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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, July 31, 2006

In spite of the fact that they do not trust each other, Simon and Mike agree to work together on the apartment project. Both Katie and Carly think that this collaboration will be a big mistake.

Holden brings his baby son home, leaving Lily at the hospital in a coma. As soon as Luke helps Holden bring the new baby home, Luke tells Holden that he is going to be with Damian because Damian needs him so much. Luke refuses to tell Holden the reason that Damian needs him more than Holden and his three little siblings. Holden and Lucinda decide to find out what Damian's secret reason is. When Luke tells Damian that he has broken the news to Holden, Damian tells Luke, that, because of some medical tests, he must return to Malta by the end of the week.

As Gwen sings at the memorial for Lia at Crash, someone in black slacks kills Maddie's date, Nate Bradley, with a butcher knife. Gwen walks out and stumbles over the body, screaming and screaming. After Casey calls the ambulance and Margo, Jade (in black pants) appears from "the bus stop." When Margo arrives at Crash, Jade immediately throws suspicion on Maddie. Jade tells Margo that she saw Maddie throwing something off the bridge after Lia's murder. Dallas (in black pants) questions Will (in black pants) about his whereabouts at the time Nate was killed. Will says that he was out walking. After the police release everyone at Crash, Gwen and Will invite Jade home with them.

When Maddie, in her little black dress, returns to the Lakeview and her brother and sister, she has blood on her hands. Margo arrives and questions Maddie. Maddie tells Margo that after Nate came on to her outside Crash, she ran and ran all the way to the Lakeview. Margo asks Henry and Eve to bring Maddie in to the police station the next morning.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Meg decides not to let Emily bait her about Paul and the baby and ignores the mother to be to accompany Paul on a romantic afternoon of fishing...and more. Meanwhile, after telling Susan she wants Paul and Meg to suffer, Emily herself suffers stomach pains. The hospital calls Paul. Lucy tells Holden she suspects Damian is sick and Luke is just going to Malta with him to say goodbye. Holden doesn't buy it. Meanwhile, Damian is being threatened by a hulking thug named Sergio to get the boy to Malta...or else. Later, Lucinda isn't happy to discover Jade living with Gwen and Will. Jade comforts Luke, which a pleased Damian witnesses. Luke admits he told Lucy that Damian was sick, but swore her to secrecy. Holden vows to Lucy he'll prove Damian is lying.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Meg and Paul are having a close moment at the pond when he gets a call and page from the hospital. Emily has been taken there because of a potential problem with the baby. Meg tells him to go on and he leaves. At the hospital, Em is worried that she is going to lose the baby. As Susan tries to calm her down, Paul arrives and tells her that, as the father, the hospital notified him to come. Emily tells Paul how terrified she is that she might lose the baby as he tries to reassure her all will be all right. The doctor arrives and tells them that it is preeclampsia and she needs bed rest and to reduce all stress. After the doctor leaves, Emily feels the baby kick and lets Paul feel too.

At Java, Meg is updating Emma on her stance with Paul regarding Emily and the baby. She then tells Emma how she is worried about Paul and Emily bonding. She heads over to the hospital and walks in as Emily and Paul are feeling the baby kick.

Henry and Eve have planned a picnic day to try to distract Maddie when Margo arrives to question Maddie. When asked about where the knife is, Maddie bolts. She gets taken to the station where Margo continues to question her about the knife. Maddie has another memory of what happened in Chicago and, not realizing it, says that she reached for the knife but couldn't get it because he was on top of her. Margo thinks she is talking about Nate and when she asks Maddie about it, Maddie snaps out of it and doesn't know what Margo is talking about and insists again she had nothing to do with Nate's murder. Outside, while talking to Dallas, Eve and Henry realize Margo is "playing bad cop" and rush in to stop the interrogation. Eve tells the cops if they want anything more, they will have to go through her lawyer. When they get back to the Lakeview, Eve takes a call. She tells Henry and a distracted Maddie that Louis is lonely and wants her home but she isn't going anywhere. Maddie decides she needs a walk, alone.

Will and Gwen are discussing their concerns about Maddie when Barbara arrives bearing housewarming wishes. Jade calls and while Will takes the call in the other room, Gwen tells Babs that they are giving Jade money to get started in a new apartment. Barbara tells her they are insane. Will tries to defend themselves to his mother and then leaves to meet Jade at Java. Barbara stays to talk to Gwen and tell her how happy she is that her and Will are married while igniting suspicion in Gwen that Jade and Will may not be all they seem. Barbara tells her that as a married couple, they need to make friends needs a distant second to their own and not let schemers like Jade come between them.

Jade runs into Casey at Java while waiting for Will. Casey threatens to make trouble for Jade if she continues to throw around lies and accusations where Maddie is concerned. As he tries to convince Jade that Maddie can't be guilty she asks him who he is trying to convince, Jade or himself. Jade heads for the pond while Casey goes to the station upset with his mom for focusing in on Maddie as the prime suspect. She warns him again to stay away from Maddie. He says he will not and she is wrong about Maddie.

At the pond Jade meets up with Will. He hands her the money and she thanks him with a hug. Will tells her they need to keep their distance from each other so he and Gwen can start to get their marriage going. Jade proceeds to blast Will for offering her hush money so he can get rid of her and not be reminded of the night they slept together. Just as she says this, Maddie walks up behind them.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Having agreed to try to find out more about Damian's illness to Holden, Lucy finds a way to lure Damian to the hospital. She tells him she felt bad he was leaving and wanted to allow him to say good-bye to Lily. Damian is very thankful and just as the two share a friendly hug Lucinda walks in, accusing them of kissing. Lucinda chastises Lucy and an argument ensues with Lucy declaring to move out. Unbeknownst to Damian, the whole thing was set up. Nevertheless, he believes it all and offers Lucy a room at his place until she can find her own. Back at the hospital, Holden and Lucinda are curious to find out whether Damian caught the bait. They get their answer when Lucy sends a text message reading, "I'm in." At Fairwinds, Luke is surprised that Lucy is moving in and wants to know why. Lucy explains what happened at the hospital and asks Luke if he still intends on leaving with Damian. Luke says yes, and tells Lucy Damian carries his medical records with him wherever he goes, inadvertently revealing that the medical records are in the desk drawer. When no one is around, Lucy tries to look for the records but is caught by Damian.

Meanwhile, a phone call from Simon interrupts Carly from spending quality time with her family. He wants her to come to the Lakeview for a meeting. When Carly arrives she spots Mike and Katie celebrating their three-month anniversary. Carly is convinced that Simon called her up just to make Katie jealous at the sight of them together. But sure enough, Katie cannot keep her prying eyes away from the two. Simon asks Carly to go on a business trip with him to New York. At first, Carly is reluctant, claiming she can't leave her children. Realizing that Simon is up to no good, she tells him off saying that she'd rather, "wash dishes until Sage graduates from college than work with him." She angrily tells Simon she quits and storms off to go home. At her home, she finds the lights out and no one home. She is less than happy to see Jack there.

Jack tells Carly the babysitter she left to watch Parker, JJ and Sage set off the smoke detector and blew a fuse, causing him to have to take the children to Emma's. An annoyed Carly scolds Jack for not calling her and accuses him of always finding excuses to insinuate himself into her life. While Jack fixes the fuse box, Carly goes outside to dump all her interior design work in the trash. She is startled when she turns around to see a very sorry Simon.

Maddie overhears that Jade and Will slept together in the woods. Maddie scolds Jade for pretending to be Gwen's friend and having slept with her husband all along. Jade strikes back, accusing Maddie of being a psycho serial killer. Will pleads with Maddie to not reveal this secret to Gwen. This somehow triggers a memory from Maddie's dark past, the words "don't tell anyone" echoing in her mind. Frightened, Maddie runs away promising not to tell anyone. Will tries to go after her but Jade stops him, claiming she could attack him. Then Jade decides to go after Maddie to stop her from telling Gwen of their affair. Alone in woods, Maddie is attacked by the serial killer. She escapes and tries to get out of the woods. She comes across the pond and the killer attacks her again. Maddie tries to fight the attacker off with a nearby oar, but the two end up falling into the pond. The attacker then attempts to drown Maddie.

Friday, August 4, 2006

At Carly's place, Simon has come to apologize, and just as he does so, the lights in her house come back on. Simon is humorously impressed with this until Jack comes into the room to tell Carly he's fixed her circuit breakers. Jack asks Simon to leave Carly alone, but Carly reminds Jack that he doesn't live there anymore and doesn't have any say in who can stay or who can go, especially since the kids are at Emma's at the moment. She asks Simon to sit down and tells Jack to leave; Jack tells Simon not to get too comfortable because Carly is just trying to "stick it" to him, but he leaves. Simon tries to convince Carly to come back to work for him, telling her that they can help each other work out their hang-ups over their respective exes and at the same time prove to everyone and to themselves that they can do great work together and make lives for themselves away from their exes. Carly tells Simon he could sell hot sauce to the devil, but she doesn't appreciate how she had to abandon a night with her kids to run to the Lakeview to have dinner with Simon and a fictitious client just so Simon could try to make Katie squirm. Simon apologizes again and asks if this means the trip to New York is off, which makes Carly dissolve in gales of laughter at the idea that the dinner was a fake but the trip to New York is legit. He assures her that it is and that he needs her there to help him make a good impression, saying his jet is on the runway right now, ready to go. She goes to the door and says, "Simon, have a safe trip!" He leaves, telling her it's a shame they won't be working together, because they would have made a formidable team. She agrees. Later, Simon boards his jet and calls the pilot on the intercom to say he's ready to go and that he'll be flying alone, when Carly walks into the cabin, sits down, and buckles up.

At Fairwinds, Damian asks Lucy if she was looking for his medical files, but when she denies it, he ends up asking her if she would please look at them to be sure he's receiving the right treatment. She does, and she tells him all the doctors can do for him is make him comfortable. Lucy tells Damian that she really can't sleep now and wants to go out, and Damian asks if he can come too. She asks him to go check on Luke, to let him know where they're going if he's still awake, and while Damian is gone, Lucy calls Holden and tells him that Damian's medical records are just too perfect to be real. She says she needs to find out the real reason Damian wants Luke back in Malta. She hangs up, Damian comes back into the room, and they leave together.

At the Lakeview, Barbara runs into Dusty and Johnny and tells Dusty that Jennifer wouldn't want him to become a recluse. She offers to take Johnny and put him to bed while Dusty goes out and does something, anything, to get his mind off himself for a little while. He agrees and goes to a bar, where Lucinda comes to meet him; he had called to ask her to bring over the dissolution papers for Street Jeans. Lucinda tells Dusty about Damian trying to interfere with Lily and her family, and as they talk, Damian and Lucy come into the bar. Lucinda goes over to them and loudly asks Lucy to come to her senses and come home with her, but Lucy tells Lucinda she's staying with Damian, where she feels welcome. Lucinda leaves, much to Dusty's amazement. Lucy then tells Damian that she doesn't actually know how to shoot pool, and he offers to teach her. After their game, they sit and talk, and Lucy asks why Damian waited so long to tell Luke that he's dying; he says Luke found out accidentally, that he never meant to tell Luke at all. But he also says if he'd told Luke and Lucy sooner, then he and Lucy could have had more time together; Lucy says, "We're together now --- why ask for more?" She gets up to get another drink, and Dusty corners her, demanding to know why she's "hanging around with a sleazy guy like Damian Grimaldi?"

At the pond, Maddie struggles with her attacker but then begins to drown. Gwen approaches the pond, having heard screaming and shouting, calling out to see if someone needs help. She spots blood on the rowboat, and suddenly, Maddie pops up out of the water, gasping for breath before sinking under the surface again. Gwen dives in and saves Maddie, bringing her to the shore, where she proceeds to call 9-1-1. Margo arrives at the scene with Dallas, and Margo asks Maddie what happened. Shaken, Maddie tries to tell her the little she remembers, then Margo asks Gwen what she saw or heard. Gwen says she was there trying to find Will and Jade, and at the mention of their names, Maddie freaks out. Margo takes both girls into the station for statements, saying she'll call Henry and Eve and have them meet her there. Meanwhile, Will runs into Jade in the woods near the pond and asks what she's doing there. They were both looking for Maddie, and he asks Jade why she looks so bad; Jade says she tripped and that Will looks like he's been mud wrestling himself. He asks her if she knows why the cops are there, but she doesn't and thinks they should leave before the cops see them. He tells her they need to go find out what's happened.

At the station, Margo again questions Maddie, and Maddie remembers her attacker was wearing a dark shirt and dark pants, but that's all she can remember. Gwen comes in, and Margo goes out to the squad room, where she tells Henry and Eve that she'd like to detain Maddie for a few more minutes until she can talk to the crime scene people again. Jack wants to know why she's detaining Maddie, and Margo tells him she suspects Maddie might have staged her attack to take the suspicion off of her for the slasher murders of Lia and Nate. Meanwhile, in the interrogation room, Maddie tells Gwen that maybe her attacker wasn't the slasher. She asks Gwen why she was out looking for Will and Jade, and Gwen says it was because Barbara made her paranoid by saying that Jade might be trying to take Will away from her. Maddie says, "I think one of them tried to kill me because of their secret." When Gwen asks what and who she's talking about, Maddie says that Will and Jade wanted her to keep her mouth shut "about the night they slept together."



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