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Olivia is famous for getting all over Reva about her many husbands, but she's been with two Lewises, two Spauldings, and two Coopers. Maybe the show should stick to keeping couples together, before she runs out of men.

With the heat of the summer beating down on us, GL fans can take heart that at least the soaps don't show re-runs - or do they?

While the show isn't exactly moving along at blazing speed - which I discussed last week - now they've taken to comparing themselves to 70's sitcoms? Alan's comments that Lizzie and Jonathan and Tammy's relationship was like "Three's Company" (an ABC sitcom - which is probably why they didn't name it outright) made me pause. Even though I don't really think there is any comparison there, I had to laugh. I didn't take the billionaire to be a fan of ABC's big Tuesday night lineup when he was just starting to take over Spaulding Enterprises in the mid-to-late 1970's. Alan's references to reality TV were quite comical.

I mean, how much of the show (GL) is based in reality? Jonathan has the shortest recovery from surgery of anyone I've ever met. How can he just sit up nearly pain free after donating bone marrow? The answer is: he can't - it's a pretty painful - but life-saving - process. Who on that crack staff of writers didn't do their research? Of course, cancer patients probably don't fly off to drive a NASCAR vehicle the day before their surgery, either. And don't get me started on how I can't imagine any spouse keeping 3-months of cancer treatment from her entire family. And her husband not figuring out that something was going on with his wife long before she left town. I could go on forever. It's obvious that GL meant to kill off Reva if Kim Zimmer didn't re-sign with the show, but then she's "died" before - right?

And soap time travel always makes me laugh. I mean, just this week Jonathan goes from Minneapolis to Springfield at the blink of an eye. It takes me more time to get to work each day - and that's "only "an hour each way. Harley thinks she can fly back and forth from Greece (without jet lag - I'm quite envious) to Springfield to get her kids home quickly. I could go on and on.

Then we have the family trees of Springfield. Olivia is famous for getting all over Reva about her many husbands, but she's been with two Lewis', two Spauldings and two Coopers. Maybe the show should stick to keeping couples together before she runs out of men. Coop had better watch out - he might be next.

It's always interesting to see what other viewers are thinking - and how soon into a plot we figure things out. I see that there are many of you out there who agree that Olivia and Ava have to be related - probably mother and daughter. But GL has been slow to bring this story forward.

But I have to say that the Dinah and Mallet scenes this week were a surprise. This fan-favorite pairing hasn't been seen as much of late. But with Mallet keeping tabs on his lady-love for the feds - will "old Dinah" return to form? Looking at the spoilers this week - Dinah is up to her former "bad" self. I have to say that I can't wait to see the fallout from this week's shows.

Now if we could get Reva to fess up to her cancer and let her family spend time with her. And get Alan to stop looking to Spaulding babies as a way to "redeem" himself. Why don't you start with the family that is already past puberty that still speak to you - or is there anyone that fits that profile anymore?

Here's hoping that GL starts dealing more with reality and giving us great stories to sink our teeth into!


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