One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on OLTL

Adriana suspected that Rex was in cahoots with her stalker, and they struggled with a knife. Dorian and Clint made love. Hugh kissed Kelly. Evangeline regained her sight. Blair continued to collect evidence against Spencer. Starr was rushed to the hospital. Evangeline told Cristian she loved him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, July 31, 2006

Evangeline is devastated when the bandages are removed and she realizes that she is still blind. Todd makes matters worse when he threatens Dr. Simmons for the failure of the surgery and exchanges harsh words with Cris and Nora in front of her. A frustrated Evangeline throws Todd out of her room and asks to speak with Nora alone. Dr. Simmons promises to run more tests to see if Evangeline would be a candidate for another procedure. Nora encourages Evangeline to stay positive citing her recovery as proof that miracles do happen. Evangeline puts on a brave face for Nora but then later confesses to Layla that she can no longer be hopeful and has to start accepting the fact that she will never regain her eyesight.

Nash is furious with Claudia blaming her for revealing his and Jessica's whereabouts. Claudia swears up and down that she did not tell Antonio where to find them but Nash isn't convinced and accuses Claudia of betraying him because she doesn't want to see him reunited with Tess. Claudia agrees that she is weary of his relationship with Tess because she doesn't want to see him get hurt. Nash angrily tells Claudia that he made a mistake thinking they could be friends. A hurt Claudia accuses him of making her believe they could be friends just so he could use her to keep Antonio away. Nash later finds Claudia and apologizes for his angry words which he said out of frustration since he wasn't able to bring Tess back before Antonio showed up.

Antonio tells Jessica that he hopes that Nash realizes that Tess isn't coming back and decides to leave town and leave his baby behind. Jessica responds that she doesn't think that Nash will leave his baby and that she doesn't think he should since he loves Brennan so much. Antonio can't believe that Jessica would want a lying murderer around her baby but Jessica reminds him that what happened to Claudia's father was in accident and Nash would never hurt her or his child. Jessica reminds Antonio that Nash did everything he could to save his family just like Antonio did when he discovered that she and the baby were missing. She suggests that maybe Antonio and Nash aren't so different after all. Later, after getting Brennan to sleep, Jessica joins Antonio on the balcony and while Antonio is holding her Jessica's thoughts are of Nash.

R.J. and Vincent bump into each other at Capricorn and after almost letting it slip that they have met before, they cover and act as if this is their first encounter. R.J. questions Vince about his business dealings and then makes him a business offer that Vince shoots down. While the men go to the bar to get a few drinks, Lindsay quizzes Layla about how much she really knows about Vince. Layla feels that she knows enough and Lindsay has no room to talk since R.J. is such a "stand up" guy. When Lindsay won't give up her questioning, Layla accuses her of sounding just like her sister. R.J. and Vince interrupt their conversation when they return with drinks. R.J. gets a phone call from Nora asking him to pick her up since she is being discharged. Lindsay offers to find another way home since she doesn't think that Nora would be too happy to see her. Layla leaves with R.J. so that she can visit Evangeline leaving Lindsay and Vincent alone at the table. Lindsay takes her leave when Vincent lays it on too thick while trying to make small talk with her.

After Lindsay takes her leave, Vince has his manservant place a bet against Cris for the upcoming match knowing that Cris' hand is in bad shape. Vince declares that he is in it to win it and even though Cris is his fighter, the bottom line for him is profit not loyalty.

John starts twitching when he spies David, Spencer, and Blair together at Capricorn. Natalie reminds John that like it or not David is on their side and will report anything that Spencer reveals to him. John tries to leave it alone but can't take it anymore and goes up to Spencer who begins to inquire as to how they found out that David didn't shoot Thomas McBain. Natalie goes into the ballistics details of how the gun was filled with blanks (David once again uses his joke of shooting blanks just like Kevin Buchanan) and that the bullet that was in McBain did not match David's gun. When Spencer assumes correctly that they new person of interest is none other than himself, he goes down a list of real and supposed misdeeds that he has committed. John informs him that it doesn't matter what he gets charged with as long as he ends up in jail. Spencer tells John that he is not smart enough to beat Spencer but John tells him that he's on to him and that it's just a matter of time before he slips up and John will be right there.

Blair steps in to defend Spencer and tells John that all the accusations against Spencer are due to Todd and his baseless accusations. While Blair is letting John have it, David tells Spencer to meet him on the docks. Spencer begrudgingly agrees to David's request and when he meets with David, David informs him that he will get his revenge for all the lies and the blackmail that David endured while believing that he killed Thomas McBain.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

David confronts Spencer with his suspicions that it was Spencer who shot Thomas McBain on that fateful night. Spencer neither confirms nor denies David's statements as he has a flashback showing how he loaded David's gun with blanks. As David reminds Spencer how he led him to believe that he was guilty of murder for 25 years, they both remember Spencer telling David that his gun was one of a matching pair of his and his guns that their father had given them. Spencer's flashback also reveals that he loaded his gun with real bullets. When David informs Spencer that he is going to John McBain with his new recollection of the matching guns, Spencer grabs David and begins to choke him. Spencer eventually lets up and a stunned David goes off to find John.

Bo enlists Clint's and Kevin's help with getting Lenny to confess that he was the one who forged Bo's signature on the documents regarding Margaret and her baby. After flashing Lenny a wad of cash, Clint and Kevin tell Lenny that they need him to sign Asa's name on a document which will give them power of attorney so that they can run the company as they see fit. They also tell a skeptical Lenny that forging Bo's name was the best thing he could have done because now they don't have to deal with the do-gooder and his ways anymore. Just as Kevin and Clint are on the verge of getting Lenny to confess, Roxy walks up and spoils their plans. She discovers Bo hiding when she goes to the ladies room which sends a skittish Lenny running out the door. Roxy apologizes to Bo for messing up his bust and then promises Bo that the good Dr. will get what's coming to him since what goes around comes around (or is it what goes around comes around...Roxy was confused).

Dorian pushes Kelly to reveal why she has been having fainting spells, hasn't eaten breakfast in weeks, and hasn't had a drink in weeks. Kelly tells her that she has just been feeling under the weather but Dorian comes out and asks her if she is pregnant. Kelly admits that she thought she was pregnant but a test confirmed that she wasn't. Dorian doesn't believe her but Kelly continues to deny that she is with child. Dorian tells Kelly how she and Clint were fighting over her harsh words to Kevin. Kelly defends Kevin to Dorian's dismay leading Dorian to wonder if Kelly has forgiven Kevin yet again. Kelly reveals that Kevin stopped by and they talked about the fact that Kevin wants to find a way to get past what happened between her and Duke. When Dorian starts in about Kevin, Kelly takes her leave.

Clint arrives at Dorian's after leaving Bo with Roxy. He reminds Dorian that they were interrupted the other night and that he would like to make it up to her. Dorian knows of ways that he can definitely make it up to her. Before they head upstairs, Clint tells Dorian that he likes her and is grateful that they have been able to get past everything to get to that point. Dorian agrees and then leads him up to her bedroom. Once there, a nervous Dorian offers Clint a drink but he declines. She admits that although this isn't there first time together, it has been a long time since the last time they were together. Dorian again offers Clint a drink and again he declines and pulls Dorian to him.

Natalie tries to get an anxious John to loosen up while they wait for news from David. They decide to play pool but run into Marcie and Michael instead who are curious about the case against David. John fills them in on the latest developments regarding David's innocence and Spencer's guilt. Michael asks John if he has any proof that it was Spencer who killed their father and John tells him not at this time. Michael sees Paige walk in and confronts her about protecting Spencer all these years knowing that it was him and not David who killed Thomas McBain. Paige is stunned and offers to help prove that Spencer shot McBain. John tells Paige that he will find evidence on Spencer without her help just as David walks in and shares with John his memory of the matching gun that belonged to Spencer. John declares that he has a plan to find the missing gun.

Adriana tells Rex that he is her hero and that she is happy that they are together. Rex tells her that he wants her to like him for who he is and not what he does. Adriana assures him that the two are not mutually exclusive. While Adriana and Rex are napping, the hooded guy comes to the window and knocks on waking Rex who slides out from under a still sleeping Adriana. When Adriana wakes up and discovers that Rex is missing, she gets dressed and walks out to the beach while an angry Rex is scolding the hooded guy.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Blair met secretly with Bo at some roadhouse bar (not Rodi's) and told him she's having a hard time getting the good son Spencer. Bo told her about the matching gun and said he bets Spencer has it hidden somewhere. Blair lamented giving up on Todd when he needed her most and said she'd redeem herself my nailing Spencer and finding the gun. Starr called Blair and scolded her for not being around. Blair told her she's just going to have to accept that there are things she can't share and Starr hung up. Todd walked up to Blair and asked why she was talking to Bo at some out-of-the-way bar. Blair pretended like it was a coincidence that they were both there at the same time and left in a huff.

A short-haired, clean-cut Cristian talked with Todd at the hospital and told him to stay out of his and Evangeline's lives. Todd said he doesn't care what Cristian thinks and left to visit Vangie. Cristian lamented to Layla and Vincent how Todd's money earned him privileges. Vincent reminded Cristian that he can make himself some money in his title fight. Vincent and Layla left and made out a bit at the docks.

Evangeline was upset that the surgery seemingly did not restore her sight. Todd told Evangeline not to give up hope. Evangeline said that she has come to accept that her blindness is her new reality. Todd got a call and said he had to go. Cristian went in next. He told Evangeline he's going to get her another doctor. "You're as bad as Todd," Vangie sighed, saying she's perfectly capable of getting her own doctor. When Evangeline told him that her situation is hopeless, Cristian said not to give up. "I think you're afraid to get your hopes up because you're afraid to lose," he told her. The eye surgeon came in to test Evangeline's sight, but she still couldn't see anything. The doctor said there is still too much swelling to say conclusively whether the surgery was a success. He said he'd be back the next day. Cristian sat with Evangeline as she napped. When she woke up, she said she could see.

Adriana spied Rex meeting with a hooded guy on the beach. When Rex walked back toward her she tried to run and asked, "What are you doing talking to my stalker?" Rex said he understands, given that the guy was wearing a hood like her stalker was, but he insisted that he was just a homeless guy begging for money. Adriana asked him why he was out there at night, and Rex said the homeless dude was lurking around outside the beach house so he went out, gave him money and told him to beat it. Later, they were in the sack together and Adriana apologized to Rex for accusing him. Rex told her he loves her more than he ever loved anyone and that he would never hurt her. Adriana must not have believed it, though, because after Rex fell asleep, she snooped in his laptop.

Natalie confronted Nash and Claudia and warned them to stay away from Jessica (and also from John) because they are threatening her recovery. John walked up as Natalie was unleashing on Claudia and Nash to tell her to cool down.

David told John he understands if he can't every really forgive him because even though he didn't actually kill his father, he did fire his weapon that night. John told David that he doesn't owe him an explanation. David said he wishes he'd have come forward sooner.

Matthew asked Nora why she fired Mrs. Alvarez, her nurse. Nora said she can walk on her own now and doesn't need a nurse. "The more I have to do for myself, the more I'll be able to do for myself," she assured him. Matthew was still upset, though, and walked out. Later, Paige came by and told Nora that Matthew called her to be her new nurse. Nora told Paige to forget it, but Paige said that Matthew really wanted her help. Matthew came back in and asked Nora if she'd let Paige help, and Nora relented.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Blair dropped in on Spencer. He looking at plans for a new house he's thinking of buying. "If you like and you want it, it's yours," he told Blair. Blair told Spencer it was amazing how far he'd come in life given his shady background. She asked about Lenny again, and Spencer asked her why she's suddenly so interested in all his old cohorts. Blair covered and said she just wants to learn about his past. Spencer said that Lenny actually lives in Llanview, up on Llantano Mountain. He shot Blair a very suspicious look as she took in the info. They started kissing and Blair excused herself to run out in the hall and call John to tell them she knows where Lenny is. Meanwhile, Spencer made a phone call to someone saying he wants to know if cops show up at Llantano Mountain because he's set a trap. Blair came back and Spencer said a bunch of stuff about betrayal and how it's the worst thing a person can do. He told Blair he simply meant how Todd betrayed her. They hopped in the sack and Blair pretended it was Todd on top of her, not Spencer.

Bo and John sat talking about trying to locate Lenny. John had someone look into Blair's claims about his whereabouts and learned that no one at the mountain ever saw Lenny. He and Bo realized that Spencer was just testing Blair and were concerned that it means her cover is blown.

Lenny was at the docks trying to hire a boat to take him out of town.

Starr told Todd she thinks Blair might marry Spencer. Todd said not to worry because even if they do marry he'd make sure she doesn't have to live with them. Starr told her father that Ricky is moving away and that she's upset about it even though he always seemed to like Langston better. Todd told Starr she should forget about Ricky just like he has forgotten about Blair. Starr pointed out that Todd actually hasn't forgotten about Blair and added that there's no way Blair really loves Spencer anyway. Todd told Starr she's gorgeous and shouldn't worry about having boyfriends. Starr said she felt better.

Adriana wrote a little surprise love letter to Rex and hid it on his computer. Before she logged out, though, she clicked on his "cached mail" folder to find dozens of sent emails from "admirer" addressed to her. When Rex woke up Adriana tried to leave, but he stopped her. Adriana lied that she's just creeped out because she had a nightmare about the homeless guy. She asked Rex to get her a glass of water and when he came back she clocked him over the head with a lamp, knocking him out.

Evangeline and Cristian rejoiced in her regaining her sight. Cristian was less happy when Evangeline said, "And I have one man to thank," because that man is Todd. He felt better when she told him she loves him, though. Todd dropped by to find them making out.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Starr met Langston at the quarry and told her that she was grossed out after hearing her Aunt Dorian "hooking up" with Clint. Starr also reviewed what a "loser" her mother is for blowing off Todd and falling for Spencer. "Maybe she's just head over heels in lust," Starr suggested. Langston asked if Starr had Ricky's email so she could stay in touch when he goes to Puerto Rico. Starr said she'd let her know if she hears from him. Langston went down and got a couple of kids to come up with her to where she and Starr were sitting. Two of the girls were daring a boy to jump into the water from up there, but he said he wouldn't because it was so high up. Starr said it was no big deal and leaped in. Langston looked down and realized that Starr wasn't coming up.

Blair called the hospital to have Spencer paged into work. Later, Spencer put the moves on Blair. She cringed, but was rescued by the page before he could take things too far. Spencer got dressed and rushed to the hospital. Once alone, Blair searched Spencer's pad for the gun. She came across a photo of Spencer with some guy, and Spencer came home to see her snooping. "What you got there?" he asked.

Clint and Dorian basked in the afterglow in Dorian's bed. Dorian told Clint that she may have been a little hasty in her opinions on the Buchanans. When Clint despaired over Duke's death, Dorian blurted out that she thinks Kelly's pregnant with Duke's kid. Clint was dumbfounded. "This is a pond with a lot of ripples," Clint said. He added that it would make Viki very happy, and Dorian got pissed. Clint kissed her and told her to relax, and then left. Dorian stood in her room grinning.

Kelly asked Hugh to come by LaBoulaie to talk. They sat with their feet in the pool gazing up at the stars. She told Hugh that she's decided she's going to have the baby, but that she's leaving town to do it because she doesn't want the child to be a reminder of "loss, guilt, shame." Hugh tried to talk Kelly into staying in town and giving the Buchanans and Cramers a chance to embrace the baby. Then she pushed him in the pool. When he got out, he took off his shirt and went in for a kiss, but Kelly stopped him and asked just for a hug. Hugh said he realizes it's not the right time. Kelly thanked him and called him a "good friend" (ouch).

Viki comforted Kevin and told him that he isn't entirely responsible for Kelly's misery. Kevin lamented pushing her toward Duke and flashed back to his ripping the ring off her finger in the rectory. Viki told him to stop living in the past and start looking to the future. Kevin said she's right, and then said it's not like Kelly is having Duke's kid or anything.

Todd went by the hospital and Evangeline told him the operation worked. She gave him a huge hug as Cristian looked on. She said she's still not happy that he spent all that money and got her the surgery without her consent, but she didn't seem too hung up on it. When Cristian asked about Todd's urge to help others, Todd replied, "Not others. Just her." Later, Cristian told Todd that he and Evangeline won't accept his money for the surgery as a gift and will pay him back. Todd said okay. Cristian went to hug Evangeline and a nurse came up to tell Todd that his daughter has had an accident and is in the hospital.

Adriana checked Rex's pulse to make sure she didn't kill him. When he came to, she stood over him with a knife asking, "How could you do this to me, Rex?" She told Rex she knows he's the stalker. Rex said she's lost her mind and then wrestled her for the knife. She managed to get free and took off running down the beach.

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