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Derek questioned Zach and Dixie's story, despite a corroborating witness. Jack had Lily's marriage to Jonathan annulled. Lily was heartbroken when she found out about Jonathan's recovery. Terry continued to terrorize Annie. Jack's nephew, Sean Montgomery, arrived in Pine Valley.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Livia and Ryan were talking at the courthouse. Livia expressed concern as to whether or not Jonathan deserved her services. Ryan assured her that Jonathan loved Lily. He also asked Livia for help with Zach and Dixie's trial. He told Livia to let him know if she needed anything to make sure they were not found guilty. Livia asked if he thought they were guilty and if he would do something illegal to help them. Ryan promised not to interfere with her job, but Livia was not convinced.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jonathan were in the witness room. Jonathan told Jack he loved Lily, but Jack did not believe it. Jack thought Jonathan was using Lily and conning her. Jonathan said Jack just could not believe a normal man could love his autistic daughter. Jack did not consider Jonathan normal. Jonathan stated Jack would ruin Lily's life by continuing to call her incompetent. Jack said it was not his fault, but Jonathan's because he'd lied to Lily.

Jack then told Jonathan he could prove his love for Lily by confessing the truth. Jonathan said he would tell the truth if Jack would drop the petition. He also asked Jack to let them stay together if Lily still wanted to be married. Jack took the deal because he assumed Lily would not want Jonathan after she learned he'd lied to her.

Meanwhile, Lily was in the courthouse, wondering what Jack and Jonathan were discussing. While she waited, Lily told Amanda and Erin how happy she was to be married. Lily wished the judge would side with her so she could remain married to Jonathan. Then, Jack returned, and the case continued; however, Jonathan did not return. Jack announced he was dropping the petition.

Lily was ecstatic and ran into the witness room to find Jonathan. She expressed her happiness to Jonathan. Jonathan still spoke with a stutter and reminisced with Lily about the good times they'd shared. He told Lily he loved her, and she said she trusted him more than anyone. Then, Jonathan began to speak clearly. He explained to Lily that he'd changed after his seizure in the park.

Lily was shocked and stated her father was right; Jonathan had lied to her. Jonathan asserted he still loved her and wanted to remain married. He asked if she would continue to be his wife. Lily sat silently with tears in her eyes. Outside the room, Livia approached Jack. Livia said there was no winner in the case, and Lily might be the biggest loser in the end.

Erin and Ryan were also discussing the couple. Erin stated Jonathan loved Lily just like Ryan loved Kendall. She said it gave her hope and asked how Ryan could help Zach. Then, a news report was heard on a nearby TV. It said Zach was gambling with love and murder. Erin and Ryan looked stunned.

David went to Dixie's hotel room but found Zach there instead. David inquired if they were having an affair. Then, Dixie walked in, and Zach announced David knew about their affair. Dixie looked surprised as Zach lovingly kissed her forehead. David was appalled that Dixie had chosen to be with Zach and not him.

Dixie followed Zach's lead and explained that she and Zach had grown close in their pursuit of Kate. She said Zach made her happy. David called her a "faithless slut." Dixie said David had no right to her. David claimed he would get her off from the murder charge if she dumped Zach. Dixie told David to get lost.

David proceeded to take out his cell phone to call Kendall, but Zach said she already knew. Zach then kissed Dixie, and David left. Zach explained to Dixie that an affair would be their alibi. Dixie inquired if it would ruin his marriage, but Zach said Kendall supported the plan. Dixie was shocked Kendall approved and revealed to Zach she'd told Kendall she was falling for him.

Erica and Kendall were disgusted to see Josh and Babe getting along so well at Fusion. Kendall exclaimed, "Step away from the tramp!" Josh was upset with Erica and Kendall's disparaging remarks. He left, and Kendall followed him. They began to talk on the roof. Kendall said she had not known they were related for a long time; however, she admitted she'd urged Erica not to tell him the truth.

Kendall explained she'd known how he would feel and had not wanted him to go through the same pain she had. Josh believed their situations were different because Erica had given Kendall up for adoption but had aborted him. Kendall then revealed how much she'd hated Erica at first. She detailed her many acts of revenge but said Erica had never given up on her. Kendall believed Erica would not give up on Josh either. Kendall also told him how terrified Erica had been when his plane had gone down.

Kendall said she understood if Josh did not want to go to them but encouraged him to consider letting them approach him. Josh told Kendall to tell Babe he had some stuff to take care of and left. Meanwhile, Erica and Babe were downstairs, having a heated discussion about Josh. Erica asked Babe if her relationship with Josh was payback to her family. Babe told Erica to "bring it on." Babe also stated she'd made mistakes and was sorry for them.

Erica believed Babe kidnapping Miranda was more than a mistake. Babe said it was hypocritical of Erica not to forgive anyone when she was asking Josh to forgive her. Erica asked why Babe cared so much for a man that was not her husband. Babe inquired if Erica had ever actually forgiven someone. Erica assured Babe she would never forgive her, and she left.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Simone were happy to have the office quiet to do work. They turned on the TV and saw a report on Zach and Dixie's affair. Babe walked in and saw it too. Then, Kendall entered and was curious about what they were watching. Simone tried to divert Kendall, but she looked at the TV anyway and saw a picture of Zach and Dixie kissing.

In Erica's house, a man let many people inside. The man took a picture frame and put it in a gym bag. Another man took another gym bag in. Then, many people passed out beers, shook them up, and sprayed them all over. Erica finally arrived at home and was dismayed by the wild party in her living room.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jonathan tried to calm down a distraught Lily as she reeled from the news that he'd been lying to her about their "sameness." "I still love you," he pleaded. Lily railed at Jonathan for betraying her. Jack burst in and icily told Jonathan that it was over between him and Lily. Ryan and Erin tried to comfort a devastated Jonathan. After his siblings left, Amanda entered to give Jonathan a shoulder to cry on. She had little luck getting him not to beat himself up for the pain he'd caused Lily. Amanda offered to try to help him regain Lily's trust.

Erica freaked out when she returned home and found a gaggle of teens partying in her living room. One of the shirtless revelers revealed himself to Erica as Sean Montgomery, her nephew, Travis and Barbara's son. Erica threw everyone out, Colby and Sydney included, so that she could talk to Sean. Sean explained that Barbara had sent him there to visit Jack. Erica called Barbara but hung up when Jack and Lily returned.

Lily freaked out over the state of chaos in the living room and tried frantically to restore order. Erica assured Lily that the situation was temporary. Jack began to explain to Erica what had happened in court. "Don't talk about Jonathan!" barked Lily, who then ran upstairs. She screamed when she encountered Sean. "Don't touch her!" Jack ordered Sean.

Erica blamed Jack for Lily's condition; Jack held Jonathan responsible. Erica warned Jack that Lily was not going to bounce back from what he'd done to her. Jack insisted that one day, Lily would thank him for his actions. Erica tried to get Jack to throw Sean out of the house, but Jack refused. Lily yanked off her wedding ring.

Colby and Sydney discussed Sean's cuteness. They both declared their intent to land his affections.

Ryan, Amanda, and Erin watched in shock as the TV newscaster broke the news of Zach and Dixie's affair. At the Fusion offices, Simone, Babe, and Danielle rallied around Kendall as she absorbed the image of Zach and Dixie smooching. David entered and revealed that he was the one who had taken the picture of the buss. "We've been played for fools, Kendall," David seethed.

Ryan and Erin arrived, and Ryan told David to back off. The press then rushed Kendall, wanting a comment on the incriminating photo. Kendall told them to follow her. Babe, who was unmoved by David's devastation over Dixie's "betrayal," defended herself yet again to Simone when Simone accused her of being happy about Kendall's heartbreak. Danielle, Erin, and Simone all let up on Babe, banding together to work.

In Dixie's hotel room, Zach and Dixie discussed their faux affair and the fact that she was genuinely falling for him, which didn't sit well with him. Dixie assured Zach that she could handle the situation. Kendall then barged in, camera crew in tow, and smacked Dixie across the face. "You should have stayed dead!" she hissed.

Ryan tried to hold Kendall back as she and Dixie traded nasty insults. As part of the show, Kendall also made it clear to Zach that their marriage was over. After everyone but Zach left her room, Dixie sighed that Kendall had seemed a little too convincing.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jamie and Aidan were playing basketball without their shirts on. After Jamie beat Aidan, he admitted he'd wanted to play so they could talk. Jamie proceeded to ask why Aidan was not working hard to prove Dixie's innocence. Aidan said Tad had asked him not to pursue the case. Tad walked up.

Jamie was annoyed with his father. He asked why Tad was so bitter and why he would let his feelings deter him from helping Dixie. Tad explained that Dixie's relationship with Zach disgusted him. Tad added he would never try to hurt someone Jamie loved, including Dixie. Jamie said Tad might not be trying to hurt her, but he was not helping either.

Tad sternly told Jamie to drop it. Jamie left, but not before he told Tad about Brooke finding him in bed with Julia. Next, Aidan and Tad discussed the difficulties of love. In addition, Aidan asked for Tad's approval of a romance with Di. Tad gave his blessing.

Ryan, Spike, and the nanny were in Kendall's condo. Kendall was acting irate over Zach's affair. She even had a locksmith change the locks. Ryan quickly sent the nanny and Spike to his condo. Kendall continued to rant and rave over Zach's betrayal. Then, Zach walked in. Kendall went crazy with rage.

Zach said he was sorry about the affair and wanted her back. Kendall leaped at him, and Ryan held her back. Zach asked to speak with her alone, and she reluctantly gave in. Ryan walked outside and found Annie in the courtyard. They could still hear Kendall screaming and throwing things. Annie thought Ryan was in love with Kendall. Ryan denied it, but Annie did not believe him. She said she was very grateful to Ryan and wanted to help him with Kendall.

Meanwhile, Kendall was still yelling at Zach inside. Zach told her she could drop the act and went to kiss her. Kendall backed away and said she might be seriously angry. She then asked why Zach had put the plan into action without telling her first. He explained David had gone to the casino, and Zach had needed to act fast. Kendall believed Dixie was more than happy to have a pretend affair with Zach.

Zach reassured Kendall he loved her only, and they kissed passionately. Zach then left and saw Ryan and Annie outside. Ryan warned Zach to stay out of Kendall and Spike's lives. Zach questioned if Ryan's motives were selfish, and he left. Ryan went inside to see Kendall. Kendall seemed upset, but Ryan said he knew she was only acting. Ryan said he'd yelled at Zach to help her performance. He said he knew the truth because Zach was capable of anything except cheating on Kendall. He also concluded that the affair was a perfect alibi. Kendall denied it.

Ryan stated he did not want Kendall to let him in on the plan because he might have to testify eventually. Nevertheless, he offered his help. Kendall told him to continue being a good dad. Ryan suggested Kendall couple up with him to make the act more feasible. Kendall did not want to lead Ryan on, so he assured her it would be fine. Kendall told him he was amazing, and they hugged.

Josh and Babe were working late in the Fusion office. Babe suggested Josh go home and rest. Josh said home seemed like a black hole. Babe told Josh she was impressed with his ability to start fresh. She cited his versatility in business, television, and medicine to prove her point. Josh told her to stop, or he would never get over her.

Josh asked Babe if Kendall was an honest person. Babe had no comment. Josh told her about Kendall's view on Erica. Kendall believed Erica would be relentless with Josh. Babe actually agreed with Kendall. She explained that Kendall had had a similar experience with Erica and was looking out for Josh.

Josh asserted he did not care about Erica. Babe said Kendall was not Erica. She also told him that Kendall and Bianca had not grown up together but had become completely devoted to each other. She urged Josh to be open toward his siblings.

Erin was in ConFusion and saw JR sitting at a table. He admitted he was stalking Babe, who was still working upstairs with Josh. He wished he could go and beat up Josh. Erin said she still wanted to help JR by hitting on Josh. She believed both she and JR would benefit from the setup. She went upstairs to interrupt Babe and Josh. She told them they were in need of a snack and encouraged them to join her downstairs. They said they were in the zone and declined.

Meanwhile, Julia and Di were in the bar, discussing their hot romances. Erin returned and confronted Di. Di said it had been a one-time deal, and Erin could have Aidan. Erin told Di to take him. Then, Aidan and Jamie showed up to meet Di and Julia. Also, Zach walked in, and JR immediately approached him. He asked about Zach's relationship with his mother.

Zach told JR they had not killed Dr. Madden because they'd been having an affair the night he'd gone missing. JR asked if the police knew, and Zach said yes. JR toasted Zach and said, "Here's to freedom." Eventually, Babe and Josh entered the bar. Babe told Josh about Zach and Dixie's affair. Just then, Ryan and Kendall walked in together.

Annie was putting Emma to sleep in the penthouse, and the phone rang. She picked it up, and Terry was on the other end. He said he'd called every apartment, hoping to find hers. Then, Emma called out to her mother, and Terry heard the little girl. He told Annie to inform Emma he would be seeing her very soon. Annie looked terrified.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Erin descended into the bar crowd at ConFusion and spied Aidan with Di at the bar. Jamal walked over and tried to cheer her up, to no avail. He offered to tell Aidan the truth about their kiss so that she could take a shot at winning him back, but Erin urged him to keep the secret.

Kendall and Ryan showed up at the bar, and knowing that Zach was already there, everyone started to speculate about the inevitable scene that would play out before them. Kendall immediately spotted Zach and JR sitting at a table together and pointed them out as the man who'd tried to kill her and the man who'd stabbed her in the heart. Zach drunkenly told her that he wanted to talk to her, but she reminded him that he had no right to ask anything of her. She walked off, and Zach made an announcement about how one meaningless night with Dixie had given him an alibi that should get the charges dropped against him in the Madden murder case, but it had also destroyed his marriage.

Zach's words enraged JR, and he wanted to know how Zach could throw his mother away so carelessly. He loudly noted that perhaps Zach enjoyed taking advantage of women when they were down and out. Babe pulled her husband aside and tried to calm him down. She suggested that they go home, but JR rejected that idea and opted to go check in on his mom.

With JR gone, Josh took the opportunity to check in with his new boss. She wasn't as receptive as he would have liked, saying that she had been hoping that JR would want to talk longer than he had. She told Josh that she was going to close up the office. She got partway up the stairs before Erin stopped her and asked Babe if she was having an affair with Josh. Babe reacted with an appropriate amount of surprise and reminded her colleague that she was a happily married woman and that she'd hired Josh because he was good at what he did. Erin thought it would be a professional courtesy to make sure Babe would be okay if she made a play for Josh. Babe told her that it was not needed, so Erin headed back to the floor as Babe watched somewhat glumly.

Di tried to let Aidan off the hook about dating her, because history made it very clear that she was bad at relationships. Aidan told her that there were a lot of possibilities outside of strictly dating if she was willing to give it a shot. She admitted that she was interested but needed to talk to him about it more and get more details. He went to get her a drink, and Del stopped over to chat. They briefly talked about how great it was that Dixie had an alibi, but Del soon noticed that his sister was distracted.

Del followed Di's gaze and asked if she had something going on with Aidan. She laughed playfully and hurriedly sent him on his way. Aidan returned in short order, and they discussed the things they could do as a couple. Then, needing to be alone, they headed to the rooftop, and Aidan ended up chasing Di. With very few places to run, he caught her easily, swept her into his arms, and kissed her.

Jamie and Julia decided to leave the bar. A short time later, they arrived at the basketball courts. Julia tried to get her man to play a game of one-on-one and was met with failure. She asked why he was so distracted, and Jamie confessed that his father was holding a secret that led him to believe that Dixie was guilty of murdering Greg. He told her that Tad had to know something concrete to lose faith in Dixie.

Julia asked if Jamie agreed with his father, and Jamie admitted that Dixie had a good motive for committing the crime. He then noted that with that reasoning, many other people could have committed the crime as well, and he couldn't be sure if he agreed with his father or not. Julia thought that she might have another idea for a suspect. She reminded him that Greg had told her a bunch of lies, including that she was infertile and therefore could never have a child. That alone could put her in the lineup of possible killers.

Jamie didn't believe that Julia would be capable of killing Madden, and she felt compelled to remind him that she had already killed one man. Jamie said it was just as possible that he could have done it then decided that perhaps his father was right and that they should leave it alone. They cozied up on the park bench, each wrapped in their own thoughts.

In her room at the casino, Dixie saw the video playback of the confrontation she'd had with Kendall. She turned off the TV just before JR showed up at her door. He couldn't resist verifying that the rumors were true, and Dixie reluctantly admitted that they were. JR told her that he was in no place to judge her after all the things that he had done but admitted that he was angry because he thought that Zach had taken advantage of her. Dixie told her son that Zach hadn't done anything that she hadn't wanted him to do. She went on to extol Zach's virtues, and after listening for a few moments, JR demanded to know if Dixie was falling for Zach.

Dixie told JR that she was only grateful to Zach for all he had done for her up to that point, and she insisted that she didn't need protection. JR offered to get her out of the casino by having her move into the mansion -- especially since she hadn't had much time with her grandson. Dixie noted that an arrangement where she would have to eat breakfast across the table from Adam would never work. Watching her closely, JR then announced that he thought his mom was staying where she was so she could make a play for Zach. He warned her away from doing anything of the kind, as she had been ripped apart enough.

Dixie insisted again that she could take care of herself. JR got ready to leave then went back and wrapped his mother in a big hug and told her that he loved her. She hugged him back and tearfully tried to relay how much it meant to hear him say those words to her. He then reminded her that Zach would only let her down because he was in love with his wife. Dixie told him that Zach had never promised her anything except to help her find Kate and noted that her son needed to trust her. He hugged her again then took his leave.

On the other side of the bar, Kendall was tortured by having to play out the game of hating her husband in front of everyone. Ryan consoled her, saying that even though the road ahead would be difficult, everything would turn out fine. Kendall continued to make note of how hard it was to hurt Zach in public. Ryan offered to ease her pain by taking her home, but Kendall refused, saying that she'd promised Zach that she would hold up her end of the deal.

Kendall decided it was time for round two and moved to the center of the room to get everyone's attention. She offered up a toast to the person that had really killed Greg Madden -- firstly because they'd rid the world of an evil man, and secondly because it had shown the light on another one. She raised her glass in Zach's direction and told everyone that drinks were on the house. Josh made his way over to his newly found sister and blasted her for her distasteful toast, saying that it had really been a nice way to introduce him to the family. Horrified, Kendall apologized, and he told her that if she wanted to destroy people, she might want to watch where she was aiming.

Josh walked off, and Kendall chastised herself for taking down innocent people with her pain. She then decided that the next display needed to be bigger and told Ryan that she needed his help. Knowing that mischievous glint in her eye, Ryan told her that he was game. They strutted to a prominent position at the bar and pawed at each other seductively. A drunken Zach stumbled over and demanded that Ryan get his hands off Kendall. Kendall reminded her wandering husband that his actions caused him to have no right to tell her what to do then she proceeded to lay a kiss on Ryan.

Zach ripped Kendall roughly away from Ryan, which did nothing but infuriate Kendall. She yanked herself out of Zach's grasp, giving Ryan space to land a punch to Zach's jaw. Kendall immediately did damage control, telling everyone that everything would be fine. She then demanded that Zach leave, and after giving them a rather dumbfounded look, he staggered up the stairs and out the door. After checking on Kendall, Ryan followed in Zach's footsteps, presumably to make sure that the sot really left.

Ryan got outside, and Zach appeared from the shadows, revealing that his drunken demeanor had all been an act. He said that he knew Ryan could punch harder than that and confirmed that Ryan was in the know about the plan. He then said that an alibi would go a long way in getting him and Dixie cleared of the charges against them. Ryan said that he would do whatever was necessary to make sure everything worked out and that Kendall got what she wanted.

Zach and Ryan parted ways, and Ryan went back inside and found Kendall sitting alone on the couch. He took her arm and led her out of the club. As they walked toward the car, he kissed her on the forehead, and Zach reemerged from the shadows, watching them.

Erin caught up with Josh at the bar and tried to covertly flirt with him. When he didn't pick up on her signals, she told him that she had checked in with Babe and that Babe was fine with her going after him. Josh's interest was piqued at the mention of Babe's name, but it went largely unnoticed as Erin asked him what kind of moves a girl would have to employ to get his attention. Although flattered, Josh turned her down because he thought that she would be better off going after someone with less drama in his life.

Babe made it upstairs and went to save the files that she'd worked on before leaving. She started to walk toward the elevator when a beep from the computer alerted her that something was wrong. She went back to find out that she'd accidentally deleted her files. In frustration, she hit the computer, vainly hoping that somehow the jarring motion would return the files to the screen. She realized that in doing so, she'd hurt her hand.

Josh arrived at that moment and told her that he had installed a demon on her computer. Knowing the story about how she had been sabotaged by her coworkers, his program install automatically saved her work every 15 minutes so that she always had a backup. Babe tried to show her sincere gratitude, but Josh demanded to see her hand. As a medical professional, he was able to give her the very dry diagnosis that she'd banged up her hand and that she would have a bruise. He then let her know that he was aware that she'd tried to give him away to Erin and revealed that he'd turned her down because Erin wasn't the woman that he was interested in. They shared a moment while he held her hand then Babe broke away and left the office.

Derek and Livia talked about whether the witness that had stepped forward as an alibi for Zach and Dixie was real or not. Derek didn't think it was possible because he clearly remembered how dedicated Zach had been to Kendall when she'd been in a coma. Livia pointed out that his reasoning might make sense if Dixie or Zach were the ones that had stepped forward, but as it was -- David Hayward had made the affair public. Derek still wasn't convinced, thinking that the duo would do whatever they could to get out of jail time. Livia told him that when faced with the possibility of dealing with Kendall's wrath, jail might be the better option.

Shortly thereafter, Derek and Livia met with the witness. Derek was skeptical, as he couldn't fathom how the clerk would remember those two particular faces out of all those that had to pass through the door. The witness said that when Zach had gone in to pay for the room, he'd had a look about him that told people not to mess with him. The man then said that Zach had paid in cash and that it was apparent what they'd wanted the room for. Derek questioned how he could be sure of how long they had been in the room, and the witness replied that the room he'd given them was in clear view of the seat he'd occupied all night while playing poker with a friend.

Then, Derek asked the witness to describe Dixie. He choked a bit and looked to Livia for backup. Derek called his attention back and said that he wanted to hear a description without any coaching from the witness' attorney. He finally admitted that he had only seen Dixie when she'd gotten out of the car and gone into the room. He described her as having blonde hair that was slicked back and said that she'd been wearing tight clothes that had shown off her body and long sparkly earrings. Livia thought the description was good enough to have the charges dropped -- but Derek wasn't ready to give up so easily.

Friday, August 18, 2006

At the Chandler mansion, Colby was singing and dancing around outside while Sydney worked. Colby begged Krystal to let her have a birthday bash, even calling her "mom." Krystal handed Colby a budget, which did not go over well with the teen, and allowed Sydney to co-host the party, since she would be turning 16 soon too. Of course, Colby refused to share her party with Sydney, but Krystal simply advised her to learn how to share. After Krystal left, Sydney said she would outshine Colby at the party.

Jackson told Sean they needed to figure out his arrangement at the house, but Sean was one step ahead. He said that since Erica didn't want him around, he was more than willing to take his new car and credit cards elsewhere. Amanda went over to check on Lily, but Sean changed his mind about leaving once he saw Amanda. Jackson wondered why Sean had left his home, since he'd had it to himself, but Sean claimed it had gotten lame. Sean found a shiny, dangly earring on the carpet and laid it on the coffee table.

Amanda went to see Lily, who was looking for love online. Amanda tried to tell Lily that Jonathan loved her, but Lily still thought they were too different. Amanda told Lily that she and Jonathan loved each other and shared many similarities. As Amanda continued to talk about Jonathan, Lily became upset. She threw a glass against the wall and screamed for Amanda to leave. Jackson went upstairs when he heard the noise and signaled Amanda to go. They left Lily alone, and she started chatting with users online. She got a message from a chatter claiming to have autism, but the chatter was really Terry.

Amanda pleaded Jonathan's case, but Jackson refused to listen. Amanda left, and Jackson asked Sean to stick around for a while. Colby stopped over to get the earring she'd left there at the party. Sean pulled the earring out of his pocket, and Colby reintroduced herself. She invited him to her party, and Sean accepted. Sydney called Sean, claiming she'd left something at the house, too, and needed to pick it up. Sydney stopped over, invited Sean to her party, and said the necklace she'd left there was not important.

Erica went to see Dixie, but instead, she found Dixie and Zach in bed together. Erica explained that she had seen them kissing on television the night before, but had needed to see for herself if it was true. Derek entered, asking to speak to Dixie and Zach alone. After Erica left, Derek tried to question the couple, but they wouldn't answer anything without their lawyer. Dixie told Derek to focus on finding her daughter instead of accusing them of murder. She shoved the pictures of Greg's adopted children in Derek's hands, as Emma's face plopped down on the floor in a photo. When Derek asked the couple why they hadn't had an alibi earlier, Zach claimed he had not wanted to ruin his marriage. Derek left without the answers he had been looking for.

Kendall went to work, surprised to see Jonathan there so early. When she asked about Lily, Jonathan told her the truth about his medical condition and how he'd told Lily the truth to save her from being declared mentally incompetent. Jonathan explained that he'd lied to Lily because if she'd known the truth, she would have thought they were too different to be together. He claimed he was not sorry about what he had done to Lily. Jonathan talked about how he and Lily would "touch" by holding a rag, and at one point, she had hugged him.

Kendall told Jonathan she believed he loved Lily, and she wanted him to continue working at Fusion. Jonathan was surprised at Kendall's support. Kendall reminded him she would not be the first person to fall for a man who had made mistakes. Erica showed up, offering her support and forgiveness to Jonathan too. When Jonathan took some of Lily's belongings to Erica's car, Kendall could see that Erica knew about Zach and Dixie.

While Kendall claimed the affair had just happened once, Erica broke the news that she had caught the pair in bed less than an hour before. Kendall refused to believe it, but Erica thought Kendall was better off without Zach. As Erica gushed about Ryan, Kendall interrupted her and walked off. She went to Zach's office to spy on him in Dixie's room.

Annie frantically told Ryan that Terry had called her, threatening to take away Emma. Ryan told Annie that one of Aidan's men was keeping a close eye on Terry, but Annie did not think that was enough. Ryan assured Annie she could trust him. Emma walked out of the work office, wondering why her mother was yelling. Annie told Emma she was fine and sent her off to the daycare at Cambias Industries. Annie thought that getting new identification might work, but Ryan wanted Annie to stay as she was so they could catch Terry and put him in jail.

Moments later, Annie received a package, but Ryan opened it for her. Inside was a photo of Terry and Emma, along with a note from Terry. She took the picture and threw it against the wall. In the end, Annie agreed to stay so she could nab Terry. Ryan gave her a hug, and Erica walked in.

Amanda went to ConFusion and updated Jonathan on Lily's condition. Jonathan thought all hope was lost, but Amanda urged him to fight for Lily.



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