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Why doesn't Kay listen to Tabitha? She's finally found an excuse to legitimately jump Miguel, but she'll lose Fox in the process. But she's doing it to save Fox, so that makes it okay. This storyline just needs to end already.

I apologize for the confusion last week. I accidentally sent in a portion of my column instead of the whole thing, and it was last Monday afternoon before we cleared it up. It is available in the archives if you wish to read it.

Matthew 5:28, "But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Someone should point this verse out to Ethan who obviously needs a good slap upside the head. How dare he tell Theresa that Jared isn't right for her. He goes on and on about wanting Theresa to be happy, then kisses her only to tell her that once again he will never betray his "duty" to Gwen. Theresa was dead on to tell Ethan to shove it.

And what is with Gwen pushing Ethan to take the case against Theresa? She finally has Theresa moving on with her life, and now she just wants to crush her out of spite. Of course it's set up perfectly for Ethan to walk in and find Theresa and Jared in a compromising position, which only fuels Ethan to destroy Theresa. I thought both Gwen and Ethan were working for Crane, so wouldn't this lawsuit be a conflict of interest?

And of course Theresa pops up in time to see Ethan run away from spying on her and Jared. I must admit Jared is pretty patient with her. Theresa showed a great deal of concern about what Ethan had seen and how he felt about it. For someone who got naked with a man she hardly knows, Theresa showed a lot more concern about her ex than she did for Jared.

Poor Fancy. She's had her hopes up of seducing Luis and thought she was making lots of progress and now she's been sorely disappointed that cadets aren't allowed to work with commanding officers. Instead of taking this seriously, as law enforcement will be her career, she schemes of new ways to get to Luis. She reminds me of Beth by always scheming to get to Luis.

And once Contessa Crane learns that Luis is investigating Chris, she blows a gasket. Of course her loving hubby is consorting with Spike the whole time, and it's only a matter of time before Luis connects the two. Chris then states that he'll kill Luis before he lets him discover that he and Spike are Alistair's minions.

Spike meanwhile is lavishing his wife with tons of Crane loot that someone is bound to see and recognize. So perhaps Spike should've pawned the loot instead, since he apparently owes money to a loan shark. Instead of pawning the loot and paying the shark, the jerk sells the loot and Jessica to the shark. Just as Jess was bragging to her friends about how much Spike loves her and how good he is to her. Why are the ones that need to see it the most always the one that see it last?

Why doesn't Kay listen to Tabitha? She's finally found an excuse to legitimately jump Miguel, but she'll lose Fox in the process. But she's doing it to save Fox, so that makes it okay. I wish this storyline would end already, as it has gone on too long as it is. And if Siren's tail is exposed just by throwing water on it, they why doesn't Kay gather Fox and Miguel together and throw some water on her? The truth about the curse would be more easily believed if she could prove mermaids are real.

It isn't bad enough that Julian wants custody EM, he wants to spend time with Endora as well (not that I can blame him, she is absolutely adorable). To my knowledge, only Tabitha and Julian know Endora is their child, so wouldn't Julian spending time with the girl raise some eyebrows? Tabitha getting the witches virus was hilarious. Juliet Mills is the brightest spot in this dreary storyline.

Some Random Thoughts:

Julian learned so much from Timmy so he wants to spend more time with his children. Why has it taken four years for him to realize this?

Did Fancy faking the unconsciousness by the pool remind anyone else of that scene from "The Sandlot" where Squints set up Wendy Peppercorn?

Where is Noah? Ever since Fancy took up chasing after Luis, Noah has disappeared.

It was good to see Martin showing concern for Pilar. I thought he and Katherine had taken off again.

Viewer's Voice:

"So, in the last couple of years or so, I've noticed that Passions has been at the bottom of the storyline pit. I've positively been annoyed with the show since James Riley took double duty to write both Days and Passions. But now that he's focusing most of his energies back on Passions, the show has become watchable again. I absolutely love the storyline with Teresa and Jared, I mean it's about time Teresa moved on with another person and stopped harping on Ethan. Teresa and Jared remind me of how Luis and Sheridan were at first (before both kept dying and coming back from the dead and all that great stuff with Beth). And everything with Kay/Fox/Miguel/Tabitha/Endora/Siren is starting to pick up steam too. Instead of it being ridiculously stupid, it's actually turning to be kind of funny. I hope that Passions continues to keep up with the good storylines (especially after the disaster that was Vendetta. Was it just me or did everyone else wanna kill the writers for making Alistair the freakin monk?) Whatever." Thanks Chris!!!

"I can't bring myself to go "home" either. I grew up in Kenner. I moved to MN in 1999, but my entire family still live in LA and MS. My heart breaks for them. Tomorrow [August 29] will be a difficult day. I've asked for a moment of silence at work." Thanks Ginger!!!!

Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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