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Is it any wonder that everyone in town knows how Ethan feels about Theresa? She got hit on the head with a ball last week, and he wouldn't let another soul near her while he begged her not to die. He even called her 'baby' while Gwen was standing within earshot.

I know I am not the only one who's thinking that perhaps Luis and Fancy's game of strip police detective trivia was inappropriate. I've never been inside an actual jail, but I watched "NYPD Blue" and "The Shield", and I know that there are always other people in jail. Why was Fancy the only one? I guess it makes sense since murderers, arsonists, rapists, etc. roam free instead of going to jail for their crimes.

And then to top it all off, Luis lets Fancy go on a PROMISE that she won't leave the country. He can't possibly want to make detective too bad. I'm sure that is a big no-no. And Fancy has gone from ingénue to stalker. All this talk about getting into Luis' heart was ridiculous, and then she went and tattled to Theresa that Luis was planning to leave Harmony. This is exactly how Beth started her walk down the dark path.

On top of letting Fancy go free, Luis in turn does not report Chris' shooting. He is begging for the boot big time. And what is up with Spike deciding to become Alistair Jr.? Perhaps this is the way Chris' secrets will come out, but it seems now that since Alistair is "dead" no one really has the power. The thing that made him so powerful was that he knew everyone's secret.

Is it any wonder everyone in town knows how Ethan feels about Theresa? She gets hit on the head with a ball and he won't let another soul near her while he begs her not to die. He even called her "baby" with Gwen standing right there. Gwen was right to jump Ethan, but she is guilty of hanging onto a man she knows doesn't love her. And Ethan's excuses are older than dirt. Give him up already Gwen, you never had him.

I think it goes to prove Theresa is trying to move past Ethan, because she should've jumped up and went on and on about how this was "FATE" and him crowding her proves how much he still loves her, but she just got up and went on with the game. Are we really supposed to like Jared? All he does is put down on women and act like he knows everything. He's arrogant and chauvinistic. He even called the show's heroine, "Harmony's answer to Anna Nicole Smith", which is partly true, but still in all, I don't like him. And since he knew so much about Mrs. Alistair Crane, why does he not know that's who Theresa is.

Why Theresa had to go and almost blow her secret by telling Julian that he is not Little Ethan's father. I had to sort of agree with her, Julian hasn't been a big part of the child's life, why now does he want to spend quality time with him? And is it me, or has Julian started drinking more since Eve decided to take care of T.C.?

So Kay and Miguel are getting it on every five minutes and Fox has fallen to Siren's curse. Figures that Kay would get her memory back (thanks to Endora) and find Fox in bed with Siren. Her wanting to kill Siren was funny, but this storyline is lame. Now Kay and Miguel have to decide if it's really love or just whatever. Does anyone actually care who ends up with whom? Some Random Thoughts:

Where did Theresa get that dress? It was just plain awful.

After weeks of no Paloma here she is. Now where is Simone?

It was a very slow week for this show.

Viewer's Voice:

"Can it be that Passions is FINALLY moving on? Are we finally done with the same storylines from the past seven years? I certainly hope so. The only storyline I want to revisit is the Ivy/Sam/Grace fiasco because Ivy has to pay for her sins! I for one LOVE Jared! Such a breath of fresh air - and bonus - he's charismatic and can act! Nice. I like that he calls Theresa "Tess." Shows he's not intimidated by her and he's just the kind of guy to keep "Tess" on her toes. Though I do agree, Brandi, it is a bit much to push them into a relationship so soon after her decision to give up on Ethan. But I still don't subscribe to Theresa being in love with him as much as being obsessed with him. That's just me, perhaps." I agree that Theresa is obsessed. Perhaps Jared can show her true love. Thanks Kamal!!!

"Little did I think that the writers would do something to make me long for the days of last week when we had recycled Sheridan/Luis scripts to move along the Luis/Fancy pairing. Playing around and stripping in the harmony jail? Seriously, that's the best you can do writers? Granted, I don't really understand police/detective stuff too well, being an engineer, but couldn't acting like that with a prisoner get in the way of his chances of making detective just a little? Don't other officers have keys to that area? And what about all those women in lock-up that Luis was protecting fancy from by bringing her to little Ethan's game? Were they all released just so Luis and Fancy could make out in the jail cell?" Thanks Rachel!!!

Until next week friends,

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