One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on OLTL

Adriana saw her stalker while on a beach retreat with Rex. Nash made plans to kidnap Jessica and Brennan in order to force Tess to emerge. Evangeline ended up in the hospital on a ventilator. Clint and Dorian had an argument. David shared his suspicions that Spencer had killed John's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, July 17, 2006

David doesn't react well to the news that the gun he was carrying on the night he "killed" Thomas McBain had blanks in it. He bemoans the fact that the last 25 years of his life have been defined by that one moment where he may or may not have taken a man's life. He even destroyed Dorian's love for him because of what happened that night. John and Natalie let David know that they are still waiting on confirmation through fingerprints that they gun they found is indeed the gun David used. They ask him if he remembers hearing any other shots that night or anyone else being in the alley with him. They also inform him that they have a witness who may also be able to verify the owner of the gun they found. John tells David that even though he may not have killed his father, he still meant to do it and that he should look at the possible turn of events as another chance to do right in his life. When John and Natalie leave, David asks the guard to let him make one phone call to his brother.

Spencer is called into a meeting by the hospital board to discuss the article that was written about him in the paper. He bids Todd adieu in the hallway only to find out that due to a generous donation to the ICU wing, Todd has become the newest member on the board. Spencer starts off by saying that the picture was taken illegally in the privacy of his suite. He tells the board members that he was enjoying a night with he special lady friend and accidentally knocked over a table which prompted a concern neighbor to make a complaint. The board seems satisfied with his explanation until Todd tells them that they need to uphold the reputation of the hospital before they start to lose money. They decide to vote and the decision is made to put Spencer on probation. A seething Spencer warns Todd that it isn't over and Todd agrees. Spencer then tells Todd that he has to go home now and make love to Todd's ex wife.

Kelly notices that Blair has something on her mind and tries to pry it out of her. Blair tells Kelly that there is nothing going on but Kelly doesn't believe her so Blair tells her that the less she knows the better. Kelly believes that if Todd had been honest with Blair about Margaret's pregnancy than they all could have avoided the events that took place after. Blair senses that Kelly isn't really talking about her and Todd and asks her what's wrong. Kelly confesses to Blair that she is pregnant with Duke's baby and is afraid of what that might do to Kevin. Blair advises Kelly to worry about taking care of herself and her baby and not worry about Kevin but Kelly can't see how Kevin would ever be able to accept her pregnancy. Blair tells her that eventually she will have to tell Kevin but for right now she shouldn't think about Kevin or Duke since the baby is what matters most especially since having a baby has been the most important thing to Kelly. Kevin interrupts their baby talk when he comes to talk to Kelly.

A remorseful Kevin shares with Clint how he has been unable to let go of the pain of Duke's death. He tells him how he feels he has lost everything because of his anger. Kevin wants to know if Clint will give him another chance and Clint tells him that he is his son and he will always be deserving of second chances. He also advises Kevin to let it go so that he can move on with his life. Dorian stops by to visit Clint and overhears some of their conversation. When Clint steps out for a moment, Dorian furiously lays into Kevin for causing her family so much pain and then thinking he can just pick up his happy life and go on. Kevin apologizes to Dorian and informs her that his life has not been a picnic and may never be but he is trying to do the best he can. Dorian still doesn't let up about how the Buchanan men are always causing her girls pain and tells Kevin that he is a despicable drunk. Clint comes in and tells Dorian that she is out of line. Kevin leaves and Dorian tells Clint that they shouldn't let a little thing like their differing opinions of his son come between them. An angry Clint doesn't agree and throws Dorian out of his office and his life.

Cris takes Evangeline to a Puerto Rican festival in Angel Square. He describes to her all the sights of the festival and they enjoy a concert together. While Cris is getting them some food, Evangeline gets a call from her doctor letting her know that she is a candidate for a procedure that may restore her eyesight but it comes with a high price tag. She shares her good news with Cris as well as the fact that the procedure is costly but she isn't worried about the cost since she now has hope that she will be able to see again. Cris excuses himself and makes a phone call to Vince asking him to secure a fight for him since he needs the money. Before making the call, Cris bumps into his doctor who informs him that the test results concerning his hand were not good and he advises Cris against getting in the ring again.

Starr finds out that her new friend, Ricky and her best friend, Langston, have started hanging out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A concerned Kevin asks Kelly if everything is okay with her health and she assures him that not only is everything ok with her but she also reminds him that her physical and emotional well being are no longer his concern. Kevin tells Kelly that he stopped by because he wanted her to know that he is trying to forgive himself for all of the pain he has caused others so that he can go on with his life. He also tells her that he would like to find a way to get past everything that has happened. Kelly asks him if he's ready to see the positive (???) in what happened between her and Duke. Kevin responds that he would like to but all he can see is a naked Kelly and his son together. He tells her he doesn't know if he'll ever be able to look at her without that scene playing in his head. Kelly tells her unborn child that she is afraid that Kevin will never be able to accept them because they will always be a reminder of what happened.

Spencer shows up at Dorian's with a surprise for Blair. But first he fills her in on the hearing and how Todd not only bought himself a seat on the board but also helped sway the other members to issue Spencer a warning and put him on probation. He vows to not let Todd get away with what he has done. When Blair asks him what the surprise is, he pulls out four first class tickets for an island get away. Blair stalls by telling Spencer that they should not run away from their problems since they will still be there upon their return. She also points out the fact that since Starr is not their biggest fan, she can't see her agreeing to go anywhere with them. Spencer hesitantly agrees but makes Blair promise that she will clear a spot on her calendar so that they can reschedule their trip. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from someone at the jail informing Spencer that David is insisting on seeing him and causing a scene. After Spencer leaves, Blair tries to contact John.

Todd finds Evangeline alone at the festival in Angel Square. He asks her why she is there alone. Cris walks up and informs Todd that Evangeline is there with him. When Todd questions why he left her alone, Evangeline tells Todd that Cris went to go get them drinks. Todd doesn't feel that Evangeline should be out there with all those people around especially if Cris is going to be disappearing. Cris fires back but Evangeline lets him know that she does feel that the festival is too much and she would like to go home. Todd offers to take her since Cris has been drinking. After listening to Cris and Todd go back and forth about her Evangeline decides to find her own way home. Todd reminds Cris that he can give Evangeline what she needs right now and Cris counters with while Todd may be able to give her money, he can give her what she really needs. Cris leaves to go find Evangeline while Blair who heard their argument questions Todd about his feelings for his lawyer. Todd tells her that Evangeline never gave up on him and was more of a friend than anyone he's ever known. Blair notices that Todd can't keep his eyes off of Evangeline as she is speaking with Cris.

Cris apologizes to Evangeline for being gone so long when he went to get the drinks. He tells her that he was side tracked by a call to Vince to confirm a Title fight for him. Evangeline asks him about his hand but he isn't concerned about it especially since he can make a lot of money off the fight and help Evangeline with the expense of the surgery to help restore her sight. Evangeline is furious that Cris and Todd feel that they have to give her money for her surgery. She feels that neither one of them understands how it makes her feel. Evangeline leaves and asks Cris not to follow her.

John meets up with George to see if he can identify the gun used by Vickers the night of the shooting. He explains to George how that gun was filled with blanks and if it is the same gun then the wrong person is in jail. George feels that he has helped John enough with identifying the shooter and now John also wants him to identify a gun the gun that was used that night 25 years ago but he takes a look at the gun and remembers that it was the gun that the kid had that night. John asks George if he remembers anyone else being in the alley that night but George says that all he remembers is the sound of the gun and seeing this kid with the gun in his hand. With George's positive identification of the gun, John is discouraged to realize that his father's murderer is still at large. He arrives back at his office and receives a call from Blair who is determined to find something on Spencer before she loses Todd to another woman.

David reveals to Spencer that John told him that the gun David used had blanks in it. He is furious with Spencer for not only letting him go out into a potentially deadly situation with a gun loaded with blanks but for knowing all these years that David was innocent and using what happened as leverage against him. David tells him how he has had nightmares about that night only to now realize that he is innocent of murder. A shell shocked Spencer doesn't say much as David vows to find out who shot Tom McBain and then realizes that Spencer was also there the night McBain died.

Nash finds Jessica at Antonio's and plants a kiss on her only to be slapped for it. Jessica asks him to leave but Nash begs her to let him stay there until Brennan wakes up so that he can tell her he loves her and that he is back. He promises that he won't kiss her again if she lets him stay and Jessica agrees. Nash tells her that he spoke with Clint who told him that Jessica viewed the tape that Leeds made. He asks her how if she had any memories after watching the video. Jessica informs him that she still doesn't remember what happened to her as a child but she is starting to have memories of Nash and Tess' time together. Nash invites Jessica to share a bottle of wine with him that he named after Tess. He seductively shows her how to enjoy the scents and flavors of the wine and how to thoroughly enjoy that first sip. After tasting her wine, Jessica has another memory of Nash and Tess.

Nora and Bo discuss his relationship with Paige and the case against him regarding the framing of Todd Manning. Bo feels that he is close to finding out the truth and that he knows Spencer has made a mistake somewhere along the way. Nora warns him to be careful especially in light of what happened to Todd when he went after Spencer. Bo hopes it doesn't get that far and remains determined to bring the good doctor down. Matthew returns with a Hershey's bar for Nora who has a surprise of her own for Matthew. Without any help, Nora gets out of her wheelchair and walks to a proud Matthew and beaming Bo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blair goes to see John and begs him to help her hurry and get evidence against Spencer because she's been unable to find anything that she can use. Why the hurry now, John wonders. She's having trouble in all of her family relationships and she admits that she still loves Todd. Now she has another problem; she thinks that Todd is interested in Evangeline. She admits that the newspaper article is true but she can't press any charges. She wants to make it all up to Todd and she can't let Spencer get away with murder. John asks that she leave the police work up to the police and lays into her for endangering her life. She is not about to listen to his advice.

David realizes that Spencer was in the alley when he made the run for it after the cop was shot. He knows that Spencer must be the one who actually shot McBain, as he was the one who gave David the gun filled with what he now knows were blanks. As voices get louder, Spencer tries to quiet his brother down as David in turn tries to get him to confess. Little do they know that the cell is bugged, with Hugh listening on the other end. He stops at John's office, recorder in hand. He notes that Spencer did not deny the accusation but merely tried to get David to be quiet.

Matthew promises to take care of his mother when she comes home, though realizes that would mean he'd be leaving Bo. He suggests that his dad get a new roommate, namely Paige. Bo indicates that maybe it's a little too early for that decision. Nora is quite anxious to get home and can't believe she's been in the hospital for nine months. She's worried that she doesn't really know her life any longer or where she fits.

Todd meets up with the eye surgeon at Capricorn and notes that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Evangeline is a good candidate for the surgery. The doctor can clearly see that Todd loves this woman, but Todd states that she took him out of darkness and he wants to do the same for her. Claudia has returned to town and tells Antonio of her father's accident. Though he's pretty sure that Nash must have had something to do with it, she advises him that Nash was not involved but rather was a great help to her. Remarking that Nash is at Antonio's place convinces him to call immediately, but he gets the voice mail instead. He figures he'd better take off for home right away. Claudia sings and saddens Blair who has words with Todd as he's leaving with the doctor, who cannot stay long. Spencer arrives and asks why Blair looks so sad. She states that it's the song and a run-in with Todd. She prefers to talk about Spencer and wants to know all that there is to know about him, from childhood on.

Jess has more flashbacks to being with Nash when he pays her a visit at Antonio's place. He tries to make her see that he is definitely a part of her life, whether she likes it or not. And noting her having the flashback, he feels more than sure that she does really like it. She tries to explain that Tess wants him, not her. She does agree to share more of his wine, though she wants him to leave right after. She doesn't want him to try to kiss her again. When she goes to check on the baby, Nash unplugs the phone. Antonio barges in as the pair is conversing about the winery. He orders Nash to leave when he points out the unplugged phone to Jess. Obviously, he was trying to get Tess to return. Nash claims he only wanted to talk.

At Rodi's, Roxy bonds with Paige, while she is busy job searching. She offers her a job at her hair salon doing nails, but Paige declines. She does take the bartender up on his offer to waitress for the evening, as his regular employee called out sick. Bo and Matthew are surprised when the new waitress approaches to take their order.

While Evangeline takes literal steps in her apartment to show her independence, Cris arrives and begs to be let in. He's there to apologize but Evangeline won't accept it until he yells pretty loudly about the reason for trying to help with eye surgery. It's not to make her a charity case but rather he's falling in love with her. She slowly opens the door and admits she has the same feelings. As they are about to make love though, she stops everything. She wants to be able to see him, she murmurs. She will see him with his help, he offers. Suddenly, there's a loud knock on the door; it's Todd. As they move quickly to cover up, they knock some things onto the floor. Todd kicks the door in and stops dead in his tracks.

John visits David's cell and shows him the recorder. Isn't that illegal, David wonders. John asks if he thinks that his brother killed his father. They both agree that Spencer is quite possibly the real murderer.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rex and Adriana made out on the bed at the beach house. Rex assured Adriana that she was completely safe because the stalker would never track them down. Rex suggested they move things to the shower. When Adriana went off to heat up the water, Rex noticed that the stalker sent her another text message: "You can't hide from me forever my butterfly." He put the phone down and sauntered into the shower where Adriana was waiting for him. After, Adriana saw the text message on her phone. Rex told her to relax because the text clearly proves the stalker doesn't know where she is.

Jessica chewed out Nash for playing her with his wine-tasting seduction routine when all he wanted was to get Tess back out. Antonio asked Nash to leave, but Nash said he wouldn't go without his daughter. Antonio said it was out of the question. Jessica said she can't let him take the baby. Nash threatened to get a court order, and Antonio asked if the court would be interested in hearing about how Nash killed Claudia's father. Nash said it was self-defense. Jessica intervened and said that she is the baby's mother as much as Tess is, but Nash said that isn't true. Antonio said that once they are integrated there will be no more Tess, and made Nash leave without letting him say goodnight to his daughter. Outside, Nash called someone and asked for help with a kidnapping — "actually, two," he said.

Blair asked Spencer to go through his past with her. Blair offered up some info on her past first, mostly about how she married Asa for his money. Spencer replied that Asa gets what he deserves, seeing how terribly he treats women. Blair then asked Spencer to share something on his past. He told a story about how he used to associate with a forger.

Some drunken sleaze hit on Claudia at Capricorn. She rebuffed him and things got a little rough. John stepped up and shooed the sleaze away. Claudia told John she can take care of herself. They argued back and forth a bit and John wound up telling Claudia that if he were her, he'd go back to all the shrinks she used to see and ask for her money back. Then he walked away to drink a beer.

Todd apologized to Evangeline for breaking down her door and interrupting her and Cristian. He then told her she was making a big mistake. Cristian asked Todd to leave, and Evangeline seconded it. Todd said, "I don't think this is love." He then told Evangeline that he paid the doctor who can do surgery on her eyes to make sure that he helps restore her sight. Cristian got angry pushed and Todd around. Evangeline couldn't believe they were fighting and stormed out of the apartment. In the hallway she took a fall.

Lindsay dropped by La Boulaie to drop off a watercolor Dorian purchased. She asked how things were going with Clint. Dorian said she and Clint were through. Lindsay asked Dorian what she did to provoke Clint. Dorian admitted that he got bent out of shape after she had a few words with Kevin. Lindsay told Dorian to go back and apologize to Clint. Dorian was not interested.

Viki talked to Clint about Kevin. She said she just had dinner with him and he was sober and well. Clint asked if Kevin told her about the scene with Dorian. Viki said he did not. Clint told Viki that he and Dorian are through because of what she said to Kevin. Viki asked Clint what he expects from Dorian. Clint asked Viki to give him the "I told ya so" speech, but Viki said there's no way she's justifying his fight with Dorian by bashing her.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Rex and Adriana continue to enjoy their relaxing sojourn at the beach house. In the ER, Cris angrily blames Todd for Evangeline's accident. Dorian lashes out at Clint after spotting him hugging his ex-wife. Upset when Claudia kisses John to thank him for driving away an unwanted admirer, Natalie hisses at the singer to keep her hands off or else. Jessica reminds Antonio why he can't act out against Nash despite the other man's thinly veiled threats. Rex leaves behind a gun for Adriana when he has to step out of the house for a few minutes. Michael tells Todd and Cristian that Evangeline has suffered a serious neck injury which will require an immediate operation. Viki drops by to see her new granddaughter and tries to reassure a fretful Jessica that her motherhood skills are above par. Though Cris vehemently objects, Todd arranges for his eye specialist to work on Evangeline while she's undergoing surgery for the spinal fracture. Clint and Dorian agree to discuss terms for a possible cease fire. Nash attempts to enlist Claudia's help with a kidnapping. Later, Nash and Bruce barge into the loft and grab Brennan along with a frightened Jessica.

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