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Moving on and letting go
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Well, Pilar has fallen off the moral tree and hit every branch on the way down, hasn't she? What was up with her insisting that Theresa go after Ethan and be a family with him last week? She even called Gwen collateral damage and told Theresa to wreck their marriage.

I have to give major props this week to Sheridan. Here is woman, still very much in love with a man that her niece wants to go after. And she has graciously given her blessing for them to be a couple. It's written all over Sheridan's face what she feels, but she's made her choice to stay married to Chris, and feels Luis should be given the chance to move on as well. That's very noble of her. Of course Luis just pushed Sheridan around and tried to control her, so maybe Sheridan is grateful to Fancy for distracting Luis so she doesn't have to deal with him anymore.

In the meantime, Fancy and Luis are at each other's throats, since her carelessness has allowed Spike to reclaim the gun he used to shoot Chris. How did Fancy not hear Spike? There is no way he was that quiet that she heard nothing. Perhaps Endora inadvertently filled her ears with candle wax temporarily too. But I must place some blame on Luis as well. I mean why did he lock the gun up in his desk and not in the evidence room? And why is there no security system in the station? And how did Spike know exactly where to look for the gun?

And it is oh so obvious to everyone what Fancy is up to. Paloma will make a fine cop, and I'm very excited to see her character head in this direction. However, Fancy is doing this only to get to Luis, and I'm pretty sure she's going to end up hurt or getting someone else killed in the process. And what was the whole deal with the holsters and Luis insisting, "how do you expect to become a cop if you can't even put on a holster?" Is knowing how to wear the holster really the most important thing about being a cop?

Well Pilar has fallen off the moral tree and hit every branch on the way down, hasn't she? What was up with her insisting Theresa go after Ethan and be a family with him. She even called Gwen "collateral damage" and told Theresa to wreck their marriage, Gwen's feelings be damned. Martin has definitely messed up Pilar's way of thinking and I'm not sure I like this new Pilar.

Meanwhile, instead of taking this blessing her mother has given her, our now grown up Theresa is busying her mind with thoughts of Jared Casey. She even tells Pilar she thinks Jared is what is going to help her move on from Ethan. It certainly has been interesting to see Theresa honestly move on with her life and not be consumed with thoughts of getting Ethan back.

But Ethan is not at all thrilled with the thought of Theresa moving on, and everyone knows it. Chad rightly blames Ethan for stringing Theresa along by admitting he loves her and refusing to divorce Gwen. Gwen even catches him checking out Jared on the internet, and knows why he's doing it. Then Ethan gives her the lame excuse about not believing Theresa is going to stay out of his life. More like he doesn't want Theresa out of his life. And I laughed my head off when Gwen said she is thankful to Pilar for getting Theresa to leave them alone. Little does she know Pilar is slowly turning into Kate Roberts.

I felt bad for Theresa when Jared found out she's Mrs. Crane. She has truly tried to tell him the truth, although she shouldn't have lied to him to start with. But she did manage to get herself into the mess, and was honestly trying to get herself out of the mess until Valerie spilled the beans. But did he really have to get all judgmental, especially after Valerie advised him not to believe what the tabloids say. And if Jared has read so much about Mrs. Crane, why has he never seen any pictures of her?

After months of Miguel and Fox threatening to come to blows, it's Kay and Siren that have the knock down drag out. Now Kay is frantic that Fox is cursed and is begging the always adorable Endora to send the mermaid packing. However, our favorite little witchling has a soft spot for the fish and won't can her. Meanwhile, Miguel is going deaf every time Siren speaks. Perhaps they should be together. He's already acting like her husband.

Miguel confesses his love to Kay and asks her to search her heart to see if she feels the same. The great thing about this storyline is that it's still a toss up as to who Kay ends up with. The horrible thing about this storyline is that Kay has no chemistry with either of the actors playing Miguel and Fox. So while on paper this should be great, I really don't care whom she ends up with.

After shooting Chris, Spike returns to blackmail him into helping him get into the Crane mansion so he can rob it. Honestly, does Spike have to rob the Crane mansion? Couldn't he just blackmail Chris for some cold hard cash? I'm sure Chris has access to Sheridan's accounts, Spike could just save himself the trouble.

Some Random Thoughts:

So Sheridan went to the police station to get her driver's license renewed. Don't you go to the DMV for that?

Theresa said that Pilar listens to the salsa music to fall asleep every night. Wasn't it a bit loud to fall asleep to?

Did anyone else notice how snitty Valerie was to Whitney? I would love it if she was the one Chad's been calling.

Quote of the week: Paloma to Fancy: "Haven't you been arrested enough already? Do you like jail food or what?"

Viewer's Voice:

"Hello. I love the show. I think it is camp and crazy. I DO think you make many points in your articles but get the feeling that you really dislike Passions. I have read your articles almost every time and there is very little that you like - you are mainly critical. It would be so nice if you would mention some scenes that you found entertaining. I particularly came to read you this time to see how you like the romance and lightness that has been added to the show - Luis and Fancy and Theresa and Jared. I thought the baseball game was lots of fun and it was great to have these fun group episodes. Didn't you like any of that? Just wondering. I'm sure it's a lot of work to watch a show and summarize it and I do appreciate your efforts but wish you would add some positive comments." I think I have done so this week, but it is very hard to always be positive about a show that takes months to move one story along. Thanks Audrey!!!

"Hmm... I am not normally one to feel bad for Theresa and I did initially like Jared; but hopefully they turn him around pretty quickly after this "I hate you because you are Mrs. Crane" thing. Because, even though Theresa said afterwards what a nice guy he is, etc., if you ask me, a nice guy would have waited for her explanation instead of automatically yelling at her, why not give her a chance to at least speak? Can't one guy in Theresa's life treat her well? Oh, that's right, Noah does. I wasn't an initial fan of that pairing, but if it means Theresa doesn't have to be yelled at all the time, I could get used to it. Please let Jared apologize next week and don't drag that out. Sure, I can understand being surprised, but he was the one who jumped to all the wrong conclusions about her. On a different subject, I do think the Fancy trying to be a cop story has some potential and at least Shuis didn't already do that. Also, if it weren't for Endora and Tabitha's presence in the Kay/Fox/Miguel/Siren storyline, I would fast forward through that entire story. Actually the only parts I watch are the ones with Endora and Tabitha. Yeah, we get it Kay; they are both in love with you. I am sooo crying on the inside for you. Please just pick one of them so we don't have to continue suffering through this storyline!" Thanks Rachel!!!

"When will this Kay/Miguel/Fox triangle be resolved?? I, for one, really want to see Kay with Fox. Miguel had his chance and he blew it. I just can't figure out Endora. I mean, she says that she wants Fox with Kay yet she didn't stop Siren from getting him in the sack. Where was her candle wax then?? And why stop Siren from getting Miguel?? Wouldn't that help the Fox & Kay match up? That is if the Mermaid's curse can be broken. What a mess. As for Theresa, I hope she and Jared fall madly in love before Ethan sees Gwen for the lying witch she is and tries to go running back to Theresa. I'd like to see him suffer a little...." Thanks Jean!!!

"I think it's funny that people are now shocked at Luis' behavior as a cop. Hello? He discharged a gun in the hospital when Sheridan was in the psych ward, he got the keys to the ward by pushing Hank to the gay orderly, he had sex with Sheridan while she was a patient. Since the beginning he has been the epitome of the obnoxious power tripping policeman. I'm just surprised that he's actually working again. Since he was reinstated, with back pay, he didn't actually work a day as a cop. Oh, he flaunted the title, and apparently Harmony police can tell Interpol and the FBI what to do, but work? Nope." Thanks MJ!!!

"Brandi, I totally agree with you about Jared! How can the writer's expect a [mostly] female audience to like him, when all he does is downgrade women! Oh and of course it is so predictable that Kay would just so happen to get her memory back and remember about Fox. I am so sick of the new Fox. At least her and Miguel have chemistry. They need to send Justin back ASAP; the new guy can NOT act, and he seems like a wuss. The Tess/Jared and Kay/Miguel storyline is about the only ones I watch now. I fast-forward through the rest. The new Sheridan gets on my nerves. Spike just needs to be killed off the show, and Fancy and Luis, "Yawn." Need I say more? These characters need better storylines instead of recycling the same script over and over." Thanks Crystal!!!

Quote of the week: "You asked: 'and why is Whitney pushing this so much? Theresa has loved Ethan all her life and now she's decided to try living a life without him. Why must she move on with the FIRST person that's caught her eye?'
Because what else is there for Whitney to do? It's not like Crapney is that popular; but they are back doing their 'supporting role'. I never bought Crapney in the first place because during the first third of their "romance", it was 80% about being Ethan/Theresa cheerleaders. Now, it's Crapney's turn to be Jared/Theresa cheerleaders. It's not as if Chad/Whitney have anything else worthwhile and aren't STILL disgusting to watch now. They're in that nasty recording studio, still rutting it on that stinking couch." Thanks SIP!!!

Until next week friends,

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