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We've been told nearly nothing about Jeffrey. He used to impersonate Prince Richard, and he likes the ladies; that's hardly newsworthy info, and it doesn't really define a character.

I know already that there are "Jeffrey-haters" out there who say pretty mean spirited things about the character (which might be deserved) and the actor (which aren't). While I am never really a fan of bringing someone back from the dead, GL did this with Bradley Cole. But despite the fact they brought him back to Springfield they told us nearly nothing about him. He used to impersonate Prince Richard and he likes the ladies. Hardly newsworthy info - and doesn't really define a character. I can only imagine how a character like that is to play - but I guess you can give yourself any back-story you want since the writers all but forgot to.

When I saw the "Inside the Light" was going to be about Jeffrey I thought, finally, some questions would be answered about a character who has no ties to Springfield (other than a lot of former flames). But after watching 47 minutes of GL (minus the commercials) I learned that he was brought into an organization as a young man after doing something terrible. And the person who recruited him, as it were, doesn't want him as mayor. You knew the face had to be a result of at least some plastic surgery - but under what conditions? What did he do to end up in jail? And how did he leave this life behind to come to Springfield, USA? We learned next to nothing. Does this mean GL will finally begin to delve into his character or will they forget all about him again like they do with so many other possible storylines? I guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile Reva is running for her life to NYC and away from Josh. Certainly not the woman who baptized herself the "Slut of Springfield" (although there are many other characters who might now fight her for the title - Cassie, Olivia, Blake and Beth come to mind). Despite the fact that I hate the way Reva is not telling Josh about her illness, Kim Zimmer, Jordan Clarke and Tom Pelphrey are an award-winning treat to watch. You can see that the chemistry between them is real and the emotions are right there on the surface, just waiting to be touched. Knowing that Tom will surely be leaving GL soon, you just want to treasure each raw emotional performance. Reva was right in saying that Jonathan is the child most like her - all reckless abandonment and a wild streak a mile wide! And I guess Dr. McHottie is gone - I had hoped he could be a match for Cassie to keep her away from Joshua.

Olivia is looking like the person who has the most to gain from "Springfield Burns" but it's still too early to tell. It is nice that the fans can check out the website themselves to see the clues as to who the culprit really is. But Buzz' complete dedication to the one-woman family wrecking crew (just ask the Spauldings and the Lewis' about her skills) leaves me baffled. Justin Deas and Crystal Chappell are great together, but Olivia is running out of good qualities that make her likeable.

Speaking of Springfield residents without many warm and fuzzy qualities Alan is just like a snake coiled to strike out at Lizzie and his "last chance" at redeeming himself with a Spaulding heir. Things are going to get explosive this week, which I guess sets up Ron Raines vacation time nicely. I think someone should start a therapy fund for the little bundle of joy - with the family she'll have, she needs to seek professional help early in her life!

Proving the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, A-M is up to something. While else would he want Ava to work for him? You know he doesn't have a heart, so what does he have up his sleeve? I can see him hitting on Ava and the two ending up in a triangle with Coop. I actually think they have more of a spark than she does with Henry - although he is adorable. My money is still on Ava being Olivia's daughter - which we'll have to find out when Ava can no longer stand to be in the same town as her Mom - or needs a blood transfusion or something... (too many episodes of "House" make me suspicious of everyone).

It looks like another campy "Inside the Light" this week with a Food Fest/Foodfight at Company. The Coopers are one of my favorite Springfield families, if only they had better taste in women! I hope GL doesn't keep the family so fractured over one very undeserving lady - they are such a great delight to watch when they are all getting along.

Hopefully GL will fill in the blanks soon so we can move on to other stories left untold.


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