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Lizzie's got a gun
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Was there a single fan who didn't see this coming? Lizzie has a history of violent outbursts (and murder), and by putting a gun in her hands, Alan-Michael might have furthered his own agenda, and gotten Alan killed in the process.

What happens when you take a mentally fragile young woman, with raging hormones and add a lethal weapon? A shooting - of course!

Was there a single GL fan who didn't see this coming? Lizzie has a history of violent outbursts (and murder - don't forget Beth's ex-boyfriend Carl, who Lizzie killed when she was 9) and by putting a gun in her hands, A-M might have further his own agenda - and gotten Alan killed in the process. I won't "spoil" you here, though.

I do hope that once Lizzie is finished with the gun, she hides it well. I can picture either Hawk or Jonathan using it on "Josh-wa" this week (I love how Jon calls him that - although it will be with less affection now). And I know plenty of fans who would love to be accessories to his shooting - or Cassie's.

Speaking of the duo, I nominate them each for the knucklehead of the week award. I mean, how did they think Jonathan would take the news that his mother's husband is cheating with her sister? True, Josh doesn't know she has cancer, but Jon does. I would love to see someone (anyone) spill the beans and ruin their budding romance. I'm all for love and all, but not with a sibling's husband. And I loved Hawk giving Josh a piece of his mind this week, too. Just like any good dad would do. Bringing up the name of Cassie and Reva's mother (Sarah Shayne) was a nice touch as well. Who knew the writers actually knew something of the show's history. But while they gain points for the history lesson (and Reva's past relationships with Lewis men) they lose major points for the rest of the story.

Alan is still gung-ho over getting Lizzie's baby to become a Spaulding puppet before she is even born. It was great to see Alex and Lillian, but they all know that Alan is the Master Manipulator and isn't to be trusted fully. Just knowing that Beth is still married to him turns my stomach as much as Cassie and Josh being together.

Dinah-myte still reverts to old self when challenged - although Mallet seems to be able to handle her wackiness. This has to be one of my favorite characters because she is so flawed, and we can see all that her history has an impact on her future. Will she ever allow herself to be happy in love without literally torching the relationship? But with the evidence destroyed from the Beacon fire, will this story die as quickly as the flames? It did give one positive thing - a newer Beacon set - although it appears everyone is sharing the same room again. And note to the director, stop having the characters exit through the bathroom - the door is on the other side of the room!

The "Food Fight" was as cheesy as I thought, but any time I get to see the Coopers as a family (much like the Reardon's of my youth) I am fairly happy. Frankie D's wife Teja was adorable as Theresa - could she possibly return? Rumors are swirling that Frank's ex (Eleni) might make her way to Springfield - but to see Frank or A-M? I will keep you posted if I hear anything definite.

Springfield keeps its simmer as a story that looks like it will boil over in November for sweeps. Olivia is way too obvious as a suspect. My dark horse suspect - Mrs. Chitwood - that woman does some great detective work!! I'm kidding, of course. (note to GL: fix the spelling on the front page title bar).

We'll have to see what the fallout is of Lizzie's latest antics and if Alan gets his mitts on "Alana" (he IS kidding, isn't he?). Luckily they can't keep her pregnant (and screaming) for more than 9 months - or can they? Let's hope not.


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