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JR's blackmailer turned out to be Colby. Babe and JR heard a recording of Greg's last words that left them completely shaken. A DNA test led Kendall to believe that Greg was Spike's biological father, but she didn't know the whole story. Ryan learned Annie's secret.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Krystal, Adam, and Colby were in the living room of the Chandler mansion. Krystal was upset and yelled out that JR committed murder. Colby said in jest he must feel good about getting it right. Adam told her this was not something to joke about. Colby relayed how sure Josh was that JR killed his father because of his baby sister. Colby asked who this other sister was. Adam explained about Kate and Colby thought the situation was very Wisteria Lane. She begged to be filled in on what she missed and to be convinced JR was innocent. Adam told her JR had become Pine Valley's scapegoat. As they were discussing this, Krystal continually left frantic messages for Babe on her cell phone. Then, Colby blurted out that Babe was a stud magnet. Krystal said she was committed to JR. Colby recollected when Babe was on the run with Jamie and Liza hid them. She hoped Babe would be generous with her extra men. Krystal wanted to speak with Adam, so Colby reluctantly left. Krystal was very worried over Babe's safety after hearing JR might have killed Dr. Madden. Krystal told Adam she would move out with her daughter and grandson if JR was guilty. Adam said she could not take Little Adam. She believed she could because JR signed custody papers. She also believed Adam's stock was his main concern. Adam said he cared about them and asked if their happiness counted. She said Babe and Little Adam were her top priority and they both needed to find their kids. Adam slammed his glass in front of her and stormed out. Krystal left Babe another message inquiring where she was and if she was alright.

Josh was at the police station talking with Chief Frye. He was persisting JR killed his father because he hated him. Chief Frye asked why he seemed to know JR did this. Josh explained JR wanted to find answers about his sister, Kate. He also told Chief Frye that Dixie slandered his father and made him look like a baby stealer. He defended his father and said Dixie could not take responsibility for giving up her child, so she blamed Dr. Madden. Josh admitted he believed the slander for a while, but not anymore. He asked Chief Frye to take JR's bad record into account. Still, Chief Frye needed evidence. Josh told him JR hung him in a meat locker in order to blackmail his father. Chief Frye asked if he actually saw JR abduct him. Josh said he was knocked out, but Babe was the one to find him. He also said he saw JR in the park gloating at the crime scene. Josh vowed not to let JR get away with the murder. Chief Frye told him forensics was investigating all the evidence and they would find the killer. As Josh left, Chief Frye yelled at him not to become a vigilante.

Babe and JR were at the park. Babe wondered if JR was mad because she asked him if he killed Dr. Madden. He explained he was not mad at her, but at himself because he gave her reason to believe he could kill someone. Babe believed his motivation was Kate. JR said Dr. Madden got what he deserved. Babe continued to be suspicious. JR assured her he was still sober and was not the crazy man who hurt her. Babe said he and Jamie were keeping a secret and she wanted to be filled in. JR admitted they had a plan for Dr. Madden, but he disappeared before they got a chance to follow through. He would not tell her the details because Jamie was not there. He then swore on his love for her and their son that he did not murder Dr. Madden. He hugged Babe and she said she believed him. Then, Chief Frye walked up and joked if JR was there to celebrate. He told JR he wanted answers and asked where he was the night of the murder. JR said he was with Jamie looking for Dr. Madden, but they never found him. He then asked about JR's involvement in Josh's abduction. JR denied it and Babe backed him up saying it was a coincidence she heard him calling for help from the meat locker. JR pointed out to Chief Frye that Josh had feelings for Babe. He believed Josh wanted him locked up for the murder, so he could get his claws in Babe. Babe admitted Josh tried to put the moves on her. Chief Frye went to leave and JR told him he would cooperate in any way. Chief Frye remarked he thought the park should freak people out and left. JR thanked Babe for defending him, but when he put his arms out, she backed away. He asked if she was afraid of him. Babe explained she did not like lying about the meat locker and making Josh look so bad. JR said she technically did not lie about the meat locker because Jamie put him in it. He asked if she wanted to turn in Jamie and she replied no. He also asked if he should not defend himself against Josh's accusations. She agreed he should stick up for himself. He then demanded to know if she was scared of him or freaked out by the park. She recalled all the times she came to the park while Dr. Madden was buried alive. She could not imagine how he suffered. JR said they would never get answers because he died. He reiterated Dr. Madden got what he deserved by burning in hell. Babe wanted to leave because the park made her skin crawl. As they went to leave, JR got a phone call from the disguised voice heard in Dr. Madden's grave. It said, "I know what you did!"

Kendall and Zach were in their condo. Kendall wanted to know where Zach was the night she woke up from her coma. She said if Zach buried Dr. Madden that night, their future was on the line. He assured her his death would not affect them. Kendall told him he got off for his stunt at the hospital, but would not get off for this murder. He said he did not do it, but felt she did not believe him. She was aware he did not always do the deed himself, but probably knew who did. She figured he would not tell her because he did not trust her. He told her he did not kill Dr. Madden himself and did not help Dixie do it either. He did admit that if he and Dixie found Dr. Madden, the result would have been the same. Then, Spike began to fuss and Kendall realized she forgot his prescription. Zach volunteered to go to the hospital for it and left. Later, Kendall heard a knock and it was Josh at the door. She told him Zach and Ryan were not there, but he came to see her. He proclaimed JR killed his father and needed her help to take him down. Kendall apologized about his father's murder. Josh said he did not want her phony sympathy. Kendall explained she was grateful to Dr. Madden because he made Spike possible. She asked if he had proof. He told her how he was hung in the meat locker for blackmail. She wondered if his father told them anything. Josh hoped he did not so that JR did not get what he wanted. Kendall said if JR did it, the police would catch him. Josh reminded her of how he got off in her case. He asked how many more people had to die before JR was stopped. Kendall looked down at Spike and agreed to help. Josh thanked her as they happily looked at Spike. Josh told her how proud Dr. Madden would have been of Spike. He said his father was a pioneer and devoted his life to babies. He believed it was petty people who tried to slander him. Still, he admitted to Kendall he doubted his father after Jamie and Julia told him about Donor #1. Kendall asked what that was. Josh said they thought his father was the only donor for insemination in his clinic. Kendall looked at Spike with a horrified expression.

Erica and Jack were in Erica's office. Erica was shocked Jack believed she killed Dr. Madden. Jack said she tried before, so it was possible she tried again. Erica was so enraged she sarcastically detailed her entire execution of the burial and murder. She told Jack to call Chief Frye to lock her up after her confession. Jack said he did not want her to be guilty. Erica thought he did, so he would be free from his lying wife. Jack explained he only wanted the truth. Erica said she had nothing to do with the death, but congratulated whoever did it. She also said she had an alibi because Dr. Madden drugged her that night and she was incapacitated. Jack was skeptical she was ever drugged. Erica asserted she was sticking to her story. Jack said ever since Dr. Madden came to town, she shut him out. He declared if he did not press Erica for answers, he would never get any. Erica said she was drugged and thankfully someone helped her, even though Jack did not. Jack demanded to know if she told him everything. She admitted she had big concerns about him and their relationship. Erica then left and went to the hospital. She ran into Zach and asked if Kendall was alright. He said yes and asked how she was. Erica inquired if he meant if she was better now that Dr. Madden was gone. Zach said that was not his intention, but she could feel free to tell him. Erica asked if he expected her to shower him with gratitude since he got rid of Dr. Madden for Kendall. Zach asked what if he did it for her. She inquired why. He said to protect her secret. She explained she had enough of this garbage over her secrets. Zach pulled her aside and told her he knew about her son.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

While sitting outside her condo, Kendall told Ryan that she was concerned about Spike's paternity. He said he had already considered that Madden could have used his own sperm, but it didn't matter: he was Spike's father no matter what. Kendall told him that she couldn't let it go and had to know for sure. She said that maybe Madden inseminated her because he was obsessed with Erica and wanted a Kane baby no matter what. Ryan said that he loved Spike and her and that was why they were a family and nothing could change that. Zach came outside and told her to listen to Ryan, that Spike was Ryan's baby. Kendall went inside when Spike cried and Zach and Ryan went back outside to smoke a cigar.

J.R. dreamed that he was buried alive and awoke screaming. Col by came into their room and J.R. grabbed her. He asked what she was doing in his bedroom and why she stole his money. She said she was sleepwalking, but Babe busted her. She admitted that she needed money to go out, but they said no way. J.R. went to check on Little Adam and Babe told Colby to stay away from her and J.R. When he got back to the bedroom, Babe told him that Colby wouldn't cause any more trouble. Of course, Colby had stolen Babe's wallet and gone out the front door.

Dixie went to the Chandler mansion to see J.R. and Adam asked if she was the one who buried Madden. Adam told her that she had put J.R. in a comprising situation by killing Madden but she saw right through Adam and realized that he didn't think she was guilty but that he thought J.R. was guilty. Adam said she was right and that is why she had to confess. Dixie said that it wasn't possible for J.R. to have done that, but Adam said that J.R. was desperate for her love and was capable of anything. Adam told her that this was her chance to make up for everything by going to the police and confessing. J.R. heard Adam say that and told Dixie that she was not taking the rap for him. Again, J.R. claimed he had nothing to do with Madden's death and Dixie said she would somehow prove that he was innocent. Dixie told J.R. to trust her and that she wouldn't let him down ever again. He said he didn't want to lose her again and she told him that she and Tad would protect him.

Krystal went to see Tad to tell him she was sorry for everything about Kate. He told her to save it because it was all his fault. He said that if it had not been for him, Dixie wouldn't have left to have their baby. He told Krystal that it was his pride that kept him from taking Dixie back and he understood why she signed adoption papers instead of giving her baby to a bitter ex-husband. Krystal told him that she was the queen of doing the wrong things for the right reason and that he was the only hope there was to find Kate. With tears in her eyes, she told him that he was the first man she ever really loved and that she still loved him. Tad told her that she was a fool for loving him and she grabbed his arm and said he was dead wrong. He grabbed her and they kissed. She told him she didn't want to leave and they moved their liaison to the couch. It seems they forgot to close the door because Dixie's mouth fell open at what she was witnessing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Krystal returned to the Chandler mansion after spending the night with Tad and Adam immediately wanted to know where she had been. She explained she was trying to figure out if she wanted to stay married to him or not. They ended up both admitting their love for each other, but the situation got a Tad sticker when Mr. Martin arrived looking for JR. Adam excused himself upstairs and Tad and Krystal had a chance to talk in private. Tad thanked Krystal for dragging him out of his hell the night before (oh, so that's what you kids are calling it these days?). "How did she do that?" Adam, who re-entered at the most opportune moment, asked. Tad explained that Krystal stayed the night with him (he left out the sex detail, though) and gave him hope for finding Kate and opened his eyes in many ways. In fact, Tad apologized for his role in keeping Colby from him. That aside, he was at the mansion to see if JR wanted to help in the new search for Kate. Tad left after Adam promised to give JR the message, leaving Krystal and Adam a chance to cuddle. Meanwhile, at the casino, Zach visited Dixie who was sitting all alone in her dark room. An extremely defeated Dixie told her pal that if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn't have fought as hard to survive her car accident. Zach convinced her not to give up hope and as a thank you, Dixie planted a kiss on Mr. Slater. Surprise, surprise, the door was left cracked and someone spied them from outside the room that someone being Tad. (Payback's a bitch, huh?)

At ConFusion, Kendall introduced Spike to Simone, Dani and Erin and told Babe to stay away from her little one. Before anymore baby talk could ensue, Amanda arrived and Babe told the gals she hired her. Having a hottie like Amanda at the door would help with their liquor sales from the men. It looked like Simone, Dani and Erin agreed with Babe, but Kendall vetoed any hiring of Amanda. Trump card in this round goes to Babe, because seems Amanda signed a contract stating if she was terminated, Fusion had to pay her a substantial amount of money. As soon as Amanda mentioned Dr. Madden as a reference, Kendall took her aside and demanded the 411 about the evil doc. Later, Derek arrived to question Babe about something they found in Greg Madden's grave: a pen of JR's.

At the hospital, JR informed Jamie they were being blackmailed by an eye witness to Greg Madden's burial and told him he suspected Josh. Meanwhile, Josh woke up in bed with a blonde and started kissing her. Boy was he surprised when that blonde turned out to be the seriously-underaged Colby, who had snuck into the staff room at the hospital. Josh tried to get rid of her, but in the process of throwing her out of the room, Jamie and JR walked in. Colby explained she made the advances, but JR still warned Josh to never touch his sister again and promptly told her to go home. When the boys were alone, they acted like...well...boys, and many threats were made. They were interrupted, however, when a private delivery was made to Josh. After Josh left, JR and Jamie got another call from the blackmailer. He/she wanted the money now. They delivered the money and watched from afar as Colby arrived to claim it.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Kendall arrived and needed Josh's help to see if Madden fathered Spike.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Colby continues to invent excuses to explain why she was in the alley, and took the bag that JR and Jamie dropped off. She insists that although she didn't know what was in the bag, she felt that it might have something to do with Josh's accusations, and in the interest of family and love, she took it to keep JR safe. His intelligence insulted, JR grabs Colby's purse and starts to go through it. She protests, but JR tells her that curiosity runs in the family. He finds Babe's driver's license, and Colby tells a disbelieving JR that she must have picked it up by accident. She tries to convince them that they won't find anything else but they keep digging - and find the voice disguiser that she used to blackmail JR. For amusement's sake, they ask her why she would need such a thing, and she tells them that she found it. They play along and pretend that if Colby says it, it must be true. Incensed that they are being so flippant about her truth, Colby points out that her brothers have certainly done the things that she is currently doing. JR plays along as says that they might as well let her keep the bag, as they are certain that Liza didn't give her any money before she took off. Completely changing her tune, Colby excitedly opens the bag only to find newspaper print, bound together like bundles of cash. Irate, she starts to call them liars and cheaters, but they stop her short. JR lays into her, admonishing her for not only stealing - but for doing so from her family. Colby claims that she really needs the money, but with the entire family wrapped up in the murder and its effects - she didn't think she had a chance by just asking. She spends a few moments feeling sorry for herself, which her brothers dutifully mock, and then she asks for ideas of how she can get the cash together - quickly. JR thinks he's missed something, but Colby quickly tells him that she needs it to buy a car so that she can feel less like a prisoner. Jamie and JR note that she doesn't drive, and doesn't have a license, but she tells them that she actually drives very well. JR doesn't cave, telling her that the only thing that she is going to get if she keeps up with her behavior is a trip to a religious reform school in Michigan. He describes the dire conditions, including how the nuns there were too tough for regular schools. As the shock registers on her face, JR tells her that she can call Hayley and find out the real deal - as she had to do a stint there herself. Unwilling to be sent away to a place like that, Colby caustically thanks them for their concern. She stalks off, and Jamie asks if the school really exists. JR denies it, but says that he will call Hayley and fill her in on the story in case Colby decides to call. JR then says that as much as he wants to ground his little sister - he also wants to buy her flowers. Without a blackmailer, there is no one to prove that they did anything wrong.

As the set up for ConFusion goes on around them, Derek attempts to get Babe to slip up about JR. Wise to his tactics, Babe takes all of the slams in, and reminds him that while it's possible that JR could be the culprit, it is also equally as likely that someone else could have done both deeds - burying Greg and hanging Josh in the freezer. Amanda, standing nearby and privy to the conversation, asks them to refrain from talking about men in freezers, as it hits close to home. Derek apologizes, and Babe skirts direct mention by simply saying that the incident with Josh was a prank. Derek questions whether or not the person responsible for killing Greg thought it was a prank as well. He then tells her that loyalty is a good thing - until it's been misplaced. He also makes note of the many times he saw women that were visibly battered and bruised standing by their men in emergency rooms. This touches a chord with Babe and she insists loudly that JR wouldn't hurt her now. Latching on to the snag that he hopes will unravel her defenses, Derek tells her that she shouldn't get to comfortable with that belief - because there are any number of things that could be "fixed" around the house to hurt her. He tells her that women like her need to learn a thing or two about house repair, and Babe takes offense at being lumped in with a group of people she views as helpless. She tells him that the conversation is over, as she and Amanda have work to do, but Derek has to get in one more shot. He tells her that the women he usually sees behaving as she has recently have very little resources to get out of their current situation - no money, few friends...and notes that he has to wonder what excuse Babe has. He walks away before he can see how much he frustrated her. Amanda makes note that Derek has targeted JR for the crime, and Babe hotly denies that he husband was involved. Amanda asks how sure she is and is met with a stony silence. After a moment, Babe reasserts that JR is innocent, but Amanda points out that the only proof that she has is JR's word. Babe admits that she knows her steadfast devotion makes her appear to be an idiot. She proceeds to call herself a string of similar names, but Amanda stops her. She reminds Babe of all of the good things about her - how she made herself a force to be reckoned with in Fusion, how she's raising her son, and how she is balancing all of that with a complicated marriage. Babe notes that most people think that her marriage is insane but Amanda tells her that those people don't know her as well as she does. Babe tells her that everyone seems to know JR well enough to hate him. Amanda then reconfirms that JR didn't hand over any solid proof of his innocence to his wife - and that someone desperate to find his baby sister might pull something as extreme as what happened to Greg. Babe, unable to stomach the idea that JR might have lied to her one more time, stands firm in her denial. Before they can go around the subject again, Lily and Jonathan show up. They announce that they want to apply for jobs, so Babe tells them that she needs to finish up with Amanda - and then they can talk. She and Amanda walk to the other side of the partition, and Amanda tells Babe to ignore everything she said. After all, Amanda admits, she doesn't have a solid relationship to draw from for experience. Looking around the partition, she notes that she hopes to find what Babe and JR, and Jonathan and Lily have found - as that kind of love can change a person.

By the middle of her interview with Jonathan and Lily, Babe announces that she is impressed so far with what she has heard. Jonathan continues to tout Lily's strengths, and the decision is made. Babe asks Lily if she would like to join her upstairs so that she can determine if she likes the offices. Lily agrees, but before leaving, asks if they both have jobs. Babe tells her that they always have room for good workers and they start on their way. Once out of earshot, Amanda approaches Jonathan and asks what he sees himself doing around the club. Jonathan tells her that he will do whatever Babe needs him to do - he just wants to be around if Lily needs him. Amanda thinks that doing such menial work would drive Jonathan crazy, especially since he has the business experience to run the place. He tells her that he no longer needs to be in control, because all the power and money in the world can't trump how he feels when he sees a look of accomplishment on Lily's face. Amazed, Amanda notes that Lily is lucky to have him.

Josh is upset that Kendall is asking for a paternity test on her son, wholeheartedly believing that his father could never betray Kendall in such a manner. Kendall notes that it was never supposed to be an option, or even a thought, but she admits that she needs to make sure that Ryan is the father of her baby. She apologizes for upsetting him, and reminds him that he was the one that told her the Donor Number One story. Josh tells her that it was simply a story made up by Greg's enemies to discredit a genius. He notes that it's offensive to think that Kendall would want to join the bandwagon of people that just crucified his father. Kendall admits that she would do that and more for her son. She begs him to reconsider, saying that knowing the truth is the best option. Josh looks into the stroller but after a moment, he denies the possibility that they could be related again. He tells her that she could have all of her questions answered by just testing Ryan's DNA against Spike's, and Kendall is forced to admit that neither Ryan nor Zach want to go along with this. Josh asks why she can't love her son without knowing, as Ryan and Zach have. She tells him that loving her son isn't the point. She reminds him of how brilliant and supportive she thought Greg was - and how she would have been there to help him through the madness if she hadn't been in a coma. She goes on to say that she and Greg weren't enemies - and she didn't think that Josh was her enemy either. Caving a little, Josh agrees - and she takes the opportunity to ask again if they can do the test. Josh tells her that the cops impounded all of the samples taken from Greg's body - so in order for her to get to them, she would have to go public. Unwilling to do that, she asks after the rest of his body. Mournfully, Josh takes out the box the orderly gave to him, and states that the contents are all that remains of his father. Shocked, Kendall refuses to believe that her only hope is to break into the police station and steal evidence. Josh tells her that he couldn't bear to put his father in the ground again - not after all he suffered. Understanding, Kendall asks what other options she has. Josh tries to reject her request again, saying that the possibility of Spike being Greg's son as well was too far-fetched. She reminds him of all of the other crazy things that surrounded his father's life and death in Pine Valley, and asks if he can maintain that the theory doesn't have any credence. After thinking a moment, Josh relents and says that they can test his DNA against Spike's. Josh tells her that if what he believes is correct - that Spike is the product of the combination of Hart and Lavery - their genetic markers won't match.

As Ryan wraps up a phone call requesting that a crib be sent to his office, Erica storms through the door. When he replaces the handset in the cradle, Erica starts to go off about how over the years of running his various casinos, there had to be a collection of unsavory characters that had been done wrong. Ryan, still utterly confused, listens as Erica rants about how she would be a very lucky woman if Zach simply disappeared. Ryan quickly closes the door to his office, and then reminds Erica that for once in her life, Kendall is truly happy - with her son, and with her husband. Shedding some light on her unscheduled visit, Erica says that she thinks that Zach has too much power, and at any given point for any reason, he could tell Josh the truth about who he is and wreck Erica's entire family. Ryan recalls Zach dragging his bleeding body into court and perjuring himself to save Erica from doing jail time after she stabbed him. Erica replies that Zach did those things to impress Kendall. Ryan tells her that Zach loving Kendall won't change, and that he can't see Zach as a great danger just because she is terrified of the truth coming out. Erica tells him that being a new father has blinded him to the possibility of imminent danger, and that he really needs to be more aware. She then reminds him that Zach stabbed his own son in the heart when he married Kendall the first time - when he didn't even love her. She asks what kinds of things he would do to Kendall, or to their son, the first time she angers him. Ryan lists all of the people who know her secret and ask if she is planning on killing everyone. She tells him that Zach is the only unpredictable person on the list, and because Kendall is the mother to Ryan's baby, they are in the thick of this ordeal together. Ryan tries to insist that she is blowing everything out of proportion, but Erica is certain that both of their families will be destroyed if Zach isn't contained. Just then, her cell phone rings with a call she needs to take. She steps out of his office and Ryan thinks on everything Erica has said, envisioning a panicking Kendall in his office, letting on that she knows the truth about Josh, and freaking out because Greg is actually the father of her son. In the reverie, Kendall melts down to the point where she insists that she can no longer raise Spike. Erica returns at that moment and disrupts Ryan's vision. She asks if he is all right, and he tells her that she is right: Kendall can never find out about Josh. He then promises Erica that he will make sure that Kendall stays in the dark. Erica is relieved that Ryan has finally seen the light, but Ryan modifies Erica's plans by saying that Josh is the problem - not Zach. He tells Erica that his position at Cambias affords him a lot of power, and he will do whatever he can to make sure that Josh leaves town.

Tad gets an eyeful of Dixie and Zach kissing before the door closes. He walks away, and inside, Zach breaks off the kiss. He tells Dixie that he is not what she wants. She begs to differ, but he tells her that she wants love, and because he is in love with his wife - he can't give that to her. Face crumpling, Dixie self-flagellates for throwing herself at a married man. Zach dismisses the action, saying that if circumstances were different, they would have gone through with it. He knows that she simply needed someone - and he was there. Needing to go, he makes sure that she is okay, and then tells her to call if she needs anything before making a hasty exit. Dixie closes the door behind him and leans on it a moment, only to hear a knock from the other side moments later. She opens the door to find Tad standing there, who wryly asks if she'd just had a quickie with Zach, or if they were simply unprepared. Dixie asks if someone was paying him to camp outside of her door, but Tad scoffs at the question and says that he simply stopped by to apologize for the way he dropped the bombshell of Madden's death on her and then disappeared. She thinks nothing of it, and they both agree that they won't give up searching for Kate. Unable to stop himself, Tad makes mention that he thought he would find her inconsolable - and that perhaps Zach has the magic touch. She rejects his claim, and Tad lets it go - saying that just like it was easy for her to hook up with Mr. Wells in France, and Hayward when she got back, he is certain that another person would be along soon. He then takes it a step too far and says that there is nothing like a little wild sex to make you forget about the important things. Smugly, Dixie asks if that's what happened when he was having sex with Adam's wife. Taken aback by her knowledge, Tad quickly declares that the topic of Krystal is off the table. Dixie, furious, will not just accept that the rules allow Tad to do whatever he pleases on one hand while he condemns her with the other. Tad tells her that the very obvious difference is that he made one mistake in one night, while she shows an obvious pattern of using sex when the pain of losing her daughter gets to be too much to deal with. Unwilling to bear the weight of his condescension any longer, she yells at him to stop. She tells him that she doesn't judge him or Krystal, and she doesn't really care. She goes on to say that she won't tell Adam, as long as Tad agrees to one thing: a truce until they find Kate, as life is hard enough without them constantly at each other's throats. Tad agrees with her, and the truce is sealed.

Zach arrives at the hospital just as Josh finishes gathering the samples. Kendall thanks him, and Josh tells her he will let her know when the results come back as he holds the door for her. As she exits, a lab assistant takes her place and Josh asks how quickly she can turn the results around. Flirting, she tells him that the timing depends on how nice he is to her. He asks her if dinner and a movie would speed up the process, and she tells him that he landed on the top of her "to do" list. Meanwhile, out in the hall, Zach rhetorically asks if Kendall ordered the DNA test. Kendall tells him that perhaps he and Ryan could let it go but she couldn't. Zach tells her that he is fine with her decision, because he knows that she will relax once she finds out that Ryan is Spike's old man. They kiss, and then leave for home.

Colby returns to the mansion and as she leaves Babe's driver's license on her dresser, n't resist the urge to snoop. She finds what she thinks is a secret music stash and puts one of the headphone's ear buds in her ear. She hits play, and she unknowingly hears a recording of Greg's last will and testament. Before she can determine who the voice belongs to, Babe enters the room. Colby lies badly to try to explain her presence but irritated, Babe just wants her gone. She takes the license and the headset away from her young sister-in-law, and Colby leaves the room. Babe sits on the bed and listens to what is on the CD. She gets far enough into the will and testament to find out that Josh is Erica's son.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Babe listens to the tape of Greg's last words, which reveals exactly how he felt about Kendall becoming a mother, at the Miranda Center. Ryan comes in to drop off papers for Erin, but Babe gets defense when Ryan realizes she is upset with JR. Babe tells Ryan that she is fine, but Ryan can see the fear in her eyes. Babe rushes off, while Ryan return's to Erin's house where he runs into Annie. Ryan starts asking Annie where she used to live, her employment and her time with Erin in college. Annie asks Ryan why he is being so nosy, so Ryan makes up a fake story about she and Erin going skiing. Annie acts as though the incident happened, until Ryan admits it was a lie. He asks Annie who she really is and how Erin is involved. Annie does not answer him, but offers to leave the house with her daughter.

Di comes to check out the new ConFusion, which is almost ready to open. She tells Erin that Del is excited about being a bartender. Di asks Erin why she broke up with Aidan, but Erin does not reveal much. Erin just says that her life was going in new directions and Aidan didn't know her at all. Di says she thought Aidan and Erin were so in love and shared something special. A delivery man walks into the room and sets down some boxes. Claiming everyone will find out sooner or later, Erin walks over and kisses him. Erin introduces the man as Jamal, her boyfriend she just began dating. As soon as Di walks off, Erin apologizes to Jamal, claiming she needed Di to stop asking her questions. When Erin goes home, Ryan asks Erin who Annie is and if she is in trouble. Annie comes downstairs with her suitcases as Erin pleads for her not to leave. Erin tells Ryan that Annie is on the run and she is hiding her.

Erica goes to visit Kendall at her home. Erica immediately senses something is wrong, but Kendall answers a phone call before she can answer. Erica pressures Kendall to reveal what is upsetting her, but when she thinks Zach has done something, Kendall gets defensive. Erica changes the subject and asks Kendall to open her present, which is framed picture of she, Ryan and Spike. Kendall claims being a mother is going well and she is very happy with the nanny, Rachael. She asks Erica to tell her the truth about the dirt she had on Greg. Erica says it does not matter because Greg is dead, but Kendall is worried that the secret will affect her family. When Erica goes to love Spike, Kendall asks her if the child looks more like she or Ryan. Erica says the baby looks like both his parents. Kendall claims to know the secret Erica is hiding, saying that she can love "him" because he has Kane blood in him.

Zach finds David flirting with a waitress at the casino. Zach offers David a drink so he can find out why David has been trying to dig up dirt on him. David blankly asks Zach if he murdered Greg. He figures Zach may be the killer because Zach asked David medical questions about Greg was buried alive. Zach counters the conversation by bringing up David's failed attempts to win Dixie over, which is similar to the horrible execution in Greg's death. Aidan comes over, agreeing that David would kill Greg to impress Dixie. When Zach leaves, Aidan decides to stick around to see if David will reveal what Greg told him before he died. David tells Aidan that he should be questioning Zach, not him and walks out the door. Di finds Aidan and tells him about Erin's new boyfriend. Aidan is upset Erin did not tell him face-to-face so he swallows his pain with alcohol.

Zach goes home, interrupting Kendall's plan to try to get her mother to confess. When Kendall leaves, Erica thinks Zach ratted her out. He tells her that Kendall does not know anything about Josh, but asks Erica to be strong with he reveals the truth about Greg. Zach tells Erica that Greg has inseminated hundreds of women with "donor number one."

JR goes to the hospital to find Babe and Little Adam so he starts questioning Josh. Josh says he has no idea where the pair went. JR thinks Babe was upset about something so Josh took advantage of her emotional state. Although Josh would like to take credit for Babe's leaving, he says that maybe she realized JR was cold-hearted killer. Josh taunts JR about his relationship with Babe to try to get JR riled up, but JR does not give in. Kendall interrupts their conversation and demands that JR leave the room. Greg is given the results of the DNA test he performed on Spike. Josh looks at the results and tells Kendall that there are enough genetic markers between him and Spike, meaning his father could be Spike's father.

Babe goes home and tells Krystal to keep her eye on Little Adam as she ponders leaving JR, with their son, that night. Krystal asks Babe if she is in trouble so Babe admits that JR may have killed Greg. JR comes home a short time later. Babe hands him the disc of Greg's living will and he listens to it.



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