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Too much death?
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Lily has been in a coma for a while now. When she finally comes out of it, there will be a lot for her to catch up on, like the death of Jennifer, the birth of her son, and the fact that her ex-husband may be very ill.

There has been one major death in Oakdale recently with Jennifer then a murder mystery starting with the stabbing deaths of Lia and Nate; Damian is supposedly sick with something fatal and Lily is still in a coma. Is this too much death and dying? Not to say these are the only things happening - we also have the Carly/Simon partnership and Emily's pregnancy and its effect on Paul and Meg.

Maddie and the Murders
I do not think that Maddie is a murderer. There is someone else trying to frame her and that person could be Jade. What is Jade still doing in Oakdale? Maddie has some anger issues that I believe that she could use some counseling for in relation to her rape. Maddie is having some blackouts but I think she would be better if is she were to tell Casey the complete truth about what happened to her. Why is everyone so against her talking to Casey?

I wonder if I am alone about this - is Eve a bit strange? It's like she has something to hide about how Maddie was treated in Chicago. I am sure all with come to light soon enough though I don't know about sincerity.

Lily's Comatose State
Lily has been in a coma for a while now and now she has a baby without coming out of it. It's interesting how the story is still moving along even with Martha Byrne still on maternity leave. When Lily finally comes to - there will be a lot for to catch up on like the death of Jennifer, the birth of her son and the fact that her ex-husband may be very ill.

I do not believe this latest admission of Damian. I think this is one more of his plots in order to keep Luke under his thumb. Luke, of course, is vulnerable to Damian since he has been there for him lately and Luke cares about his bio-dad. I just hope that Damian is being truthful with him and not trying another one of his manipulations.

I have to comment Jon Hensley as he has been doing a magnificent job lately as a man trying to keep it all together as his wife lies in a coma and stays strong for his children. He was heartbreaking when he had to make a decision about Lily and the baby.

Carly and Simon
This duo has a lot of potential. We all know that Carly and Jack are going to be back together at some point sooner or later but in the meantime if Carly has to be with Simon - that's great. Simon is bringing out a side of Carly we haven't seen in a long time as she is having fun. She tries so hard trying to be the dutiful wife with Jack that she sometimes loses herself. I like these two together and I want to see them get closer if only to mess with Katie and of course, Jack.

Katie takes herself too seriously: why does she think that all of Simon's actions have anything to do with her? This lady has a husband that she claims to love and an ex-husband that she says she is over. We will see how this plays out over time but her true feelings will show at some point.

Emily's Pregnancy
Emily is back and I think she still has Paul on the brain. Her mouth says one thing but her actions say so many other things. I had wished that she was going to try to move on away from Paul and let him and Meg have their relationship. She seemed so happy to think that there was trouble between them.

Let's hope that Paul wants Meg enough that he can do the right thing by her. I am glad that she was not so eager to say yes to him when he always seems to have some scheme on his mind. I loved it when Barbara went to Meg and told her to talk to Hal about how he felt about Jennifer even though he was not her biological father - another moment when the death of Benjamin Hendrickson hits home because that conversation will never happen. With all the other death going on, I don't see the show will be addressing this anytime soon.

This is what some readers had to say about the show:

Dorothy says, "I don't agree with you about Dusty's reaction to Jennifer's death. His character is so annoying. Why is he blaming Lucy for her death - it was Jennifer's obnoxious stubborn behavior, not to mention the fact that Dusty didn't check on her health with the hospital. Lucy should give him hell, not apologize to him."

Lewis says, " I agree with you about the moving episodes recently with Jennifer's death and the real life death of Benjamin Hendrickson. Both will be missed tremendously on the show. On a brighter note . . . I can't wait to see what is in store for Carly next! I also welcome the strong Carly who goes after what she wants. Love her! In addition to your kudos about performances in the wake of Jennifer's death, I would add Marie Wilson as Meg. She has truly proved to be a great supporting player, yet takes the lead in many of her scenes with Paul and Dusty. I enjoy her and hope there is more for her "

Kris says, "I have to disagree with you on a couple of points. First I think Carly is playing Jack... she wants him back and I think she's trying to take the high road to get to him quicker. I also think Dusty and Emily will go back to their old ways... they've both got history - not with each other - but they can't be good. Like Emily and Susan being the loving family - it can't last. I do agree it was very hard watching Hal last week at Jen's funeral... how ironic. It just made it all the sadder under the circumstances. He will truly be missed."

Sandra says, "Watching the "death" of Jennifer would have been emotional enough, but knowing that Benjamin Hendrickson was gone in real life made it that much sadder. I don't know if it was that knowledge, but it seemed as though "Hal" was saying goodbye to everyone after putting everything in order - sending Parker back to his mother, etc. I know Mr. Hendrickson did not write his scenes, but finality was there. This fan will miss him terribly and hopes that ATWT will not recast. That would be a big mistake."

Finally, the show has recast the role of Craig Montgomery with Jeffrey Meek. I remember this guy from when he was on Search for Tomorrow years ago. He had a major role as Quinn McCleary, one of three brothers with a chip on his shoulder and once I heard his name as the recast for the role - my first thought was that I could see him playing Craig as he has that edge that is so much Craig.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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