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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on GL
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tammy and Jon return to their room at the Beacon to discover that Lizzie is missing and has left Roxie behind. Tammy doesn't have a good feeling about Lizzie's absence so she leaves for the Spaulding mansion to look for her. At the mansion, Lizzie is delivered to Alan by the doctor and his two goons. While Alan and the doctor discuss Lizzie's increasing paranoia, Lizzie insists that they cannot have her sent to a mental hospital. Beth arrives and seems to side with Alan and the doctor. As the three are pressuring Lizzie, Tammy arrives to stand up for Lizzie. Alan insists that he went to such dramatic lengths to get Lizzie to the mansion so that he could apologize to her and to pledge to back down from pressuring her. Everything seems to be amiable, when Jonathan breaks through the library window with a rake. He urges Tammy to leave with Lizzie. When the girls finally calm Jon down, Alan gives them the keys to the penthouse so the three can live there together. When Tammy, Jon, and Lizzie return to the Beacon, we learn that Alan has bugged the penthouse keys so he can listen in on and record their conversations.

Josh and Cassie discuss their mutual feelings for one another. They agree it is a good thing everything is out in the open because now they can move past the feelings, putting them aside. Cassie, however, looks somewhat disappointed. They laugh at themselves and decide telling Reva someday down the road would not be wise. They think it best to leave it their own private little joke. Josh says that he still does not want to go chasing Reva in Minnesota. Josh goes to Company and runs into Jeffrey who asks after Cassie. Josh gives him the runaround, confusing Jeffrey. Jeffrey invites Josh to his campaign event. Cassie returns to the Beacon but can't concentrate on her work. She leaves the room and shows up at Jeffrey's event, presumably to see Jeffrey.

At the hospital in Minnesota, Colin gives Reva a sterilized photograph of Josh that Billy had brought. Colin and Reva go over the particulars of the procedure in layman's terms. Billy arrives and Reva gives him her personal effects for safe-keeping while she is in quarantine. Alone with Billy, Colin asks him to put together a list of potential bone marrow donors in case the massive chemo treatments and stem cell implants don't work. While Reva is undergoing the treatment, Billy calls Josh. At first it seems as though Billy is going to tell Josh about Reva, but instead asks for Shayne's new cell phone number. Josh wonders why Billy wants to talk to Shayne, but Billy says it's just to catch up with his nephew. Josh tells him he'll email the number to him later. While Josh continues to let Billy know he is suspicious of Billy and Reva, Billy tells him he's got it all wrong. He tells him he's just looking after her. Josh tells Billy that from now on Reva is Billy's responsibility.

Reva awakens to find music that Billy left for her to hear. Billy goes to the bar near the hospital and orders a drink.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cassie ignores a call from Josh to focus on Jeffrey. She gets him to buy her a drink, then kisses him. He asks if she wants to give the two of them another shot? Meanwhile, Alan tells Josh to keep Jonathan away from Lizzie and taunts him about his feelings for Cassie. Later, Josh sees Cassie with Jeffrey and is bothered in spite of himself. Billy turns down a drink in order to support Reva. Colin tells Billy to call some of her relatives, because they may need a bone marrow transplant – stat. Reva calls Jonathan and asks him to spend the day with Josh – because Reva can't. It's the anniversary of their Cross Creek wedding.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dinah ponders all the things she and Mallet find to fight about. And how much fun they have making up. She muses how much better her life now is with Mallet in it. Alex sends Dinah to Vicki Wong's One of a Kind Bridal Show, and Dinah drags along Harley to the madhouse. She fails to snatch the dress of her dreams. Olivia takes Dinah to her floral designer, but all the plants make her sneeze. She and Blake go to pick out a cake, but it turns out Ross sent the baker's mother to prison and he calls Dinah a killer. She smashes several cupcakes in his face. Mallet arrests her. Dinah admits she's had doubts about getting married, and Mallet says he felt the same way. But now they're both ready to commit. Dinah sees the girl who earlier stole her wedding dress and learns she's been dumped by her fiancée – the baker Dinah assaulted earlier. Dinah gets the dress of her dreams and her belief in "happily ever after." Meanwhile, Mallet is staring at the "Springfield Burns" website, with a photo of Dinah kissing Gus on it.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Josh is at his apartment staring at Reva's picture when Cassie walks in. Josh tells her that he wrote up a proposal for Jeffrey regarding building a veteran's hospital in Springfield. He asks her to look at it. Cassie states she will and she will give it to Jeffrey when she sees him. Off Josh's look, Cassie announces that she is going away with Jeffrey for the weekend. Josh cannot understand how this happened since she has not talked to Jeffrey in months. Now she is going away with him? Cassie defends her decision by admitting that although Jeffrey did lie to her, she realizes no one is perfect. Josh tells her he hopes this is not a reaction to what happened between them the other day. Cassie disagrees; what happened does make a difference. She tries to convince him that since they have acknowledged their feelings they can move pass this. Now she can revisit her feelings for Jeffrey. After Josh tells her to have a nice weekend, Cassie thanks him for being him and leaves.

Later, Josh comes across Blake and Jeffrey campaigning on Main Street. When Blake starts to garner Josh's support, Jeffrey comes over and tells her that Josh had already given his support to him. Josh responds that actually he is keeping an open mind. Jeffrey is taken aback as he thought they had an understanding. Josh responds that all of his understandings are based on trust. There is a lot of time before the election; he pointedly states that he just wants to make sure no one is pressured unfairly and no one gets hurt. At this moment, Cassie arrives and asks Josh what he is dong. Jeffrey says he is interfering in her life. Cassie tells Josh that she thought he was okay with her going away with Jeffrey. Josh tells her that she is making a mistake. She is going back to something she was right to have walked away from in the first place.

Jeffrey has had enough of this and tries to get Josh to back off. He and Blake then walk off to do more campaigning. This leaves Cassie alone with Josh. Cassie maintains that he has no right to stop her. Josh says he will not let her run off with Jeffrey because she is afraid of him and her. Cassie stubbornly insists she is going. Josh doesn't think Jeffrey is not the way to resolve what is between them. Cassie insists she needs to squash the feelings she has for Josh. But Josh reminds her that Jeffrey broke her heart once and he will do it again. When Cassie says that is a chance she will have to take, Josh gets upset and tells her to just run off and marry Jeffrey in Vegas. While they are arguing, Josh finally has enough and carries Cassie off to his car. He tells her he is taking her to the farmhouse. Cassie is shocked that he is kidnapping her but he calls it an intervention. Cassie blurts out she should have never told him about her feelings and he asks if it was a lie. She admits it is not. Josh tells Cassie they have a connection. It is real and it is not going away. It has been building for a very long time, ever since the night of the blackout when he sat with her in the dark. Cassie acts like she does not know what he is talking about but he knows she does. He states that they are going to figure something out because they are no longer in the dark. Josh tells Cassie if she wants to pretend what is between them isn't real she can get out of the car and he will not stop her. Cassie tries to get out, and Josh does stop her. Not only that, he kisses her.

Reva is alone in her room at the clinic waiting to find out if the stem cell procedure worked. Suddenly, Billy comes to cheer her up with some slides. Looking at herself from younger days does not make Reva feel better and she asks Billy what he is trying to do, remind her of when she had hair? Billy states what a great life she has had; how many good memories she has had and how many more she is going to have. A depressed Reva states that all things must come to an end, but Billy responds this is not the end. Reva looks at a picture of her family and asks who wouldn't fight for that. At this point, Colin arrives with bad news - the procedure did not work. He states that their next option is a bone marrow transplant. Colin starts to explain that the best matches are siblings, parents and children but Reva won't hear it. She refuses to have her family contacted. She tells Colin to find someone else. Billy tries to talk sense into Reva but she is adamant. She wants to live but she wants to get well on her own. Reva's refusal to contact her family upsets Colin and threatens to do it without her permission. He warns Reva to stop playing games or the thing she loves the most will be lost. Colin storms out and Billy follows.

When they leave, Reva shuts off the slideshow. Suddenly a voice on the other side of the wall tells her to keep it on. Reva opens the blind and there is a young girl in the adjoining room. The girl, Gretel, admits she has been looking at the slides on the wall. She has no family of her own and liked seeing Reva's. Gretel asks Reva when her children are coming to visit, and Reva stats they aren't. Gretel can't understand why. She would love to have a family with her now.

Out in the hall, Billy has informed Colin that he is a match for Reva. He had himself tested in Springfield and gives him the medical report. Colin is a little skeptical and says he needs to run his own tests, but Billy tells him they need to hurry up and save Reva's life. A little later, Colin goes into Reva's room and tells her they have a donor. At first, Reva is worried that he contacted her family but he assures her that he did not. This was an anonymous donor. Later, as Reva is waiting, Gretel asks if she is scared. Reva admits she is. When Gretel says she would like her to come back, Reva promises she will. Gretel chides her because she cannot make that promise, but Reva states the can. She always keeps her promises. Meanwhile, Colin begins extracting Billy's bone marrow when he realizes there is a problem.

Mallet is looking at the "Springfield Burns" blog which he found on the internet. Suddenly, Dinah wakes up and asks to see what he is looking at. He tries to keep it from her but she ends up getting a look - it's a picture of her kissing Gus. The blog really has Mallet worried. He insists someone is out to hurt her. Dinah's not very concerned though - all she does is comment on the lousy photography. Mallet does not appreciate Dinah's cavalier attitude; someone is spying on her. Dinah still doesn't seem concerned so Mallet tries to tell her that someone could be trying to hurt her chances at Spaulding. Dinah is still not worried about the blog and insists everything will be fine.

Harley is working on her presentation for the Spaulding board meeting while having breakfast with Zach at Company. Zach wants to fly his kite but Harley is busy and asks for a few minutes. When she realizes Zach drew a picture of a turtle on one of her reports, Harley is at first put out but quickly suggests they do more. While they are drawing and coloring on the financial report, Alan-Michael arrives and joins in. Harley is impressed, not to mention surprised, with Alan-Michael's ease around Zach. Alan-Michael says he likes kids - he used to be one. After she suggests that Zach go into to kitchen for milk and cookies, Harley asks Alan-Michael what he is doing there and he tells her he came to see his nephew. Alan-Michael starts talking about family and how impressed he is that Harley can juggle the demands of work and family. He used to view her devotion to her family as a weakness back when he wanted her job. So, he doesn't want it any more? Harley is not buying Alan-Michael's nice guy routine and suggests maybe he is here because of today's board meeting. Alan-Michael tells Harley he is only one voter on the whole board; she has nothing to worry about from him. Harley does not believe him one bit. Alan-Michael states maybe he was wrong - she is becoming suspicious as most corporate types. He accuses her of losing the "human touch" and then goes into the kitchen to have cookies with Zach.

Just then, Mallet and Dinah enter. An upset Harley tries to ask them if she has become cynical. Has she lost her "human touch"? Mallet's more concerned about other things and shows Harley the picture from "Springfield Burns". Dinah tries to insist it is nothing, but Mallet believes someone is embarrassing both Dinah and Harley. He thinks it is connected to today's vote at Spaulding; someone has a lot to get if Harley loses. Harley thinks she knows just who that is when she sees Alan-Michael come out with Zach. After Harley rushes Zach outside, she and Mallet confront Alan-Michael with the picture, insinuating he was the one who took it. When they ask him to admit it, he states they already have him tried and convicted, so why should he bother denying it. At this, Mallet punches Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael recovers and asks how they know no one is taking pictures now. Harley blurts out that she thought Alan-Michael had more class. Alan-Michael grabs his stuff, along with the photo, and stalks off. With him gone, Harley asks Mallet if he really thinks Alan-Michael is behind this. Mallet admits that he is not sure but thinks he is up to something. Harley decides to shrug off the problem. She is not going to give this person the satisfaction of rattling her. She tells Dinah and Mallet to pick out their china patterns while she is going to fly a kite.

Later, back at the Beacon, Mallet is still obsessing over the blog. Dinah has had enough and pulls him away. She does not want to focus on the blog; she wants to focus on their engagement party. She then seduces him.

Meanwhile, Harley has returned to Company, which is completely empty. Suddenly, a man comes up behind her with a gun.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Harley walks into Company, where two robbers are holding Tammy hostage. Gus comes in next. Harley and Gus fake a fight to distract the robbers. One of them shoves Tammy headfirst into the bar. Gus and Harley run to help her and the guys get away. Tammy insists she's fine, then passes out. Later, Harley speaks at a Spaulding board meeting and tenders her resignation. She prepares to name her successor. Josh admits to Cassie that loving Reva is hard...but loving her would be easy. Josh says nothing can happen between them. Cassie gets a call and she and Josh hurry to the hospital to see Tammy. Jonathan comes rushing in, blaming Alan for Tammy's injury. Alan also shows up and tells Lizzie she better come home...or be responsible for what happens next. Alan calls the robbers and blasts them for not kidnapping Tammy like they were told. Billy learns that his years of drinking have disqualified him from being Reva's donor. He tearfully confesses all to Reva and urges her to call Josh. Colin tells her she can no longer fight this battle alone. Reva picks up the phone and calls Josh to say she needs him.

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