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Did Ethan really think that he could spend the rest of his life being married to Gwen and having Theresa pining over him? Did he really think that he could keep telling Theresa to move on with her life, and that she wouldn't take him seriously one day?

Am I the only one that actually believes Theresa is going to try to get over Ethan this time? Something in the way she looked at him and said, "We are finished" has me actually believing she means it this time. I've said it before, I'll say it again; Ethan is Theresa's Ashley Wilkes, and her Rhett Butler is out there somewhere waiting for her. Could it be this handsome newcomer Jared Casey?

And now that Ethan really believes Theresa as well, he's depressed and upset. Is he the most ignorant character to ever grace the soaps or what? Did he really think he could spend the rest of his life married to Gwen and having Theresa pining over him? Did he really think he could keep telling Theresa to move on with her life, and her not take him seriously one day? He got just what he deserves, and I hope Theresa is head over heels in love with someone else when Ethan finds out the truth about Gwen.

Pilar was right, Ethan deserves to know about Little Ethan. But I can't help but agree with Theresa's logic. Right now, her son is all she has. Once Ethan finds out the truth, he's not going to leave Gwen and be with her, he's just going to sue her for custody. Theresa is better off keeping the truth to herself for now, and Julian is better off too. Not that it won't hurt when he finds out, but losing Chad and Little Ethan right now might be too much for him.

And how funny was Noah when he called Gwen a "whack job" after she attacked Theresa for hugging him. I enjoy the friendship between Noah and Theresa, but Noah and Fancy bore me. How absurd was he to try to make it right with her after Marty, Beth, and Alistair had just died. Fancy was right to lay into him about it, but I think her feelings for Luis have played into this.

I felt sorry for Sheridan, until she asked to go home. If I am in a hospital and having labor pains too early, I am not going to ask to go home. I'm going to stay put. What was she going to do at home anyway? Couldn't Chris go and retrieve the box full of Marty's belongings and bring to the hospital? And I can't believe that the paramedics let Luis and Fancy stay in the room while all this was going on. Why would they want to?

And we all know it's a matter of minutes before Luis tells Sheridan that since she no longer has any connection to Chris, she can come and be with him. Personally I would rather Luis and Fancy hook up. They seem to have more spunk and chemistry and Luis and Sheridan anyway. And Fancy needs to chance to die and come back to life forty times to live up to the Crane name.

Noah wanting to beat Spike up was stupid. He knew this in Rome, why did he act like this was news to him? And what was up with his shirt? It looked like he dropped bleach in certain spots all over it. Sam's reaction to the marriage was priceless, but why did he bargain with Spike? Is it because somewhere down deep, Sam sees some good in Spike? Jessica's been harping about loving Spike for months, why now does that change things? Spike will reform, which is a shame, because his bad boy edge makes him interesting.

Between making wild love to Ivy and worrying about Jessica, Sam has totally forgotten about Kay who is back to her old ways of tricking Miguel into bed with her. Meanwhile, can Fox be given something else to do besides worry about Kay? What happened to the fierce competitor that wanted to take over Crane Industries? Who is the mess of a man that can do nothing but threaten Miguel?

Who is this mystery person Chad keeps calling? I really don't think it's another woman, because that would be too interesting. And if he is interested in another woman, why'd he go to Rome to save a woman he thought was his sister? I think its Liz he's talking to. I think she's scared to face Whitney after all the horrible things she's done, and Chad is just reassuring her they'll be one big happy family. I hope the writers prove me wrong.

Some Random Thoughts:

Whitney went from nun to Britney Spears. Her boobs were hanging all out of that dress!!!

Why did Ethan have to tell Pilar about Marty? Why didn't Theresa?

So the symbol is Alistair's way of connecting his people to each other. All this hype over that small reveal.

Who would've ever thunk that Ivy would be tired making love to Sam.

We finally know what happened to Jambi the Genie when "Pee Wee's Playhouse" went off the air; he hid out in Tabitha's attic.

Liz's disappearance simply explained by, "She left town."

Viewer's Voice:

"Hmmm...why does Theresa feel she needs to worry about Ethan being able to take her kid away? (Well, besides the obvious explanation that Ethan and Theresa won't actually get together until Passions ends.) I am confused; isn't she the head of the Crane empire right now? Is Ethan really that powerful compared to her? And when exactly is she going to attempt to get Jane back? I would find her much more entertaining if she would start using her Crane power in more interesting ways than to just chase Ethan around. I did think that they did a nice job with the Ethan/Theresa goodbye scene in Rome...if only her newfound freedom from him would actually last and she would move on to be her own person. I am trying to be optimistic about this new guy, but am afraid that it will just be an excuse for Ethan to run after Theresa again and for her to start being obsessed with him again...even though he won't leave his wife AGAIN. Please writers don't do this to us!!" I totally agree with you. Thanks Rachel!!!

"I, too, do not like it when they show the dreams. It's stupid and makes you think something else is going to happen. Alistair had better not be dead or the show is also dead. Yes, he's mean but the show rides on him. Also, don't want to see his other daughter [Beth] gone." Thanks Johnny D!!!

"I am so sick of waiting for Ethan to dump Gwen for Theresa. Seven years I have been waiting for this!! Why is it that everything that Theresa does to win Ethan she gets caught and suffers the penalty of, but Gwen did the one thing that ruined Ethan's life and she is still coasting free, married to Ethan? Furthermore, I think it would be much more interesting to see Theresa and Ethan together and happy with their children. Theresa would be making trouble for herself through little mischievous deeds to help her brothers and sister in whatever meddling way she saw fit, and later on behalf of her children. Ethan would be bailing her out but loving every minute of life with his feisty wife. Maybe Gwen could be trying to seduce Ethan back or even better, find another man or something else to do, anything else other than acting as though she is Theresa's victim. Please, anything other than the same tired triangle for another decade, with Theresa on the outside acting so desperately. I know I'm biased against Gwen, but I just want to see something change!!!!!" Thanks Lizzy!!!

"Hey Brandi! Love your thoughts always right on the money. I have to say I'm so thankful that some old secrets are finally being revealed its way past time. I have to say I'm really disappointed in the show axing Beth. I really enjoy her. I can't say I'm a fan of Kam on this show. I loved her on Sunset Beach, but she doesn't convince me she is Sheridan. You're right. She would have been perfect as the other Crane daughter, who is also a lesbian. That would be such a good storyline for not only Simone, but think of the drama if one of The Cranes were gay. And she fell in love with not only an African American, but a woman as well. Great drama! Also, I'm really happy they're giving Chad something else to do, now that he is officially a Crane. I never thought about it. Now Chad is Julian and Sheridan's brother. Ok! Anyways, love the column and just wanted to write in and express my thoughts." Thanks a bunch Trey D!!!

"This column [last week's] was absolutely wonderful. I agreed with every single thing, of course! That said, I do have some things to say. I think the Vendetta storyline in general was a good storyline. The plot was interesting, at least, and it involved so many core characters. However, at the same time, the characters are also where it fell flat with the repeated dialogue and messed-up plans and their never-ending moments of immense stupidity. It really says a lot about that storyline when the most interesting character involved in it was the nun. Now, I have a little theory about where this story with Theresa moving on with this new guy, Jared, may go. Theresa and Jared meet and gradually grow closer to one another. Eventually, they become a couple. Around that time, somehow, the secret of Little Ethan's paternity reaches Ethan, and Theresa is now stuck between the two men. Ethan loves her, but may want to sue for custody of her son, anyway, and Jared may want to help her. I think if written well and given a chance, we could probably get a viable, suitable triangle going that viewers might actually like." Thanks Jamison!!!

"I totally agree with [last week's] Two Scoops. It would be nice to see Theresa stand up and walk away after laying the bombshell of truth on Ethan." Thanks Mahada!!!

Until next week friends,

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