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Passions Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on PS
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sheridan was a bit distracted by thoughts of Luis while talking to Chris, and it showed. Chris comforted Sheridan and told her to avoid seeing Luis to help ease her pain of losing Marty. Sheridan told Chris that grieving took a while, especially losing two children. Chris wondered if Sheridan would still appreciate him if she found out what Spike had asked of him. Sheridan caught Chris with her PDA, and he covered by saying that he had been taking it to her. Sheridan convinced herself that Luis was moving on just like she was. Chris searched Sheridan's PDA for the security code after she left the room.

Fancy was reverting back to being a pampered little princess when she complained about the uniform given to her. Paloma gave her some helpful tips about being tough. Luis' first test in the training class was very challenging. It required a lot of strength, and Fancy was not up to it. Luis told Fancy that if she did not complete the drill, she would have to leave the class. Fancy took the challenge and proved to Luis that she had what it took to stay in training.

Gwen and Ethan were employed. They would be working on the tenth floor of the Crane building at a law firm. Gwen would be running the business division, and Ethan would be practicing law. Gwen was excited about Jared being with Theresa, since she wouldn't be chasing Ethan anymore. She also wanted to save enough money so they could leave Harmony. That was a shock to Ethan. He certainly wasn't thinking about leaving Harmony.

Gwen thought their lives would be perfect without Theresa in them, since she would be with Jared. Ethan did not share her feelings on that topic. There was a hint of jealousy in the air. Theresa ran into Ethan at the Crane daycare. She was not aware that it was Ethan right away. Ethan seemed pleased by the encounter.

Theresa apologized after catching herself and acted very professional toward Ethan. Ethan thought Theresa had something to do with him being hired in the Crane building because of Theresa's past behavior. In the meantime, Gwen ran into Jared at the cafeteria, and she was shocked to hear that Jared and Theresa weren't dating anymore. She was grilling Jared, and he wondered why Gwen cared so much about his love life. She lied to Jared by telling him that Theresa was a good friend of hers.

Jared caught on fast; he knew that Gwen wanted him to be with Theresa so that she wouldn't get between Gwen and Ethan. Gwen denied it, but Jared told her that he wouldn't be used as a pawn to prevent Theresa from getting in between her and Ethan. Gwen was not too pleased about that. She had to find a way to keep Jared and Theresa together.

On the other side of the Crane building, Ethan was accusing Theresa of scheming to get him hired there so that she could have private moments with him. Theresa told Ethan that she'd had nothing to do with him being hired, and he apologized. She complained to Ethan that Jared was aware of her social status. In addition, she told Ethan that she had also made mistakes with him in the past by lying to him. She was a basket case.

Ethan told Theresa that she needed to find the right guy, and Theresa asked Ethan to tell her who the right guy was. She told Ethan that the right guy wouldn't be him, and it would never be him because she had finally gotten it through her head and was moving on.

Jared ran into Chad on his way out and filled him in on Mrs. Alistair Crane. He definitely did not want to see Theresa again because he claimed that she had lied to him about her true identity. Jared asked why Chad hadn't clued him in on Theresa's identity, and Chad told him that they had been getting along perfectly without any interference from him. Chad advised Jared to give Theresa another chance.

Theresa cried on Whitney's shoulder. She felt bad about not being up-front with Jared and thought that she was fated to spend the rest of her life alone. Theresa would love to work things out with Jared if he was willing to forgive her. Theresa left Whitney in her office, and Chad dropped by. He had a surprise for Whitney. He proposed to her, and Whitney accepted. While Whitney made plans for their wedding date, Chad made a phone call to arrange a meeting with his mystery caller.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ethan and Gwen talked at the Book Café about Jared and Theresa's breakup. Gwen was worried that Theresa would start plotting and scheming again to get Ethan. He got a text message and ran out, leaving her stew in her own juices. Whitney and Chad entered the Book Café and saw Jared sitting by himself. Despite the fact that he'd just broken up with Theresa, they gushed about their impending nuptials. He told them that he was leaving Harmony as soon as he could.

When Whitney went to get a bridal magazine, Gwen pulled her aside to get help in keeping Jared in town for Theresa. Whitney was surprised that Gwen wanted her to help, but she really felt for Theresa, so she decided to work with her. As they brainstormed what they could do to keep him in town, Eve called desperate for help in running the hospital fund-raiser. Whitney had a light bulb moment and told her mother not to worry because she knew a guy who could manage the fair for her. Gwen and Whitney explained their plan to Chad, and he sold the fund-raiser sob story to Jared, who bit immediately.

At the Harmony waterfront, Kay, Fox, and Miguel were helping set up booths for the fund-raising fair for Harmony Hospital. Eve had taken on the responsibility for the fair and hired a manager, but he'd quit at the last minute, and the volunteers were all working unsupervised and uncoordinated. Tabitha arrived with the girls in a stroller and commented on the disorganization. Siren showed up to seduce the guys and particularly Miguel, but Kay had a secret weapon. She had informed Carl, the old fisherman, that Siren would be there and what he needed to woo her.

Carl saw Siren and set after her. Siren led a merry chase around the waterfront. She lost Carl eventually and snagged Miguel, who was looking for somebody in charge. Siren began her song, and Kay heard her, so she searched for her and covered her mouth long enough for Carl to find Siren again. He told her he'd take her on his boat to the South Seas. Tabitha reminded her that it wasn't a real solution, but Kay said she had just done it to buy some time.

Jared, Chad, Whitney, and Gwen showed up to take charge. After looking around a bit, Jared saw some immediate things to change and started coordinating the volunteers to get the show back on the road. Gwen reminded Chad to stick to Jared like glue, and Whitney and Gwen relished in their plotting and scheming to get Jared back with Theresa.

At the Russell house, Eve tore her hair out, trying to take care of T.C. as well as run the fair. She looked like she hadn't eaten, slept, or showered in days. Julian arrived, and T.C. was peeved that he hadn't even knocked. Julian wanted Eve to drop everything right then and go to Paris with him. When she didn't go along with his plan, Julian got angry and got in her face about letting go of the staff he'd hired to take care of T.C. because he needed her, and he needed her right then. He got very bellicose about her staying with T.C. and Eve told him to keep quiet in front of T.C. Julian finally stormed out of the house.

T.C. got tired of Eve treating him like a child and insisted that she go be with the man she loved -- Julian. Eve apologized for Julian, and that only enraged T.C. more. He hollered at her to leave, to leave him, to leave the house -- and to punctuate his feelings, he threw things at her. She refused to leave and cried because she thought he didn't really mean to be hateful. Eve finally walked out of the room and left him in his anger.

At the Crane mansion, Pilar worked on Little Ethan's computer. She'd seen an episode of Dateline about child predators and was trying to put parental controls on the computer and block questionable websites. Theresa told her about Jared leaving her because he had found out she was Mrs. Crane. That strengthened Pilar's resolve for Theresa to tell Ethan he was Little Ethan's father. Theresa refused because she was sure that Ethan would seek custody, and she'd lose access to the only person she still had.

Pilar sent Ethan a text message that she needed help with Little Ethan immediately, and while she continued to argue with Theresa about finding a way to split up Ethan and Gwen -- or at the very least tell him the truth about Little Ethan. Ethan arrived, and Theresa asked him why he was there. Pilar said that she'd told Theresa if she didn't tell Ethan the truth, she would, and that she'd sent him a text message. Theresa assumed that Pilar had spilled the beans and started to explain why she hadn't said anything, but Ethan headed for the computer to make it safe.

In a hushed voice, Pilar insisted that Theresa tell or she would, so Theresa started to tell him that she needed to talk to him about Little Ethan's father, at which point, Julian, who thought he was Ethan's father, showed up and demanded to know what they were doing to his son's computer. Since Alistair was dead, Julian wanted to take his rightful place in Little Ethan's life as his father. He planned to sue for custody and take Little Ethan out of the country with him. Pilar pulled her daughter aside and told her that it would be the perfect time to tell the truth -- she'd seal her relationship with Ethan and clear Julian's claim to Little Ethan.

Theresa protested to Julian that she'd never let him have time with her son, and Ethan found himself siding with Julian because that would be what he'd want if he had a child with a woman to whom he wasn't married. Theresa ranted at Ethan for taking Julian's side and told him that Little Ethan deserved a better father than Julian. Julian said he could do better, and Ethan agreed.

Pilar took Theresa aside, and Theresa told her mother that she couldn't tell the truth because she'd lose her son. Pilar reminded her that if she didn't tell the truth, she could lose Little Ethan to Julian. Pilar told her that if it was impossible for Theresa to tell, it wasn't impossible for her. Pilar went back into the room and told Ethan and Julian that she had something that she needed to tell them.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Luis put a struggling Fancy through her paces as the cadets' training continued. At the Book Café, Jessica confided to Simone how she needed a job to tide her and Spike over until her husband found work. Pilar again pushed Theresa to tell both Julian and Ethan the truth about her son. Chad's jealousy was stirred when Whitney dropped a casual remark about how attractive Jared was to women. Instead of being honest concerning Little Ethan, Theresa icily informed Julian she had no intention of giving him any more time with "his" son.

Though Luis suggested she make another career change, Fancy stubbornly insisted she wouldn't quit until she'd become a bona fide cop. Ethan agreed to represent Julian in a custody suit against Theresa. Jessica kept mum when Simone wondered aloud why she'd stooped to marrying a loathsome creep like Spike in the first place. Ethan warned Theresa to cut Julian some slack and save everyone the grief of an ugly, drawn-out legal battle. Jessica decided to apply for a waitressing gig at the Lobster Shack.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In the police station locker room, Luis was in the shower with the water off, and Fancy pulled open the shower curtain to get in for her shower. They each got an eyeful and were pleased with the view. As they were getting dressed, there was a call about a disturbance at the Lobster Shack. Fancy convinced Luis to let her ride along and then, because of her long day, fell asleep in the car.

At the Book Café, Paloma scarfed down a sticky bun while Simone closed up and told Paloma that Rae made them even better. She invited Paloma to her place to celebrate her first day of training, but Paloma wanted to celebrate when she graduated, and they decided to pick up Jessica at the Lobster Shack and go dancing.

Out back behind the Lobster Shack, Jessica defended herself from two of her former male classmates who'd heard she'd been hooking on the streets. She insisted that she didn't do that anymore, and they taunted her with the threat that if she didn't put out, they would just take her. As she fought for her life, Paloma and Simone arrived in the restaurant, looking for her. They asked around, and one of the bartenders said he'd seen her earlier.

As Paloma and Simone left, the girls heard Jessica screaming from the back. They went to her defense after calling 9-1-1, and by the time Luis and Fancy arrived with backup, they had the guys at bay. Paloma wanted to be in on the booking, and Fancy convinced Luis she should go. He agreed then he helped Fancy get into the dumpster to find the knife one of the thugs had used to cut Simone. Fancy didn't want to do it, but she went for it anyway, and when Luis pulled her back out, she landed on him with her stinky, tainted clothes. He complimented her on finding the knife and told her that he'd been hard on her and would understand if she wanted to quit. She told him that she was loving it.

At the waterfront, Jared had whipped the volunteers into shape, and the Summer Fair fund-raiser for the children's wing of the hospital was nearly ready to go. Chad, Whitney, and Gwen each lobbied Jared to give Theresa another chance, but he was adamant that he couldn't be with or around someone he couldn't trust. Whitney called Theresa at the mansion to help them set things up. She tried to beg off and offered to send Crane staff. Whitney reminded her that doing that was what Mrs. Crane would do and that as the fresh face of Crane, she could build a lot of goodwill by showing up in person to help.

After Whitney let it slip that Ethan was there, Theresa told her mother that she would go tell Ethan that he was her son's father. She hurried down to the waterfront with Pilar behind her. When she got there, Whitney and Gwen were congratulating themselves on trying to get Jared and Theresa back together. Theresa wanted to know why her friend would be chummy with Gwen, and Whitney covered by telling her that they were just looking at her new engagement ring. Theresa congratulated her then asked what they wanted her to do.

Whitney pointed Theresa to Jared as the man in charge. Theresa asked Jared, and he told her to just go back and sit in her mansion on the hill so they could get things done. Theresa then saw Ethan and was determined to tell him about Little Ethan but hesitated and congratulated him on his new job instead. He mentioned that they would be using their new jobs as a steppingstone to afford a move out of town. She asked about Jane, and he admitted that they'd have to work out a visitation schedule if they moved, and she realized that the same thing would happen to little Ethan if she told Ethan he was the boy's farther. She decided not to say anything, but Ethan knew she was withholding something.

Theresa sat down on the dock with her mother and spilled the news that Ethan was planning to move, and if he knew Little Ethan was his, she'd lose both of her children. She said she couldn't live if that happened. Pilar told her that she hadn't seen all the complexities of telling Ethan and expressed her wish that Theresa could be happy. Theresa was sad as she thought that she might find someone to love her someday.

Whitney and Chad grabbed Jared to explain how hard it had been for Theresa to be married to Alistair. They also told him that Theresa wanted Crane to be a force for good and had turned things around. Jared said that he couldn't trust her, and as soon as the fair was over, he was going to leave so he didn't keep running into her. Theresa walked up to Jared and told him that they needed to talk.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Theresa approached Jared, wanting to reconcile, but Jared wouldn't be swayed that easily. She convinced him to give her a second chance, but Jared didn't want to have anything to do with Theresa because of her social status. Furthermore, Jared thought that Theresa didn't know who she really was, so he could not be with her. Chad and Whitney consoled Theresa.

Pilar tried to convince Theresa to tell Ethan the truth, but she wouldn't hear it. Pilar decided to go back to the mansion to give Little Ethan the toy boat she'd won at the fair. Whitney convinced Theresa to work the "pie throwing" booth at the fair, and Gwen couldn't wait to plaster a few on Theresa's face. Jared witnessed and was very pleased. He stepped up to the booth, and Theresa expected a pie in her face, but Jared slapped the pie in his face instead. His actions definitely cheered Theresa up.

Chris warned Spike not to screw up the robbery because he did not want Sheridan involved. Spike told Chris to keep Sheridan out of harm's way to ensure her safety. Sheridan almost walked in on Spike talking to Chris because Spike was fooling around by calling out her name. Chris quickly covered his hide and went back to giving Spike the layout of the mansion and who was there. Spike set out to rob the mansion, and he encountered an unlikely person there. It was Pilar. She heard a noise and immediately called for the police. She turned around, and Spike shot her before she could see his face. Pilar fell to the ground.

Ethan asked Gwen why she was so interested in Jared getting back together with Theresa after she'd told him that she didn't care what went on between those two. Ethan was pleased that Jared and Theresa hadn't reconciled. He told Chad that he missed Theresa not chasing him and that he was jealous of Theresa with Jared.

Fox looked frisky with Kay at the fair, and Miguel appeared jealous. Siren caught up with Kay, and she was not going to go easy on her. She wanted to get back at Kay for setting the fisherman loose on her. Siren told Kay that she could not stop her from getting Miguel, but Kay had a plan to make sure Siren didn't succeed.

Fox got Kay in a secluded spot at the fair and was ready to make love to her, Siren's spell kicked in. The curse wasn't lifted. It probably only worked when he was about to make love to Kay. He kissed her without any problems though. Kay managed to have Siren sit over the dunking booth in order to expose her as a mermaid. The first ball hit, and Siren got dunked in the water. Kay was anxiously waiting to expose the fish.

Fancy was very excited over witnessing her first crime scene, and she was convinced that she wanted to be a cop. Luis told Fancy to go home, but she was too excited to go home. Luis invited her out to dinner, and Fancy couldn't be happier. Sheridan saw Luis and Fancy together at the restaurant and was jealous of them together because she was not over Luis.

Tabitha was trying to have some fun at the fair with Endora. Endora told Tabitha via her thought bubbles to win some stuffed animals for her. Tabitha was unsuccessful at winning those toys, so Endora used her magic to get them herself. The owner of the booth discovered his toys missing and realized that Tabitha had had something to with it. He called Tabitha a thief, and Tabitha grabbed Endora's stroller and hightailed it out of there as fast as she could.

Trouble seemed to follow Tabitha at the fair wherever she went. She was accused of drinking at the fair when liquor was not allowed. Endora conjured up some martimmies to make her feel better, but it got her mommy in trouble. Tabitha managed to run away once again.

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