All My Children Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on AMC

The second paternity test for Spike revealed that he was indeed Ryan's son. Josh finally learned that Erica was his biological mother. Josh later took off in his private jet with Babe, unaware that the jet was low on fuel. Jack heard Jonathan give Erin advice in his normal voice.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Lily and Jonathan were still at Aidan's office. Lily was very upset over seeing T. She rocked back and forth and continually called T a bad man. Jonathan tried to assure her T was gone for good. Aidan then came back in and announced T got away. Jonathan was annoyed at Aidan for ambushing Lily with T. Aidan apologized, but said he had to. Aidan proceeded to call Chief Frye and report T. Chief Frye came over immediately and walked in at the same time as Di. Aidan explained the situation to both of them. Di was shocked. Lily voiced concern that T was still out there. Jonathan told her he would protect her no matter what. Then, Chief Frye questioned Lily. She reluctantly revealed how T got her drunk and propositioned sex. Chief Frye thanked Lily for the information and then ordered a search for T, or as he called him, the dirt bag. Chief Frye and the two other officers left. Di scolded Aidan for not believing her earlier about T and her friend, Annie. Aidan apologized and asked if she knew where Annie was. She did not know. Aidan wanted to find Annie so he could warn her about T. He also intended to make things up to Annie and Lily. Di offered to help find Annie. Jonathan heard this and looked worried.

Ryan stood in Kendall's condo with the DNA results in his hand. He suggested to Kendall they burn the results because they did not matter; he would always be Spike's father. Kendall had to see the results. She believed not knowing was worse than knowing. Ryan slowly opened the envelope and read the results. Finally, he smiled and said, "Congratulate me, I'm a father!" Kendall screamed out thank God! They hugged intensely and Ryan picked her up! Meanwhile, Zach walked in and saw this. He assumed they got good news from the test. He congratulated Ryan and grabbed a bottle of champagne. Kendall said this was the best day ever. Ryan stated there would be many more to come. Kendall agreed that the day they caught JR for murdering Dr. Madden would be amazing. Zach looked at her grimly, but proceeded with his toast. He raised his glass and toasted Kendall, Ryan, and Spike. Ryan added the ConFusion opening. Kendall added a life without fears, doubts, and suspicions. She stated anything related to Dr. Madden was in the past. Zach and Ryan looked at each other uncomfortably. Kendall then asked them to swear they had nothing to do with Dr. Madden's murder. Ryan suddenly put down his glass and said he had to leave. After he left, Zach told Kendall she deserved this and kissed her neck. They began to kiss passionately as they moved to the couch. Then, Spike started to cry. They ignored it for a minute, but had to stop eventually. Kendall prepared a bottle and Zach fed the baby. As Zach held him, Kendall said she always wanted their life to be this peaceful. Zach promised it would be.

Babe stood in David's cabin with the receiver in her hands. She proclaimed it was exactly what the police were looking for in her home. This made Babe accuse her father of killing Dr. Madden and planting evidence to frame JR. David was confused and inquired what the evidence was. She told him he always wanted to be a good dad and this was his chance. He denied any involvement in the murder. He then explained the receiver belonged to his ex-wife, Anna, and was property of the Pine Valley Police Department. He asked when she would stop defending JR and reminded her of all the times he lied to her. He then said the real question was who she was going to believe, him or JR. Babe admitted she had doubts about JR. Babe said she was torn. If she left JR and he was innocent, it would be the worst mistake of her life. On the other hand, if he was guilty, she could not imagine living and procreating with a lying murderer. She said she needed to know who killed Dr. Madden. David claimed he knew and sadly announced it was not JR. He claimed Zach did it, even though he had no proof. Babe thought David wanted it to be Zach, so he could have Dixie to himself. She asserted she only wanted the truth. David said she could rely on him. Babe retorted he was only out for himself. He clarified he wanted to help her. She yelled she did not believe him or anyone else! Babe ran outside and began to cry!

Krystal and JR were in Little Adam's bedroom. JR had the CD in his hand and asked for Krystal's help. He explained someone was after his family and the only way to stop them was to fight back. Krystal was confused about JR's weapon, the CD. JR then let her listen to Dr. Madden's final words. She was astonished over the content, especially Josh being Erica's son. She asked how he got the CD. JR told her it was planted and Babe hid it so he would not get in trouble. Krystal was annoyed JR found the CD against Babe's wishes. Then, she asked who he thought set him up. JR thought many people had motive, such as Zach, Ryan, David, and especially Erica because of Josh. Krystal suggested he let the police handle this. JR told her they were the same because they would do whatever it took to protect their family. At first, Krystal was skeptical, but JR persisted this protection was warranted. He even swore on his son's life he did not kill Dr. Madden. Krystal seemed convinced and asked who did it. JR did not know. He continued to state his case. He believed Erica and Kendall would never let up on Babe and the CD would ultimately shut them up. Nevertheless, he was worried Babe would be angry if he went public with the CD. He asked Krystal what to do. Krystal said, "I know how to skin this cat." Regardless, JR sensed she was against going public. Krystal clarified she was against people hurting Babe. She encouraged JR to light the fuse and run like hell to protect his family. JR implored her to help Babe understand and she agreed. She also said the fallout would be terrible, but he should pull the trigger and destroy Josh.

Josh walked into Joe's office to find Joe and Jeff inside. Josh announced he was giving his notice. Joe asked if he was sure. He affirmed he needed to take the job in Geneva and leave Pine Valley. Then, Josh confessed he made the mistake with the asthma patient, not Julia. He said he purposely blamed Julia and admitted his behavior was unacceptable. Joe agreed, but believed Dr. Madden's murder clouded Josh's judgment. Jeff asked if they could do anything to make him stay. He reiterated his need to go and apologized for letting them down. Joe urged Jeff to tell Josh. Josh inquired if it was about the hospital. Jeff said it was not and made Josh promise to see him before he left.

Josh walked into Erica's office. She was surprised to see him. Josh explained he came to say goodbye and told her about his new job in Geneva. She asked if he could leave when there were so many unanswered questions involving his father's death. He said at first he wanted to find the killer more than anything; however, after finding out the awful truth about Dr. Madden, he no longer cared. He believed the further he went, the less chance he would have of becoming his father. Then, he apologized to Erica and turned to leave. Erica yelled for him not to go! She reminisced about the first day he confidently walked into her office and announced himself as her next producer. Erica said she did not want to see that Josh disappear. He stated it was an act and he was really a fool. Erica asserted he was not like his father. Josh disagreed because he carried his genes. Erica said Dr. Madden fooled many people, so he should not feel badly. Josh maintained he did not fool Erica. He then asked her to say goodbye to Kendall and his brother, Spike, for him. Josh joked he probably had hundreds of other siblings all over the world. Finally, he sincerely apologized to Erica for all his wrongdoings. Erica said it was not his fault. He said he was sorry again. Erica said she knew and he left. Afterwards, Ryan came in. He revealed the good news to Erica. Erica was glad Spike had the father he deserved. Nevertheless, she looked upset. Ryan asked her what was wrong. She told him about Josh's departure. Ryan stated this was what she wanted all along. Erica was aware of this, but regretted how wounded Josh was, due to his father. Ryan assured her Josh would be fine. Erica explained she wanted to give Josh a good father, like Kendall gave Spike. On the other hand, if she gave him a good father, she would also be giving him a mother who never wanted him born. She knew Josh loved his mother dearly and did not want to take that away. Ryan agreed it was a tough choice, but felt it was Erica and Jeff's decision alone. Erica admitted she desired a relationship with Josh recently, but was still conflicted. Ryan reassured her she would make the right decision. Erica told him to go home to Spike. He said he missed his son already. They hugged and Ryan said he would always be there for her. Erica said Spike was very lucky and Ryan left. Jeff then walked in. Erica stated she already knew Josh was leaving town. Jeff asked, "Do we tell him or not?"

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Before the opening of ConFusion, Erica told Jeff and Jack that she wanted Josh in her life, but she didn't want to stand in the way of his opportunity in Geneva. Jeff said that in telling Josh they very well may be taking more from him than they would be giving him. They decided that it was best not to tell Josh the truth. As he packed his things and left the hospital you could almost see the sadness and loneliness Josh was feeling.

It was all about opening night in Pine Valley as ConFusion threw a gala rivaling any Hollywood party. VH-1 and all the press were there to interview the beautiful people ie, Erica Kane who walked the red carpet. She and Jack saw Josh trying to get in and Erica took him in with her. As the party got started, Kendall introduced Rhianna and she took the stage and began to sing.

Willow, the manager of ConFusion went into the office and found Lily and Jonathan in there working. She then called them dork and moron and told them to get out of the office, but not before Kendall heard the whole thing and fired her. After she learned that Simone had shingles and there was no food for the bash, Kendall told Amanda that she was just promoted to manager and to take care of everything. Amanda came through with the food and the doors to ConFusion were opened.

Colby, in true form, tried to sneak in and pass herself off as 21. Danielle told her to go home but she found Josh and tried to talk him into getting her inside. He said he was just there to take a last look at the people of Pine Valley. Later, Del takes over the door for Dani and Colby talked him into letting her inside.

Erin was all over Jamal for the benefit of Aidan who was at the bar. He took the bottle, went outside and was swigging from it. Di came out and took a few sips and they started playing cards. Di said she sucked at cards and parties and asked when she was going to get lucky. Aidan told Di he had sworn off love and she asked if they could do something else instead of playing cards. Jonathan sternly told Erin to go find Aidan and tell him that she wanted him back.

Josh told Babe he was leaving and that he still wanted her to go with him. He said that he cared about her and she gave him a sweet kiss goodbye. (By the way, J.R. saw the kiss)

J.R. and Jamie had their heads together at the opening and J.R. showed Jamie the CD with Maddens voice on it. He told Jamie that when Josh got there, he was in for the surprise of his life. Babe found JR. and when she hugged him she felt the CD in his pocket. She asked what it was and Jamie explained that it was a disk he made for Julia. Babe walked off and J.R. thanked Jamie for saving him. Later, J.R. goes to Jamie and gets the disk. He goes to the sound equipment and suddenly you hear Greg Madden's voice begging for his life. Everyone is shocked at what they are hearing and Josh realized it was his father. They hear Madden saying that this could all be Erica's doing, but swearing that she will never break him.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ryan was pushing Spike in a stroller. He opened the door and Annie was standing on the other side with a chimney poker. After she realized it was Ryan, she apologized and called herself the houseguest from hell. Ryan laughed it off and Spike began to cry. Annie asked if he needed any help, but he said he had it under control. Ryan held Spike and talked to him, but Spike would not stop crying. Finally, Ryan asked for Annie's help. Annie held Spike and within seconds, the baby stopped crying. Soon after, Spike was asleep in his crib. Ryan was very grateful. He then noticed Annie looked upset. She reminisced about how desperate T was to have a daughter. She was annoyed with herself for not noticing T's problem earlier. Ryan reassured her there was no way for her to know. Annie also expressed her guilt in ruining Erin's love life. Ryan believed Erin and Aidan would eventually get back together. He proceeded to get out a martini shaker and made some drinks. Annie asked what he was doing. He explained that since she could not go to the bar opening, he was going to make her ConFusion's signature drink. He handed her the pink martini and began to toast. Annie stopped him and said it was bad luck not to look the other person in the eye while toasting. She told him the consequence was seven years of no sex. Ryan and her laughed, looked into each other's eyes, touched glasses, and took a sip.

Di and Aidan were outside in the woods. They held onto each other tightly. Aidan asked Di if she was ready and Di looked nervous. Then, they jumped. The two of them were shown hanging upside down and it was apparent they bungee jumped. Aidan proceeded to cut them loose and they went into the river. Meanwhile, back at ConFusion, Erin went up to the roof to find Aidan, but only saw an empty bottle of liquor. She went downstairs and quickly ran back outside in a state of turmoil. Jonathan saw this and chased after her. He began to speak to her in his normal voice. He told Erin to go find Aidan and tell him the truth. Erin believed she blew it for good by making out with Jamal in front of him. Jonathan reprimanded her for always taking care of everyone else but herself. Erin was convinced and decided to search for Aidan. Then, Lily came looking for Jonathan to help her in the office. Jonathan looked nervous she heard him speaking properly, but she did not. Next, a nearby police officer got a message over his radio. It said a car had been abandoned in the woods. Erin realized the car described was Aidan's and rushed off. After she left, the voice on the radio said people were spotted bungee jumping in this area too. At this point, Aidan and Di were back on land. Di was exhilarated and yelling with excitement. Aidan was surprised she did it and enjoyed it so much. Di said she forgot who Di Henry was over the past year, but reunited with her again tonight. She said this night was all about her. Aidan joked that she looked like she wanted to go again. He then offered to take the rest of her equipment off. He did so and then told Di her dress was ruined. Di said it was ugly anyway and began to take it off. It got stuck over her head and Aidan helped get it off. They then looked at each other and began to kiss passionately. Di took off Aidan's shirt and he picked her up. Just as they lay on the ground, Erin walked up and saw them. She stood silently and watched in horror.

Meanwhile, the tape of Dr. Madden's last words was still playing at ConFusion. He began to discuss his relationship with Erica. He stated she did drug him when he was on her show and accused her of burying him. Erica asked Jack to stop the tape. Jack went to the sound booth, but it was locked. He asked Del to find a spare key for the door. Del and Jonathan went into the office to look. Lily asked what was wrong and Jonathan told her not to worry. She handed Del a set of keys. Del brought them to Jack. Jack exclaimed there were fifty keys on the chain and began to try each one. Then, Chief Frye walked in and heard Dr. Madden's gruesome words. He continued to accuse Erica, along with other Pine Valley residents, like David and Zach. Chief Frye approached Babe and JR. Babe told him he was not invited, but he said he received an anonymous invite. JR admitted he invited Chief Frye and that he played the CD. He also said the CD was planted in his home and Babe hid it before Chief Frye searched his house. Babe explained she hid it because she wanted to protect JR and also Josh from being hurt. David then walked over and congratulated JR on playing the CD. He said it was very Chandler and a shame that Adam missed it. JR said he was sick of being the #1 suspect and urged Chief Frye to investigate everyone else. Chief Frye asked to question David, but told JR he was not done with him yet. After they left, Babe expressed her anger with JR. Jamie then joined the conversation and said JR had to do it. Babe thought they did it purely to shred Josh. Jamie told her to get her priorities straight and Babe walked away. JR thanked Jamie for standing up for him, but admitted he was not sure Jamie would after hearing the CD. Jamie said he wished JR told him in advance. JR explained he was worried Jamie would not have let him go through with it otherwise. Jamie understood. Julia then came to check on Jamie. He was not happy to be Josh's cousin and assumed Joe and Jeff already knew. Julia thought that explained their behavior at the hospital. Meanwhile, Erica and Josh listened in horror to Dr. Madden's words. Erica begged Kendall to get Josh out of the bar. Kendall tried to get Josh to leave, but he refused. Dr. Madden then announced Josh was Erica and Jeff's son. As Erica walked over to Josh, he recalled all the times Erica and Jeff acted oddly with him. Josh went to leave, but Kendall stopped him. She told him to stay and listen to the facts. He agreed to hear Erica out and the three went on the roof. Erica told Josh it was true, she was his mother. Kendall said she related to his situation and could help him realize he was still the same Josh. Josh asked Kendall if she ordered another DNA test. She said yes and that Ryan was the father. Josh was glad. Erica asked Josh to leave with her, so she could find Jeff and they could explain everything to him. Josh said he heard enough and left the roof. Erica followed him, but Chief Frye was waiting for her. He said he needed to question her about the poisoning and Dr. Madden's death. On the other side of the room, Amanda was talking to Julia. Amanda could not believe how twisted Dr. Madden really was. Julia also told her how he used his own sperm for inseminations. Amanda said she felt so stupid. Julia assured her she was lucky because he never got the chance to violate her. Over at the bar, Danielle was so flustered by many patrons leaving, she ordered a chocolate martini from Jamal. He said no because she was not 21. She explained she worked for Fusion and employed him. He laughed and revealed he was her long lost cousin. She was shocked and asked if her Aunt Livia was happy to have him back in town. He said she did not know. He asked Danielle not to tell her because he wanted to surprise his mother. Colby was also at the bar, talking to a random guy. He offered to give Colby a ride to a beach party, but Del heard and looked suspicious of the situation. Meanwhile, Josh asked the valet to get his car. Babe followed Josh outside, but JR chased her down. JR told Babe she would understand what he did in time. He said to let Josh go. Babe asserted she would not let Josh leave alone and called for Josh to wait for her. Josh and Babe left together and JR stood there alone.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

As Ryan comforts his son after a feeding, he says that he would have loved him and raised him as his own even if Greg had been proven to be the biological father. As Annie listens in from the shadows, he starts to say more, but then changes his mind - noting that the only thing of importance is that Greg is rotting in hell. After a few moments, a burp and the beginning of another bottle, Annie emerges into the living room. After some small talk, Annie notes that he and Spike's mom have an unusual setup. Ryan agrees, and tells her that it has a happy ending. When Annie inquires why, Ryan tells her that for a time, they believed that Spike had a different father. To Ryan's surprise, Annie mentions Greg's name - but when asked if she knows him, she tells him that she just heard him mention the name. She asks why everyone hates Greg, and Ryan tells her that he ruined a lot of lives before passed on.

Dixie and Zach arrive at the storage facility in Philadelphia, having been tipped off by the slip of paper that Josh bequeathed to them. Before they enter the unit, Dixie asks why he hadn't mentioned that she almost wrecked his marriage the last time they were together. Zach assures her that she didn't ruin anything for him or Kendall, and he tells her that everyone does things they later regret. He then tells her that friends forgive one another - and nudges by her so that he can open the door to Greg's locked shed. Once he does, they find a bunch of boxes and a picture of Erica perched atop the tallest stack. Zach pulls down a box for them to look through. Initially, they find a few albums but after flipping a couple of pages, Zach thinks they are standard photo albums of Josh growing up. In Dixie's book, she notices that there is something off: Greg compared Josh's photos with Erica's. She tells Zach that she thinks perhaps Greg didn't just want Erica's child - he wanted her clone. They continue to search, and after a few minutes, Dixie comes upon one with a myriad of pictures. There are no names but there are numbers on the back of each image. Zach surmises that there has to be a list with corresponding information. Dixie thinks that while the children may be ones that Greg helped to create - there is a possibility that some might be children that he took. If so, there is a chance that Kate is included. Zach helps to clear off a surface, and they get to work. Dixie picks out the photos that are possible matches for her daughter. She mournfully notes that because she only got a brief look at Kate, it's possible that she could go unrecognized. Zach then turns fully to the table with a handful of books. Dixie inquires into what he has found, and Zach tells her that the journals don't have names but that they are organized by exact date. They find the date of Kate's birth and see only one entry - an entry describing a Caucasian girl that was born healthy despite the trauma the birth mother suffered in the accident. They start to flip through the rest of the book to see if there is anything else and suddenly find a list of names - but the one that could have contained Kate's name was torn out. Frustrated, Dixie throws the journal against the wall. Zach tells her that she shouldn't give up, and she promises that she will persevere. He tells her that Greg wasn't as smart as he thought, and that they will go through every box in the unit until they find Kate.

In the aftermath of the public airing of Greg's final recording, Derek insists that Erica come down to his office for questioning. Jack interjects that unless Erica is under arrest, she is under no obligation to comply with his request. Derek tells her that he can certainly read off her rights. Distressed because every moment at ConFusion is a moment less that she has to look for Josh, Erica is lost as to what to do. Amanda approaches them just then and suggests that they use the club offices to conduct questioning. After a moment, Erica realizes that this is the best case scenario, and the quartet exits en masse, leaving only Kendall behind. Moments later, JR smugly descends the short staircase, eliciting angry words from Kendall. She blasts him for playing the disc, irate that he tried to destroy her family in the name of protecting his own. She insists that there is no way that her mother could be guilty of Greg's murder. JR tells her that if she thinks she can prove that assertion, she should hurry up and do so - but he doesn't believe that she can. All of her buttons pushed, Kendall pushes JR to the floor, knocking a table on top of him in the process. She steps on the table's support, pushing the weight into JR's stomach. She reminds him that whatever pain he is currently feeling is nothing compared to the pile of bricks he knocked over on her - especially since he is still conscious. Erin and Jamie rush over to JR's rescue - Jamie picking Kendall up so that JR can rise from the floor. As Jamie reminds her that she can't change what has happened, Kendall vehemently announces that she will not let JR get away with destroying her family again. Jamie drags her a few feet away and puts her down only when she says that she has calmed down. In the interim, a few folks pick up the mess caused by the dumped table and help JR to his feet. David saunters over and verbally applauds Kendall for her attack, the commentary distracting enough to allow Kendall to slip away. As he slurps down some water, Kendall re-approaches JR from behind the bar and tells him that his stunt turned the heat up on himself, as there is no way to explain how he just "happened" to have that disc. Incensed, JR tells her that the real reason Kendall is so upset is because she can't stomach that her husband is the real murderer. He then tells her that the reason Zach backed off of him was as a favor to his mother, who he had become very close with. This sets Kendall off again and she smashes a vase on the floor. Jamie jumps to action once more and holds her back. JR unflinchingly asks if she even knows where her husband is, and Kendall fires back that he should really spend his time worrying about where his wife is.

Kendall, having left the party, arrives at the courtyard in front of her condo. She leaves a fifth message on Zach's cell phone, asking him to call her back and let her know that he's alive.

Ryan fills Annie in on the back story, and Annie appropriately notes how grotesque Greg's behavior was. Just then, Kendall bursts in unannounced and demands to know who Annie is. Brief introductions ensue, and then Annie excuses herself and returns to bed. Ryan tells Kendall that Annie just arrived but Kendall negates that, saying that she saw Annie when she arrived - she just didn't know who she was or how long she'd be staying. Ryan thinks Kendall was spying but she simply chalks it up to their shared courtyard and the need to know who will be around her son at any given time. She asks how well he knows Annie, and Ryan tells her that he is willing to help out Annie whenever she needs it. He then tells her that he has told her all that she needs to know and that she should trust him. Irritated, Kendall informs him that Zach said the same thing to her when she called him out about his secret friendship with Dixie. She then blasts the two adult men in her life for never trusting that she could possibly help them out. Ryan tries to tell her that she didn't need to take on that responsibility, but Kendall ignores him and roughly segues into the details of what happened at the opening. Ryan is completely taken aback by Greg's revelations and accusations, and Kendall tells him that she is concerned that perhaps Zach and Dixie are close enough to commit murder together. As she gets ready to leave with Spike, Ryan assures her that although Zach and Dixie hated Madden, there is no way in the world they would have killed him. After she leaves, Annie reenters the living room and tells Ryan that she doesn't want to be any trouble. Ryan tells her that Kendall has a lot more going on in her head than the visage of the two of them together. Outside, Kendall attempts to call Zach one more time.

Up in the office, Derek asks if Erica poisoned Greg, or if she was involved in his being buried alive. She answers in the negative in quick succession to both, and asks if they are done. Derek maintains that they have more to discuss, and asks if the information about her relation to Josh was true. She reluctantly confirms as much, and Derek notes that the information provides a good motive. Erica asserts that both she and Josh were Greg's victims, not the other way around. She then pleads with him to let her go, as she feels that Josh is sorely in need. Before she can go, David enters the office and says that he thought that he could assist with the questioning. He announces that he was Greg's cardiologist at the time of his heart attack, and that after a tox screen was run - it revealed that it was brought about in direct relation to an ingested drug. He toys with them for a bit longer, and then announces that Greg poisoned himself by attempting to self-medicate. Derek isn't buying it but David tells him that Greg isn't the first doctor to try to treat himself and get it wrong. Erica interrupts, saying that if she was really guilty of the crime, there is no way that she would have kept the recording, let alone played it in such a way as to reveal her secret and decimate Josh in public. She goes on to note that Greg himself drugged her on the night he disappeared, leaving her unconscious until the following morning. Derek asks if she knows of anyone that could corroborate her story, and she reveals that Babe found her the next morning on the park bench. She then says that she has given Derek everything she knows that could possibly help his investigation - and that the only thing that she is guilty of is misplaced trust in her doctor. Derek starts to confirm some facts of her story, and a distraught Erica reminds him that she is desperate to leave and find her son. He tells her to stay in town in case he needs to talk to her again, and takes his leave. As he exits, Jeff Martin takes his place in the room, telling Jack and Erica he heard about the recording on the radio. Erica tells him that despite how horrible that is, what makes it worse is that Josh was present, heard about his true parentage, and she confirmed it. Jeff asks if she knows where Josh is, but she tells him that since then, she'd been holed up in the office. She insists that they need to find him.

On the floor, Jamie tells Julia that despite all of the crimes that Greg committed, the police are focusing on his brother. Julia tells him that JR can fend for himself and not to worry. As they reach a table, the obnoxious interns from the hospital spot them and make some rude comments. They walk away snickering, and Jamie starts to follow them and teach them a lesson. Julia tells him to calm down. Jamie tells her that it won't happen, and Julia takes that as a challenge she can't resist. They move to the side but when Jamie doesn't respond to her kisses, she thinks she has lost her touch. Jamie assures her that her beliefs are not true, and wonders aloud why she isn't more concerned about what happened. Julia tells him that she understands that JR is his family, and that she is fine with whatever he needs to do as long as he comes out of it okay. He tells her that he could be better, and draws her into a more realistic kiss. Not long after, they decide that they need to remove themselves from the public eye.

Krystal and Adam arrive in search of Colby and quickly find JR. They ask if she had been spotted there, and JR tells him that he and Babe saw her earlier and sent her home. Adam takes off to look for her, and Krystal asks after her daughter. JR tells her that he doesn't know where she is - but he does know that she is with Josh. Although JR is determined to be defeated, Krystal promises that Babe loves him. Krystal then reminds him that she said she would go to bat for him, and that she would make sure to find Babe - and bring her home.

On the other side of the bar, Adam questions Del about Colby's whereabouts. Del informs Adam that he tried to send her home after she flashed Babe's ID to try to get served. Jamal confirms that Colby wasn't served a drop in ConFusion. Del then says that he thought he heard Colby talking to a frat boy about a beach party, and dismayed, Adam prepares to leave.

Josh and Babe arrive at the airport and enter Greg's private plane. While Babe's back is turned, Josh closes the door and locks them in. When she asks about his plan, Josh simply tells her that she should sit down, buckle up and prepare for the ride of her life. He flippantly goes through some mock safety precautions, and then asks her where she wants to go. He is only mildly surprised when she says that she wants to go home. He remembers that she would want to take her son with her, and tells her that she should bring their passports as well. Upset, Babe tells him that he can't run from his problems in this way - instead, she tells him that she wants to help him work though it all. Josh tells her that what they are really dealing with is another mess that JR made that has landed Babe on clean up crew again - doing damage control. He then asks how long it will be until JR pushes her over the edge. Babe admits that she hates what JR did to him and to Erica, and that she didn't follow him to clean up any messes. Babe tells him that she wants to help him, as a friend, in Pine Valley. Josh reminds her that he doesn't have a bunch of wonderful memories of the town, and Babe notes that despite the fact that Erica tried to get rid of him and his "father" continually tried to break him so that he would be what Greg wanted, he survived. He tells Babe in the movie his life had to be based on, a wife was made for the miracle creation. He asks Babe to fill the role and lays a kiss on her. He then breaks off the kiss and insinuates that he wants something more. She is offended that even though she is offering him much needed support, all Josh wants is to get her into bed. She turns and starts to walk but broken, Josh begs her not to leave.

Krystal attempts to call her daughter from her phone, believing Babe will pick up because she thinks Krystal is babysitting their son. The call rings through once and suddenly Babe is on the other end. Assuring her that her son is fine, Krystal then says that she went to the Fusion party and ran into JR. After hearing what he did, she thought that perhaps they could talk. Furious, Babe tells her mother that she doesn't want to talk to or about JR at the moment, and hangs up. JR asks if Babe clued into where she was, and Krystal denies it - but says that she heard a plane taking off in the background. They agree to head to the airport.

On the plane, a frustrated Babe throws her phone and says that the last thing that she needs is her mother and husband banding together. Josh apologizes for ruining her life, but Babe tells him that she doesn't blame him. He then says that she is the only friend he has, and he really needs her. He asks if she would go with him to an airport diner or the like so that they can talk, and Babe agrees. She says that for as awful as things seem now, she has faith that he will come through it stronger than he was before. He tells her that there is something he wanted from the plane, and asks her to wait for him while he retrieves it. He goes into the cockpit, locks the door, and starts the plane before Babe realizes what happened. She immediately starts to bang on the door, demanding that Josh power down.

A frantic JR and Krystal arrive at the airport and ask where Madden's plane can be found. The pilot apologizes and says they are too late - as Madden's plane was cleared for takeoff.

Adam arrives at the beach and tries to ask a man running by if he'd seen anyone fitting Colby's description. That attempt a bust, Adam has but a few precious moments to think of his next move when he hears Colby's laughter fill the air. He unearths her hiding place and upon spotting him, Colby notes that he looks like he could use a drink - and offers him a beer.

The sound of a small girl's voice interrupts Ryan's conversation with Annie, and she calls her daughter into the living room. As the young towhead enters the room, the frame morphs into a shot of her picture lying on the table of the storage unit - with Dixie and Zach working above it.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Aidan and Di have a brief make out session in the dark of the office before deciding that they need to shower together. Their plans are interrupted when Tad enters and floods the room with light. Tad tries to make a joke to alleviate the awkwardness of the situation but to no avail. He tells the duo that he simply wanted to make an appearance since he'd been out of the loop for so long - but that it could wait until tomorrow. He starts to leave, but Aidan stops him - wondering if he had any leads on Kate. The ringing phone prevents Tad from answering, but understanding the look on Aidan's face, he promises not to take off while Aidan ascertains who is calling. Aidan takes the phone off the hook and confirms that Terry is the man that was stalking Lily. He wraps up his phone call just as Tad asks Di where the current situation leaves their relationship. Di suggests that Aidan tell Lily the good news, and Aidan asks her if he can drop her off at home on the way. She tells him she has some unfinished business, and Aidan takes his leave. Once alone, Di briefly explains that Aidan and Erin aren't seeing each other anymore - and further, that the events of the night weren't planned or deeply meaningful. Tad stops her, noting that he practically kicked her out of his life, and therefore has no right to demand explanations. Di tells him that it was never about not loving him. Tad says that he understands, and then tells her that he isn't her problem anymore. She tells him that he was never a problem - he was the first person she ever really loved. The only problem was that she tried too hard to make herself important and to make it work that she kept her eyes shut and refused to believe that he was never really hers to begin with. He tells her that she is important and became many great things to him. She admits that she didn't like all of the people that she tried to be, and her best bet would be to slow down, let go and find her real self. He tells her that he is still her biggest fan, and she thanks him for all he taught her about love. They kiss lightly one last time before they part ways.

Irritated at the position in which he found his daughter, Adam insists that she get her clothes on and return home with him immediately. Colby, ever the rebellious teen, is duly unimpressed. She offers her father a beer to take the edge off. The frat guy, mistaking Adam for some random old guy, tells him to get a move on, and Adam needs no further urging. He informs the guy about his massive amounts of money and holdings, and just how much influence he has over the police and the courts. Adam then tells the guy Colby's true age, and that if he doesn't leave, he'll be spending time in jail. He takes off quickly, beer in hand, and Colby is infuriated. Not believing that her father could do such a thing, she insists that she was just trying to make new friends. Adam tells her that she can do that without taking her clothes off, and that her recent rash of wrongdoings (stealing Babe's ID, let alone drinking alcohol in a newly established club) will land her in hot water. Trying a different tack, Colby apologizes for her behavior, insisting that she didn't know any better, because Liza kept her on such a short leash. Uncomfortably, Adam tells his young daughter that there are laws against what she did. To his dismay, she acts incredulous, and then hopeful, believing that now, she can learn all about how to make friends and details about sex from her father. She continues to bombard her father with all manner of questions, making him more uncomfortable by the second. He tells her that he will buy her a book on the basics that she can read while she is locked in her room. At that pronouncement, Colby turns the guilt on high, noting that her father probably never noticed that she was gone - and that he let Liza steal her. Adam tries to tell her that he spent a lot of money and resources trying to find her, but because they never left the continent, Colby doesn't think he actually tried very hard. Feigning a wounded status, Colby brokenly tells him that she is going back to her mother. Unwilling to let that happen, Adam stops her in her tracks. He tells her that she can't leave because he loves her and she will never know how much he missed her. Giving in, she tells him that she loves him as well - and then has a brilliant idea. Her new way to meet friends is to have a sweet 16 party. Adam agrees to it if he can be on the guest list, and Colby promises to pull some strings.

Despite his wife's urging, Jack drives the speed limit due to fog. Erica worries that Josh will go through with his plans to leave town immediately, never return to Pine Valley. Jack asks if she has any ideas about where Josh could have gone, but the only clue that Erica has is that Babe ran after him. With Jeff checking the hospital, and the Valley Inn already crossed off their list, Erica notes that they could check cheap motels. Before that idea can be given much thought, she spots tail lights up ahead and hopes that their search is at an end.

Along a darkened road, Dixie and Zach make their way back to Pine Valley. Dixie pores over the photos, thinking that any number of the young girls could be her daughter. Suddenly, they hear a thump and Zach slams on the brakes.

Jack apologizes to Erica for the delay that his rear-ending will cause them. Both the couple, and Zach and Dixie, have a few choice words about how stupid a driver would have to be to have this kind of an accident. When they come face to face, Zach smugly asks if Jackson is accustomed to driving. He then notes that driving 101 states that you shouldn't tailgate. Erica interrupts and says, as she looks icily at Dixie, that marriage 101 states that you shouldn't drive around in the dark with a woman who is not your wife. Dixie tries to clear up the situation by saying that Zach got a tip about her daughter at the ConFusion party, and that they were returning from a storage facility that Greg kept in Philadelphia. She is sure that Erica would understand, as Greg Madden is the last person that Erica would want to get away with another crime. Her own version of realization dawning, Erica surmises that because Zach wasn't at the hospital when Kendall awoke from the coma, that must mean that the two of them are responsible for burying Greg alive. She further posits that they are the ones that made the recording that would become Greg's deathbed confessions, and that Dixie gave the recording to JR. Dixie is at a loss, not knowing what recording Erica is referring to. Unstoppable, Erica irately accuses Dixie of playing fast and loose with secrets that are not her own. Erica goes on to explain what happened that evening at the opening, and Dixie immediately asks if there was anything on the disc that would help her in her search. Erica is offended that Dixie would presume to think that her search is more important. Jack tries to calm his wife down, saying that doing so would only aid in finding Josh. She breathes deeply and then, while looking pointedly at Zach, asks if they have any idea who might have planted the CD on JR. Dixie explains that she and Zach have an agreement, where Zach promised not to go after JR anymore. She then lays into Erica, telling her that all of her problems didn't start with Zach or JR - they started with Greg Madden. She asks what caused her not to come forward with what she knew earlier, which would have undoubtedly spared everyone pain. With no answers, Erica throws the question back at Dixie - saying that she could have achieved the same result if she had revealed her story about Kate. Jack finally intervenes and says they should stop bickering and go home. They go their separate ways, and once back in the car, Dixie apologizes to Zach for going over the line with Erica. She acknowledges the venom that Erica harbors for her, and notes that Kendall probably feels the same way. Zach tells her not to let those things distract her from her goal. She thanks him for being such a great friend, and tells him that it's now time for her to look for her daughter on her own. Zach tells her that he won't have done enough until Kate is located. Dixie worries about what his dedication will cost him, but he tells her not to be concerned.

JR returns to an empty ConFusion and calls out to see if his wife returned. He thinks back to when he last saw her, when she promised Josh she would accompany him. JR hopes aloud that Babe didn't board the Madden aircraft. Lost, he finds himself staring down all of the liquor bottles behind the bar. Moments later, Erin joins JR and is immediately incensed that he returned to the club. She tells him that after his stunt, the opening night and the closing night of ConFusion became one and the same. She offers him a bottle of champagne, thinking it is his prop of choice when he has a date with disaster. JR tells her that he doesn't need booze anymore to wreak havoc...which is evident by the fact that he believes he destroyed his marriage. He explains how what he did was to protect his family, and Erin asks if Josh was collateral damage. He tells her that with Josh flirting with his wife for months on end, having him gone was a bonus. The only problem is that he didn't anticipate that Babe would go with Josh. Erin deduces that JR has an impulse problem. JR agrees somewhat, and notes that although he thought things through this time, he learned that he doesn't need booze to screw things up. He asks Erin if she can offer any words of advice but she tells him that relationships are not her forte. He tells her that there is no way another guy wouldn't notice how gorgeous she is, but Erin admits that she thinks she had her chance and lost it. She tells him that she is a late bloomer, but she knows what it's like to fumble away the person that you love. At that moment, Aidan comes through the door. Tentatively, Erin asks if Aidan has time to talk. He blows her off, saying that he needs to find Jonathan. She tells him where her brother is, and Aidan takes off. Erin turns suddenly, knocking a glass on to the floor, breaking it into numerous pieces. JR, having watched the exchange, tells her that he thinks she is still fumbling. Alone again, she confesses to JR what she saw on the beach and how amazed she is that she could be replaced so easily. Then, looking at his face, she notes aloud that he thinks Babe has landed with someone else too. JR tells her that he told his wife that the only thing that mattered to him was her heart and her truth. Now, he tells Erin, he just needs to wait and see whose truth will fly with Babe.

Babe begs Josh to stop the aircraft and return to the terminal, but he tells her that it's too late and they are going too fast to turn back. Instead of going toward the back and buckling in, Babe does just that in the co-pilot's seat. She accuses him of kidnapping her, and caustically reminds him that she has told him many times that she will not walk away from JR or her little boy. Josh admits he realizes she wouldn't abandon her loved ones - and that isn't what he wants her to do. He goes on to say that he just needed to get away from Pine Valley - where his life was caving in around him. He tells her that he needed to come up for air - as far away from being buried as he could. He then says that of all of the people that heard his life's secrets out loud earlier, she was the only person that really cared. He tells her that she is probably the only person in the world that cares about him right now. Babe tells him that the look he saw in her eyes was also in someone else's eyes - Erica's. Babe says that she believes Erica cares about him, but Josh doesn't think that she could know that. Babe corrects that assumption and says that because she has a son, she knows that she would have the same look in her eyes if her little boy went through anything close to what Josh went through. She tells him that the Kanes and Montgomeries are a good family: they can be hell on wheels, but that could be a good thing if they are on your side. She asks him to give them a chance, and to not leave town without talking to Erica. Josh tells her that he isn't sure that Erica wants him - he reveals that she knew months ago, at the Mardi Gras Ball, that he was her son, and did nothing. When he told her that he was leaving town for good, she didn't throw her arms around him in sorrow. Babe tells him that at the Ball, he was a different person - certainly not the kind to go to for a heart to heart. She believes he needs to give them a shot now, getting to know this new version of himself. She also tells him that if he chooses to stay in Pine Valley, she will still be his friend and sounding board whenever he has questions. He considers this, and then says that he has one question to share in the here and now: when they get back to Pine Valley, what exactly will JR do to his wife? Babe tells him that JR has a wicked streak - but that doesn't make him violent. The guy responsible for all of the evil things moved in when JR drank and the pain got to be too much. Josh tells her that he understands that she has to deal with JR because they have a son together, but can't wrap his head around why she loves him. Babe admits that she has a problem with that from time to time as well - but notes that it isn't a choice; it's just part of who she is. She doesn't know if they will make it to their next anniversary but she wants to try. Before he can comment any further, Josh takes in the view below the plane and doesn't see lights. He tells her that he will have to land on instruments, and as he checks the control panel he notices something dire - they are almost out of gas. Babe is frantic, and asks why he would take them up in the air without a full tank of gas. Josh apologizes and tells her that he wasn't thinking. He radios to the nearest airfield and informs them of their situation and is told that they aren't taking any aircraft due to the fog. Taking matters into his own hands, he tells Babe to stay buckled in as he takes the aircraft down.

Lily and Jonathan return to the offices of ConFusion, and Lily announces that she plans to pull an all-nighter, doing several of her tasks repeatedly as practice for when she is head accountant. Intuitively, Jonathan asks if Lily's reason for her change in plans is that she doesn't want to go home. Lily admits that she wants to wait until sunrise because even though Ryan's hired guards are still at their posts, she feels much safer in the office with her husband.

A short time later, Aidan shows up in the ConFusion offices, and delivers the news that Terry boarded a plane for Ireland, and that if he ever tried to come back to the States, he would be arrested. Lily is noticeably calmer, but per her usual, she asks for more details about what would happen if Terry did try to come back. Aidan tells her that it is unlikely because he has a friend in Ireland who will be watching Terry's every move, while state-side, Aidan will be doing whatever he can to make sure Terry is put away for good. Nerves soothed, Lily announces that she would like to go home.

Upset that her love life is so off kilter, Erin turns to the bottle, saying that she should take a shot for every stupid decision that she ever made. She asks JR for the guy's perspective on why Aidan would hop into bed with someone else so quickly. JR tells her that sex with someone else doesn't mean that he's moved on. At that moment, Aidan comes back down the stairs, looks briefly at Erin and then heads out the door. Defeated, Erin looks to JR for some answers, and he tells her that it is quite possible that Aidan is still in love with her. JR wishes her luck in figuring out the answers she needs, and takes his leave. Jonathan watches him go, and then asks what happened with Aidan. She admits that she bombed, and asks him to tell her something nice - like, "You'll get him next time, Erin - no worries!" Somberly, Jonathan asks her just how many more chances she thinks she will get.

Arriving back at the club, Jack offers to go inside to find another ride for them if it would make Erica more comfortable. She agrees and he takes off to do her bidding. When he gets inside, he overhears Jonathan giving Erin advice on how to proceed with Aidan in a normal, unimpeded voice. Then, as Lily arrives on the scene, he witnesses Jonathan's impossible transformation back to the challenged individual that married his youngest child.

Outside, Erica softly apologizes to her only son.

On the beach, JR looks out at the ocean and asks his wife to please come home to him.

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