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Josh finds out he's a walking fetus, that he was supposed to be aborted and that Jeff Martin is his biological father all in one swoop. I don't feel any sympathy towards Josh and don't get Babe running to him.

Josh finds out he's a walking fetus, that he was supposed to be aborted and that Jeff Martin is his biological father all in one swoop. I don't feel any sympathy towards Josh and don't get Babe running to him. Babe either loves JR with his faults or needs to forget him. What was up with JR getting advice from Krystal? Totally out of character! Now didn't we all know that it would be JR to inform Josh about his birthright? This way JR can be vilified some more. I heard from so many fans out there that really dislike this continual bashing of JR. The writers did this with Ryan a while back with the "fight club" and abuse storyline which has had many lasting affects. Why the continual character assassination of certain PV residents?

Jackson now has seen the recovered Jonathan exposed & realizes he's been lying to Lily as well as most of PV. He's going to think Jonathan has been lying forever just to take advantage of Lily. I know what Jackson's reaction is going to be and quite frankly I don't blame him. Who will Lily turn to once she realizes her "true love" has been keeping this from her? Why were Lily and Jonathan at the club anyway? Everything Lily does could be done during the day --- desk job so she should be home away from the noise, confusion and the dreaded color red instead of wearing headphones. She should want to be home with her husband after having to identify Terry. What a shock that must have been. I don't get why Lily can't have Jonathan touch her. She allowed Sam to touch her as well as the two kiss frequently but with the man she really is in love with "hands off". Those writers again!

David, David, David!

I'm so glad my David is back. Oh how I've missed him and all of his transgressions. I don't mind that he's decided to pin Madden's murder on Zach. David has been on the back burner too long and needs to be front and center. A little tension between David and Zach could be a lot of fun! I think David considers Zach competition for Dixie's affections and I can certainly see that. There is much chemistry between Dixie and Zach and some of the best love affairs and pairing have started from friendship, which is what Dixie and Zach certainly have. Plus we have Zach playing "knight in shining armor" for Dixie. Zach needs to cut out of the party to go chase down a lead with Dixie. Wonder if Kendall would have been so agreeable had Zach told her where he was headed? Why is it these two are so much in love with each other but can't seem to get together at all? I call that bad writing.

The Results Are In

And Ryan is Spike's father. Please, please, please ---- no more DNA tests ever. Enough is enough. Let's not have another tampering with the tests storyline or change the mother from Kendall to someone else. Just allow Kendall and Ryan to be the parents and move on.

Coupling and Uncoupling

The uncoupling of Erin and Aidan has led to the coupling of Aidan with Di. Aidan and Di sure took the leap quickly - that would be bungee jumping and into each other's arms/beds. I did take task to Di drinking as she only has one kidney. Did the writers forget? So many people out there still have problems understanding Aidan and wish his accent wasn't so heavy. I've read he works on that in real life so he is trying. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Jane who writes: "Erica asking Ryan to get a hit man on Zach. Why? I really don't even understand why she hates him so. Didn't he protect her reputation in Vegas? Maybe I forgot something. Krystal sleeping with Tad. Bad! ...... Enough already!!! My question is this too - why isn't anyone happy on that show?" That's my question too. Some happiness is needed in PV plus some blissful couples!


Amanda is a manager now. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they got rid of Willow but give me a break it's not like anyone involved has experience with restaurants/bars. I've heard from others about this which brings us to this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week which comes from Linda who writes: "Please, are we to believe that they were minutes away from opening CON-fusion and then, just because they fired the witch Willow, there all of a sudden was a NO FOOD problem?" I feel sure the food was ordered well in advance, etc. So why does this have to be so unbelievable?

New & Unnecessary Plots

I don't like where they are going with the Annie story. Yes I know we all think that her daughter will turn out to be Kate. Once that is established what's next - a court battle that will entail ripping the little girl from the only family she has ever known. I'd prefer Terry find Annie and the two could kill each other leaving Kate without anyone and go from there. Yes, I know that would be too neat but it would interest me more than having the story drag out and have to endure the child being torn between families. Why is it Terry hasn't seen Annie considering Ryan's condo is visible to all that pass by? Instead, we have Terry running off to Ireland with Aidan's "men" in tow. I don't much care for Annie with or without Ryan. She definitely resembles Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) as I've heard from several fans. There is also the rumor that Greenlee may return, but I hope not. I feel sure that would only add to the Spike DNA story and not in a good way. Another unnecessary plot, Josh can just pilot a plane out of the airport --- no flight plan, ground crew, etc. Of course, he forgot to check the fuel level and soon he and Babe will crash --- land. We all know they'll both survive so why even go there?

The Age Game!

Del allows Colby into the club even though she's not of age. Does he not know ConFusion could be shut down for that violation? Of course if that's an issue what about Danielle as she's not 21 either? Adam is taking an interest in Colby's life and boy issues. The thing I really dislike is the portrayal of Liza being a horrible mother for YEARS. Liza was never a bad parent and quit doubling (or more) the ages of the children for the sole purpose of a plot device.

Well this is my birthday weekend so I'm out of here but keep those opinions and emails coming. I'll be back in 2 weeks!!


Mary Page
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