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Say what you will about Rebecca, but she is totally and helplessly in love with Julian. And to an extent, she hit the nail on the head last week. No matter how much Eve loves Julian, her guilt is always going to draw her to T.C.

Okay, so for months we've been hearing about how Fox will kill Miguel if he sleeps with Kay. So why is he wimping out? Kay has all but ripped her clothes off and jumped Miguel in front of the whole town; it's not as if Fox doesn't know. And what was with Miguel asking Kay to choose between him and Fox when she's been in love with him all this time? It's like asking me to choose between Auburn and LSU. There's no contest here.

Now Kay is feeling woozy and possibly getting her memory back. What I don't understand is why has Siren given up on Miguel. Is there some unwritten rule in the mermaid's curse that says a man has to be celibate for a certain amount of time for the curse to work? Why is she so set on getting Fox into bed instead of Miguel? If Kay gets her memory back she's definitely going back to Fox, so that just leaves Miguel. Or does it? Could another Harmony-ite fall victim to Siren's curse? Noah perhaps since it looks like he and Fancy bit the dust.

I don't quite know what to make of Luis. I can know the man just lost his son, so the moping around is understandable. But it's not his son he's mourning, so I'm apt to just scream, "Get over it!" And Sheridan is sitting around bemoaning her lost children, while fantasizing about Luis. I want to scream, "Get over it!" to her too. I think Chris is the one most upset here. Especially since Sheridan practically cuts Fancy in half with her eyes every time she sees her.

I'm still on the fence about Luis and Fancy. They are too much like Luis and Sheridan on the one hand, but on the other, they have a certain charm together. If the writers are serious about making this work, they can not use the recycled scripts from Luis and Sheridan. I will not have Sheridan eventually turn into Beth; although that might not be a bad idea. Kind of like when Marlena was the Salem Stalker. Of course after hearing Fancy talk about making Luis fall in love with her before he leaves Harmony, I wonder if she'll turn into Beth. She did adore Alistair after all.

And I never want to hear Luis say he didn't know Fancy was in love with him. Noah told him plainly that she was on Wednesday's episode. I know Luis brushed it aside and didn't take him seriously, but the truth is out and Luis better never act like he didn't know.

Why does Jared insist on calling Theresa "Tess"? I'm definitely on the fence about this. As Sher mentions below (in the reader's comments section), he doesn't exactly come across with a great attitude. And why is Whitney pushing this so much? Theresa has loved Ethan all her life and now she's decided to try living a life without him. Why must she move on with the FIRST person that's caught her eye? It takes a while to get over heartbreak, and I'm not sure jumping into another relationship right away is the answer for Theresa. And I would hope her best friend would agree with me.

And if Jared is so right for Theresa and Whitney knows this, then why was she the first one to accuse Theresa of using Jared to get to Ethan at the club. In fact, almost everyone accused of her this, and in a way Theresa deserved it with her track record. I just think that it's ironic that now that Theresa is really trying to move on, no one believes her. Except for Gwen who is at the ballgame about to wet herself because she is so excited to see Theresa and Jared together. Gwen is too blind to see Ethan's scowl every time she mentions Jared and Theresa. Oddly enough, Ethan is the one putting on a show with Gwen.

Say what you will about Rebecca, but she is totally and helplessly in love with Julian. I think that Julian is the one Rebecca wanted to marry in the first place, but Ivy got him. And to an extent she hit the nail on the head. No matter how much Eve loves Julian her guilt is going to draw her to T.C.

Some Random Thoughts:

The group of blind people who found Siren and thought she was a beached tortoise was hysterical. Watching Brandi's face while they made comments about her weight was hilarious.

Why was Gwen sitting with Jane on the baseball field where a foul ball could hit Jane?

I'm glad that Gwen lost her job. Realistically that's what happens when you leave a job for weeks at a time.

Why did Luis bring Fancy to the ballgame with him? Why didn't he lock her up in jail until her lawyer got there? I've never been arrested, but I'm pretty sure that never happens.

Viewer's Voice:

"Passions would've hit a home run with Friday's episode if Theresa didn't 'tragically' get knocked unconscious by a fricken baseball. Other than that, kudos to the writers of the show! From Theresa moving on from Ethan to the incredibly suave Jared, I'm definitely loving this show now more than ever! These past 2 weeks have been awesome. You can't even tell that half the crew got fired because Passions is doing great. Especially when Kay suggested the guys play shirtless in baseball :O). And did you notice how Gwen was kind of on Theresa's side? It was interesting to watch. Anyway, keep up the great work on your column and congrats to 4 years here!" Thanks Alexandra and thanks for reading the column!!!

"Brandi you know what you are talking about. Ethan is so Theresa's Ashley Wilkes I think Jared's spunk puts him in Rhett's place, he does seem to have more back bone then Ethan and more spice that might just sizzle with Theresa if the writers will give us a break from the same old same old. Perhaps throw in some come-uppance for Gwenny pooh and her nympho mom. And with poison Ivy, where is Grace? Theresa is the most powerful woman in the world worrying about being sued for custody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO- wake up and smell the money, get your daughter back and make your dreams a reality, and your enemies nightmares a major reality check." Thanks M.S.!!!

"Seriously? Getting arrested for speeding? Yeah, that was original. At least they had the decency to mention the similarity between the Luis/Fancy scene and the Luis/Sheridan storyline. I actually really like Luis and Fancy together (and I was a huge Shuis fan), but I think Fancy deserves to have someone fall in love with her for reasons other than 'this reminds me of Sheridan and that reminds me of Sheridan' - what's next? The tango? Did Luis/Fancy have a past life on the Titanic too? On a different note, am really enjoying the Theresa (or Tess)/Jared interaction. Hopefully they won't go down the same road as they did with Luis/Fancy yesterday, cause I don't want to see Jared covered with fish guts or bbq sauce (already had to see him covered with tea)! Hope Jared is more than a temporary distraction for Theresa, cause it's been a pretty rare thing lately for passions to hire actors that are good looking AND can actually act. On that note, am already missing Beth...bring her back!" Thanks Rachel!!!

"I get that Jared is supposed to be a man that will keep Theresa on her toes, but the way they introduced him doesn't make me root for them as a couple, especially when Theresa and Noah already have so much chemistry (not that I really want them together so soon either). Jared was understandably upset when she spilled the tea on him, but he seemed to get more angry after she apologized. For heaven's sake, she said she was sorry immediately and he proceeded to tear into her (a five foot tall, 90 pound woman) and talk about her petty problems as if he knew something about her. Suppose - I don't know - suppose her nephew had just died and that was why she was upset. It wasn't, but he didn't know that. And to have Whitney find the entire situation funny. Then she starts telling Theresa he's a great guy. What exactly does she know about him except that he has a temper he doesn't even try to control around people much smaller than he is? Good qualities for a boyfriend. Then he insists on calling her Tess, even though she said she doesn't like it. And then at the baseball game, talking about female bosses.... I won't argue with him telling her off for using him when Gwen and Ethan were there; she deserved it, but that doesn't excuse the fact that from the beginning he has shown some qualities - anger management issues, disrespect for peoples feelings and sexist attitudes - that would hardly make me think he's good boyfriend material. Maybe my opinion will change, but his introduction has dampened my enthusiasm for this pairing." Thanks Sher!!! You make and excellent point here!!!

"I love your column and totally agree with your comments. They are always right on the money. I like this new Jared. He doesn't pull any punches with "Tess." I think I'm seeing sparks fly. (Methinks she doth protest too much.) Poor Sheridan. How much misery and heartache can one woman take? And what about Chris Booth? He was in cahoots with Alistair. I hope he gets what's coming to him. I never did like the guy. I like Luis and Fancy together. It's something different. It's a good triangle with Sheridan-Luis-Fancy. I love Tabitha and Endora. It makes the loss of Timmy hurt less. I have seen every single episode of Passions since it began. I just happened to retire in April 1999 and decided to try just one soap from the beginning. The others had been on too long. I was hooked the moment I saw Tabitha and Timmy. Keep those juicy comments coming. We love them." Thanks Linda!!!

"I totally agree with you about Ethan and Teresa. It think it should just be over so Teresa can move on. This new guy Jared seems to be just what she needs and in my opinion they generate more chemistry than her and Ethan. Just a random thought, but how is it that Whitney was a wig and contact wearing nun one week and this week she has her breasts out pushing Teresa into a relationship with the new guy? Funny, but semi-entertaining." Thanks John!!!

"I have this feeling that Theresa will get involved with someone else, and now it will be Ethan moaning and whining, more so than usual. He is so used to having two women fighting for him that he couldn't stand it. And of course this is what Theresa has planned all along. And who didn't know Lil E was Big E's son? Duh. So what if Chad is Al's son? He's still not legit, so he doesn't have the rights the others do. Yes, he could take it to court, but this is Harmony, and no one will. Where, oh where, is the charisma that the real Fox had? Where is the boyish charm of Miguel? Will someone PLEASE pay attention to what the fans want?" Thanks MJ!!!

Quote of the week: About Spike, "Sam: What else can I do, Noah?
Luis: Well, you can kill him."

Until next week friends,

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