crane, is it possible for him to move to a Condo or something. Every time someone goes in there to make a track, his and Whitney's scent should be all through the studio. I really like Theresa with Jared, it's something new and that is something that Passions need; but poor, poor Gwen, she has to be seriously in love with Ethan or desperate to put up with all of his crap. If I hear one more time "Theresa is Jane's biological mother," I will scream. One day she will realize that Ethan is not worth holding on too....BTW, love the site." I thought the same thing about Chad. That would be so interesting. Thanks Dee!!!

"Love your column. A couple of weeks ago you mentioned that Kay has no chemistry with neither Miguel or Fox thus you don't care who she ends up with. Well you shouldn't. I mean, the obvious chemistry is between Miguel and Fox. As much as they argue and get in each other's face (shirtless might I add) I've said to my TV screen on more than one occasion, "kiss him already." Honestly, an outsider might mistake Fox and Miguel as a couple, which at this point would be a lot more interesting than watching the Siren storyline.
I'm liking Theresa. Never thought I'd say that. But her honest attempt to move on from Ethan is a step in the right direction for her in my eyes. I think she and Jared are cute together, though I'd prefer them to just start off as friends (if Jared gets his act together) and see what happens. Ethan has always been a loser, so I can't be upset over his jealousy at the Jared/Tess pairing. I'd love for Gwen to dump him too so he can totally be alone.
I too am appalled at Pilar's change of heart. After all these years, now she wants to encourage Theresa to break up Gwen and Ethan? I guess Martin's dalliance with Theresa II, er, I mean Katherine, has showed her that marriage isn't as sacred as she once believed. Whatever. This change of heart is so out of character for Pilar. But at least Theresa is staying in character by doing the exact opposite of what her mother says.
Fancy & Luis - boring. Though I like that Paloma wants to become a cop. Chris and Sheridan - is it over yet? Can we be done? Seriously. And isn't Sheridan doing remarkably well after losing both of her children. Jessica must be the dumbest woman on soaps. I have no sympathy for her at all. And her husband is so disgusting. Frankly I'm upset that he's still around trying to fill Alistair's shoes. I'm sorry, Lester, but Julian will be taking that position. Go back to obscurity where you belong." Thanks Kamal!!!

"Just a few thoughts...
1. I hated Theresa's "Queen Elizabeth" look
2. I would love for Ethan to leave Gwen and have Theresa dangle him by a string only to break his heart for a change
3. I am tired of the whole Siren, Kay, Miguel, Fox thing! Kay needs to make up her mind.
4. Sheridan is soooo dumb. She is going to find out the truth about Chris and run back to Luis only to have lost him again for her stupidity. Thanks for letting me rant!" No problem. Thanks Maria!!!

"Am I the only one who can't tell the difference between new Sheridan and Fancy? I can never tell if Luis is talking to new Sheridan or Fancy. The recycled Shuis scripts don't help matters much either. Considering neither woman could act her way out of a paper sack, I've given up trying to tell which one is which. They looked like they were cloned from the same Clorox bottle!" Thanks Sarah!!!!

Until next week friends,

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