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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on GL
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Monday, July 24, 2006

At the Spaulding board meeting, Harley makes the surprise announcement that she is resigning and has chosen Alan-Michael as her successor. Everyone is surprised, including Alan-Michael. Harley suggests they take a break while she and Alan-Michael go over a few small details. Alan-Michael signs an agreement that he will be a "decent guy," preserving Zach's legacy in the company and ensuring that Dinah will remain with the company. After the meeting, Alan-Michael shakes hands with board members while Harley finds out that Gus and Dinah are fine with her decision. Alan arrives and Alex catches him up on what he missed. When everyone has gone, Alan-Michael and Alan test and taunt one another a bit. Alan-Michael is left alone and looks a little overwhelmed. He pulls up what appears to be the model Philip had made of Springfield before his "death" and gazes at it.

Harley and Gus go to Company where Harley tells Gus that the excitement of the mornings bust at the restaurant has made her want to be a cop again. They kiss and she calls him "Partner." Meanwhile, Dinah has returned to The Beacon and pulls up the "Springfield Burns" website on her computer.

At the hospital in Minnesota, Billy tells Reva she has no choices left other than to live or die. She calls Josh, who is at Cedars with Jonathon and Cassie, worried about Tammy. Josh is curt with Reva when she says she needs his help. He says that everyone is at Cedars to help Tammy and Reva's nowhere around. Reva decides that with the trouble in Springfield, she shouldn't burden Josh. They abruptly end their conversation after Josh tells Reva how selfish she is being. Dr. McCabe tells Billy that Billy and Reva are fools for not involving her family. Dr. McCabe goes in to check on Reva but is very distant with her because he is so disgusted by her refusal to get help from her family. Billy decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves a message on Jon's cell that Reva has taken a turn for the worse and needs him. Billy goes to Reva's bedside and tells her he's sorry, but he did it for her own good. Reva wakes up and sees Josh instead of Billy. She clings to Billy/Josh, repeating Joshua's name over and over. Billy continues to comfort her.

At Cedars, Alan ends a phone call to someone, telling them that it looks like the message to Tammy got across. Jon accuses Alan of being responsible for Tammy being in the hospital. Lizzie interrupts and is badgered by both Jon and Alan. Jon rants about never having wanted to be involved with Lizzie or the baby. Alan rants that Jon cares nothing for Lizzie or the baby and will always place Tammy above everyone else. When Cassie comes out to the hallway to make them all be quiet, Tammy wakes up and calls for her. Cassie and Jon are relieved that Tammy is awake. Cassie leaves to find the doctor, leaving Tammy and Jon alone. Lizzie joins them and Tammy insists she stay despite Jon's wishes. She tells them they must remain together as a team so Alan can't make trouble for them. She sends them off to the room at The Beacon, saying they could settle into the penthouse when she's released from the hospital.

Cassie runs into Josh as she's looking for the doctor. She tells him the good news about Tammy and asks about his conversation with Reva-why did she call? Josh says he doesn't know, and for the first time in his life, he doesn't care. He says, "Forget Reva." Cassie leaves to find Mel. RJ shows up at the hospital with a woman who must be the famous Miss Chitwood. RJ hugs Josh, saying he is worried about Tammy. Josh assures him that she will be fine. After Tammy insists that Cassie leave to attend Dinah's engagement party, Cassie reluctantly leaves. She finds RJ and Josh laughing together in the hall. RJ wants to take up Josh's offer that they all go home together. Cassie is hesitant, but gives in.

Lizzie and Jon return to the room at The Beacon. Jon tries to do his own version of pampering Lizzie a la a pillow under her feet because Tammy would want him to. Lizzie is creeped out and asks why they are hanging out together like this, since they never did before. Jon reminds her that they did hang out once and looked what happened. She is worried that after a while, Jon and Tammy will want to kick her out. Jon assures her that that won't happen.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dinah and Mallet are getting ready for their engagement party when she finds him viewing the Springfield Burns website. The site appears to be under construction, so Dinah tells Mallet it was probably Alan-Michael who was behind the site. Now that he has what he wants, the CEO position at Spaulding, he has taken it down. As they prepare to leave, the site begins loading.

At the party at Company, Olivia arrives drunk. She shares a few tender moments with Vanessa, where they trade insults with each other until Olivia finally says she wants to slap the mother of the bride. At this point Ava steps in and takes Olivia outside to cool off. Olivia takes the opportunity to tell Ava she wants to rebuild a friendship with Buzz and Frank because they mean so much to her. The best way to do that is to get into Ava's good graces again since they think she walks on water. Olivia then offers Ava a job. Ava is skeptical, but says she will think about the offer. After Ava goes back inside, Olivia calls Barry and tells him to find an entry level position for a friend, one with long, exhausting hours.

Back inside, Harley is telling Mallet she would like to come back to the police department, and that she wants to partner with Gus. Gus is standing behind her signaling to Mallet and shaking his head no, which Harley turns around and sees.

Later, Mallet and Dinah are telling Gus and Harley about the wedding video they are making. They go to the laptop which has been set up on the counter and try to pull it up, but find the Springfield Burns site instead. Now on the site is a police report in which Mallet has Dinah under surveillance, written last October after she held Edmund at gunpoint. There are several other similar reports on the site. Dinah rushes out and runs to the boathouse, with Mallet right behind her. Mallet explains that the FBI made him spy on Dinah in exchange for keeping her out of prison. She accuses him of not trusting her and says their entire relationship has been a lie. When Mallet suggests she is just angry because she is stressed about the wedding, Dinah responds by pushing him into the water. She goes home to pack a bag to leave.

At the farm, Josh has convinced Cassie to go to the party while he sits with RJ. At the party, Jeffrey tells Cassie he knew she would cancel their weekend after seeing her and Josh together. Cassie denies to Jeffrey that there is anything between Josh and her. Later, Cassie mentions to Blake, Vanessa and Matt that RJ is home with Josh. Blake pulls her aside, telling her she hopes Cassie plans to take advantage of the situation and spend the night with Josh; at least one of them should score tonight. Blake then sits down with Jeffrey and tells him how lonely she is. She suggests they spend the night together. Jeffrey reminds Blake that they are opponents in a very bitter Mayoral race, and to be seen leaving together would be scandalous. So he leaves her his room key, which she later uses to join him.

Harley later grills Gus about why he doesn't want to partner with her. He says he doesn't want to get used to her, he wants to keep their mystery alive. She responds warmly to his explanation.

Back at the farm, Cassie returns home to a still scared RJ, who wants Josh to stay the night. Josh agrees, and says he will sleep on the couch. Cassie sets him up with linens for the couch, wearing her most elegant nightgown. She then goes to bed, and the two spend the night tossing and turning.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lizzie listens to Jonathan's cell-phone message and hears Billy saying that Reva has taken a turn for the worse. Jonathan confides in her about Reva being sick and needing bone marrow. Lizzie, a leukemia survivor, understands and promises to keep their secret. Later, Lizzie visits Tammy and promises to repay her for being so kind to her. She does so by moving back home and getting out of Tammy and Jonathan's way. Jonathan arrives in Minnesota and is deemed a match. Reva, however, won't let him donate, reminding Jonathan that he's allergic to general anesthesia. Jonathan insists on going ahead, anyway. Colin harvests Jonathan's marrow and proceeds to transplant it into Reva. Meanwhile, Jonathan bonds with a sick boy waiting to undergo the same procedure. Afterwards, Jonathan admits that he finally feels like Reva's son – and his baby's father. He comes home to Springfield and convinces Lizzie to move back in with him and Tammy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

An eavesdropping Alan hears Jonathan confess that he's decided to be a part of his baby's life. Lizzie gratefully tells him she got Outskirts back for him and had Tammy reinstated at Springfield U! Alan suggests to Lizzie that Jonathan and Tammy are only using her for the money. Jonathan agrees to accompany Lizzie to her childbirth class, but she finds him asleep with Tammy. When Alan suggests Lizzie accompany Beth and him on a vacation to Italy, Lizzie considers going. Colin informs Reva that they've done all they can for her medically. Now they wait and see if the treatment worked – she's free to go; though he still recommends she tell her family. Meanwhile, Josh reassures Cassie that they can get back to normal, despite having admitted their feelings for each other. Later, Josh and Jeffrey come to blows over seemingly no reason at all. Blake urges Cassie to go after Josh – primarily so Blake can have Jeffrey for herself. Cassie calls Reva and tells her to come home immediately. Reva refuses and Cassie calls her selfish. Cassie goes home to a broken air-conditioner, and yet another blackout with Josh.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Jonathan is impatiently waiting for the nurse so Tammy can get discharged. To settle him down, Tammy talks about his decision to accept his baby. Jonathan is still a little overwhelmed by it but Tammy assures him that he did the right thing. Tammy goes on about how he's changed since she first met him and he will change even more when he becomes a full-fledged daddy While she is reassuring Jonathan, she suggests that they should open a joint checking account with Lizzie so they can all help with the bills.

Alan comes across Lizzie who is snooping outside Tammy's door at the hospital. Lizzie is wary of Alan's motives but he tries to convince her that she should be wary of Jonathan's. He tells Lizzie that Jonathan and Tammy don't care about her; they are using her. He goes on to say that he and her mother though will support her one hundred percent. Alan warns her that if she turns him down, she and the baby will be on their own. As Alan is trying to warn Lizzie that she needs to protect herself from Jonathan, Jonathan, himself, enters the hallway. He and Alan immediately start bickering until Lizzie tells them to stop. Jonathan, on his way to find a nurse, tells Lizzie about Tammy's joint bank account idea. Lizzie seems awfully distressed--so they will have access to all her money? Lizzie tells Jonathan she does not like that idea at all and announces that she is going to Italy with Alan. Jonathan suddenly gets very upset and demands to know when she decided that. He tells Lizzie he cannot believe she wants to live with her grandfather and asks if Alan threatened her. When Jonathan demands to know what Alan said to her, Lizzie accuses Jonathan and Tammy of using her. Lizzie goes on to say that she will always be an outsider and eventually they (Jon and Tammy) will take her baby away for good. An angry Jonathan proclaims that if anyone is going to take her baby away it is Alan. As Lizzie and Alan walk away, Jonathan bursts back into Tammy's room ranting that he will not let Alan take his baby away. He will KILL him.

Later, Lizzie is at the mansion with Beth and Alan. Beth is surprised that Lizzie agreed to come with them; Lizzie tells her she found out everything they said was true. Lizzie then goes upstairs to finish packing her things. Alone, an ecstatic Beth marvels at how Alan got Lizzie to agree to go with them. Alan tells Beth he is glad she is back on his side. He then states that once Lizzie is in Italy, she will see things their way. Her baby will have the best parents: them. Beth is shocked at what Alan just, especially when he tries to pass it off as nothing. Alan explains that Lizzie is simply too young and fragile. He assures Beth that they are not just going to take Lizzie's baby away--she will be a part of the process. Beth is appalled at what Alan is saying and so he starts talking about how devastated he was when she lost their baby. He states that Lizzie's baby is a chance for him to redeem himself, to correct all the mistakes he made with his children. He tells her that he doesn't just want the baby for himself; he wants it for her as well. At that point, Lizzie comes down and Beth asks to speak to her alone. Beth tells Lizzie how proud she is of her. She states that it is not easy to admit that someone doesn't have your best interest at heart. Beth then tells her that she is doing the right thing.

Later, Alan and Beth are at the airport waiting for Lizzie who is apparently in the rest room. Beth suggests that instead of waiting, they just go through the checkpoint now and Lizzie can meet them at the gate. As they are going through security, the guard goes in Alan's briefcase and reminds Alan that no weapons are permitted on the airplane. Alan suddenly gets huffy and arrogantly remarks that he will cause havoc and mayhem if he is not allowed through. Considering that the guard found a meat cleaver in the briefcase, the guard does not take Alan's words lightly and Alan is promptly arrested. As he is being led away, Alan realizes that Lizzie set him up.

At the hospital, a furious Jonathan explains to Tammy that Alan is taking Lizzie to Italy because Lizzie believes that he is trying to take her money. Tammy insists that he has to stop her but Jonathan points out that Alan has a goon outside the door. He cannot leave without going to jail. Tammy insists that he has to try or Alan will make sure that he never sees the baby. Tammy tries to call Lizzie herself but Jonathan will not let her. He angrily announces that he is done. At that point, Lizzie arrives. Both Tammy and Jonathan are shocked to see her since she had said she was going to Italy. With a smile, Lizzie explains that she is good liar. She then explains that she set Alan up with the meat cleaver since she had to get him out of the way. Jonathan is extremely impressed. Proclaiming that he could not have done better himself, Jonathan happily hugs Lizzie and gives her kiss. Though he barely realized what he had done, Lizzie seemed to like it.

In Minnesota, Billy and Reva arrive at the house he rented. Reva is reluctant about entering. She cannot stop thinking about Colin's words that she either will be better or she won't. Billy asks Reva if she wants to go home. Reva states that she wants to, but not like this. Reva maintains that she does not want Josh to see her weak. As Billy starts preparing some soup, Reva gets a strange feeling and tells Billy she has to go back to the hospital. She had not said goodbye to Gretel. When they arrive at the hospital, they are shocked to see Colin preparing to go back to Springfield. Billy accuses the doctor of running out on Reva, but Colin states that he has other patients who need him. He tells Reva that he will monitor her progress when she goes back home. After they hug goodbye, Reva notices that Gretel's bed is empty. Reva assumes the worst until Gretel comes walking down the hallway. She is being released--her foster father is picking her up. Gretel thanks Reva and tells her that she will pray for her. When she walks away, Reva suddenly tells Billy that she has to go home. Billy's a little surprised at the sudden turnaround and Reva states that she needs her family. She then states that every moment she has without Josh is a moment she might never get back.

Cassie and Josh are alone at the barn during a blackout. (secretly caused by Blake who tampered with the fuse box, for her Cassie & Josh's sake, as well as hers) Josh suggests that Cassie and RJ stay with him at the Beacon but Cassie refuses. Cassie notices that the lights are on across the street and asks Josh to check her fuse box. Josh tries, but unfortunately it's dark outside and Cassie's flashlight is low on batteries. Josh again invites her to stay with him but she steadfastly refuses. Josh winds up burning his hands while reaching for wires in the dark. Inside, Cassie bandages Josh's hands. Suddenly, she gets up complaining about the heat and states that she has to take a swim to cool off. Alone in the pond, Cassie remembers Blake telling her to go after Josh. Suddenly, Cassie gets a cramp and goes under. Luckily, Josh is there to rescue her. He explains that he went looking for her since she had a phone call. Rattled, Cassie tells Josh that he saved her. Suddenly, the fall into a kiss that turns passionate. At the same time, Reva arrives at Cassie's.

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