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Nearly everyone was a suspect after an earthquake rocked Pine Valley and Greg's body was discovered in a coffin. Kendall was taken aback when she learned a shocking theory about Greg. Ryan told Kendall that he loved her and that Zach knew how Ryan felt about her. Colby returned home.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, July 3, 2006

JR and Babe were in bed. Babe felt the earth move and JR joked that it was her that moved it. Babe said just because their bodies loved each other, it did not mean her mind could forget the past. JR asked if she regretted making love to him. She did not answer and they went to check on Little Adam. He had slept through the earthquake.

When they got back to the room, JR admitted that he wished Babe could forget everything. She said physical chemistry would not make her forget. He agreed and said trust was their problem. Babe said she did not want to be scared anymore. JR explained that she did not have to be afraid, because he loved her and Little Adam. He promised not to let anyone hurt them. Babe sincerely said she trusted him. She declared her mind was not ready before, but in her heart she trusted him with her life. JR said he would die before letting her down again.

They began to kiss and make love. Afterwards, JR told Babe that she taught him everything about trust and forgiveness on that night. Babe believed everything looked and felt different and that they were stronger. She related it to a whole new wedding night. Suddenly, Babe jumped out of bed and said something was wrong. She apologized to JR and left the room.

Later, she returned with Little Adam in one arm and a cake in the other. She sang happy birthday to JR and he blew out the candles with his son. Then, Little Adam wanted to give JR his doll, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast. JR thanked him by using Lumiere's French accent. Babe gave JR her keychain, so he could think of her whenever he used his keys. JR thanked Babe for the best birthday ever. Babe said he would have many more "best evers." JR stated that they all would.

Kendall and Zach were at the casino when they felt the earthquake. Kendall got nervous and demanded they leave immediately. Then, Kendall went to the hospital and saw Ryan outside Spike's room. They both came to check on the baby and were relieved to see he was fine. They stood over Spike, joking around and laughing together. Meanwhile, Zach walked up and watched Ryan and Kendall through the window.

Ryan sat with Spike in the rocking chair and Kendall worried the earthquake traumatized him and left him with emotional scars. Ryan laughed and believed she was overreacting. Finally, Zach walked in and was happy to see Spike doing so well. Kendall said it was time for Zach to hold his stepson. At first, Zach resisted, but Kendall persevered. Ryan gave Spike to Zach. Zach held the baby and smiled. Then, Kendall took Spike, while Zach and Ryan went outside.

Ryan told Zach he did not want Kendall to know that Dr. Madden's name ever came up. Zach said he would not tell, since Ryan had made his decision. Ryan asserted there was no decision to make because Spike was his son and he loved him. Zach was in agreement.

They went back in the room and Joe Martin came in. He told them the good news that Spike could go home the next day. Kendall was happy, but uneasy because she still had not bought a crib and other baby supplies. Joe assured her she had what Spike really needed-love. Then, due to the earthquake, Kendall refused to leave without Spike.

Joe allowed her to spend the night in a nearby room. At that time, Zach made a phone call. He told the person on the other end that something had to be taken care of that night, and no excuses. Kendall then asked if he was going to be part of the sleepover. Zach explained he had to leave because of casino business and would pick them up in the morning. He left, while Kendall and Ryan stayed.

Tad was in Dixie's suite at the casino. He declared it was never about not wanting Kate, but about loving Dixie instead. Then, he kissed her. Dixie asked why he kissed her. He said she did not want to know. Dixie persisted. Tad said he figured she was with Euro trash for two years and then David, so he should have a turn, too. Dixie called him a "son of a bitch!" She also said he was cruel.

Tad asked if he was supposed to relate to her like nothing happened. She said she had suffered. Tad explained that just because they had a little chemistry, it did not mean they were back together. She agreed, but did not want to pretend all they had for each other was hate. Tad said he had something else for Dixie-disgust. Dixie claimed all she wanted was for Tad to see her again, but not like a stranger. She stated she was the mother of his children; they were once married, and they had known each other since she was 18. She begged him to talk to her like he knew her.

Tad said that was not what she wanted. He believed she really wanted forgiveness. She replied she did not expect forgiveness. Still, Tad asserted that was what she wanted. He thought she wanted him to save her with their together forever magic. Then, there was a knock at her door and David called out for Dixie.

Tad opened the door and sarcastically told David it was good that he came. David was confused. Tad said Dixie must be glad because when one man left, another was always waiting. Dixie yelled, "Enough!" David told her to forget Tad. Tad mockingly said if David had a French chateau, Dixie would forget anything for him, even her children and last address. Dixie told Tad to get out and he left.

Dixie asked David why he came over. He said to check on her, but Dixie did not buy it. She knew he came over to beg forgiveness about setting her up in New York. David agreed, apologized, and asked what he could do to make things up. Dixie said he could get her a child and help her pass it off as Kate. David thought it was insane, but Dixie said what she already did was insane. She believed Tad needed his daughter back so he could move on. She did not want him to suffer like she was suffering.

David told Dixie she did not want a fake, and refused to give up on finding Kate. Dixie could not understand why David continued to be in her life. He said he loved her, and she said he was a fool. David explained that he did not choose to fall in love with her, but it was the smartest thing he ever did. Dixie asked why he did not see her like Tad did, because all of it was her fault.

David refused to judge or attack Dixie. He apologized again for letting her believe he found Kate. Dixie said it was all right because she wanted to believe it. Also, she admitted part of her believed she would never see her daughter again. David said it was difficult to watch Dixie suffer and not be able to help. Dixie asked if he could turn back time, so she could tell Tad about Kate and never let her baby go. David promised to find Dr. Madden and Kate's location, and then make Dr. Madden pay. Dixie told David to leave. Once he left, Dixie crawled into her bed and cried.

Aidan and Di were at the casino's bar when they felt the earthquake. Afterwards, Di tried to console him over his breakup with Erin. She said it was hard not to mull things over and try to figure out hints and cues the other person gave. He said hints and cues were his business, and there were none-until the breakup. Di said she understood what it was like to know you loved someone and have to wait for them to realize you were the one. She then apologized because they both knew she was talking about her situation with Tad.

Di asked Aidan if he thought Erin was seeing another man. He did not think so, because she was so cautious with her heart. Di told him to use investigating 101-the obvious answer was usually right. He said he did not know the answer and asked Di for help. Di did not think spying would work. Aidan told her not to spy, but to talk to Erin as her friend. Di reminded him of what he told Erin a while back. He said she could chase after Tad or grow up and move on.

Aidan assured Di he was not hounding Erin. He said even though they were not together, he wanted to make sure she was all right. Di said she would help. Then, Aidan said he was sorry about how she and Tad ended. Di explained she would be there for Tad, just as he would be for Erin.

Meanwhile, Tad went to the bar to drink and ran into Di. Di knew something was wrong. He told her about how he ripped Dixie apart for fun. He then told Di to go away. She said no, because she loved him, and she offered to bring him home. He said he did not want to share his personal hell with her, and again demanded that she leave. Di just watched him from a distance as he drank alone. Later, he left the bar.

Dr. Madden felt the earthquake underground, also. He screamed, "I'm going to die!" He tried to keep his grave from caving in, but he was unsuccessful. As the grave collapsed, he screamed in horror.

Meanwhile, Josh and Ryan were at the park, too. Both were surprised that an earthquake hit Pine Valley. Ryan left and Josh began to play basketball. While he shot the ball, he heard his father's voice telling him he was a miracle baby. He also recalled the voices of many Pine Valley residents and their evil accusations in regards to Dr. Madden. Finally, Josh broke down and yelled out he was done with his father.

Then, a loud car crash and sirens were heard. A teenage girl ran through the park as police chased her. She hid underneath the park bench that was next to Dr. Madden's grave. After the police walked by her, she got up and said she hated cops. Then, she looked down and began screaming. Josh and the police heard her and came running. The police told her to freeze, but she said to forget about her and look down. Next to her there was a hand sticking up from out of the ground!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

It was a star spangled night at the park in Pine Valley. Josh saw the hand the girl was talking about sticking out of the ground. As he and the police dug to retrieve the rest of the body, Tad watched. When Josh realized it was his father, he immediately tried CPR and medical emergency procedures. Josh continued to work furiously and, when he realized it was no use, he screamed in anguish. As the emergency crew packed up to leave, Derek told Josh that he found energy bars, water, and an air tube where Greg was discovered, and Josh couldn't believe his father had been buried alive.

The girl who found the hand coming out of the ground was arrested for carjacking and taken to jail. Erin went to see the girl. She said she was from the Miranda Center and that she was there to help. The girl said she was a runaway and had been tortured. Erin told her that there was no way to get her out of jail that night, but the girl, acting like a little brat, was incredulous. Adam swooped into the jail to see the girl who was none other than his long-lost daughter, Colby.

Dixie got a phone call from a little girl who asked if Dixie was her mommy. The small voice said she needed her mommy, and Dixie frantically reassured her that Dixie would go and get her. Di came into the room as Dixie was talking to the little girl's mother, desperately trying to explain that her daughter had been taken and that it had to be Kate. Di took the phone and the mother told her that the little girl was just playing with the phone.

A frantic Dixie yelled at Di for not finding out where Kate was. Dixie calmed down and Di told her it was okay to have hope. They talked about Tad, and Di told Dixie that she knew that Dixie and Tad had a connection that was too hard to break. Di then took a Bible and swore that no matter what happened, she would give up on Tad forever and would look for Kate for as long as it took to find her. Di told Dixie that she wanted them to be close like a real family.

Tad went to Dixie and told her that Greg Madden was dead. He then walked away.

Someone hit David in the head, and it turned out to be Jamie holding the crowbar. Jamie told David that he was a big infection to Jamie's family, and that infections had to be contained. Jamie told David that recent events had taken Jamie to a very dark place, and that something very bad would happen to David if he didn't stay away from Jamie's family. In reality, all Jamie wanted was a vial of truth serum that he took, without David's knowledge, to administer to Greg Madden.

Adam crept into Krystal's room to pitch a little woo, but Krystal wasn't a willing partner. After he rubbed her feet, she became more than willing for some spousal communion. The phone rang and whoever was calling wouldn't quit. Adam answered, threw on his clothes, and left.

In the hospital, Kendall awoke, certain that Spike was in danger, but Ryan told her that she had nothing to worry about. Ryan told Kendall that she needed to sleep, but she kept teasing him with useless banter. She did tell him that she thought she was awake, or at least aware, while she was in her coma. Again Ryan tried to get Kendall to go to sleep, but Kendall, in her mind, heard him say, "I love you Kendall." She said, "You do?" and he asked what she was talking about. She told him that things she heard while she was in a coma were coming back to her.

Kendall then told Ryan that she wasn't quite sure what he had told her. She told herself maybe she just dreamed that Ryan said, "I love you." Ryan and Kendall, both pretended to be asleep, but swapped glances with each other.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Dr. Madden's body was at the morgue. A doctor came in to perform his autopsy. He found that Dr. Madden had ulcers all over his body from being in the coffin for so long. Dr. Madden's hands and fingers had splinters and his nails were broken. The evidence made the doctor believe Dr. Madden made a desperate and prolonged effort to escape. Also, the doctor determined Dr. Madden most likely died about two hours before he was found.

Josh was at the hospital and looked in on his father at the morgue. Dixie walked up behind Josh and wished for Greg not to be dead. Josh was irate with Dixie. He told her he believed his father was dead because of her and her quest to find Kate. He accused her of making his father look like a baby stealer. He also told her she was not fit to be a mother, and deserved to have Kate taken away.

Josh said Dixie turned the whole town against his father, and either she or one of her comrades killed him. Dixie pleaded that she only wanted answers, not Dr. Madden's death. Josh said it was tough luck for her, because she would never get answers. He started to leave, but she asked him to stop. Josh knew what she wanted, and could not believe she would ask him for information. Regardless, she asked if he knew anything. Josh did not respond, and he walked away.

Jamie and Julia were working at the hospital and snuck into a room to fool around. Josh heard them and walked in. He relayed the news of his father's death, but said they probably already knew because they had a part in it. Jamie denied a part in the murder and Julia said she was sorry. Josh proclaimed he knew his father would take his secrets to his grave, and Josh left. Jamie was very angry and threw a test tube at the door. Julia held up a piece of the broken glass and asked what it was.

Jamie admitted he stole truth serum from David to administer to Dr. Madden. Julia asked how he was going to do that. He said it did not matter, because it was all for nothing and a big waste of time. Julia said she was sorry and it was not supposed to end like that. Jamie contemplated what he could have done differently. He asked Julia what she would go back and change. She thought Dr. Madden could have survived for a long time, if not for the earthquake. She was sorry he missed many more days of agony. Jamie left, and Julia went to the morgue. She stood over Dr. Madden's body and said, "May God forgive you. I never will."

Dixie went to David's cabin and banged frantically on his door. He let her in and asked what was wrong. She explained that Dr. Madden had died, and it was over. He tried to calm her down. She said David always tried to help, unlike Tad, who dumped the entire burden on her to deal with. She told David she did everything wrong. David believed Dr. Madden was never going to tell Kate's location because of how long he stayed buried.

Still, he assured Dixie all hope was not lost. He said they always had to find leads other than Dr. Madden and would continue to do so. Dixie said Dr. Madden deserved to be punished, but did not deserve death. David told her not to feel guilty because someone did that for her. She explained she did not feel guilty, but upset the plan did not work and he did not talk. Dixie said she ruined everything.

David looked at her suspiciously and asked why she said that. Dixie told David not to accuse her, and it was crazy to think she did it. In turn, she accused him. David simply said whoever spoke to Dr. Madden last might have a clue. Dixie wondered why they would not let her in on any developments. David told her maybe the person was following up on the clue alone, so Dixie would not be let down again. Nevertheless, Dixie despaired that Kate was gone. David told her not to give up, but she apologized and ran out. David sat alone looking at a globe. He stated Kate could be anywhere in the world and threw the globe across his cabin.

Zach went to the hospital to pick up Kendall and Spike. He was helping Kendall pack up when Ryan walked in with Spike. Ryan tried to give Kendall the baby, but she was reluctant. She told Ryan to keep him until they got home, and Ryan walked out. Before they left, Kendall asked Zach why he had rushed off to the casino. Zach said he had to tie up some loose ends. Kendall looked at him suspiciously. Then, Kendall, Zach, Ryan, and Spike arrived at the condo.

Kendall opened her door and was shocked to see the inside of her home. The entire living room was filled with presents and baby gear. Kendall was amazed, but told Ryan he did not have to do that. Ryan said he did not do it. Kendall turned to Zach and realized it was him. She then freaked out over the very expensive and popular crib Zach bought. Zach asked if she liked it, and she said she loved it. Kendall thanked Zach for being so wonderful and perfect. Ryan joked that Spike would have to slum it at his place, but Zach said he put all of the same stuff in Ryan's condo, as well. Ryan thanked him.

Kendall asked Zach if that was what he really rushed off to do the night before. He said yes and asked what she thought he was doing. She told him he did not want to know. Suddenly, a knock was heard. Zach opened the door and Josh was there. He told them about his father's horrific death. He believed his father's torture was not news to Zach or Ryan, because they were probably involved.

Ryan asked why Josh would come to the condos. He said the microphone in his father's grave had to have a matching receiver. Kendall looked at Zach and Ryan with worry and yelled, "Enough." Josh left. Kendall thought Dr. Madden's murder was grotesque. Ryan said not to waste sympathy on him. Still, she stated without Dr. Madden, there would be no Spike. Zach believed the world was a better place without the doctor.

Kendall wondered who did it. Ryan said half the town had a motive. Kendall stared at Zach and said Dixie's friends would do it. Then, there was another knock at the door. Zach opened it and Dixie entered. She immediately threw her arms around Zach and said it all went so wrong!

Tad was at the park where Dr. Madden was exhumed. Di and Dell walked up and asked what happened. Tad said Dr. Madden felt the earthquake, too-in his coffin. Dell seemed shocked that Dr. Madden was buried alive and inquired where he was. Tad said the morgue. Di gasped and said, "Oh no! Kate!" Tad said they should all pray that Kate was happy where she was, because the would never find her.

Dell thought Dixie was going to go ballistic and declared this was a bad idea. Di told him to shut up. Tad asked what Dell knew about it. Di said it was a coincidence they were in the park, since they were only walking by to get some breakfast. She also said whoever killed Dr. Madden did not mean to, and that they were only trying to help. She offered to assist Tad in looking into Dr. Madden's files.

Tad said it was over for good. Then, Josh walked up. He sarcastically asked if this was his father's fan club paying its final respects. He said he could not imagine what Greg went through buried alive. Dell and Di left. Josh told Tad that Dell looked a little guilty. Josh left, and Jamie approached Tad. Jamie told his father he was sorry.

Babe, JR, and Little Adam were involved in a tickle fight in their living room. Krystal walked in and told Babe and Little Adam that pancakes were waiting for them. They left, and Krystal informed JR that Adam had left the night before after a call from the police. Just then, Adam walked in scolding Colby over her grand theft auto charges. JR was surprised to see his younger sister, and thought she really grew up. She claimed life on the run aged her and bad-mouthed Liza. She said she begged to call Adam, but Liza would not permit it. Colby also said that when she saw a chance to escape, she took it, regardless of the law.

Krystal laughed and said she would not get involved. Colby snidely thanked Krystal for caring, and asked why Krystal was there at all. Adam said that he and Krystal were married. Colby told her father he could rent and did not have to buy. She also said she and Adam were alike, and used his marriage as an example. She said Adam's friends and lawyers probably screamed Krystal was Anna Nicole, but he did not listen. Adam did what was right for him.

Colby said she was never going to leave again. Adam joked she would stay until she went to jail. Colby believed Adam could get her off, since he got JR off for murder. JR stated for the record that he did not kill anyone. Still, Colby believed her stunt proved she needed a strong father figure in her life. Colby further explained how Liza kept her under constant surveillance and brainwashed her that Adam did not want her. Krystal asked why Colby suddenly wanted to come back if she had been brainwashed.

Colby explained that Liza tried to drug her with ADHD medication. Colby claimed the drugs made her realize Liza only used her to hurt Adam. She said she had to return to see if Adam really did care. Adam insisted she stay. Colby then inquired if anyone knew the dark-haired, handsome doctor. JR told Colby anyone who was a doctor was too old for her.

Adam went upstairs to get Colby settled. As she walked away, Colby snickered that her dad must be slipping because Krystal was not pregnant yet. Krystal walked out laughing while saying she loved her life. Meanwhile, Babe came in and JR told her about his unruly sister. They started to leave, but when they opened the front door, Josh stood there. He yelled at JR and said, "You did it! You killed my father!"

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Dixie wept in Zach's arms, lamenting that Greg's death meant she would never find her daughter. Belatedly, she noticed the decorations and realized that she had interrupted Spike's homecoming. As Kendall and Ryan looked on, Zach quieted her fears and exited the scene with her.

In their wake, Kendall absently commented on the silly themes that baby items usually shared. Ryan, not buying into her careless mood, asked if she was all right. She said that everything was fine, and added that she asked Zach what his relationship with Dixie was - and that she was fine with his answer. Content, Ryan settled in and played with one of Spike's new toys.

Kendall only put up with it for so long before she freaked out a little. She begged him to tell her why he wasn't admitting her his true feelings, and Ryan seemed confused as to what she was asking for. She reminded him that he had always wanted the best for her, and used that as an excuse to butt in and have his say, and then asked why the new situation was different. He admitted he didn't know what to tell her to make her feel better, and she finally blurted out that she heard him tell her in the hospital that he was still in love with her. After seeing the look on his face, Kendall backpedaled, saying that she must have imagined hearing that -- but Ryan stopped her and told her that it was true. She then tried to explain it away -- saying that he must have said it to get her to wake up or to keep her from going to the other side.

Ryan stayed silent for a moment, and then told her that he meant it when he said it, and he still did. She asked when the revelation occurred to him, and he told her that he realized a part of him still loved her and probably always would when Zach was doing everything he could to save their son. He finally understood that if he really loved her, he would do things her way -- not his.

She then asked if the decision was as easy as "forget Greenlee, go back to Kendall -- again". He told her simply that he couldn't explain it. Soaking it all in, she asked what he planned to do about it. Ryan joked by saying that he would have to duel Zach for her heart. She didn't take his humor lightly, and so finally Ryan told her that he was going to love his son the best he could, to show his love for Kendall. In addition, he planned to be as supportive as he could of her relationship with Zach. She thought that his support would go over as well as a lead balloon -- so Ryan admitted that Zach knew.

Outside, Zach expressed his sorrow over what had happened. Her response tinged with anger, Dixie told him that forcing Madden to talk or make a move, and breaking into the vault in his island office, was wrong, and that she blamed herself for losing control of the situation. Zach interrupted her self-flagellation abruptly. He told her that there was no reason to regret what she couldn't change. As if he needed reminding, Dixie stated that she still didn't have her daughter back, and might never see her again.

Zach told her that Madden was all about torturing her, Tad, and Erica to inflate his ego. The point, he said, was that eventually Greg had to pay, and nothing they did or didn't do could have changed that. He then said that they needed to focus on two things-first, that no one went down for Greg's death. Dixie interrupted and said that the authorities would look at the list of people that hated him first, and that they might not be able to avoid it.

Zach dismissed her fear and told her the second thing-that they would keep looking for Kate. Dixie told him that he had already done enough, but Zach told her that Madden's death did not mean she was out of the game. The only way she would lose would be by giving up. With a small amount of hope still flickering in her eyes, she agreed to continue searching.

Kendall was taken aback, and Ryan told her that his admission just came out one night at the hospital. He admitted that Zach took the admission rather well, and then said -- to answer her question -- that his feelings would go nowhere. She asked if he was okay with that decision, and he said that he had to be. In addition, loving her meant wanting the best for her -- and he'd never seen her as happy as she was with Zach. She thanked him, and, as they clasped hands, Zach reentered the condo.

Zach asked if everything was okay and they both confirmed it was. Then, Ryan announced that he needed to leave and work on narrowing down the list of nannies for Kendall to choose from. He thanked Zach for making the sale of his condo across the way go so smoothly, and told Kendall that she needed to sleep when the baby slept. With Ryan gone, Kendall asked after Dixie. Zach told her that although Dixie was nearing hopelessness in regards to finding her daughter, her spirits were buoyed by the knowledge that there were people still looking for Kate.

Satisfied, Kendall started to ask a question about the night that Greg disappeared. Just as suddenly, she changed her mind and decided to make lunch instead. However, distracted by his stony silence, Kendall approached her husband and said that she knew he was with Dixie the night that Madden disappeared. He didn't disagree, and she pushed on and asked if he and Dixie had buried Greg alive.

Ryan walked outside and found Dixie sitting at a table nearby. He asked if she was okay, and she told him that she was doing as well as could be expected. He reminded her that all of his resources -- personal and from Cambias -- were at her disposal, should she need them. He also told her that he would be around if she ever needed to talk, and she asked if he meant that she should replace Zach's name with his on her go-to list.

Ryan said that he tried very hard not to tell women what to do, but he let on to his belief that Kendall deserved to be happy with the two men that she loved the most: her husband and her son. Dixie asked if Ryan believed Dixie to be a threat to Kendall's happiness. He told her that while he didn't know if she was a threat, he did know that Zach was the key to Kendall's happiness. Dixie got the message loud and clear, and with that, Ryan headed inside his new home. With a last forlorn look cast at the Slater doorway, Dixie took her leave, as well.

As Krystal milled around the library silently, and an amused Colby listened in from the other side of the door, both tuned in to Adam's argument with Liza by phone. He told her that she deserved whatever heartache she felt for stealing their daughter, and promised that he would bring charges against her should she ever try to return to Pine Valley to try to reclaim Colby. He refused any charity from Liza, saying that he was perfectly capable of raising Colby on his own, and he ended the call.

He instantly poured a drink in celebration that he would never have to see that particular ex-wife again. Krystal then tried to make him aware that perhaps things weren't as bad with Liza as Colby would like for him to believe. Adam was quick to defend his baby girl, but slowly Krystal's reasoning won out. She told him that it was quite possible that Colby was playing both sides against each other. Krystal admitted that while his daughter was lovely, it was not a good first move to let her believe that she could get out of any amount of trouble by working her way into her father's heart.

Adam then showed Krystal a picture of Hayley when she first came into his life, and then a current picture of her. He told his wife that even though Hayley was a handful when she first arrived on the scene, she turned out to be a lovely young woman. Krystal admitted as much, but then told him that the girls were two different people that couldn't be compared. Adam swore that he knew enough about teaching personal responsibility, and used JR as an example.

Amused, Krystal noted that Adam made her point for her. Adam tried to make Colby's situation out to be worse than it was, attempting to justify her actions, but Krystal didn't buy it. When he said that his daughter was reduced to stealing cars because of the horrible way she was treated, Krystal noted that Colby could have also picked up the phone and told him where she was so that he could pick her up in the jet. She then noted that it was possible that Colby just liked the thrill of stealing cars.

Krystal told him that she just wanted to make sure he knew what he was dealing with, and Adam told her he thought that he was dealing with a misunderstood teenager. She modified his statement and said that he was actually dealing with a 15-year-old female version of himself. Knowing for certain that he wasn't an angel at that age, Krystal could see that they were headed for trouble. Adam noted that his daughter would be a challenge, and admitted that he had a weak spot for challenging women. He then gave Krystal permission to knock some sense into him if she caught him falling for any of Colby's schemes.

Erica wrapped up a phone call just as Jeff Martin knocked on the door and entered her office. Not wanting to speak with him, she tried to brush him off by telling him that she was about to start a very busy day of taping. He demanded her attention before she made it out the door and told her that Greg was dead. After admitting that he died in an ugly way, Erica pondered how long he had been buried. Jeff told her that it could have been any amount of time, considering the presence of water, a breathing tube, and energy bars.

Erica noted that perhaps the same person that buried Greg placed her on the park bench after she was drugged. She continued to make pitying noises, and Jeff called her on it, saying that he was sure that somewhere inside, she was relieved. Erica didn't deny it, saying that everyone was better off without Greg. Jeff begged to differ -- and asked her how she thought Josh was feeling. Erica told him that she was including Josh -- because being able to grieve and then move out from under Greg's shadow was the best thing.

Jeff was worried because Josh believed not only that both of his parents were dead, but that someone had been out there lying in wait, preying on his father. Erica took in Jeff's words and tone, and realized that he thought it would be a good time to tell Josh the truth. Erica tried to reject that notion, but Jeff thought that a lot of Josh's issues could be more easily dealt with if he knew he had a family that would welcome him with open arms. Erica continued to believe that keeping Josh in the dark was the best option -- but Jeff told her that Greg's death changed everything.

Jeff asked her what would be worse than Josh finding out the truth -- and she said there was nothing worse. He corrected her and told her that the truth would be more devastating if Josh heard about it from someone else. Erica believed that all of the people in the know wouldn't betray her, but Jeff told her about the setup in the coffin, and the fact that whoever buried Greg was trying to get him to spill his secrets. He noted that it was possible that there was someone else in Pine Valley who knew the truth, someone who was beyond their control. He asked her how she thought Josh would feel if he found out they weren't ready to be forthcoming with him.

Erica refused to back down, and as they started to go around the circle again, Jack entered the office. Seeing their expressions, he guessed that they had already heard the news. They filled him in on their positions quickly, and Jack backed Erica up. Jeff didn't think they could keep the secret buried forever but, regardless, his main concern was Josh's state of mind. He knew that Josh would need someone he could count on, and he noted that he intended to be that person.

Jeff took his leave, and Erica vented her frustration about how the cards had fallen in the ordeal. Jack agreed with her and then told her, much to her visible chagrin, that it might just get worse. Erica could easily see that something was bothering her husband, and inquired as to what it was. Without flinching, Jack asked if Erica had someone kill Greg.

Babe asked incredulously if the news about Greg being dead was really true, and Josh confirmed it -- detailing that his father was buried alive so that he would reveal the secrets he held close. Babe was confused as to what could be that important, but Josh ignored the inquiry in lieu of accusing JR of the crime. He noted that perhaps his father died before he had a chance to offer up the truth about Kate, which would be a horrible ending for JR, as well. Babe faintly protested, saying that JR couldn't possibly be involved, but Josh told her that if Kate magically resurfaced, they would all have a pretty good idea of how she was found.

JR, incensed that his enemy dared to utter his sister's name, demanded that Josh leave. Ignoring him, Josh addressed Babe directly, reminding her that she was the one that kept her husband out of prison. He suggested that perhaps the run with Kendall was just a warm-up for the main event. JR continued to insist that Josh leave, but having to get in a few more digs, Josh continued to fire off his sentiments to Babe, telling her that since JR had killed someone, it was not a far stretch to think that he would go after her again.

Then, before he could leave, Colby sauntered out of the living room, wrapped her arms around Josh, and announced that her doctor-hero had arrived. She took him by the hand and led him into the living room, thinking that he showed up to check on her. Babe and JR followed her inside, and tried to urge Josh toward the door. Colby wasn't having any of it, as she was completely grateful that Josh saved her from the cops the previous night. She then launched into a fanatical version of the events leading up to the discovery of Greg's body.

JR tried to overpower her vocally, but she took offense at his attempt to shut her up. She picked up right where she left off and got to the part where she saw the hand sticking out of the ground, when Babe stepped in and demanded her silence. She then quickly explained to Colby who the deceased was to Josh, and Colby was immediately humbled. She turned to a stone-faced Josh and sincerely apologized. Babe told him again that he should leave, but Josh didn't want to leave her alone with the man he believed took his father's life. Babe assured him that she was fine, and, as Josh made his way to the door, he told JR that when Josh was finished making JR pay for killing Greg, JR would wish that he never existed.

Josh exited, and Colby asked incredulously if Josh's claim that JR was a murderer was true. As JR muttered that Josh should have a clue already, Babe asked Colby to head upstairs so that she could try on a new outfit Babe just purchased. Colby announced that she had heard way too much, and took her leave. She didn't get far, falling easily back into her eavesdropping role once she reached the hall. She heard Babe ask JR how he was doing, and his response of frustration that the dirtbag who stole his sister, and demolished the lives of his mother, stepfather, and brother, was dead. Babe asked him not to shut her out, as she was right by his side supporting him as always. She then posited on the kind of person, or persons, who could be responsible for what happened to Greg. JR entertained her silently for a moment, and then said that he needed to leave, exiting suddenly.

Krystal and Adam were in the living room when Colby reentered with a sandwich. Adam made an attempt to talk to his daughter about her methods used to get home. She blew him off, and told him that before he got in her face, he might want to talk to his son -- who committed murder for real this time.

Josh returned to the park, tearfully looked at the place where his father died, and then, after a short while, he headed down to the police station. He burst into Chief Frye's office and said they needed to speak. Derek tried to tell him that it was still too early to have any conclusive forensic evidence, but Josh interrupted and said that he knew who killed his father. Harnessing Derek's attention, Josh announced that JR Chandler needed to be arrested.

JR arrived at the crime scene, and quietly circled the area enclosed in yellow tape. Babe showed up unexpectedly, and JR told her that she should go home. She asked why he came to the park, and JR told her that he had to see it for himself. Babe then asked if he and Jamie were the ones responsible for Greg's death.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Josh told Derek that JR killed his father, but Derek needed a theory. Josh told him that JR thought Greg took Dixie's child, Kate. Derek thought Kate was dead, but Josh informed him that Dixie gave Kate up for adoption when Greg cared for her, but everyone in Pine Valley thought Greg was some baby kidnapper. Josh said his father helped children-not stole them-but Dixie couldn't understand. Josh let Derek know that JR and Jamie hung him on a meat hook in a freezer, but Babe got him out. Derek took notes on everything Josh told him, but said he needed proof before an arrest could be made.

Kendall continued to question Zach about his involvement with Greg's death. Zach denied burying Greg, but could see Kendall did not believe him. She reminded him that he had employees and friends, such as Dixie, who might have helped bury Greg. Zach claimed Dixie was just as innocent as he, but Kendall knew how good Zach was at keeping secrets. Zach told Kendall that he and Dixie were looking for Greg the night he disappeared, but they had no luck.

Spike started to get fussy, so Kendall checked the bassinet. Zach left to pick up a prescription at the hospital for Spike. Josh arrived, knocking at Kendall's door, and asking for her help to nail JR for murder. He told her about the meat locker experience, noting that JR and Jamie were going to tell Greg that if Josh did not reveal Kate's location, Josh would freeze to death. Kendall looked at Spike and agreed to help take JR down. Josh complimented Kendall on Spike's cuteness, wishing Greg could see the baby. As Josh talked about his father, he mentioned Julia and Jamie's theory that Greg was "Donor 1."

Colby informed Adam and Krystal that she ran across Greg's body and that Josh thought JR was the killer because Greg stole JR's sister. Knowing Josh was not referring to Hayley, Adam informed Colby about Kate. Krystal arrived downstairs, upset that Babe had disappeared. Even though Adam told Colby that JR was innocent, she did not believe it. Colby thought Josh liked Babe, which made her angry that Babe had so many hot men pouring at her feet.

Krystal defended Babe, but asked Colby to leave so she could talk to Adam alone. Krystal told Adam to use his men to find Babe and JR so they could find out if JR really killed Greg. Adam refused to believe that the idea was even possible, even when Krystal threatened to move out with Babe and Little Adam.

JR told Babe that she had a right to ask him if he killed Greg, given his violent history. JR told Babe that he was not going to turn back into the crazy drunk man she used to know. Babe reminded him that he and Jamie had been scheming and acting strange since Greg disappeared, making her think they did something to the doctor. JR admitted that he and Jamie came up with an idea to make Greg tell them where Kate was, but they did not bury him.

JR refused to discuss his and Jamie's plans, but murder was not part of them. Babe told JR she believed him and she gave him a hug, just as Derek walked up. Derek started his round of questions, leading JR to reveal that he and Jamie were looking for Greg the night he disappeared to find answers about Kate. JR denied being involved with the meat locker incident, and Babe said she heard Josh calling, so she freed him. JR told Derek that Josh wanted to pin him because Josh was in love with Babe.

When Derek left, JR thanked Babe for standing by him. Before they left the park, JR received a phone call saying, "I know what you did." It was the same voice that taunted Greg while he was held hostage underground.

Jackson reminded Erica that she tried to kill Greg before, so of course, he had to wonder if she buried him alive. Erica was stunned when Jackson accused her of murder, but said she came up with an entire plan to kill Greg. All she had to do was lure him into the park and then inject him in the arm with a drug to knock him out. The grave was already dug, so all she had to do was push him in and close the coffin, without even breaking a nail.

After Erica has finished her obviously overdramatic story, she told Jackson she had nothing to do with Greg's death, although Jackson did not seem to believe it. Erica reminded Jackson that Greg drugged her, and whoever killed him saved her from being carted away with Greg. Erica told Jackson that she had doubts about their relationship. She went to the hospital, where she found Zach picking up Spike's medication. Erica accused Zach of murdering Greg for Kendall's sake, but Zach claimed maybe he killed Greg for Erica, because Josh was her son.



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