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Last week, Luke realized that his father wanted to cure him of his gayness, and that Damian was responsible for Lily's accident. Luke showed anger, pain, and, finally, Damian the door. When Lily wakes up, Damian had better hire a bodyguard.

It was finally revealed that Louis, is indeed Maddie's rapist. The line to smack Louis starts here. But you'll have to take a number behind Henry. We all know Henry has never been a fighter, but after last week's altercation, I'm assuming he's going to roll Louis into next week when he finds out what he did to Maddie.

Alexandra Chando is doing a fantastic job portraying the traumatized Maddie. Her eyes are vacant and her body rigid. She looks like she hasn't slept in weeks, from the dark circles under her eyes, unkempt hair and makeup-free face. Even her posture seems different. She looks like a scared young woman going through emotional turmoil.

Louis puts the "creep" in creepy, doesn't he? Having a family member as the rapist is a great twist to this tale. It leaves a lot of story to play for Henry, Eve and Maddie, after Louis is caught. Bravo to the writers for this twist, instead of having the villain be an unknown frat boy.

--Why are Carly and Simon trying to get investors for their project, if Simon is rolling in it? I thought he had more bank than the Trumps and the Hiltons collectively.

--Kudos to Van Hansis for his performance as Luke, this week, when the truth came out about Damian. Realizing that his father wanted to cure him of his gayness and that Damian was inevitably responsible for Lily's accident, Luke showed anger, pain and, finally, Damian the door. I have a feeling that relationship isn't over though. When Lily wakes up, Damian had better hire a bodyguard.

--I've had a lot of mixed feedback on the Lucy recast. Some of you love her. Some of you - not so much. I thought this week's scenes between her and Dusty were good, but I hope they don't just throw them into a relationship.

--Is it foreshadowing or coincidence that Jade loves slasher movies? Either way, Will had better watch his back. (And his other parts, too.) Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

--The understatement of the week goes to Emily for this gem: "Too much contact with Paul is unhealthy." Just ask dearly departed Rose.

--I think Casey needs hit on the head again, because he's obviously not thinking clearly. Shouldn't he or Gwen, or someone, realize that the slasher is much bigger than tiny little Maddie? Maddie is shorter and more petite than all of her peer group, yet no one is mentioning the size of the sweatshirt-clad slasher. Unless Maddie's been working out at the gym, there's no way she could take on all those victims.

--Simon and Carly at the drive-in movie was a sweet scene. Parker protecting his mom was adorable. And Simon upset that they killed the animated lamb's mother was the perfect touch. I even enjoyed the kiss on the cheek. Simon and Carly as friends is unexpected and fun.

--I like Dallas a lot. Give this guy a storyline, please. But, I'm not sure with whom. There seems to be a serious lack of single women in his age rage. Lucy and Jade seem the only viable candidates.

--Jack brushing off Carly at the airport was harsh and very un-Jack like. Yes, they're separated, but he should know that doesn't mean she stopped loving him or caring about his well-being.

--Thank you to the show honchos for not showing anymore bloody, horror-movie-inspired scenes last week.

--I know Martha Byrne is on maternity leave, but the Damian story seemed to have a big, gaping hole in it, due to her absence. Imagine how much better that story arc would have been if Lily had been involved instead of comatose.

--It looks like Emily and Paul will bond over the baby and Meg will once again be left out in the cold. That triangle isn't working for me, so I'd like to see Meg explore her dating options. There are plenty of single men in Oakdale: Henry, Dallas, Simon, etc.

--Why haven't Simon and Henry had a scene yet? Come on, as much time as they both spend at the bar, they should have run into one another already.

---I couldn't help but chuckle at Meg's medical advice to Dusty for Lucy: "Keep her from passing out," she ordered. Yeah, um, exactly how does that work? Did she get her medical license over the Internet?

--Barbara Ryan needs a front-burner story. She steals every scene.

--From my overflowing mailbox, it seems the majority of you want Jade to either be the slasher or the next victim. I'm fine with either.

--One of the funniest lines of the week goes to the medic at the airport who was taking care of Jack's gunshot wound. As Jack sat in the wheelchair waiting to go to the hospital, the medic straight-faced asked him, "Ready to roll?" Priceless.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry and Louis argue over how to find Maddie.)
Henry: "You know Louis, if you had four legs and a sniffer you might actually be good for something."
Louis: "Just stay out of my way."
Henry: "Down, boy."

(Jade shows up at Will and Gwen's house after the slasher attacks, and Margo and Casey begin interrogating Jade.)
Margo: "How did you get out here?"

Casey: "Did you ride on your broom stick?"

(Louis and Henry argue over Maddie, as Louis questions the martini-loving Henry's parenting skills.)
Louis: "I can just imagine breakfast: 'Maddie honey, one olive or two.'"

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Reader Marie.)
"I can't watch anymore. I was fast forwarding through almost everything but Maddie, Will and Gwen. And now Will is unlikable, I can't seem him being redeemed again.. Let's just get Dusty & Gwen together, the only two left worth watching."

(From Two Scoops Reader Diamond.)
"The character, Jade, should be killed off. The sooner this happens, the sooner Will and Gwen can patch things up and Maddie can catch a break. The longer that Will "falls" into his temptation for Jade, the more this will just hurt Gwen. I hate to see her hurt after all that they had been through just to get married." br>
That's all for now, Scoopers. See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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Related Information


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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