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Babe's investigation into Greg's murder led her to David's home. Erica was forced to tell Kendall the truth about Josh. Jamie and Julia were caught in a compromising position. Josh decided to leave town and asked Babe to accompany him. Lily's reaction to Terry confirmed his guilt.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Ryan was upset his houseguest was a fugitive. Erin said she was not a criminal and had a good reason to be on the run. Annie began to tell Ryan the truth. She explained her ex-husband molested young girls and she had to get their daughter away from him. Ryan asked why she could not prove this to a judge. She said it was difficult to get proof, but she knew he was a molester. Annie said he coached a soccer team and the girls acted weird around him and quit. Then, she found hundreds of pictures of little girls on his computer. After they split, he had a visitation date with their daughter, Emma. A babysitter was there too. When Annie got home, the babysitter was crying and left. The next day Annie went to talk with her. The girl said Terry got her drunk and took her virginity. He told her he gave her what she wanted and it was too late for regrets. Still, Annie could not use this in court because the girl denied it all later on. Erin said she would do whatever it took to save Annie and Emma. Annie told Ryan Terry had hired private investigators to find them. Ryan realized that Aidan was one of them. Erin admitted Ryan's assumption was correct. She could not risk losing Annie due to Aidan. Annie went upstairs to check on Emma. Erin asked why Ryan was acting so cold. Ryan thought it was possible Annie was trying to steal her child and was lying about T. He said he knew what it was like to fight for a child and could commiserate with T. Erin stated this was not the same situation as Ryan's. Ryan asked why she put Annie's needs before her own. Erin said she broke up with Aidan for his sake also. She did not want him to get into trouble over knowing Erin and Annie's relationship. She declared Annie was her responsibility and would leave with her if she had to. Ryan agreed to let her stay, even though he did not like it. Then, Ryan left and Annie and Erin talked. Annie said it was surreal living on the run, but she would do anything to protect her daughter. Annie was upset Terry was still out there and able to victimize other girls.

Jonathan and Lily were at the bar, ConFusion. Jonathan told Lily this job was much better than the one at the hospital. Then, Amanda came to tell them the bar manager wanted to check everyone out. The employees lined up and the female manager looked them over. She was pleased with her hot bartenders, Jamal and Del. She also liked Amanda as the sexy hostess. However, she thought Lily and Jonathan were too nice and was turned off by Lily's disorder. She told Jonathan he was fired because he did not make her sweat like Jamal and Del did. Lily then grabbed her phone and said she was going to call her sister to tell her why they would not be working there. Amanda told the manager her sister was Kendall Hart, cofounder of the bar. So, the manager reluctantly let them stay. Jonathan thanked Lily for standing up for him and had Amanda play music for them to dance. Meanwhile, Terry had been watching Lily the entire time she was in the bar. As Terry watched her dance, Amanda approached him. She said he was their first customer, but came too early because the bar was not open yet. She told him if he came back, it would be all he hoped for. Terry smiled and said he would have to come back to see if she was right.

JR listened to the CD and realized it was Dr. Madden. He said whoever taped him, must have killed him. He was shocked to hear Josh was Erica's son. He asked Babe where she got the CD. She told him Colby found it in his drawer. JR asked if Babe thought he killed Dr. Madden. Babe inquired who hated the doctor more than JR. He said Josh did because of how terrible his father was. He also declared Josh would benefit from framing him because he would go to jail and Josh would have a chance with Babe. Babe asked JR if she got him off of attempted murder so he could go all the way. JR stated many people hated him and Dr. Madden, such as David, Zach, and Ryan. He said any of them could have done it to protect Dixie, Kendall, and Erica. He asked Babe for the CD. She said no because she would not let him destroy the evidence. He told her he was going to take it to the police since he had nothing to hide. Babe said the police would not believe him. He did not care about the police. He declared he would not let a homicidal maniac ruin his life. Babe thought JR was really going to clear his name and smear Josh's. JR thought Josh should hear the tape. Babe said it was not their place to tell Josh. She said she did not want to believe JR did it. Nevertheless, she also did not want to believe JR was the kind of person who would twist the knife further into Josh's back. JR gave in and said he would destroy the CD. Babe yelled for him not to destroy it and give it to her.

Josh and Kendall were at the hospital. They were shocked and horrified that Josh and Spike's DNA matched. Josh called Dr. Madden a sick bastard and stated he did it all. Kendall said she had to go and tell people. Before she left, she looked at Josh and said we did not do this. She left. Josh began to pack. Jeff walked in and asked if he was quitting. Josh ignored Jeff. Jeff told him not to quit because he was too good. Josh said medicine was in his blood, but that was not all. Jeff told Josh he would not be judged based on his father's evil deeds. He urged Josh to believe this. Josh banged his head against the door and called himself the son of a sick freak. He then stormed out and went to the park. He began to dig in the spot where his father was buried alive. He talked to his father as he angrily dug. He asked if Spike was another miracle baby and how many more victims were out there. He called him a son of a bitch and told him to rot in hell. Then, Julia walked up and asked what he was doing. He said this was her chance to bury his father. Julia watched in dismay while Josh cried and dumped his father's ashes into the hole. He yelled at Julia and forced dirt into her hand. He asked what she was waiting for. He told her this was her chance to bury him and dance on his grave. Julia said she was sorry. Josh grabbed her and screamed he did not want her pity!

Zach was in the condo holding Spike. He told the baby his mother went to get DNA results because she needed some answers. However, Zach claimed he already knew the answer; Spike was their son. Then, Kendall walked in with tears in her eyes. Zach immediately hugged her. She began to cry and walked over to see Spike in his crib. She told Zach her son deserved a father like Ryan that he could respect and be proud of. She wanted Ryan to be the father for Spike and Ryan's sake. Zach stated Ryan would always love Spike. Kendall said it hurt Zach, Ryan, and her to know what terrible fathers they had. She did not want this for Spike because it would kill him, like it was killing Josh. Zach asked if she told Josh. Kendall revealed they had to use Josh's DNA for the test. Zach looked worried and picked up the phone. He wanted to call Ryan and have another test with Ryan's DNA. Kendall said it was useless because Dr. Madden was the father. Zach insisted the test might have been inaccurate. Kendall said she knew the truth and life had to go on. Zach said he had to leave and Kendall was glad because she needed alone time with Spike. She told her son he was loved. She also apologized because the truth would break his heart one day. Still, she proclaimed they could do it. Then, Ryan walked in. Kendall sadly looked at him and said, "He's not your son."

Erica went home to see Jack. She apologized for her secrets and lies. She stated she did not want to shut Jack out when she needed him the most. Jack was happy to hear this, but asked why she was trembling. She told him Dr. Madden might have done something worse than stealing her son. She revealed the possibility he was Spike's father. Erica said she thought she was rid of him, but now he was part of her family forever. Then, Zach walked in. He delivered the news that Kendall used Josh's DNA for the test. He demanded she go and explain everything to Kendall because she was sobbing over the idea Dr. Madden was Spike's father. Erica said it was a possibility Dr. Madden was still Spike's father. She believed it would be even more harmful to divulge the truth because Kendall would tell Josh. She did not want Josh to hurt that much. Jeff walked in and asked if she knew how much he was hurting now. He stated he had enough and either she would tell Josh or he would. Zach added again that Kendall needed her help. Erica decided she made the right choice and would not tell Josh or Kendall. She said Jack agreed with her, but when she looked at him it was obvious he did not. He told her circumstances changed and Kendall needed her help. Zach told Erica to go before it was too late!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Babe demanded the CD with Dr. Madden's words on it so that J.R. wouldn't hurt someone in his anger. Babe told J.R. that she loved him, but he was a hothead and that disk was better off in her hands. Babe took the CD and left the room. J.R. rifled through his drawers and pulled out a knife as Krystal watched from the hallway. When his back was turned, she smashed a vase on his head and he went down. She then bound his hands and Adam came in and asked what she was doing. Then Babe showed up as did Derek and his men, all wanting to know what happened. Babe and Adam got J.R. up as Derek presented a search warrant to Adam. Colby came in and thought that Derek was there to arrest her for blackmailing J.R. After it was all explained, Derek left and suggested that they go to family counseling. Babe and J.R. told Krystal that he was being set up for the Madden's murder.

In the park, Josh continued to dig a grave. Erica went to the park and told Josh that nobody blamed him for what his father did. She told him things would get easier with time, but Josh said that Greg deserved whatever he got. Josh assumed that Spike's paternity was the secret that had been kept from him and told Erica that he hated his father too. Josh told Erica that he couldn't talk anymore and left.

Tearfully, Kendall told Ryan that Spike was not his son. She explained that she went to the hospital and the DNA test proved that their baby was Greg Madden's son. Kendall told Ryan she would understand if he walked out on her and Spike, but he said he wasn't leaving and that the baby was still his son. Ryan told her that Spike was destined to be his son and that he wanted to be his dad. Zach went home and Kendall told him that Ryan knew about the DNA test but still wanted to be Spike's dad. Zach said that was good and told Ryan that he should know that for the test, the used Josh's DNA sample not Greg Maddens. Kendall went to put Spike to bed and Ryan told Zach that Kendall had to know, but each of them had given their word to Erica to keep the secret. Erica then entered and said she would tell Kendall herself.

Zach, Jeff and Jack insisted that Erica tell Kendall that Josh is her brother. Erica freaked out and told them that telling her the truth would cause Kendall more pain. Erica continued to fight them and then suggested that they test Ryan's DNA. She again pleaded with them not to tell anyone the truth. Erica left and Jeff asked Jack why after all these years, only Erica gets a vote. Jack said that because of what Erica has gone through, she should be given special consideration, but Jeff said he couldn't watch Josh in pain.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Erin quickly rushes out of her home when she receives an unexpected visit from Lily and Jonathan. Lily starts asking questions about ConFusion's budget, but Erin rushes inside when she hears Annie sobbing. When Erin's coworker comes in, Annie pretends that she was simply spooked by his appearance, but when Lily and Jonathan go outside, Annie admits she thought she saw Terry. Annie, who is having an asthma attack, wants to leave with Emma immediately, but Erin promises to stay with Emma so Annie can go to the hospital. Lily tries to talk numbers with Jonathan, but he is too worried about Annie. He goes inside to check on Annie and get details from Erin. Jonathan is not pleased with Erin helping Annie, but he promises to keep her secret. When Erin mentions Annie's ex-husband as Terry, Jonathan realizes that it may be the same man who tried to seduce Lily. Lily goes inside to see Jonathan, but can immediately tell something is bothering him. Jonathan claims he is just nervous about starting his new job with a boss who does care like him. Erin finds a picture of Terry and shows it to Jonathan. To his horror, he tells Erin that Terry tried to seduce Lily and may be in town.

Derek meets with Derek and Dixie to ask questions regarding Jamie and JR's involvement in Greg's possible death. Derek updates them about Josh's brush with death in the freezer and a tip about JR buying a receiver. When Derek does not agree to lay off the boys, Dixie says she killed Greg. When Dixie starts giving Derek details, Tad stops her, claiming she is lying to protect Jamie and JR. Tad starts to blab about who he thinks is the killer, joking it was "Redrum." Derek is not amused by Tad's theatrics, although Dixie is.

At the hospital, Josh gives extra harsh treatment to Julia and Jamie. To Jamie's surprise, Julia tells Jamie to leave Josh alone. Instead of thanking Julia, Josh tells Julia to stop acting like his mother and walks away. Julia tells Jamie that she saw Josh in the park burying his father's ashes when he realized Greg was evil. She adds that the pain is killing Josh and they should cut him some slack. Jamie has no sympathy for Josh, especially since he has accused JR of murder. Julia tells Jamie that after JR's actions toward Kendall, it is only a natural thought. Jeff goes to check on Josh and see if he needs help, but Josh jokes that he might be just like his father. Jeff demands that Josh stop trashing himself based on his father's sins.

Erica tells Kendall that Zach informed her of Spike's DNA test, but when Kendall starts to explain that she has accepted Greg as Spike's father, Erica blurts out that Josh is her son. When it does not register with Kendall, Erica explains that Josh is her brother, not Spike's brother. Kendall looks at Ryan and Zach, realizing that Greg might not be Spike's father. She thinks that Zach went to Erica to make up a way to explain the test results for her benefit. Ryan pleads with Kendall to listen to Erica, but Kendall does not understand that Erica is thinking clearly. Erica agrees to tell Kendall everything, as long as she realizes the DNA test Josh performed may not be correct. Erica sits down with Kendall on her couch and reveals everything Greg did to her. Kendall hugs her mother, apologizing for what Greg put her through. To be sure about Spike's paternity, Kendall suggests that another test be performed with Ryan's DNA. Erica tells Kendall that she has not told Josh the truth about his paternity. Kendall suggests it stay that way, but Erica thinks the truth might help Josh deal with Greg's death. Kendall disagrees, citing that Josh will only see a mother who did not want him. She goes to tend to Spike when he begins crying, giving Erica the chance to thank Ryan and Zach for keeping her secret. She finally sees that Zach will do anything to protect Kendall because he loves her.

At the hospital, Julia takes care of Annie while she has her asthma attack. Annie calls herself Virginia when Josh walks in, demanding that Jamie and Julia leave. After Josh gives Annie medicine, she goes into cardiac arrest, but Josh revives her. After looking at Annie's chart, Jeff tells Josh that he overdosed Annie with the same medicine used in her inhaler. Josh claims that Julia did not make the proper notations in Annie's chart before he treated her, causing him to overdose Annie. Joe demands to know where Julia is, so Josh leads them to the spot he knows she will be with Jamie.

Annie wakes up to find Terry looming over her, demanding to know where Emma is. Before Terry can terrorize her anymore, Jamal comes in and punches him out.

Julia tries to apologize to Jamie, but he is not interested. He tells Julia that she does not need to apologize because she did nothing wrong, except show some respect for a man who is mourning his father. Julia thinks that the relationship with Jamie was a mistake, but Jamie's kiss says otherwise. They get a visit from Joe, Josh and Jeff in the middle of their makeout session.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ryan went to see Kendall at ConFusion to tell her about the lab results. Kendall was nervous and wanted to go home, so she could hear the news in private. Ryan told her the results were not ready, but would be very soon. Meanwhile, Babe was watching Kendall and Ryan talk. After Ryan left, Babe approached Kendall and asked her about Spike. Kendall continuously ignored her. Babe claimed she only wanted to give Kendall some advice on how to document a baby's life. She said there were many ways to document, such as audio gadgets that let you hear your baby from miles away. Kendall asked why she would want that. Babe said it was useful and to let one of Spike's daddies set it up. She then asked who was better with technology, Ryan or Zach. Kendall was very annoyed and said they only had one thing in common; JR tried to kill both of them. Babe said their common factor was that they both had sons. Kendall asked what it was like to go to bed with a murderer. Babe said Kendall would know. Babe then accused Ryan and Zach of killing Dr. Madden and framing JR for it. Kendall told her to go to hell. Babe said deep down Kendall knew she was right. Kendall decided to leave and Lily asked why she looked upset if she was going to see her son. Kendall said seeing Spike was a good thing, but seeing Babe was a bad thing. Kendall left. Also, at this point, Jonathan asked Amanda to watch Lily at all times. When she asked why, Lily walked up and asked what was wrong. Jonathan said he had to leave and help Erin with something. So, Amanda made excuses all day to make sure Lily was with her constantly. Finally, Lily caught on. Amanda admitted Jonathan asked her to look over Lily. However, she told her it was because he was nervous Lily would get stressed from the bar opening. Lily decided to stay with Amanda for Jonathan. She said he was the best husband and Amanda happily agreed.

Annie, Erin, and Jamal were at the penthouse. Erin pleaded with Annie to go back to the hospital because she might still be sick. Annie refused because T would be there. Annie said she had to leave since he knew she was in Pine Valley. Erin told her not to run because she finally had ammunition against T. Just as Annie asked what it was, Jonathan walked in and said it was him. Initially, Annie was upset with Erin because she told another person about her situation. Erin assured her Jonathan was trustworthy and willing to help. Then, Ryan walked in and wanted to know what was going on. Jonathan revealed to everyone what T did to Lily in New York. Annie was so distraught she could not listen anymore and went upstairs. Jamal followed her. Jonathan said he would do whatever it took to protect Lily and left. Ryan told Erin he believed Annie's story. He said there was only one thing they could do to stop T. So, Ryan brought Annie to his condo to live with him. Annie was reluctant at first because it was not Ryan's problem. Ryan explained he had to help because he had an abusive father and a mother that did not protect her children. Annie compared herself to Ryan's mother because she ignored T's behavior for so long. Ryan disagreed. He said T hid his true ways and once Annie found out, she took action. He commended her for this. Annie decided to stay and thanked him repeatedly. Ryan explained there was constant security so she did not have to worry. At this point, Kendall walked by the condo and saw Ryan and Annie laughing together. Annie told Ryan he was incredible and Ryan told Annie to relax. Kendall stood outside with a worried look on her face.

Aidan met T at the hospital. T told Aidan he saw Annie. He explained he spotted her late at night in a car and followed her. Aidan asked why he was roaming the streets of Pine Valley at night if he lived in New York. He said he came to town a few days back hoping to find his daughter. Aidan said T should have called him to let him know he was in town. T said he was desperate and desperate men did not think clearly. Aidan then went to see Joe Martin to tell him a fugitive was treated at his hospital the night before. Soon after, Aidan took T back to his office. However, they did not know Jonathan was already there, waiting for Aidan. They walked in and Jonathan said hello to T. Aidan asked how they knew each other. Jonathan announced T was the man that tried to molest Lily in New York!

Joe, Jeff, Julia, Jamie, and Josh had a meeting in Joe's office. Joe said the reason for the meeting was to discuss the grave oversight in the ER and the sexual misconduct from the night before. Josh insisted Julia made the mistake, not him. Julia and Jamie both disagreed. Josh believed he would be blamed for it because Joe and Jeff would take the side of another Martin, Jamie. Jeff told him he was very wrong. Joe told Jeff it was time they enlightened the young doctor. Nevertheless, Jeff did not tell Josh the truth and Joe remained undecided. Then, Josh backed down and said he wanted this to be over with, so he could move on. Joe and Jeff inquired if he was leaving. Josh revealed he was offered a great opportunity at The Geneva Institute. He asked Joe to give him a good referral, despite this incident. Joe got up and yelled Josh's departure was unacceptable. Julia and Jamie assumed this meant Joe was taking Josh's side. Joe continued to waver, but finally made a decision. Joe said he held Julia in the highest esteem, but thought it was possible she made the oversight, due to the distraction of the sexual misconduct. He explained she would not be fired or suspended and urged her and Jamie to focus. Julia left very upset. Joe told Josh he would give him a good referral, but hoped he would reconsider. Josh left and so did Jeff. Jamie was very annoyed with Joe. He reminded his grandfather of all the unethical things Josh had done in the past. He also praised Julia for being a hardworking and dedicated nurse. He inquired what made Joe think Josh was right. Joe said a lifetime of practicing medicine and walked out. Meanwhile, Julia told Josh his lies destroyed her credibility. He said she and Jamie did that on their own. JR walked up and asked what Josh did to his brother this time. Josh told both of them to stay away from him and left. JR immediately found Jamie. He asked Jamie if he wanted to pound Josh as much as he did. Jamie was in, so JR told him he had the power to fry Josh. Jamie asked why he had not already. JR said some people did not think Josh deserved anymore hurt. Jamie realized Babe was preventing JR from harming Josh. Jamie stated no one else cared if Josh suffered. While they talked, Julia went back to work. One doctor asked her when she was getting off; while another joked she was doing that a lot lately. They laughed and Julia looked distressed. Jamie then put his hand on her shoulder and she nervously jumped back. He smiled and ushered her away from the doctors.

Erica went to the hospital to attend an AA meeting. Before it started, JR walked in. Erica was not pleased to see him. JR told her he needed the meeting because he was doing 1 meeting a day for 90 days. Regardless, he said he would leave if she wished. Erica said he should stay, so she could watch him and make sure he was not out killing people. During the meeting, Erica spoke to the group about actions having consequences. She declared it was not right to make amends only to escape punishment. She believed these circumstances would lead to a relapse. Afterwards, JR told Erica he knew she was referring to him during the meeting. He said all of his secrets were out, but wondered if all of hers were too. He asked if she had any landmine secrets. He also questioned who she was to cast judgment on him. JR left and Jeff walked up. He said he came to apologize. Erica thanked him, but said she could not talk to him at that moment. Jeff pleaded with her to let him speak. Erica allowed it. Jeff said he looked at the Josh situation from her point of view. He realized Dr. Madden violated her in an unimaginable way. He also explained that when he lost Mary, she was pregnant. This left him with a void in his heart. He filled it by healing others, but when he found out about Josh, the void returned. He understood how desperate he was to share his life with another person, such as his son. Erica said she was preventing this. Jeff said he realized he could not fulfill his own needs at Erica and Josh's expense.

Babe was still at ConFusion when Josh came in. He bluntly told her to pack up Little Adam and leave Pine Valley with him. She asked where this was coming from. He said his dream life in Pine Valley was gone and so was hers. He proclaimed she was living in a fantasy and needed to let it go. She asked if he wanted to stay to see who killed his father. Josh said his father did terrible things and he did not care about him. Josh's condemnation towards Dr. Madden made her assume he found out Erica was his mother. Babe stated she did not think he knew. He told her he tried to deny it. They hugged and did not know JR was watching them from a distance!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Kendall tries to peer into Ryan' home to see what is going on, but he shuts the door and closes the blinds. When Ryan goes outside, Kendall asks him if he wants to help her with Spike's next feeding. Ryan seems pleased with the idea, although Kendall tells him she doesn't want to interfere with their plans. Kendall and Ryan go inside, where they find the nanny cooing over Spike. After the nanny leaves to grab some lunch, Ryan picks up Spike. Kendall thinks that Ryan is acting as though the test results do not matter to him. Ryan tells her that a test will not make him stop being Spike's father, but Kendall figures it would be best for Ryan to walk away now. Kendall also claims that having a child will get in the way of the next relationship he has. After Ryan pushes, Kendall admits that she is afraid she will lose Ryan if he is not physically a part of Spike - after all, Spike was conceived as a way to bring him back from the dead. Ryan tends to Spike, noting how they are both a part of him. Moments later, the DNA results are delivered to Kendall's home.

Erin goes to check on Annie and Emma at Ryan's house. Erin tells Annie that Jonathan is informing Aidan about Terry trying to hurt Lily. When Annie asks why she is lying to Aidan, Erin claims that it would only complicate Aidan's job as a detective. She says it is her mission to help people, but Annie can sense how unhappy Erin is without Aidan. Erin thinks she does not deserve love or happiness, but tells Erin it is not too late to be with Aidan. Erin tells him that Aidan taught her what love is with complete trust, but it wasn't enough because her emotional baggage got in the way. Erin starts spilling about her rough childhood to Erin, who tries to tell her that her parents' actions are not her fault. But Erin can only see how she did not help Jonathan and Ryan instead. Annie tells Erin to stop blaming herself for other people's actions because it will get her nowhere.

Terry acts as though he has never met Jonathan before, but Jonathan explains everything to Aidan. Terry tells Aidan that Annie is making Jonathan lie to protect her, but when he gets ready to leave, Aidan stops him. Terry tells Jonathan that he must be mistaking him for some other man. Terry threatens to call the cops if Jonathan does not leave him alone, so Aidan throws him a telephone, blurting out the direct number to Derek's office. Terry thinks Annie has gotten to Aidan too, but Aidan calls Lily to see if she will come over to the office to help him with his case. Jonathan tells Aidan that he won't let him use Lily to get answers from Terry, but he is too late. She walks into the room and immediately starts freaking out when she sees Terry. Lily starts blurting out what Terry did to her, so Terry runs off, with Aidan going after him. Jonathan stays behind to calm Lily down.

JR watches as Babe gives Josh a hug to try to comfort him. Josh informs that he realizes everything people have said about his father is true, but Babe assures him he does not have to go through the pain alone. Josh tells her that Greg impregnated Kendall with his own sperm, which shocks Babe. She thought Josh was talking about his paternity, but JR steps in before she can say anything further. JR stops talking trash about Greg to rub it in Josh's face, but Babe warns him to be quiet. JR tells Josh that he should stop pinning Greg's murder on him. As JR and Josh get heated, Babe tells Josh to go away. He calls JR a murderer and asks her come with him one more time. Babe tells him she will always stand by JR's side before Josh walks away. Babe thanks JR for not telling Josh about his paternity, but JR is more concerned about where she hid the disc with Greg's living will on it. Babe tells him not to worry about that, but JR is worried now that Derek is coming after him. She assures JR that they will find out who the real killer is. Babe goes to David's cabin, looking for proof to pin him to Greg's murder. She finds CD's and a transceiver, just as David walks in. JR goes to Little Adam's room, hoping to find the CD, but turns up empty-handed.

Jamie and Julia go to the boathouse, where Julia vents about how Josh turned Joe and Jeff against her. When Jamie brings up their relationship, Julia tells him that they are over. Jamie asks her what the reason for the spilt is, Julia does not say so he figures it has something to do with Joe walking in on their make-out session. Jamie tells Julia that he used to think she was tough as nails, but now, he sees how wrong he was. Julia says if Joe caught her with some other man, she would be fired. Julia says that she is a widow, mourning over her dead husband, but she was not supposed to start caring for Jamie. Jamie admits that at first, their relationship was about sex, but now, he has feelings for her too. Jamie decides that perhaps, if Julia wants, it is best if they break up if she cares more about what other people think of them. Julia changes her mind and gives Jamie a kiss as proof.



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