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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mike continues his search for Katie and Simon by distributing flyers and talking with the Coast Guard. The CG officer tells Mike and Vienna that with the passage of time, it is unlikely that the missing passengers are still alive.

On the island, Simon builds a cozy shelter, but Katie tells him it is only big enough for one and that he had better build another one for himself. Katie goes off to look once more for her wedding ring, and the golfer who discovered Simon the other day returns. Simon hustles him out of there before Katie returns, and when she does, he lays a guilt trip on her about her not appreciating all he is doing for her.

Gwen and Will leave Carly's house for Jennifer's memorial service. Jade and Carly stay at the house and Jack arrives to pick up Parker to take him to the church. Jack is stunned that Carly is allowing Jade to stay with her, and he reminds her of all the trouble that Jade caused for Holden and Lily's family. Carly feels that Jade deserves a second chance, and then she takes the opportunity to remind Jack that he is the one who walked out on their marriage and that he no longer has any say in how she runs the household. She also sets new rules about when and how Jack can visit.

Meg and Paul remember Jennifer at the coffee shop and wonder if Dusty will allow them to attend the memorial service. At the hospital, Dusty has not left Jen's side and will not allow her body to be moved. Hal tries to persuade Dusty to let Jen go, but it is to no avail. Paul arrives and volunteers to talk to Dusty.

Will brings pictures of Jen for a display at the service but can't bring himself to arrange them. They step outside for a bit, and Jade arrives and arranges the photos into a beautiful collage.

Paul and Dusty almost come to blows when Dusty tells him that he wants time to stand still. Paul finally gets through to Dusty when he reminds him that if time were to stop, then Johnny would never grow up and become the man Jen wants him to be. Dusty agrees to have Jen moved, and he leaves for the church.

Mike decides to call Margo because she is a police officer and might have some ideas on finding her sister. He asks to use the phone at the resort bar, and a group of golfers overhear Mike's conversation. One of the golfers is the man who found Simon on the remote side of the very island where Mike and Vienna are now. He tells Mike that he knows where "the Australian" is.

At the church, Barbara asks Gwen to sing at the service when the CD player will not work.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mike finds Katie and Simon. He reveals that a golfer at a bar across the island told him where to find them. Simon plays dumb and Katie, at first, defends him. But then she realizes the truth and tries to pummel her ex-husband to death. Mike decks him. He and Katie decide to start their marriage fresh. Meanwhile, Simon finds Katie's lost wedding ring. At Jennifer's memorial service, Parker huffs that he's mad at God. First, he takes Parker's sister away, and Jack and Carly are still getting a divorce. Carly tells Parker that today they shouldn't cry over what they've lost, but be happy about what they had even if it was only for a short time. Emily convinces Hal that her grief for Jennifer is real and not just a plot to get Dusty to drop the charges against her. Paul laments to Meg that the last thing Jen asked of him was to give Emily access to her baby so another mother and child wouldn't be separated. A grieving Dusty is unhappy to see Lucy in Jennifer's room. Later, Bob tells a guilty Lucy to learn to deal with her mistakes if she intends to be a doctor. Dusty arrives at the memorial service and takes a seat without a word. Kim and Will give their tribute to Jen. Paul talks about his sister having forgiven him, when Emily enters. Paul says that, in Jennifer's honor, he will raise his child the best way he sees fit. Hal shares a moving story about Jen wanting to be an angel. Finally, Dusty can't take it anymore and snaps that Jennifer isn't dead because of God's will, but because of a stupid mistake. He storms off. Outside the church, Dusty asks Lucy what the hell she is doing there. Gwen wants to know the real reason Maddie broke up with Casey, but Maddie won't spill. She refuses to tell Casey the truth, either. Meanwhile, Dallas admits to Jessica that he knows Maddie. Maddie runs away from Casey only to find herself trapped between him and Dallas.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dusty declares that if Lucy's looking for absolution, she's not going to get it here. He won't ever be able to look at her again without thinking of Jennifer's death. Later, Damian comforts her. He suggests Lucy come home to him and her cousin Luke. Barbara, moved by how much Will and Gwen have helped her through Jen's death, promises to become less controlling and decides to release Will's trust fund. Not just for him, but for Gwen, too. Barbara says she now completely accepts their marriage. After Margo gives Hal a card from Adam and tells him that sometimes loving your children means not holding on too tightly, Hal allows Parker to move back in with Carly. Meanwhile, Paul informs Emily he intends to file for sole custody of their baby. Tom breaks the news to Susan that Emily's hearing is the next day and she won't be coming back to the hospital. Emily rages that Dusty and Paul won't obey Jen's wishes and forgive her. Meg points out that Paul is doing exactly what Jennifer asked him not to do. Casey reaches out to Maddie and she tries to tell him what's going on without really telling him what's going on, but can't help freaking out when he touches her. She jumps up and leaves. Later, Lia lies and claims that she and Casey are now dating. Maddie is crushed.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Luke tries to come out to Kevin, but Kevin doesn't get it. Meanwhile, Damian wants Lucy to let him know when Holden isn't at Lily's bedside for Luke's sake, of course. Lucy isn't comfortable with his request. Damian tells Luke he's arranged for him to visit Lily in private, anyway. Barbara offers to lie for Paul to help him get Emily's baby away from her. But Paul says he doesn't need Barbara he needs Meg. Meg, meanwhile, is with Dusty, who is telling her that Paul will destroy her like he destroys everyone eventually. Later, a vision of Jennifer urges Dusty to help the woman who saved Johnny's life. Dusty says he can't do that. Henry assists Emily escape the mental hospital. She is about to take off when she's stopped by Susan. Susan takes her back to the ward. Maddie watches Casey with Lia. Freaked, she angrily tries to burn Lia's sweater, but ends up starting a fire at the club.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Carly is at Mike and Katie's place when they return, surprising them when they hear a noise coming from the kitchen. Mike is angry, thinking it might be Simon, but Carly comes out with a bottle of champagne she's brought over to help them celebrate their return to Oakdale. They fill Carly in on their cruise ship adventures with Simon, and then she tells them she has sad news to share with them, and she fills them in on Jennifer's illness, in-hospital marriage to Dusty, and death. They are both shocked to hear the news, and when Katie leaves the room, Mike tells Carly he has to leave to run an errand, and he asks her to wait with Katie for his return. Mike goes to the Lakeview and meets Nancy downstairs; he had called her from the island and asked her to help him buy something when he returned, and she has brought it for him, gift-wrapped. He walks her out, and Simon walks up to the bar and orders a drink, telling the bartender to "put it on my monthly hotel tab." Meanwhile, Carly and Katie chat, and Carly tells Katie that things are even worse now between her and Jack than they were when Katie left, but she's okay with being on her own and is going to start a new business. Mike returns, and Carly leaves. Mike tells Katie that hearing about what happened to Jennifer made him realize how precious every moment is, so he rushed out to take care of something he had planned to do eventually now that they've returned. He hands her the gift-wrapped box and tells her to open it; when she does, she sees it's a wedding ring. He tells her it's exactly like the ring she lost, and he loves her and doesn't ever want to lose her. Katie cries, and they kiss.

Upstairs at the Lakeview, Dusty asks Barbara to watch Johnny for him because he has to go out; she asks if he's going to Emily's hearing, but he says he's not going anywhere near there. Barbara calls Paul and tells him the news, saying this means Emily will either get jail time or be sent to a mental institution. Meanwhile, Dusty goes to the cabin where Emily held him hostage, angrily kicking at the chains she used to bind him and remembering how cruel she was to him, saying, "She deserves whatever she gets!" As he becomes even angrier, he feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see a vision of Jennifer, who asks him what he's doing there. He tells her he's remembering how they were robbed of time together, and she tells him that's a waste of his time, that he should remember instead all the time they did have together and "let this go" and "move on," for Johnny's sake and his own. They kiss, and then her apparition fades from view.

At the courthouse, Meg comes to meet Paul, telling him that even though they fought, she is totally committed to him. They go into the courtroom, where Cass Winthrop is serving as Emily's attorney and Tom Hughes is the prosecutor. Henry arrives in the courtroom, but Susan tells him to leave, saying he can't do anything but hurt Emily's chances at the hearing. Henry asks Emily if she wants him to leave, and she sadly says that it might be better if he does. Angry, he storms out of the courtroom. The judge comes in, and he asks both attorneys to give their opinion of the psychiatric reports on Emily; Cass says they only prove that she's better now, not what mental state she was in when she committed the kidnapping. The judge asks Emily to tell the court how she got to this point, and she says it started when Paul suddenly called off their wedding, that something inside her snapped and she became someone she didn't recognize anymore. She mentions how sorry she is about what happened and brings up the fact that she saved Jennifer's child's life by risking her unborn child in an experimental medical procedure to harvest stem cells. The judge asks Emily if she's made any arrangements for the care of her baby in the event she can't be there to care for the child, and Paul stands up and says that he's the baby's father and intends to file for sole custody and raise the baby in a loving and stable home. The judge says he needs time to reflect on all of this, but when he returns, he tells Emily that although it's clear she is sincerely remorseful and that she did a very good thing by saving Johnny's life, regret and good deeds don't negate the criminal charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, and therefore, his ruling is that she must enter a plea in the criminal case and be remanded back into police custody. Cass asks for a moment to confer with Emily regarding her plea, and he tells her that Tom has offered a deal whereby Emily will get just 10 years (perhaps less, with good behavior) of prison time if she pleads guilty. Emily is devastated but eventually tells Cass that she supposes she has no choice but to accept the plea bargain. Meg and Paul leave the courtroom. Dusty walks up; Paul tells him he's too late, the judge has made his decision, and that Emily will have to pay for what she did. Dusty barges past them into the courtroom, and when the judge asks, "Who's this?" he responds, "I'm the victim here. And I want to be heard!"

At Crash, Casey and Lia are waiting to talk to Margo about the fire; Lia tells Casey that she saw Maddie shortly before it started and suspects that Maddie got jealous seeing her with Casey and deliberately set Lia's sweater on fire. Casey begs her not to mention this theory to his mom, and she agrees to keep it to herself. After Margo questions both of them, with Lia keeping her promise, Lia leaves, and Casey asks Margo if he can talk to her as his mom, not a cop. She agrees, and he tells her he's worried about how Maddie has been acting, and then he tells her Lia's theory of what happened to start the fire. Margo tells him that Maddie has some problems that Casey can't be expected to be able to handle, and she tells him not to worry about it anymore, that she'll take care of it.

Lisa Grimaldi runs into Maddie at Java, telling her that the fire inspector suspects arson in the fire at Crash the night before. Maddie claims that she wasn't at Crash, so she has no idea what happened. Lisa leaves with her coffee, and Jade, who overheard Maddie, asks why Maddie is lying about being at Crash. Maddie denies being there again, but Jade says she saw her there and wants to know why she's denying it. Maddie tries to turn things around, saying that for all she knows, Jade is the one who set the fire, and Jade tells Maddie not to mess with her. They eventually agree to keep their opinions to themselves, but Jade tells Maddie, "If you ask me, you're slipping into a scary, dark place, and you should get some help." She walks away, and as Maddie tries to leave, Henry arrives, looking for a shoulder to cry on, but he soon realizes Maddie is in worse shape than he is. However, no matter how hard he tries, he can't get Maddie to tell him what's wrong, and she leaves. Margo arrives, asking Henry if he knows where Maddie is. When he realizes she wants to question Maddie about a fire, he becomes resentful, asking if this is because Maddie broke up with her son. Margo denies that and tells him that something's wrong with Maddie, and because she knows he's a loving brother, he needs to make an effort to find out what it is before she "acts out" anymore and things get worse.

Maddie goes back to Crash, coming through the kitchen, where she stares into the trash bin that she set on fire. She sees Casey and Lia together again, and as she watches Lia lean over to kiss Casey, she flashes back to her assault, during which she apparently tried to grab a knife off a bedside table; when she comes back to reality again, she is holding a large knife in her hand.

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