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Passions Recaps: The week of July 31, 2006 on PS
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Monday, August 31, 2006

Luis puts Fancy in a jail cell. He agrees to keep her company while he studies for his detective's exam. Fancy offers to quiz him; Luis is surprised when Fancy knows all the answers. Luis is intrigued when Fancy suggests they make a game out of the quiz.

After being whacked in the head with a baseball, Theresa lies unconscious on the field. Everyone is taken aback by Ethan's extreme concern for her. When Theresa recovers, the group realizes they lost their umpire. Tabitha steps in to referee the game. Gwen begins to realize that while Theresa may be moving on from Ethan, Ethan is not over Theresa. Kay enjoys flirting with Miguel as an angry Fox looks on. Much to Tabitha's delight, a fight breaks out between the two men.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Gwen and Ethan arrived home at the Bed and Breakfast from the baseball game and even before they could get cleaned up she was haranguing him for caring too much about Theresa when she was hurt during the game because she has clearly moved on from Ethan and he hasn't moved on from Theresa. He apologized and tried to assuage her hurt feelings with the offer of lobster dinner, but she wanted to make love instead. After lovemaking, Gwen changed her mind about the lobster and decided that if they went to The Lobster Shack it would be cheaper and they could splurge; besides Theresa wouldn't go there since she can afford The Seascape, so they wouldn't run into her.

Jared, Chad, Whitney and Theresa stopped by the Lopez-Fitzgerald house to clean up and change after their baseball game since the guys were taking the gals out for a lobster dinner. When the guys arrived, Chad told Jared that it was Theresa's mother's house and he assumed that she didn't want him to see her real house because she probably lives in the housing project out by the airport. Chad tried to set him straight, but Jared blundered on obliviously. Jared started poking at the women about being superficial and wanting to show off clothes they had whereas he was more interested in what was beneath the fancy clothes. Theresa took offence and started to chew him out only to be told by Chad and Whitney that Jared was only kidding because he had bet them that he could get her feathers ruffled in 30 seconds and it had only taken twenty. The gals went to change and Whitney came out to tell Jared that Theresa was taking a little longer than expected because she was putting on her new dress. He made another assumption that because she was a single mom, she would be short on cash and had probably sewn the dress herself. Theresa wanted to impress Jared so she wore a new designer original dress. Whitney warned her that it was a little over the top and Jared agreed as soon as Theresa came into the room. He took pity on her since he thought she'd made it herself, but couldn't help making a few snide remarks. Instead of The Seascape he took them to The Lobster Shack and Theresa was definitely overdressed. The line was quite long, but once the owner realized Theresa's party was there, he moved them to the head of the line and seated them immediately. Theresa got numerous stares from other patrons either because of who she was or what she was wearing. Gwen and Ethan arrived and she was miffed that Theresa was there, but since Theresa did seem to be smitten with Jared, she could use the evening to keep reinforcing that point with Ethan so that he'd move on and drop Theresa from their life.

Fancy and Luis continued their game of "strip detective practice test" and since she had the answer sheet, she couldn't lose. Luis lost item after item of clothing on questions he should have gotten right and eventually he noticed that Fancy had the answer sheet tucked where she could see it. He started asking her questions that he made up and suddenly she was on the losing end. When they were both down to their undies, he revealed that he was onto her and he chased her around the cell playfully until she pounced on him. They started extolling each other's virtues and as she leaned in closer they began to gently kiss. He whispered to her several times that she is beautiful.

Tabitha, Miguel, Kay, Fox and Siren arrived home hot, tired, and sweaty. Kay asked Tabitha what was for dinner (still not remembering that she's a witch who doesn't cook mortal food). Tabs said it was a surprise and went to stand before bare cupboards and with Endora was awake. She needn't have worried because Kay dosed Miguel's wine with some more of the lust potion after he came out of the shower and Siren started singing her seductive song to Fox after he was cleaned up. Both couples had romance on their minds.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

After dinner, Whitney and Chad rush home to be alone. Jared offers to walk Theresa home. At the jail, Luis and Fancy share a kiss. They pull apart and each apologizes, but both are a bit shaken. Luis tells her she is free to go, but Fancy refuses. Jared and Theresa stop by the police station so Theresa can check on Luis. Theresa tells Fancy to follow her heart, and that she might be good for Luis.

Kay slips Miguel more lust potion and once again she is delighted with the results. Down the hall, Fox, under the mermaid's spell, makes passionate love to Siren. Once the spell wears off, Fox is alarmed to find himself in bed with the sexy Siren. Frustrated with the latest turn of events, Endora sends an electrical shock Kay's way.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

At the cottage, Chris worried about what was taking so long getting ice cream. He muttered to himself that Sheridan could never find out that he'd worked for her father and then he heard someone on the porch. He rushed outside to find the omega symbol spray painted in neon orange on the porch. He called out and Spike came forward. Chris wanted to know what he was doing there and told him they no longer had any ties now that Alistair is dead. Spike sneered at him and showed him a copy of the file Alistair had kept on him. Chris told him to shove off and Spike told him that Chris would be working for him now. Chris disagreed and lunged at Spike who pulled a gun. They battled and the gun went off.

Sheridan was out getting ice cream for James and had car trouble so she walked to the police department to get help. The door was locked so she knocked on it. Luis thought she was Fancy trying to get back in so without even looking up, he yelled for Fancy to give it up and go home. Sheridan persisted and Luis finally got up to open the door saying "Fancy" before he noticed that it was Sheridan. She was a little flustered and just stood there. Luis noticed the ice cream leaking and asked her what was up. It took her a while to get to the point because she was distracted thinking about him with Fancy. He offered to take her home and she didn't want to make him leave the station untended. He insisted and they drove back to the cottage. Sheridan found Chris hurt on the ground, blood dripping from his mouth.

Theresa and Jared dropped by the Blue Note for a nightcap and they discussed who her family members are and what they do. He began to get a picture of why she doesn't like "The Cranes." Julian sat at the bar drinking alone and complaining to Noah about all the years he lost with his children. He wished he'd been closer to them. Fancy arrived and gave her dad a hug. He asked if she'd gotten over learning that her grandfather was such a monster. She admitted that it was hard, but she finally saw him for what he was. Julian apologized for not being much of a dad and she told him that she loved him. He remarked that he noticed the tension between her and Noah. She told him that there wasn't anything between them now. He noted that from the sparkle in her eyes, it looked like she'd moved on and asked with whom. She said she wasn't ready to share that yet. She went off to a table of her own. When Jared left Theresa for a moment, she joined Fancy at her table. Fancy asked her if she knew that Luis planned to move away from Harmony. Theresa said she hadn't heard, but she wasn't surprised after all the painful times he's had. Fancy admitted that she hoped she could convince him to stay and Theresa gave her blessing. Fancy asked if she was planning to leave Harmony too now that she's given up on Ethan. Theresa told her that she needed to run Crane and protect her son's inheritance. She also wanted to raise him around family. In a moment of remorse, Julian came over to the table and told Theresa that he was sorry he hadn't been very involved in little Ethan's life and wanted to remedy the situation. Theresa panicked and without thinking blurted out that he isn't little Ethan's father. She covered by saying that he'd never been a father to him before and she didn't want to confuse him now. Julian got angry and swore that she couldn't keep him away. He said he'd go to court if he had to and Theresa swung into protective mama bear mode, angrily reminding him that she is Mrs. Alistair Crane and was more powerful. Their tensions rose until Jared came back to take her home. After Theresa left, Julian muttered about Theresa to Fancy and she stood up for Theresa since he had indeed been an absentee parent.

Jared and Theresa arrived at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and after she changed into something a little less flashy, they sat down to talk. He asked what Julian had done to make her so upset and she said that she really didn't want to go there. Finally she admitted that she was tired and had an early morning at work. He advised her to forget about the Cranes because they were just adding stress to her life. He told her she should move on and find a mice guy who liked her. She asked him what nice guy he had in mind and he leaned in for a kiss.

At Tabitha's house Kay and Miguel walked in on Fox and Siren making love and Kay demanded to know why Miguel had taken advantage of her and why Fox was with Siren. When nobody answered right away, she flung herself at Siren and flailed at her until the guys separated them. They gently reminded her about getting shocked, which she remembered and then they told her that she'd forgotten she was engaged to Fox and stuck in an alternate reality where she loved Miguel. Bit by bit, they explained how and why and she became extremely frustrated that she'd been throwing herself at Miguel. She finally understood that she had a reason for her behavior, but then she wondered why Fox was with Siren. He couldn't explain and Kay stormed downstairs to grill Tabitha. Kay wanted to know if all of the things going on had been her fault and Tabby washed her hands of it. She helped Kay by reminding her she'd used the lust potion on Miguel. Kay was torn when Tabitha posed the question to her - Miguel or Fox?

Friday, August 4, 2006

Siren gloats over the fact that Fox has succumbed to her mermaid's curse, and now she is ready to move on to her next victim, Miguel. Miguel finally realizes that Kay is the one he wants to be with all along, but what to do? She has regained her memory and wants to be with Fox. Kay is baffled as to why Fox has slept with Siren and accuses Tabitha of using witchcraft. Tabitha tells Kay about the "Siren's" song and off she goes to find Siren. Kay and Siren get into a fight. Endora and Tabitha intervene. Kay accuses Siren of using trickery to get Fox into bed, and Siren reminds Kay that she has also used trickery in the past to get Miguel into bed. In addition, Siren rubs it in that Fox won't be able to make love to a mortal woman anymore because of the mermaid's curse. Kay refuses to believe that the curse is real.

Jared kisses Theresa and realizes that she is not over Ethan. Theresa reassures him that she wishes to move on with her life. Jared shares a similar past with Theresa in that he too once loved someone who did not love him back. He misses her the same way Theresa misses Ethan. Theresa makes a gesture to find Jared's lost love since he has not gotten over her. She thinks that Jared may still have a chance despite her own situation with Ethan. Jared tells her no, but Theresa is relentless. Jared finally tells her that she won't find her because his lost love is really dead.

The struggle between Chris and Spike resulted in Chris being shot. Chris lies to Luis about the shooter. He refuses medical attention and asks Luis not to report the incident. He uses Sheridan's loss of Marty and having reporters outside of the cottage to convince Luis not to report the shooting. Sheridan does not agree and wants the police in on it. Sheridan asks Luis to assist in finding the shooter and Luis acknowledges her. Luis thinks something is up. He thinks Chris is hiding something. Sheridan dismisses the idea and thinks it's Luis' jealousy. Chris realizes that the omega clue was left outside and is hell bent on preventing Luis and Sheridan from finding it.

Roberto proposes to Paloma, but Paloma refuses. Her reason: she has been separated from her family for years, and she is just getting to know them. She wants to be with them in their time of needs. Paloma asks Roberto to stay in Harmony, but his visa expires soon, so he has to go back to Mexico. They say goodbye for now but hope to reconnect in the future. Miguel happens by and sees Paloma. She tells him about Roberto, and Miguel is convincing her to go with Roberto. Paloma tells Miguel that she doesn't think she is ready to settle down just yet. Miguel tells Paloma that he finally realizes that he wants to be with Kay and that he was foolish to go chasing after Charity, who doesn't want to be found. Paloma tells Miguel to fight for Kay, even though she wants to stay engaged to Fox.

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