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Is Julian only interested in his son because Eve doesn't have time for him? In any case, it's great to see that the old Julian is slowly returning. With Alistair gone, we may have a chance to see what Julian is capable of.

After all Theresa has done, after all the schemes and lies and manipulations, I actually felt sorry for her. She is truly trying to move on with her life, and every turn she makes throws her more heartache and aggravation. If Julian isn't threatening to sue for custody of EM, Ethan is jumping down her throat accusing her of this or that. Jared hates her because he is too pigheaded to listen to her and give her an honest chance. And Pilar keeps pushing her to be a family with Ethan, and that reason still isn't clear as to why she feels that way.

Ethan was downright harsh to Theresa this week, first accusing her of manipulating he and Gwen into jobs at Crane, then admitting to her that if he were EM's father, he'd sue her for custody too. In spite of all that, Theresa decides to tell Ethan the truth, until he drops the bomb on her that he and Gwen are planning on leaving town. However, what is with all the talk about EM inheriting the Crane empire? Why all of a sudden is that so important?

I am starting to believe that Gwen is the reason Jared is in town. She is all too eager for Theresa to stay hooked up with him. It's like no one believes Theresa could do any better. And why Whitney jumped up with Gwen on this bandwagon is beyond me. Whitney is supposed to be Theresa's best friend and yet instead of helping her friend move on, she is pushing her into another relationship. Ethan just about blows a fuse when Gwen tells him she is trying to keep Jared in town for Theresa's sake. But he recovers nicely when he realizes Jared won't give Theresa another chance.

Is Julian only interested in his son now that Eve doesn't have time for him? Eve is insisting on staying with T.C. while Julian demands that she fly to Paris with him. The old Julian is slowly returning, and I am loving it. This show is now without a villain, and with Alistair gone, we may have a chance to see what Julian is capable of.

Fancy has done nothing but complain since she started training. First it was her clothes, and then the work was too much. While Luis is trying to "conserve water" Fancy sees him in the shower, which I am almost sure would never really happen. Luis then tells Fancy the station has an old water heater and the mayor refuses to buy another one. So why can't he appeal to Theresa to have Crane donate one? And don't gyms normally have separate male and female facilities?

Jessica bumps into some friends from high school who want a free ride. When she refuses, they get rough with her. And since she married Spike thinking she murdered two people, what's two more? Luis gets a call regarding Jessica, and Fancy goes with him. Paloma ends up saving the day, but stubborn Luis refuses to admit to her that she's done a good job.

Fox is under the mermaids curse and Siren is possibly exposed. Yawn.

Some Random Thoughts:

Was Theresa going for a Queen Elizabeth look with that shirt?

Why must the men of Harmony constantly walk around shirtless?

Viewer's Voice:

"I would love to see finally the tabloid story to come out, and for Ethan to find out the truth. It has been too long." Thanks Connie!!!

"1. How long has it been since Sheridan's miscarriage - 2 days? And Chris is trying to get it on? Unhealthy and stupid. But that's Chris.
2. They have a class in putting on your holster? And Fancy can't buckle a belt? And Luis slapped another cop's tush? They COULD do something with this storyline but this is just stupid.
3. Jared is not good looking and he is a total jerk. Teresa deserves better. Try a different angle, a single, attractive lawyer already working for Crane who is independently wealthy - no agenda, no secrets, just attracted to Teresa - equals to equals. Let Ethan suffer and let Gwen suffer watching him. And what's with making out in the office? Inappropriate and unprofessional - Jared didn't know it was HER office." Thanks Judi!!!

"I hope Theresa finds happiness this time, and Jared comes to his senses and see that she actually cares for him. I hope Ethan is eaten away with jealousy and eventually has to fight to the end for Theresa and Theresa treats him the way he normally treats her; like she's yesterday's news with no hope of being back together. I hope Gwen and her evil mother's secret is revealed and Ethan gets what he deserves 'a stab in the back' because he seems to have too much confidence in his so called "angelic" wife." Thanks Rohini!!!

Until next week friends,

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