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Didn't we all know that JR would find Babe in Josh's arms even though we know she fell asleep before he held her?

Didn't we all know that JR would find Babe in Josh's arms even though we know she fell asleep before he held her? I'm glad they wrapped that story up so quickly! I don't think it's unreasonable for JR to ask Babe to keep Josh out of her life considering she slept with Jamie immediately upon getting to PV. Instead Babe says "trust me" and hires Josh to work for her at Fusion. Now even a reasonable husband wouldn't want someone that's in love with his wife to work for that wife. Instead we have Josh working for Fusion and Erin deciding to seduce Josh into meaningless sex to help her new best friend, JR out. The same Erin who was saving herself for "Mr Right" and didn't think twice about getting on the stand in Lily's defense even though Erin knows everyone is lying to Lily about Jonathan's state of mind - more on that later. Once rescued Josh was immediately met by the "love" of his real mother & father. Why the change of history? Erica tells Josh she wasn't ready to be a mother with her past, etc. yet everyone that watched back then knows Erica didn't want her pregnancy to interfere with her modeling career. That was the real reason for her abortion. Lots of mail on this whole story which brings me to this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week which comes from Rita who writes: "I don't understand why Greg Madden is being vilified for saving Josh from the scrap heap because Erica decided she didn't want a baby. It just makes no sense to say that Erica was victimized because the fetus wasn't destroyed. Is she saying that Josh is better off dead! This reminds me of the storyline where David Hayward was blamed because he used an unapproved drug to save Maria's life, even though she would have died without his intervention. And what about Dixie's situation? She signed away the rights to her child but yet again it's Greg's fault. Where does taking responsibility for one's actions come into play?" No one in PV ever takes responsibility for their own actions.

Tad the Cad!

Krystal is leery of Dixie telling what she knows about Tad & Krystal's night of passion, but Tad tells Krystal he'll take care of it all. I did notice Krystal wasn't drinking --- please don't let Krystal be pregnant. Isn't it too soon for her to know she's pregnant from that night with Tad? Oh, I'm getting ill. Tad is playing his very best "don't you hate me" role right now as he is butting into everyone else's business. He is proceeding to tell anyone and everyone that will listen that Zach and Dixie are having an affair. This included David, who will no doubt decide to exact revenge once he buys into this truth not knowing it's all a charade. From that we get to see Zach explain to Kendall this pretend affair is the only way to give him an alibi for the night of Madden's murder. I'm with Kendall on this one, if Zach is innocent then why does he need an alibi? Dixie is clearing falling for Zach and is definitely a threat to Kendall and Zach's marriage but Kendall agrees to go along with the charade to make sure Zach isn't imprisoned. Why would Derek believe any of this considering Zach was brandishing a gun in the hospital, stating his undying love for his wife as well as at Zach's hearing where his love for Kendall was established? This plot is clearly a device to set into motion trouble in the marriage. I can see it now, Ryan will be privy to the deception and will squire Kendall around, not setting well with Zach but perhaps making Kendall doubt her love for Zach. This is all a big mess. I'd like to share an email, typos and all, from Dawn a "Zendall" fan. Let me just say this is the type of email that makes people discount anything that is said from a fan base. From Dawn: "Zach and Greasy Cow have chemistry. Are you even watching AMC. I see absolutely no chemistry btw these characters. The Greasy Cow is a waste of airspace at best. By the way, the whining, woe-is-me act and her constant running away "Rescue Me" bull it is sickening and unwatchable at best. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on your part, but Zach and Cow will never happen. The hottest chemistry on the show is btw Kendall/Zach and the majority of the viewing audience sees this. Most of us hate the Cow and can not stand to watch her. Dixie's return has been a complete and total flop. The character of Dixie was once a much loved character, but now she is the most hated character on the show. The bad storyline, the whining, the self-serving attitude, not to mention she was just voted worst mother on any soap. Cady has great chemistry with MEK, but with TK forget it. TK is drop dead gorgeous and he has chemistry with the wallpaper. He looks board in scenes with CM." It's hard to imagine anyone comparing Cady McClain to a cow as she has one of the best figures around. Although I am an animal lover and think cows are beautiful, I would not want to be compared to one. This viewer makes several contradictions as they state TK has chemistry with wallpaper but has none with Dixie. Hard to imagine Zach having sex with a wall even a board compared to being with Dixie even if he is bored. Wonder who participated in the "worst mother" vote? I must have missed that one. People should remember actors are portraying what is written for them. AMC, PV and the characters are make believe but the actors are not. It's rude, abusive and just mean-spirited to refer to an actor in the above terms.


Zach and Dixie arrested, then released on bail. Oh it was sooooo nice to see Palmer. James Mitchell is one of favorite actors and Palmer is one of my favorite characters. I loved AMC back when Palmer and Adam squared off! It was also good to see Myrtle & Brooke this week. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from JoAnn who writes: "Derek arrests Zach & Dixie for Greg's murder. That is a very good clue as to who didn't do it. When has Derek ever arrested the correct guilty person. Ah-ha-ha-ha!!! Meanwhile, the good twisted doctor is ever so obviously not in the picture lately and he has been know to crate people off and send them to Timbuktu and he would be the perfect person to want to frame JR." Yes, I see JoAnn wants David to be the culprit but I hope that isn't the case.

I'll Protect You

Jackson only wants to protect his daughter from the lies Jonathan is harboring. Jonathan only wants to protect Lily because she couldn't handle the truth he is "normal" again. This is too convoluted. Does Jonathan really expect to pretend to be impaired for the rest of his life? No, the truth is coming out and Lily will be hurt no matter what. She won't have Jackson to lean on as TPTB have taken that loving refuge away from her. So will she just go off into a counting, rocking state? I think it's time Lily got accepted at MIT and went away to college. Lily did mention Terry during her testimony and we have to wonder when will he be back?

Paris & Nicole!

Yes, we have to equate Colby and Sydney to Paris and Nicole. They are both being depicted as spoiled brats and there is no reason for this. Did you notice Colby said "We used to be sort of related" when she was booking Jesse McCartney for her Sweet 16 birthday party? That was the actor who portrayed JR several actors ago back before they aged JR and had him hook up with Babe!


Thanks so much to all that sent me those kind birthday wishes. Still hearing about the camera issues and we all hope it stops sooner rather than later. I do enjoy your emails, rants and raves and will be back in 2 weeks!!


Mary Page
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