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Passions Recaps: The week of July 17, 2006 on PS
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Luis, Noah and Fancy watch in horror from the chopper as a missile hits Alistair's train and explodes into a huge fireball. A sobbing Theresa asks Ethan to make a solemn vow that he will always be there for her son no matter what. In Harmony Hospital, Sheridan grows hysterical worrying about Marty. Meanwhile, Luis realizes that no one on the train could have survived the explosion. Simone and Whitney make hasty plans to leave for home after hearing about their father's accident. Later, Chad is relieved to realize that Simone didn't overhear his end of a mysterious phone conversation. Theresa tearfully admits to Ethan how she made a lot of mistakes in her dogged seven year pursuit of him. Chris burns documents connecting him to Alistair but accidentally misses one of the papers with the omega symbol. Noah again attempts to prove to Fancy that he loves her and never betrayed her trust but his efforts backfire badly. Theresa tells Ethan she's finally accepted the fact that they will never be together. Luis wonders how he can possibly break the tragic news about their son to Sheridan.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

In Rome, Noah comforted Theresa as she grieved the end of her dream of being married to the man she loves, who loves her back. Noah gave her the news about the train attack and told her that she was a widow. Gwen had awakened and finding Ethan gone, was sure he was with Theresa. She went looking for him on the streets of Rome and saw Theresa hugging Noah. Gwen mistook Noah for Ethan and clobbered Theresa, knocking her to the ground. Theresa taunted Gwen with the fact that Ethan had been with her earlier and said that she could have him in an instant. When Gwen sneered that her lies and manipulations hadn't worked yet, Theresa told her that she'd given up her dream of having Ethan. Gwen warned Noah that Theresa lies and that it looked like she was moving quickly with him to make him her new victim. Noah stood up for Theresa and Gwen shook her head wondering why all the men were snowed by Theresa. Theresa reminded her that Gwen wasn't being honest with Ethan and that if he ever found out, she'd lose him. Gwen stormed off to look for Ethan. After Gwen left, Noah and Theresa continued to commiserate about never finding love again.

At the hotel, Sheridan confronted Luis over the computer phone about Marty and told him about her nightmare. Chris asked Luis to tell him the news because Sheridan was in too fragile a state, but Chris's expression gave him away and Luis has to tell Sheridan that her premonition was true. Ethan and Fancy comforted each other over the loss of their loves in the hotel lounge and after sufficient time had passed she went to comfort Luis after having to break such sad news to Sheridan. Gwen walked right past Ethan as J.T. Cornell saw her and beckoned her into another room. He blackmailed her for more money and told her that if she didn't pay, he'd go to Theresa and get millions and then he'd tell Ethan the whole truth and give him the answering machine tape and incriminating photo of himself and Rebecca. Gwen just laughed at him because she said Theresa is powerless, so J.T. showed her the newspaper article declaring Alistair dead and Theresa back in charge of Crane. Gwen nearly collapsed at that news, but decided that since her mother was still a Crane, she'd be able to get him the money. Ethan wandered in to the room, so J.T. made himself scarce. Gwen flung herself at Ethan and when she saw Theresa and Noah watching, pored on the public displays of affection. That only made Theresa admit to Noah that she knew how alcoholics and drug addicts must feel because she was addicted to Ethan, but for the sake if their children, she had to give him up. She slipped in saying that she'd never be with the father of her children and Noah caught it, but she quickly changed it to child.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sam is overjoyed to have Jessica home... until he notices Spike is with her... and Spike announces the two are married. Ivy convinces Sam to let the couple stay with them in order to keep an eye on the newlyweds.

At the hospital, Simone and Whitney are shaken when they find out TC had a stroke. Whitney and Chad kiss, then announce (to everyone's relief) that they are not related after all.

Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, Noah and Fancy return home on a Crane jet. Gwen is suspicious when Theresa asks Ethan to come visit Little Ethan as soon as they arrive home. Luis encourages Noah to go after Fancy.

Chris and the doctor are relieved Sheridan did not lose her baby. At Sheridan's insistence, the doctor allows her to check out of the hospital.

Kay, in her amnesic state, forgets that Tabitha is a witch and is confused by all the odd things in Tabby's attic. Kay's interest is piqued when she discovers a bottle of "lust potion."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Fox stewed about Kay going away with Miguel for a romantic weekend while Siren cooked up a stew of her own, guaranteed to make Fox fall for her. Sam told him that Miguel was an honorable man and wouldn't do anything to hurt Kay. Tabitha told Endora that at least Kay hadn't taken the lust potion and then realized that Kay had indeed taken it. She told Endora that at least if Kay and Miguel got together, it would keep him from finding Charity. Endora was so mad about Siren's stew that steam blew out her ears. Despite Siren's best efforts to beg and cajole him into eating her seafood stew, Fox turned her down. Sam grabbed the bowl and with one bite turned into a lovesick puppy. He slurped down the rest of the bowl and then turned positively apelike as he went searching for Ivy to slake his desire.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Pilar warmly welcomed home the weary Gwen, Ethan and Theresa. In a conciliatory gesture, Ethan asked Theresa (while Gwen stared daggers at her) if she wanted to go to the bed and breakfast with them to see little Jane. She was delighted, but Valerie called from the office and alerted her to an emergency work situation and a huge e-mail backlog. Theresa decided to bow to work pressure and at little Ethan's request, he went home with Gwen and Ethan to see Jane. After they left, Pilar commented that Ethan was a true role model and second father to little Ethan. Theresa tearfully explained to her mother that Ethan is his only father and then told her what J.T, had revealed. She also broke the news of Alistair, Beth and Marty's assumed deaths in the train explosion. Pilar was aghast that Theresa wasn't planning to tell Ethan that he's the boy's father, but Theresa explained how frightened she was that Ethan and Gwen would sue for full custody and she'd lose her son. As she worked on her computer, Theresa watched Gwen, Ethan, Jane and little Ethan on her spy cam in Gwen's computer. She bemoaned the fact that she should be the one in the picture instead of Gwen.

At the cottage, Fancy sat with her Aunt Sheridan as she suddenly went back into labor. The contractions came very close together so as Sheridan rued leaving the hospital, they called for the paramedics. They weren't able to stop labor and the baby was born much too early to survive. Sheridan fell apart as the paramedics carried out the tiny swaddled baby. Luis and Chris discussed all of the terror Alistair had visited upon their family and he vowed to kill anybody that he found with the omega symbol since that would tie them to Alistair. One of the documents with the omega symbol on it that Chris had meant to burn in the fireplace is slipped on the floor under the edge of a table.

Kay and Miguel arrived at the inn and she was swept away by its beauty and looked forward to making love later. Miguel told her to not get her hopes up because he was pretty tired. They changed into spectacular evening clothes and she tried to seduce him once more but he put her off with the excuse that he wanted to look at her in her beautiful dress and she just went to all the trouble to put it on. They went downstairs and took seats at the bar while waiting for their table and were entertained by two humorous blind bar patrons. When they got to their table Miguel wanted sparkling water, but Kay ordered a bottle of champagne and then she spiked Miguel's drink with Tabitha's lust potion and the two of them couldn't get to their room quickly enough. When they did get to their room, Kay wanted them to slow down just a bit and then she brought up the people at home and Miguel remembered his promise to Fox. When they jumped in bed finally, he found that he couldn't stop making love to Kay.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tabitha has a good chuckle when she realizes Sam ate Siren's magical stew. The stew does indeed work. Ivy is quite surprised and pleased with Sam's sudden enthusiasm. Siren is dismayed when Fox ignores her advances. Thanks to Tabitha's lust potion, Miguel's defenses are lowered and he makes love to Kay.

Sheridan is heartbroken when the paramedics take away her dead baby. Luis and Fancy look on as Chris consoles his wife.

Whitney and Chad dance the night away at the Blue Note. Eve tells Julian how happy she is for her daughter. When Simone kisses her girlfriend, Eve is visibly uncomfortable. Bartender Noah reminds Theresa there is someone out there for her.

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