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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Carly agreed to stay in the Big Apple another day with Simon. He slickly demonstrated his jewel thief techniques to her for fun. Meg and Paul bantered in the coffee shop. Meg wanted Paul to handle the baby and Emily in a positive way and implied that there was a chance for Paul and Meg. Paul lectured Emily about nixing bed rest and going to work. Then, Paul turned on the sweet and offered to be Emily's friend and fix some bookwork. After coyly demurring, Emily accepted.

Gwen bashed the slasher over the head with a vase. When the slasher fell to the ground, Gwen called 9-1-1. The slasher revived and again went after Gwen, this time choking her. Later, Will took Gwen in his arms, and she awakened. Will claimed that the person in the house had run off when he'd entered. She thanked him for saving her. Casey rolled over and groaned. Casey asked them what the intruder had looked like. Will shook his head. Gwen said the slasher had been wearing a dark sweatshirt with a mask.

Casey looked over at Will, who wore a navy hoodie. Will got defensive with Casey, saying he'd never hurt Gwen like that. Margo showed up in response to the 9-1-1 call. Will's version to Margo: he'd been walking to clear his head and he'd heard Gwen's screaming from outside. The front door had been locked, he hadn't been able to find his key, and he'd crawled through the window. Casey said the slasher had entered the same way. Dallas was searching outside and flashed a light on a cowering Maddie.

At the airport, Sergio forced Damian to meet Luke. Damian was rattled and nervous as a cat with burnt whiskers. Lucy and Dusty were tied with ropes to a pipe, from which they were dangling, in the Fairwinds wine cellar. Lucy managed to untie their hands. Right after they crashed to the ground, Dusty smelled gas. They quickly managed to break out. He and Lucy dove for freedom right before the room detonated and blew to pieces.

Holden and Jack convinced a Fed to detain Damian, but the evil Sergio was eavesdropping. Sergio demanded they take another flight. When Damian relayed that to Luke, he refused to go until he got some straight answers. Sergio pulled Luke by the arm. Jack and Holden arrived to save the day. Sergio whipped out a gun and shot Jack.

Sergio deftly grabbed Luke and used him as a shield, proclaiming, "No one move, or the boy dies!" Meanwhile, Meg showed up with a medical bag to work on a comatose Lucy, having heard about the explosion on her radio. Lucy awoke with problems breathing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jack and Damian overpowered Sergio, though Jack was shot in the struggle. Holden guessed that Damian had planned to pay off his final debt with Luke's inheritance, and that was why he had been so desperate to get Luke to Malta. Damian also admitted that he'd drugged and locked up Lucy, but he insisted he would have raised Luke as a son to be proud of. Luke blamed Damian for Lily being in a coma.

Maddie ran away from Margo as Jade offered Will an alibi for the time of the attack on Gwen and Casey. Jade insisted that Maddie had to be the killer. Just then, Margo walked in with Maddie. Will wanted to take Gwen to be checked out at the hospital, but she said Casey could take her. Margo returned Maddie to Henry, Eve, and Louis. When Louis grabbed Maddie's arm, she freaked out.

Dusty held a convulsing Lucy, begging her not to die. Meg saved her with a shot. Lucy awoke, and she and Dusty reconnected.

Paul was surprised when Emily called him "Daddy" while talking to the baby. Susan interrupted and, after Paul left, asked Emily if that was what she meant about keeping her distance. Emily assured her mother that everything was fine, but to the baby, she whispered that he'd won Paul over.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jade suggested Will bunk with her, but Will insisted that was not going to happen. They ended up in separate rooms, but Jade was happy to have Will spring for food. Meanwhile, Louis insisted on talking to Maddie one-on-one. Henry stopped the interrogation but not before Maddie flashed back to her assault -- and Louis attacked Henry. Casey admitted to Gwen that he was starting to doubt Maddie's innocence. Jade went up and told Gwen that Will wasn't at the cottage anymore -- he was at the Wagon Wheel with Jade.

Carly saw an injured Jack at the airport and rushed to his side, but he noticed Simon and blew her off. Simon told Carly to let Jack be, but she refused. She went to Jack but saw him with Eve. She returned to Simon.

Luke realized that not only had Damian been responsible for the reprogramming camp but that the reason he hadn't wanted Luke to visit Lily was because Damian had been afraid she'd spill the beans. Luke attacked Damian. Lucy arrived and said her own father had betrayed her in a similar way; Luke shouldn't let Damian get away with it.

Luke said he just wanted Damian to go away. Damian didn't think they were through. Holden insisted that they absolutely were. Luke said no. He signed the papers giving up his share of the Grimaldi inheritance. He was 100 percent Snyder.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Outside Java, Eve tried to reason with Maddie to talk to her husband, Louis. Maddie didn't even want to hear his name and still refused to talk with him. Eve wondered why all of a sudden Maddie felt different about Louis. She pointed out that back in Chicago, the two had been very close and that Louis had almost been like a father to Maddie.

When Eve asked Maddie if Louis had ever touched her, Maddie insisted that had never happened. Meanwhile, at the Lakeview, Louis tried to apologize to Henry with a peace offering: a bottle of liquor. Louis claimed he had been out of line for the way he'd acted toward him and went on to say he only wanted to help Maddie. Henry accepted the gift but gave Louis a dire warning -- not to ever touch his sister again.

Back at Java, Eve met with Jack and confided in him about Maddie and Louis. Eve then told Jack that she was afraid of her own husband, too, because of the way he'd acted out toward Casey and Henry. When Jack started to question Eve more, Eve thought he was prying for information as a detective and not as a friend. Jack reassured Eve that she was confiding in a friend and mentioned that he could use one.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Jade told Will that she'd revealed to Gwen that they were staying together. Will was irate at Jade for doing that, but Jade told Will that Gwen and Casey had been together. Will blamed Jade for making matters worse and ordered her to go to another room. The two argued, and Jade stormed off to take a shower.

Meanwhile, Gwen was at Carly's, explaining to Carly why she had broken up with her husband. Carly suggested that maybe Will had kept the affair a secret because he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but Gwen was still not ready to forgive Will. When Gwen told Carly that Will had stayed with Jade the previous night, Carly thought Jade was playing mind games with Gwen to keep her from her husband. Carly urged her sister to go to the motel to find out if the two were really staying together.

At work, Mike received a surprise visit from Katie, who had been taking vitamins to increase her odds of conceiving. The two made love on the floor of the room Mike was fixing up. Just then, a surprised Simon walked in on the two and quickly left before he was seen. He then went to Carly and recounted to her what he had seen. Carly showed her sympathy to Simon and admitted she had been a little jealous when she'd seen Jack and Eve together at the hospital the other night. She asked Simon if he would like to go with her and her kids to a drive-in movie to help take his mind off of things, and Simon agreed.

Gwen found Will at the motel and asked him if he was alone. Just then, Jade walked out from the shower, and Gwen got upset, realizing that Jade hadn't been playing mind games after all. Will escorted Gwen outside the room so they could talk. Gwen accused Will of being very thoughtless to stay with Jade. Will contended that he'd only stayed with Jade because she was scared, but Gwen admonished Will that staying with Jade wasn't going to help them possibly get back together.

Will then tried to compare their situation with when Gwen and Casey had slept together many moons before and had a child. An outraged Gwen argued that the two could not be compared. Seeing how going to visit Will had done nothing to help their relationship, Gwen went off. Jade told Will she'd overheard the two arguing. Seizing the moment, she consoled Will, and the two shared a passionate kiss.

Maddie went into the hotel room and was relieved to find that it was empty. But she was surprised to find Louis, with a gift for her: a poster of her favorite movie. Maddie had a flashback and realized the poster was identical to the one hanging on the wall when she had been sexually assaulted. Maddie angrily rejected the gift.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Margo told Dallas she thought Maddie's incident with the slasher just didn't add up. Dallas informed Margo that he had gone to the university where Maddie claimed she had been attacked and had found out there had been no frat party. To make matters worse, the fraternity had been involved in some suspicious activity and had been disbanded by the dean years before. Margo wondered whether Maddie had ever even been raped at all.

Back at the hotel, Louis tried to reason with Maddie but she refused to talk with him. Louis locked the door of the hotel and attempted to get Maddie to talk. Maddie had flashbacks of her sexual assault and realized that it was Louis who had raped her.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lucy, dressed for a night out, saw Dusty sitting by himself drinking bourbon at the Lakeview and sat down at his table, telling him she needed to properly thank him for saving her life. She gave him box seat tickets to a baseball game and a coupon for an evening of free babysitting. They talked, and Dusty told Lucy he'd had no right to blame Jennifer's death on her. Lucy told him she felt like a failure as a doctor because she'd let Jennifer die; Dusty told her to stop saying things like that, or he'd get mad. The babysitter arrived downstairs with Johnny, who told Dusty that he was having trouble falling asleep, so Dusty took Johnny and told the sitter she could go home. He bid Lucy goodnight and took Johnny upstairs.

Parker asked Carly why Simon had to go with them to the drive-in movie. Simon told Parker he'd never been to a drive-in movie before, saying they didn't have them in Australia. He said he'd driven into a house and into a pool before, but never into a movie, and he made Parker laugh. Sage and J.J. appeared downstairs, and Carly sent them all out to the car. At the movie, Parker promptly climbed into the front seat between Simon and Carly.

Simon asked Carly to go get some popcorn for him, and when she left, he asked Parker why he'd felt like he had to climb up front to sit. Parker said he just wanted to know what Simon's intentions were towards his mom. Simon said that he worked with Carly and would like to be her friend, but that was all there was to it. Parker, looking relieved, said, "Keep it that way!" as Carly overheard and smiled.

By the end of the movie, everyone in the car had fallen asleep except Simon. They went back to Carly's house, and Carly asked J.J. to show Simon where Sage's room was, so he could carry her up and put her in her bed. She then asked Parker how the movie was and whether it had ended up being okay that Simon had been there; Parker said he supposed it wasn't too bad. Simon went back down, and Carly invited him to have a cup of coffee, but glancing at Parker, he declined; Carly walked him to the door and thanked him for being so understanding, and he kissed her on the cheek and left.

Barbara saw Gwen at Java and expressed concern about her attack, adding that she'd heard that Will had saved Gwen's life. She seemed to think that should have put them well on their way to reconciliation, but Gwen said that Will didn't seem to be going in that direction and that he was at the Wagon Wheel Motel with Jade. Barbara told Gwen it was all Jade's fault, and she was manipulating Will while he was distraught. Barbara told Gwen she'd figure out a way to get Jade out of the picture.

Although Gwen protested that it was probably not a good idea, Barbara charged off anyway. Casey arrived and sat down, and after Gwen told him the advice she'd gotten from Carly and from Barbara, he told her she should stop listening to everyone else and let her own instincts lead the way. When she asked what he thought she should do about Will, he told her to do nothing.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, as she dropped her robe and dressed in front of Will, Jade told him he could play the fool over Gwen if he wanted to. Will grabbed her and kissed her, and they had sex. She told Will that she realized he didn't love her, but she thought they could be "friends, with benefits." He said he wanted Gwen back and that he couldn't accomplish that if they were friends of any kind, so he thought it was best if they didn't see each other at all anymore. Jade got huffy and started to dress to leave, when Barbara pounded on the door, demanding that Will let her in.

Jade hurried into the bathroom, but when Barbara walked in and looked at the room, she immediately realized what was going on and opened the bathroom door. She berated Jade for being disgraceful and asked Will if "some cheesy motel and some girl you don't care about" was really what he wanted, telling him he was ruining his life and self-destructing. Angry, Will asked Jade if she had anything decent to wear, telling her they were going to go out. Barbara said, "Your sister would roll over in her grave," and left. Jade put on her best dress, and she and Will left the motel.

Barbara returned to Java, where she told Gwen that Will was taking Jade out on the town to spite her. She said she'd have to think up something else, but Gwen said Barbara had done enough for the moment, and Barbara left. Casey sat back down and told Gwen he was tired of trying to get Maddie to open up to him and get back together with him; he said maybe she really was the slasher, and he thought he and Gwen should both get away for the weekend so they could quit worrying about Will and Maddie. He told her there was a big party planned up at the lake, and he thought they should go together.

At the Lakeview, Dallas and Margo wondered what it meant that Maddie had lied about the frat party in Chicago. Dallas, playing devil's advocate, wondered whether Maddie had also lied about being sexually assaulted, but Margo said she didn't think so. They decided to go upstairs to question her about the lie.

Meanwhile, in Eve's suite, Maddie was upset when Louis entered the room and locked the door to the suite. He told her they needed to become "close" again, saying she loved him. When she told him that he'd raped her, he denied that it had been rape, telling her she had been the one who had gone after him, dressing in tight tops and short skirts and always turning to him for advice. He told her they had a "special" relationship that was "private and secret." When he touched her, Maddie told him if he raped her again, she would tell Eve; he asked her who she thought Eve would believe.

As Louis grabbed her, Maddie grabbed a knife from a table and threatened Louis, saying, "I said, 'No!'" Louis replied, "Oh, Maddie likes it rough," and grabbed the knife from her, but at that moment, Margo and Dallas knocked on the door and called out for Maddie. Louis told Maddie that he could get to Eve and Henry if she talked then he let Margo and Dallas in. Margo took one look at Maddie and asked what was going on, but Louis said they had just been talking. Margo said she needed to ask Maddie some more questions at the station, but Louis objected, saying she was a minor and should have a family member or her attorney present before the police asked any more questions.

Eve and Henry returned at that moment and agreed with Louis that Maddie shouldn't be questioned alone. They all sat down, and Dallas told Maddie that he'd found out there never had been a frat party in Chicago. Although Maddie admitted having lied about the frat house party, when Margo asked if Maddie really had been assaulted, she nodded, and Margo said that Maddie needed to tell them who'd hurt her.



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