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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on GL
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Monday, July 31, 2006

Beth arrives at Alan-Michael's room and tells him how Lizzie set Alan up to be arrested by concealing a meat cleaver in his bag. After laughing, Alan-Michael tells Beth he owes Alan nothing, so he will not help him. Beth says she'll take care of it herself, but Alan-Michael backs down and says that as head of the Spaulding family, he will make a few calls. He then kisses Beth just to the side of her mouth. Beth leaves.

At Cedars, Jonathon, Lizzie and Tammy celebrate Lizzie's framing of Alan. Jon points out that Alan is going to be plenty mad about it. Tammy says they shouldn't make things worse. Jon leaves to see how long Alan will be "on ice." He kisses Tammy, then hugs Lizzie when he leaves. In the hallway, Jon makes a call, asking to get an appointment with "The Man."

At Company, Ava and Coop are smooching away, happy that they can now show their true feelings publicly. Buzz makes a "young love" comment, to which Coop replies that Buzz has that same feeling about Olivia. Ava takes this opportunity to apologize to Buzz for butting in and the two make up. Alan-Michael arrives to place a take-out order, but ignores Ava and continues to take cell phone calls while he is ordering. She takes his phone away from him, forcing him to order. Jon shows up to see "The Man," who turns out to be Alan-Michael. At first it seems they are on the same side about Alan's interference, but Alan-Michael makes it clear that the Spaulding name and company come first. Jon is on his own, and he better not make waves. Jon says he will publicly embarrass Alan-Michael, Alan, and Spaulding if Alan-Michael doesn't see to it that Alan backs off. Alan-Michael agrees to handle it. Ava ends up delivering Alan-Michael's dinner to his room because he neglected to take it with him. Alan-Michael offers her a tip, but she turns it down. Jon returns to The Beacon where a previously napping Lizzie tells him Tammy went to see Cassie. She tells him that she had a nightmare about Alan. Jon tells her he's taken care of it and Alan won't interfere with "our baby." Lizzie is thrilled that Jon refers to the baby as "ours."

At the lake at Cassie's farm, Josh and Cassie kiss and discuss why their mutual attraction is both wrong and right. Josh tells her he'll take her to his house since he has electricity. Cassie ends up having Josh take her to the farmhouse and dismisses his suggestion she go home with him since RJ will be staying at a friend's house overnight. Cassie declines. Josh tells her he doesn't want her to leave him too when she suggests she and RJ move away from Springfield. They kiss and Tammy sees them, asking what is going on. Cassie and Josh act like Tammy didn't see anything and make small talk. Josh leaves. Cassie tells Tammy that she's happy to see her. Tammy replies, "Oh, really? I'd think I was the last person you'd want to see now. Except maybe Aunt Reva." Tammy tells her that Jon suspected something between Cassie and Josh months ago, but she had dismissed it. Now she is not so sure.

Reva returns to Springfield and goes to Cassie's house first, finding it empty. She then goes to Cross Creek and finds that Josh is not there. She sees the photo of her with the broken frame. While practicing how she will tell Josh about her illness, Billy arrives. She's glad it's him and not Josh. She tells Billy she doesn't think Josh will like the new sick Reva versus the former, confident, take the world by the tail Reva. Billy tells her she's being silly. She says, "I'll never be her again." Josh arrives at Cross Creek, notices something amiss at the front door, and asks, "What the hell?"

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Jeffrey and Blake are preparing for their mayoral debate. He says he won't play the "I look like the beloved leader of a small island nation" card if she won't play the "lonely widow" card. Though Jeffrey won the coin toss, he insists Blake go first. She immediately plays the Widow Marler card, and talks of family values. As Jeffrey speaks, the teleprompter behind them switches to the Springfield Burns website, which is showing Jeffrey and Blake's romp on the sack. Unfortunately the innuendos in the speeches perfectly narrate the images on the screen, and everyone has a good laugh. Except of course, for Jeffrey and Blake. Jeffrey vows to prosecute whoever is responsible. Harley and Gus realize that Dinah is not the only target of the website, everyone is vulnerable. They decide to go after the person responsible for the website- together.

Tammy is grilling Cassie about what is going on between her and Josh. She asks Cassie if she is in love with Josh. Cassie admits she has feelings for him. Cassie says she is trying to fight it, Tammy says "fight harder." Cassie points out the similarities between her relationship with Josh and Tammy's love for Jonathon. Tammy realizes Cassie is right.

Josh arrives at Cross Creek and finds Billy, but no Reva, who is hiding in the next room. Josh asks where Reva is, but Billy will not tell him. Josh tells Billy to tell Reva things have changed around here, and not just related to business. Reva sneaks out the back door, and begins to feel faint. Billy insists she come inside and see Josh. She refuses and they leave. Josh receives a call, and then calls Cassie to tell her to come right away; he has good news about the project. Billy takes Reva to the hospital. They discuss her health, not realizing Tammy is nearby. Tammy emerges from around the corner, swearing she thought she heard Reva's voice. Cassie arrives at Josh's; he tells her they have received a grant to complete the hospital. They fight the urge to "hug it out." But then Cassie decides to go ahead and kiss Josh before she leaves. Reva returns to Cross Creek and watches Josh through the window, commenting on how happy he is. She doesn't realize he is thinking about Cassie

Dinah is at Company fuming over the Springfield Burns website. Just then, Ashlee Wolff arrives and asks Buzz for a job. Then Ashlee is on the phone with her mom, telling her she will show her how much of an adult she is now, and tells her mom to shove it. Dinah then accuses Ashlee of spying on her with a camera, and gets up on the bar for a bizarre display of singing and dancing. Mallet walks in on Dinah's meltdown. He yanks her off of the bar and kisses her. She storms out, and they argue outside of Company. She accuses him of not trusting her, and he says maybe she is right, and then leaves.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Springfield Burns incenses Dinah, Mallet, Buzz, Frank, Olivia, Jeffrey and Blake. Blake decides the only way to hold off the press is for her and Jeffrey to go public with their relationship. Jeffrey doesn't think there is a relationship, so why worry about it? Better to pretend it never happened. Trying to forget Mallet, Dinah burns all of her bridal stuff. She thinks she puts the fire out, but, in fact, the entire Beacon proceeds to go up in smoke. Buzz and Coop charge in to look for Olivia and Ava. Olivia worries about Emma, and a beam traps Ava. Olivia leaves her behind to go looking for Emma. Buzz rescues Olivia. Alan-Michael saves Ava. Blake escapes and, when she sees the TV cameras, pretends she also rescued a bellboy. Marina sees the entire charade. Mallet breaks into Dinah's room looking for her and ends up trapped, but Dinah is skinny-dipping in a pond – and pulling Jeffrey in with her. They're about to kiss when they spot the flames. Something Dinah says makes Jeffrey think she set the fire. She runs to an unconscious Mallet and begs his forgiveness and Jeffrey eyes her suspiciously.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Reva decides to observe – not spy on – Josh. She hears him being flirtatious on the phone, but doesn't realize he is talking to Cassie. Later, Tammy tells Josh if he has feelings for her mom, she's not going to get in their way. She explains that it's the same way that she feels about Jonathan. Lizzie overhears, and realizes that she feels that way about Jonathan, too. Reva calls Jonathan and demands to know who the woman Josh is seeing is. Jonathan hedges and Reva guesses it's Olivia. Later, Colin brings Reva her test results. Meanwhile, Jonathan hears the shower running and hops in expecting Tammy. He finds Lizzie. Dinah is at an unconscious Mallet's bedside when Jeffrey accuses her of setting the fire. He tells her he needs to arrest her, but she begs him to bend the rules. Mallet wakes up and Jeffrey leaves – but not before telling Dinah she owes him. Dinah announces to Mallet she wants to marry him. Ava reports to Coop and Buzz how Olivia left her to die in the fire. Buzz defends her. Later, they kiss.

Friday, August 4, 2006


Jonathan walks in on Lizzie in the shower. Lizzie is horrified and demands he avert his eyes so she can get out Jonathan is pretty amused by the whole thing since it is not anything he has no seen before. He laughingly points out that he could see her naked with his eyes shut if he wanted to. Jonathan starts to leave but then Lizzie suddenly stops him by grabbing his arm. He wants Lizzie thinks they need to clear things up regarding this embarrassing situation. Jonathan assures her that he is not weirded out by this. Lizzie feels better and asks, since he is not weirded out, does she look gross? Jonathan cannot believe she asked the question but she is worried that she is never going to be attractive again. Jonathan assures her she has nothing to worry about. As the pair is enjoying a lighthearted moment, Tammy suddenly walks in and is not pleased at all. Jonathan and Lizzie both tell Tammy that this was just a mistake and nothing happened. Soon the two begin arguing about whose fault it was that he walked in on the shower. Tammy has enough of their bickering and angrily throws a robe at Lizzie telling her to put it on. Lizzie tries to assure Tammy that nothing would happen between her and Jonathan in a million years. Tammy shoots back that something did happen once. She then warns Lizzie that they share an apartment; that is it! After Lizzie walks out, Jonathan tells a still peeved Tammy that she cannot believe she thinks something would happen. Tammy states again that something did happen. She then admits that there are limits to how much she can trust them. Jonathan reassures Tammy that he would never cheat on her. He tells her that he did not know what he had until he lost it and he is not going to lose it again. Tammy seems pacified and tells him to take off his clothes. Since he is too shocked to comply, she takes them off for him and starts kissing him.

In the other room, Lizzie tells herself that what happened was not her fault--she did not want it to happen. Or did she? Lizzie reasons out her feelings for Jonathan and realizes that she is a better match for him than Tammy. While she is trying to sort out her feelings for Jonathan, Lizzie suddenly decides she needs to move on with her life and takes off Coop's ring since Coop is in the past. Lizzie then starts muttering that the does not know what Tammy is so worried about; she could not break up her and Jonathan even if she tried since Jonathan keeps going on and on about Tammy being the love of his life. Lizzie tells herself that as long as that is true, Tammy as nothing to worry about. Later, as Lizzie is leafing through her closet she hears Tammy and Jonathan come out and hides. She overhears Tammy say she has to run some errands but will meet Jonathan at Company. Afterwards, Lizzie complains to Jonathan that she has a doctor's exam but forgot her car was in the shop. When Lizzie tells him she was told these were important tests, he offers to drive her to the hospital.

Meanwhile,, Tammy is waiting outside Company when who should appear but Alan? Off her shocked look, Alan asks Tammy what she knows about airport security.

At the farm, RJ asks Cassie if he can go to the carnival with his friends instead of her. Cassie reluctantly agrees then tries to convince herself that it is not like her and Josh are on a date. Later, Cassie imagines Reva spotting Cassie and Josh kissing. In the first scenario, Reva gives her blessing (Cassie knows that won't happen), in the second, Reva blasts Cassie for betraying her, and in the third, Reva apologizes to Josh and declares her love and Josh responds by choosing Reva over Cassie. Cassie then repeats to herself that this is not right.

Josh arrives at the cabin and is not happy to see Billy waiting for him. When Billy asks if Josh is going out on a day, Josh responds that it is none of his business. He then asks Billy why he is there and Billy replies that he wants to keep Josh from making the biggest mistake of his life. Josh gets defensive and tells Billy that he does not get to stick his nose into his marriage. He goes on to say that he is tired of Billy taking Reva's side over his. Josh reminds Billy that Reva left him without looking back. He then states that if Reva has a problem, she has no one to blame but herself. Billy replies by asking Josh if he already has someone picked out to spend the rest of his life with. Billy tries to tell Josh that if you go down some roads you might not get back; Josh gets upset and accuses Billy of trying to make him feel guilty about something he doesn't think he needs to feel guilty about. Billy pleads with Josh to call Reva. Josh states that he has tried and Billy tells him to keep on trying. When he tells Josh that Reva loves him, Josh asks when did he ever say he did not love her. An upset Josh states that he has loved Reva his entire life. Billy maintains that Reva feels the same way. He goes to and says the pair belong together and says that Reva will be home real soon.

Colin arrives in Reva's room to talk to her about her test results. However, all he can say is "Reva. I'm sorry.' Reva demands to know what exactly "sorry" means. Colin informs her that her white cell count is lower than he thought it would be. he goes on to say that they fought the good fight; she got the best care he could give but it was not enough. Colin tells her that there will be no more treatments since he does not want to take away the time she has left. A shocked Reva asks how much time she has but he does not have an answer. He does admit that she needs to say her goodbyes soon. Reva starts grasping for alternative treatments but Colin states they would be fighting a losing battle. Those treatments would also decrease the quality of her life. He gently tells Reva that she is so full of life; he wants her to be living it and not tilting at windmills. An upset Reva tells him to leave. Alone, Reva starts to break down when Billy walks in and she sobs in his arms. Later, she tells Billy her status. He tries to comfort her by telling her that she has to start living the remainder of her life. He offers to help her fulfill all her dreams. Suddenly, Billy breaks down and it is Reva's turn to comfort him. Reva tells him she could not have gotten this far without him. She states that they beat this thing back and because of him her family had months without any worries and Josh got to fulfill his dream. Reva then decides she needs to find Josh and tell him everything. Billy offers to go with her but she refuses. Reva then assures Billy that he is not a screw-up; he makes people feel safe. Billy realizes she is saying goodbye to him and tells her to stop--he is not ready for that, not yet. After Reva leaves to find Josh, an upset Billy takes a bottle of liquor out of the cash bar and stares at it.

Josh is at the Greek festival. He buys some flowers and gives them to Cassie when he sees her. He informs Cassie that he was supposed to be working a booth for Lewis Construction but scrapped the idea: He would rather spend the day with her. As he holds Cassie's hand, Reva looks on in shock.

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